Dear Mother
Summary: Tristan writes a letter to his mother.
Date: 13/December/2013
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Tristan Eryn 

March 23 3014 — Tristan's Rooms, The Elder Seat

TO: Eryn.Arboren@Arboren
Subject: Dear Mother

Dear Mother,
It happens that I have been spending time with a lovely lady. She and I have found a mutual admiration and respect for one another, and I spoke to her on whether or not she would be agreeable to me writing this letter requesting about a match, should you and her family find it beneficial. She was most agreeable, mother and it does my heart glad to know my feelings are reciprocated.
Due to the recent events regarding my sister and the Sauveur knight, I was thinking that a match between us could also perhaps assist in mending the rift between our Houses. Lady Firia Sauveur is whom I speak of, and if you would consider arranging a match for me with her, and if it would benefit House Arboren and House Sauveur for such a match, the fact that I have deep feelings for her would be a bonus.

Your Son,

TO: Tristan@Arboren
Subject: Re: Dear Mother


I am happy to hear that you may have found someone whose heart speaks to yours, but as this is the first I am hearing about the seriousness of your relationship with the Lady Firia, I encourage you to spend a little more time getting to know each other. I do this for your benefit, my dear, in order for you to be absolutely sure of your feelings. Once betrothed, there can be no backing out lest we risk obliterating our tenuous relationship with the Sauveurs - as you have well noted.

In, say, a month's time, should you feel that your love is only growing, I will submit a petition to House Sauveur for betrothal. In the meantime, use this as an opportunity to grow closer to Lady Firia while I try to soothe the strain between the Houses. Time is the best balm.



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