Dear Brother
Summary: A message is sent to Aidan where his sister tells him what she's been up to.
Date: 13/July/2013
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13 July, 3013 — Blackspyer, Volkan

Dear Brother,

I know I left for my little trip without any warning given. I do apologize but it was an impulse thing and I didn't even really plan on going until I reached my destination. Isn't it funny how that happens sometimes? Anyhow, I arrived safely and am going to be spending a few days here in the company of those who reside within the Blackspyre.

Upon my arrival I found my way to the barracks and the bathhouse there where I spent some time with Lord Nitrim and what felt like a sizable part of his family as well as Sirs Johana and Flint. I think you'd be proud to know that your younger sister lost some of the prudishness you always seem to find so amusing and went in without a swimsuit… although I probably would have worn one if I had thought to bring one with me. And I did not blush myself into facial combustion despite seeing more nudity than I think I ever have in my lift prior to today. See, Aidan? I do not have a stick up my ass no matter how much you might think otherwise.

Onto another subject, I think I have finally come to the conclusion that it is time for me to marry. As much as I love and admire our aunt, I do not wish to follow in her footsteps and put off marriage until later in life. Do not worry, brother mine. This is not something that will be rushed into, nor is it something I'll be doing without first talking to Father about. But while I won't be running off and getting hitched to the first guy with a hot ass I see it is something I have started finding myself longing for.

I should cut this short and get some sleep. Would hate to stay up too late and then wind up sleeping in while the guest of House Khournas. Let everyone know where I am and tell Brigham I will try to find a little something while here for him.


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