06.24.3013: Deals in the Night Market
Summary: Not all deals made in the market are about merchandise.
Date: 24 June 2013
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The Heartwood - Arborenin, The Spine
This is perhaps one of the largest promenades of the tree city. It spans between the large trunks of three elderwoods, branches used to support the heavy circular plaza. Residing in this promenade are dozens of stores and shops, as well as access to the lower levels of the city. Peddlers of goods move easily through the plaza, trapping visitors and natives with a hopeful sale of their unique and usually handmade goods. At the center of the promenade is a large, sprawling basin where rain water has been collected for generations creating a natural and yet manmade pool. This is a popular place to cross paths with other residents of Arborenin and maneuver through the tiered city.
June 24th, 3013

It is night, and the stars are shining bright. It is a new moon, only furthering the absolute darkness of the night. Stargazers and astronomers have stepped out onto the large platform that provides the best shot of the nightsky with minimum interruption of the canopy. There are very little that is still open in the market, most shops having long ago closed up for the evening, but there are still a few food vendors trying to cater late night snacks to those who are taking advantage of the perfectly clear skies. Amongst those is Lionel Keats and his ever faithful pup Dax. The retriever is only nine months old — all wiry and awkward looking, still trying to grow into his snout and paws. Lionel is looking through one of those handheld telescopes, squinting up into what looks like a completely black patch of sky.

Aelewen arrives from beneath down in the woods. Rather than her usual leathers she is dressed in a full suit of scout armor that her player hasn't described yet. The camoflague is not as impressive as they new hostile scouts, staying one set that does blend in well with the woods around. At her heels trot Shadow and Snow her two large wolfhounds, heads well above waist level they stop as she does. Taking off her helmet she runs a gloved hands through her hair, faintly troubled eyes glancing around curiously.

Lorelei just can't sleep. She actually went home and come back out. Between Hubert and the bad sleeping, she looks tired. she's actually walking and yawning, trying to clear her mind enough to be able to sleep. She's dressed in her work clothes still, a simple cream and green dress. Her hairs up in a tight braid.

After an earlier discussion, Taryn has decided to do a little investigating on his own part. He walks slowly through the "streets". He thought that Landing was a big change to the rolling plains that he was accustomed to. This is something quite different altogether. A quick trip back to the Vale to pick up a hunting bow and a quiver of arrows and some hunting clothes. Of course, golden tanned leather may work marvels on the grasslands of Ares, but here not so much. As he walks, his stomach grumbles at the smell of the discounted food. He stops at one of the vendors to purchase some meat on a stick. He doesn't really seem to care about what the meat is as much as how little it costs at this late hour.

Dax appears to be the one paying attention to what is going around Lionel, because he releases a loud and long yawn of warning as he spies a pair of wolfhounds. His tail starts to loudly thump on the promenade of the Heartwood as his tongue lulls delightfully at the sight of the much, much, much larger canines. He rubs his cheek right up against Lionel's shin, trying to get his attention. Ooh, and there's some meat smell and he turns his head around to spy Taryn. It is then he barks, which finally gets Lie's attention. "Dax, shush," he says as he swings his gaze down, piercing blue eyes meeting the somber, bright dark eyes of his dog and then he looks up. He obviously spots the wolfhounds first. And he whistles.

Chiron had noticed Lorelei leave the house after going to bed. He is slightly worried about her and has decided to try to catch up and speak with her. He is dressed in a black trenchcoat, a white shirt, black pants, and a pair of black hiking boots. As he tries to catch up with Lorelei, he stops to admire the beauty of the night.

The unnerving thing about sighthounds is that they tend to look you right in the eye and two pairs of eyes swing around at the whistle to stare at Lionel. Not unfriendly but the gaze is intent. They do not move however instead looking up to Aelewen as if for instruction or permission. She is focused on the figure of Lorelei however, brow drawing together as she tries to place the younger woman, then a smile wrinkles her face as she lifts a hand in greeting then turns towards the whistler her curiously. Her smile broadens at sight of the puppy, fading to a more polite expression as she looks up to the owner and offers a brisk nod.

Natalia appears tired as she walks through the streets, passing the closed shops and vendor tables. Her gaze seems distant as she is in thought, hand on top of her satchel that hangs by her side. Her hood is pulled to rest on her head, partially hiding her features though her red curls escape from beneath it at different parts. As she walks the smell of food fills her senses and she snaps from her thoughts. Looking over at one of the vendors she approaches swiftly, exchanging money for some meat on a stick. She notices somebody else at the vendor's stand, but does not look up at Taryn. At least not for the moment. Upon getting her treat, she would take a bite.

Dax seems to be trembling with absolute excitement at the premise of having playmates even if those monstrous dogs could probably eat him in two bites. He starts to releases a series of low barks and puppyish whines before Lionel squats down to give his ears a fierce series of scratches. "Easy there, we have to ask the nice Lady if we can play," Lionel explains to his dog as he tucks his handheld telescope in his pocket and straightens up again. "My Lady," he says with a flourishing bow. He doesn't make Dax bow this time, the retriever remaining nicely seated on his golden rump. "Magnificent animals… are they of Caravan stock?" He has to ask, he's a Rovehn after all.

Lorelei looks up when the whistle breaks her concentration.. eyes go first to Lionel and the puppy, but then quickly go to Aelewen. A small smile tugs on her lips when she sees the wolfhounds. They've grown so much! She'll turn her wondering towards the Noble, "Lady Aelewen! It has been a long time!" She'll bow to the woman and then kneel down in front of the beasts. She shows no fear, whither that is a smart thing or not she'll find out shortly. Extending her hands and giving a small giggle, "Hello you two. It's been a long time." She'll look to Dax and his owner as they arrive and give a smile.

Taryn purchases the meat and goes to turning around. He spies Aelewen, though in truth, it's kind of hard not to especially with the two meglafauna accessories she's walking around with. He pauses, then decides to just turn and try to move off in another direction, no need to bother her… she's busy talking with.. Lorelei? Nope, definitely no need for his friend to know that he's planning on doing something potentially monumentally stupid. No need to bother her either.

"They are" Aelewen replies to Lionel in her faintly rusty voice. About to say more Lorelei approaches and greets her and she offers a smile to the woman. The dogs seem to know who she is as they wag their tails "Free" she says down to them and as one they try to give the poor girl two huge licks across her face before heading over to investigate their smaller relative with much sniffing of huge nostrils. "I wish I was coming back under better circumstances lass" she says to her then turns back to

Lionel "Aelewen Arboren, and this is Miss Lorelei" she says by way of introduction, stripping a camoflagued glove off to offer a hand over to the Rovehn.

Chiron walks up behind Lorelei and bows to Aelewen, "Good-evening, my Lady. You are doing well I hope?" He then softly places a hand on Lorelei's shoulder and kneels, extending his free hand to allow the dogs to sniff it. "Hey, Sparrow. You alright?" He'll say to her, softly."

"I would recognize a good Caravan wolfhound anywhere," Lionel says with a broad and boyish grin that sends warm light into his easy blue eyes. He offers a grin toward Lorelei, offering her another bow. "My Lady," he says with an upward quirk of his grin. Dax continues to look on the brink of dying if someone does let him say hi to the wolfhounds. He continues to whine a bit, and it casts Lionel's gaze downward once more. "Dax," he says with that authorative tone. "How do we ask nicely?"

There's a pause as Dax just pants up at him, and then he tries to slyly demonstrate what he's asking the puppy to do. Bright intelligence flashes in Dax's eyes as he immediately stands up on his back feet, forelegs drawn into his chest to expose his belly and he tilts back his shout to give a little bark. Lionel looks satisfied, but he looks to Aelewen to give the okay for Dax to greet her dogs. In the mean time, he does nod greetings to Chiron and Taryn as they near.

After she eats the majority of her meat on a stick she would rummage through her pocket, pulling out enough to buy another and handing it to the vendor. Nodding in thanks she'd take it, turning around to walk…only to bump right into Taryn. Natalia's hood falls back, her red curls dancing around her face a moment as they are tossed by the hood falling to her shoulders. She looks up at Taryn, eyes widening momentarily in initial shock. "Sorry!" she says quickly "I didn't realize you were standing right there…"

Lorelei laughs softy at the critters, happy to get their kisses. "I understand Lady Aelewen, but it is pleasant to see you."Her smile goes to Lionel but she'll drop it to look surprised, "Oh!no, no. not a Lady." Her cheeks flush some, she doesn't need that rumor to start! She'll glance to her brother, "I'm alright, just had a nightmare and couldn't sleep." Hearing the voice of another friend, she'll turn to look for Nat…and sees Taryn standing there, all sticking out and not blending in. She'll raise an eyebrow at him.

Taryn oofs softly, as Natalia collides in to him. So stealth isn't really his thing, but hopefully neither Lorelei or Aelewen noticed some random stranger bumping into some other random stranger. He looks at Natalia and smiles slightly, "It's okay… " He says in a slightly hushed and slightly anxious tone. "No harm.. no foul."

"You are far too lovely not to be," Lionel replies to Lorelei with an open smile. "So, you will see how I was mistaken, and forgive me for such a mistake." Then he offers another bow to the group. "I'm Sir Lionel Keats of House Rovehn. A pleasure to meet you, Lady Aelewen Arboren, and Miss Lorelei." Then he flashes another grin toward the pair of men as they join up, though he does not comment on Lorelei's given nickname of Sparrow.

"Shadow…" Aelewen says nodding to the darker one "…and Snow" she says with a nod to the white one as she introduces them to Lionel. A faintly wry smile touches her face as she adds "Blame my youngest for the names." Looking to Dax the smile turns in a soft chuckle, then a nod "How could I say no to such a well mannered dog" she says as the wolfhounds give Dax another few experimental sniffs. Following Lorelei's gaze she spies Taryn, and glancing at his leathers a crooked smile crosses her lips as she notes the colour. She returns Chiron's nod as her dogs "Chiron isn't it?" she says with a faintly apologetic smile "Been gone a while" she says faintly apologetically.

Natalia nods, taking a step back to give the man some room as he seemed to be recovering. Noting his anxious tone she gives a small smile to try and reassure him…not sure of what she was trying to reassure him of, but the gesture was there. "Well. Alright. Sorry again though…I hope you have a good evening…" She steps forward some again, hesitating a moment before pulling her hood back up and glancing to him "I hope you have a pleasant evening, sir." She would go to move forward, to continue her trip across the market path.

Chiron nods at Aelewen, "Yes, my Lady. It makes me happy that you remember me!" He says, smiling. "It is an honor to see you. Will you be here long?" He turns to the man who addressed his sister, and just gives him a glair before turning back to Lorelei, "I'm sorry, you've been having a lot of those recently."

Dax barks happily as he jumps forward to pad around the wolfhounds, tail going a thousand miles a minute while sniffing around them with far more excitement than they sniff around him. "Oh, that is Dax. He is very friendly." Very, by the look at it as Dax turns his curious nose on Chiron and Taryn next. His tail is a weapon at this point, thumping into unsuspecting legs as he moves through the small group. Lionel catches the glare from Lorelei's friend, but he continues to smile with a kind of impervious good-naturedness.

Lorelei's cheeks pinker and her eyes widen at the compliment. She'll not say anything to him, as he's not talking about the dogs. Her eyes do narrow at Taryn, why would he come here and not say hello? And why's he so nervous? She'll look back to Chiron, "Well, there's a lot of night terrors out there now. It's nothing more than anyone else, I'm sure."

Taryn shakes his head, "No, need for that.. it was probably just as much my fault… " He pauses, "Is everything alright? Do you need help or something?" Yeah, he might be trying to avoid, and failing miserably at it, attention, but he can't be not him.

"Well I am out of mourning, but I will probably be rejoining the Rangers soon" Aelwen replies to Chiron with a shrug of her armored shoulders "Seems the Hostiles are stirring. We lost Ry and his wife already" she adds, voice softening a moment. She lets out a slow breath and squares her shoulders as Snow being sensitive to her moods presses and nuzzles her hand. She smiles down and pets the great white beast as Shadow takes the chance to take playfull nip at Dax's swinging tail. She stifles another laugh then looks up to the knight "So what brings you to our home Sir Lionel?"

"The Rangers would regain a very powerful ally if you did, Lady Aelwen. The Hostiles seem to be active more and more each day. It is in these times that you truly understand who and what is important to you." He places a comforting hand over Lorelei's shoulders saying, "This is true, but that doesn't mean I can't worry about you."

"The Rangers would regain a very powerful ally if you did, Lady Aelwen. The Hostiles seem to be active more and more each day. It is in these times that you truly understand who and what is important to you." Chiron says as he places a comforting hand over Lorelei's shoulders saying, "This is true, but that doesn't mean I can't worry about you."

Lionel maintains a lazy, but incredibly confident poise around all these strangers — though he does recognize Natalia out of the corner of his gaze. He flashes Aelewen another broad and terribly boyish smile that has just the faintest hint of crookedness at the corners. "The Stars, fair Lady Aelewen. I heard that the Heartwood was the best place over the next three days to see the Grand Bear constellation and her cubs." He points up at the sky, tilting his head back. "Your use of natural lights and downward pointing halos allow your skies to be some of the brightest around."

"I'm…fine," she lofts a brow, looking to him a bit confused "Are you alright?" Natalia glances behind her, at Lorelei and the others, before back to Taryn for the moment. Her form tensed a moment, but she stayed pleasant, giving the man a small smile.

Lorelei nods, glad that the Lady is being more active again. Giving her brother a reassuring smile, she'll reach up and squeeze his hand, "I know. I'll be fine though. There's plenty of other things to worry about."

Aelewen looks scepticaly at Lionel for several moments, one eyebrow arising slightly before she snorts and shakes her head "I wasn't a fair lady thirty years in the woods and three children ago" she replies simply then looks to Chiron and shakes her head again "You mean an aging one who's bow arm is starting to ache in the winter, and not even going to mention what my knees do" she mutters, glancing down at them accusingly. Snow sits down by her, leaning up against his mistress as she automatically starts to pet his head "We do try to make as smaller footprint as we can" she says, her voice a little more friendly as she looks back to Lionel then towards the sky, falling silent a moment as she considers it.

Taryn offers Natalia another smile, though his eyes keep glancing back towards Lorelei and Aelewen, "No… just peachy." He glances once again, "Well.. um.. have a good night." Well so much for that endless font of Valen charm, perhaps he used it all up earlier today.

"The Mother is fair, is she not?" Lionel asks Aelewen with a wide and genuine smile, but he does relent with a gentle bow of his head, not wishing to incite the woman's eire. He does look up at the skies with her now, though he is interrupted in his gaze as Dax decides he's done greeting everyone and sits right on Lie's foot and leans into his legs bodily. The Knight grunts a bit, looking down at Dax who just looks up at him with a bright-eyed and lolling expression. He does look toward Taryn curiously, his gaze lingering on him, dancing up his frame from head to toe. "Hm," he merely says to himself and then casts an arched brow to Aelewen. "To be honest, my Lady… I came on an errand from Lady Rovehn to see if the Arboren might have some scouts to loan the Outriders. We are trying to hunt down the Hostiles who attacked our caravans yesterday…. but I didn't want to weigh down the conversation with such news."

Lorelei starts to say something, but then sees Taryn starting to do his sneak off moves. Loree narrows her eyes,"My Lady, Sir, Chiron, if you'll excuse me a moment?" She'll bow lightly before turning towards where Nat and Taryn are standing and starting to make her way there.

Chiron cocks his head to the side and frowns a bit at Aelewen, "My Lady, You have proven yourself in battle numerous times. Your knowledge of warfare and tactics is invaluable. I would rather have you watching my back then ten new recruits in peak physical condition fresh from training." His voice is encouraging. He turns to Lorelei, "I'm still going to continue to worry about you." He laughs.

Natalia lofts a brow "o…kay?" Watching him attempt to sneak off now she'd glance in the direction she'd seen him look. Shaking her head she'd start forward, seeing Lorelei coming part way and stopping a moment, as if caught off guard, but giving a nod of greeting. "Good evening, Lorelei. Are you and Hubert fairing any better this evening?" she smiles.

"She might be. I ain't. Trust me I was married for over twenty years to a very pretty Cindravale" Aelewen replies drily whilst Shadow trots back and lays down on the opposite side to Snow and leans his head up to remand equal petting. She nods briefly to Chiron and then shrugs "Maybe, we will see. Either way I am volunteering again. And speaking of that…" she says as her eyes shift back to Lionel "…I am something of a scout" she says wryly with a glance down at her armor "And I think my nices and nephews would volunteer in a heartbeat"

Taryn was just about to get away. He sighs when he hears the young woman address Lorelei, which means she is right behind him. Which means that she left her conversation just to come over here. Damn. Damn. Damn. He sighs and his shoulders sag a touch, as he pivots on his heal and turns back around. He offers up a wide smile, "Hey, Lore-e-lei… funny running into you here."

Confidence grows through his frame at the mention of Aelewen being married to a very pretty Cindravale. Granted, he's just a Valen, but he can still take pride in his people's good looks. He does settle into a more sober look though while he reaches down to rub at the top of Dax's head, massaging one of his soft ears between his fingers. "If you are volunteering, my Lady, we would be all the stronger for it. I knew some of the families that died in those flames… I want to see their spirits justly avenged. And I want the Hostiles off my Plains." He inclines his head. "I know that we all have our own Hostile infestation to deal with, but hearts are heavy amongst the Rovehn and we will take whoever volunteers."

Lorelei rolls her eyes at Chiron as she leave the first group. She'll give Nat a small smile, "It's as well as can be expected. Poor thing is pretty drugged up right now. I don't thinkI'm going to sleep till he's healed though…" She'll tilt her head, Taryn's smiles just a bit too wide, "Taryn, yes. funny running into me here….where I live and work. What brings you to the forests?" She's giving hims look though, she knows something's up.

Chiron nods at Aelewen, "I don't know if you guys needed it, I know I'm not a scout or a ranger, but I am decent with a sword and have some knowledge of being out in the woods. I would be happy to help in any way I can."

"Scouts are just the tip of the spear…" Aelwen warns gravely to Lionel as she squats down easily to sit on her heels and pet her dogs. For all her talk of bad knees she does it with an easy grace as she considers "…so clearing them out won't mean the hostiles will all be gone. I do however have a theory that for all their optical camoflague the Scouts might not be as hidden from a good nose.." she says as she playfully tugs on Shadow's rather broad one. She looks up to Chiron with a faint frown hardening her wethered face "Do you have armor lad?"

"I know that, My Lady… but it is a start," Lionel says honestly before he also glances toward Chiron. His gaze moves up and down his frame, as if sizing him up. Then he settles on another one of those relaxed and confident smiles. "This isn't fighting some wolves in the woods either… my patrols have already crossed paths with the Hostiles, and only one of us managed to come home unwounded. But… we'd look out for you… Chiron, was it?"

A wicked grin dances across Taryn's lips. "You live and work here? Really? I forget that… as I see you so often in Landing… just kind of forget that you don't actually live there." The grin becomes a little less the cat that ate the canary. "Hunting?" Well he does have a bow and arrows. "I have always heard how absolutely prime the hunting was here in Arboren." He looks to the other young woman. "Looks like the two of you know each other.. I'd hate to interrupt your conversation." Which hasn't actually started yet.

Natalia looks between the two of them now, having smiled at Lorelei's response, but shaking her head gently now in answer to Taryn's inquiry. "No. You're fine…I was just getting some food" she holds up her meat on a stick "on my way back home." She takes another bite from her food, having forgot it in all her confusion and embarrassment from running into Taryn.

"Yes, my Lady. I have armor." Chiron says, matter-of-factly. "I've had military training and I am currently a Sergeant in the Arboren military. I just meant to say I've never been on a scouting or ranger mission." He turns to Lionel, "Yes, my Lord. My name is Chiron. Sergeant Chiron Quellton."

Aelewen looks up to the heavens and slaps her forehead "Sorry Sergeant, blame an old lady for forgetting" she says apologeticaly "Probably better at hand to hand than my skinny self" she adds as her smile turns crooked again. Snow doesn't seem to approve of this self deprecation and shows it by using his giant tongue to lick her from chin to hairline, accomapanied by an eww from the lady "One of these days you will be a giant fur rug" she threatens whilst standing up to be, almost, out of reach "Killing scouts is always a good first step, as much as I hate to say it" she adds wryly.

"Just a Sir, Sergeant," Lionel corrects Chiron as his smile goes a bit lopsided. "I think the more important question is if you have a horse, Sergeant Quellton… the plains are not friendly for foot soldiers, but Rovehn has plenty of horses." There might, just might, be a slight joke in that statement. Of course the Horse Lords of the Plains have horses… Lionel looks back over toward Aelewen, and he draws a handkerchief from his pocket almost automatically to offer to her. "From what the caravans report, there were only a few scouts. Most of them were the soldier models and… their priests."

Lorelei raises an eyebrow, "Hunting?Are you sure?" She'll fold her arms, not believing a word Taryn's saying. She'll glance to the meat stick thingie that Nat is chewing on and wrinkle her nose. Looking back to Taryn, "Well, since your here, you should let me show you around." It's not so much a request as a statement. A kinder expression is given to Nat,"Natalia, thank you for worrying about Hurbert. I appreciate it. I'm hoping to be abel to sleep in my own bed again soon. My back is not liking the straw as much as i though it would." She'll give her a small smile, before looking to Taryn, with a look.

Taryn looks at Lorelei, "Surely, even with your whole no eating animals, youn't going to argue that some of the best hunting on all of Imperius are." he waves his hand in a random direction, "Just a few miles that way.. or that way… " He cocks his head, "Oh, who is this Hurbert? And what does he have to do with you not sleeping in your own bed? I thought… " He stops himself, deciding to not make any comments in public about Lorelei's romantic life.

Chiron smiles at Aelewen, "You have more knowledge with the sword then I do, I'm sure. There is a lot I could learn from such a brave and intelligent Lady as yourself." He says as he kneels down in front of Snow, again offering his hand for Snow to sniff. He turns to Lionel and says, "As for horses, My family owns a horse Ranch, safe to say I've got some riding experience."

Aelewen waves of the handchief, using a hand to wipe it off then with a crooked smile she tries to teasingly wipe it off on the wolfhound who instead skips away towards Chrion and gravely noses his hand. Meaning his owner looks at the man at arms and arches an eyebrow "I am a piss-poor swordsman Sergeant. You can ask my instructors. Why I am a Ranger not a knight. And speaking of that" she whistles high-low sharply and he two wolfhounds trot right to her heels "I should get out of this armor and get some rest. A pleasure to meet you Sir Lionel, let me know when I can be of service. Sergeant good to see you again" with that she lifts her hand in a wave to Lorelei and a nod to Taryn then turns and stalks off towards the House Seat

"Then you will find the Caravan quite at home," Lionel says with another open, slightly lopsided smile. He then looks toward Aelewen. "Lady, I'm honored for your volunteer, as I am for yours, Sergeant. Please feel free to come to the Caravan whenever you are able. We are outside of Northon for now." He then gives Dax's head a pat. "Lets go, boy. Got to see if we can figure out where Jeremy went off to." He nods his head to the others, bidding a bit of a farewell. "May the Night Find You Well, my Lady," he says to Aelewen in a polite note between Knight and Noble before he starts to step away, Dax falling into trot beside him.

Lorelei narrows her eyes "We have the best gather of animals, yes….but you can't just go into the woods, there's Hostiles everywhere." Her distrusting look turns to a hurt one. "Hurbert's my horse. He broke his leg, I've been sleeping in the barn to keep him calm." she'll shake her head, unsure what to think of her friends low opinion of herself.

Taryn's expression is honestly apologetic. "Oh, gosh, Lore… I didn't know that your horse was hurt… I'm really sorry to hear that." And it doesn't sound like he is just trying to change the subject.

Chiron will bid the two nobles farewell and will head back to Lorelei, He smiles at Taryn as he walks up beside Lorelei, "Hubert will be fine." Chiron says, confidently. "He's been though much worse. He had a barn fall on him once, and he's got Sparrow here to watch out for him.

Lorelei doesn't respond to Taryn at first, instead looking to her brother, "If Da doesn't just have him put down when I'm gone. I heard Ma say something to him about it again tonight as I was leaving." She'll inhale, looking back to Taryn. She's confused, and feels like he's hiding something, again, from her, but will relent and give him a small smile, "Hubert has a strong soul, if we can just get his leg mended, he'll be fine."

Taryn nods, "I'm sure he'll be alright… broken legs aren't nothin'… " He says reassuringly, "I tended to several horses with broken legs… " For a moment, he forgets himself why he's here. He gives Chiron a polite nod. "Good evening, Chiron. Good to see you again."

Chiron nods to Taryn as well, "Taryn, it is a pleasure to speak with you once more." He says, sounding somewhat genuine. "Father won't touch Hubert, he knows what will happen if he does. He's all talk, always has been that way." Chiron rolls his eyes when speaking about his father. "So what brings you to the Heartwood, friend?"

Lorelei nods, but there's dullness to her eyes. It would be different if it was the same leg he broke before. She'll look down, blinking a few times. No need to start crying again. Looking up to chiron, "Da's not always that way, you know. He'd do it, if it wouldn't cause the three of us to go up in arms. I think he already would have if you weren't home right now." Her cheeks flush slightly, she's not meaning to talk bad about her father run front of Taryn. She'll look up, eyes a bit wide to see what Taryn's going to say.

Taryn shrugs to Chiron, "Oh, I was planning on doing a bit of hunting." Which is true. He's just planning hunting Hostiles, though not quite the way most people would think. He pauses, "But I'll admit that I didn't really think things through… It would probably be a good idea to have a hunting guide with me, when I go… "

"I didn't know you were a hunter." Chiron says to Taryn, "What were you planning on hunting?" He sounds somewhat confused, not necessarily about the hunting aspect, but why he wou]d say that in front of Lorelei.

Lorelei rubs her forehead, a small head ache starting to form. It may be from lack of sleep, or perhaps just this situation. "Taryn…There's no hunting anymore. No one is allowed in the forest. You'll find no guide that would take you. Especially when you're begin all…" And she'll wave both hands at him, like that explains exactly what she means. Looking at her brother she'll shake her head lightly. "Now if you'll be honest, we might be able to help you. There's no one better at tracking than Chiron and I." Which is true. She just won't kill anything. doesn't mean she can't find it.

Taryn looks at Chiron, "I don't live in the city.. I live in a small hamlet on the plains, which means that a good bit of the meat I use to eat I killed myself… " He sighs slightly, "Okay, I'll tell you, but you got to promise not to yell at me or hit me again."

Chiron cocks his head to the side, looking at Taryn for a few seconds before speaking. "You don't… know, do you?" He says as if it suddently made sense. He scratches the back of his head, waiting for Lorelei's response.

Lorelei narrows her eyes, first at Taryn's plea for non violence and then Chiron's weirdness. What is wrong with boys? "What are you up to?" She'll not make a promise, cause it sounds like he may need to be yelled at. That's usually the case when someone asks you not to. The undertone is worry though, starting to put together pieces of what she knows, probably wrong. she'll glance to Chiron, trying to figure out what he's going on about too.

Taryn sighs softly, "You didn't answer me, you know?" He holds up a finger, "Don't think I didn't notice that." Yeah, there's that 'I'm going to be funny and try to distract'. "Well, I was talking with Lady Aelewen earlier… and she said that she thought that animals might be able to sense the Hostiles despite their stealth abilities… so I just thought I'd see if I could test that idea…"

Chiron places a hand on his face as he sighs, "Do you know how to defend yourself? A sword, bow, fists even? I have no idea where to start to explain how bad of an idea this is." His hand moves from his forhead to the back. "Alright, Why do you want to do this?"

Lorelei raises an eyebrow at Taryn, not smiling. She knows. And then she'll blink, it takes her a moment, but she does put it together. Her eyes widen and by the look on her face, she doesn't approve, "Taryn that's-" She'll stop herself though. She'll not let it slip in front of Chiron. Not her place. Turning her head to Chiron, "Taryn's able to defend himself. Just because he's not an official soldier doesn't mean he doesn't want to help. We all do."

Taryn smirks, slightly, and there is a flash of that Valen confidence, perhaps overconfidence, that all from that region seemed to be blessed, or cursed, with. The fingers of one hand tap the wood of the hunting bow in one hand, while the other hand moves to rest on the pommel of the sword that hangs from his hip. "Better than most people would think… " Of course having a weapon doesn't necessarily mean an ability to use it, but as Lorelei has his back, he grins slightly and ndos. "As for why? Why wouldn't someone want to help try to defeat the Hostiles?" A legitimate answer, even if it isn't quite the honest one.

"If you want to help defeat hostiles on the front lines you should talk to your House leader and join as a men-at-arms. Going out by yourself to test a theory you heard someone talk about has a very small chance of success. Even worse then that, if you do find Hostiles and they subdue you, they could get information out of you before killing you… or worse." Chiron sounds worried.

Oh…they are not making this easy on Loree. Giving Taryn a quick don't get cocky look, she'll give Chiron a small smile, "Not everyone is cut out to be in the front lines, Chiron. Doesn't mean we can't help. I thought about signing up for first aid. It's all needed." Her eyes go around the market and she'll bite her lower lip in thought. "How far in do you need to go, Taryn?" Hopefully he'll get what she's asking.

Taryn smirks slightly, "I'd have to have information for them to get out of me…" He pauses, "And I'm giving that some serious thought too… But I figure right now, I can do other things to help out more… " He looks at Lorelei, "Not really sure… I'll need to get away from the more populated areas… "

Chiron sighs, "Am I missing something important here?" He looks slightly confused as he looks at his sister who seems to know more of what's going on. "I never meant that people /shouldn't/ help. Just that, if you want to help with something like scouting or gathering information they should have a network of people to help them, is all."

Lorelei sighs, not happy with being in the middle. "Now he has us, Chiron. We'll do." she doesn't think he buy that, but it's worth a try. turning to look at Taryn, trying to give him a 'tell him' look, "We can probably get you a bit into the forest. Are you looking for winged, or something else?"

"Yes you are." Taryn looks at Chiron, "You're not asking the right questions. You should have maybe ask, how I could test to see if animals can sense the Hostiles or not… " He pausess as he ponders it, "Good question.. birds could cover a greater area quicker… But most birds have a poor sense of smell… Are there many buzzards in Arboren? Oh wait.. woodpeckers… you have got to have tons of them… That would probably work, yeah… hmm.." That last little bit seems more to himself than the two around. He looks up suddenly at Chiron, "You do understand that this is all hush-hush right?"

Chiron eyes dart to the left and the right before looking at Taryn. "I don't know, can you speak to animals or something?" He says sarcastically. "I'm still not totally clear what we're doing, but sure. It's a secret mission or something."

Oh…it's never good when Chiron starts with that tone. "Taryn…just tell him." She'll look between the two, and rub her temple.

"Oh, I wish…" Taryn says in response to him being able to speak to animals, "That would make things so much easier… no… I'm going to tag along inside their heads for a little bit…"

Chiron raises an eyebrow at Taryn, "Oh? How do you plan on doing that?" His voice is a little sarcastic, but also sounds genuinely confused now. His guess was sarcastic, but apparently was more true then he realized.

Lorelei just closes her eyes. Maybe she'll just go back to the barn…After a deep breath, she'll place a hand on Chiron's arm, "Would you give Taryn and I a moment?" Flashing him a bright smile and a small reassuring squeeze to his arm she'll turn to Taryn. She'll take the step over to Taryn, and if he allows she'll grab his arm and lean it to whisper something.

Lorelei holds onto Taryn's sleeve a little tighter than she needs to, but she is rather annoyed. She'll whisper, "Tell him. Don't play these games. You want Chiron with us. He's good. And he'll protect you with everything, but not if he thinks your playing , or trying to make him look a fool."

Taryn looks at Lorelei, blinking. "I thought I just did…. I'm not playing games… " He says that loud enough for Chiron to hear, well, he just didn't whisper it back that softly. He looks around to make sure that no one is close enough to listen, before looking at Chiron. "Okay, what I thought was obvious, apparently wasn't.. . I'm awakened and am going to tap into that power to try to borrow a bird's senses…."

Chiron's eyes grow wide for a second, and then he nods to Taryn, "I understand now, ok. Well, mostly. Not sure why you need to hide what you are, but I guess that's not really any of my business. Sparrow and I can help you."

Lorelei drops her hand from Tary's arm, but doesn't step away. She looks relieved that they're all on the same page now. Giving Chiron a smile, "Sorry, I was told in confidence. I couldn't just say." She'll scrunch up her nose in thought, "Does it have to be smell?An owl would be the best hunter at night…"

Taryn looks at Chiron, "In the Vale, being a sorcerer is like having a tag on your back, saying to all other sorcerers fight me to prove which of us is more powerful… duels are kind of common place… I'm not really into burning down a bar just to prove that I can kill someone that I have no reason to kill." He looks at Lorelei and shakes his head, "Nah.. owls have great eye sight but they practically have no sense of smell… same with hawks and eagles… "

Chiron nods, "You could move away from the Vale, sounds like an annoying place anyway." He laughs, "Anyway, I'd be more then willing to help you find a bird."

Lorelei frowns, "So..it is smell/…then maybe a bird isn't such a good idea. I was just thinking flight would be handy…maybe a rat…or a bear?" She'll shrug, "Do you have to touch the animal to see through them?" She has no idea how this works. She's only heard about it. she'll give Chiron a small smile, "I thought the same thing, but he went from the Vale to Landing." I's hard to tell if she's kidding with Chiron, or teasing Taryn.

Taryn shrugs and smiles, "It's my home… It's where I belong… " He pauses and shakes his head, "I don't have to find the bird itself. I only need to be in the vicinity of it… Actually woodpeckers have a pretty good sense of smell… so do parrots." He looks at Lorelei, "You know that Landing wasn't my choice…"

Chiron raises an eyebrow at Taryn, "If you have to hide who you are because you're afraid of what will happen when people find out, maybe it's time to find a new home." His sarcasm has vanished, replaced with subtle hints of worry? "Either way, when do we need to go find these bird, mammal things?"

Lorelei tilts her head , giving Taryn an apologetic smile, "I know. I'm sorry,I was just teasing." She'll tap a foot, thinking, "'What about near the old crooked creek. I've been listening to reports, none have mentioned any sightings near there. May be the safest place to set up to look. And there were always creatures near." She'll look to Chiron for his opinion.

Taryn looks at Chiron, "I was thinking tonight… hence me trying to head into the woods and not have your sister or Lady Aelewen notice me… " He decides to completely skip and let the conversation about the Vale go. "I was actually kind of hoping for a place where there might be more of a chance of a report… "

"It would be good to have a few people go with. As I mentioned before, if something happens to you, you'll want people to be able to help you if they can." Chiron says, nodding to Taryn. "I've not heard of any sightings recently… I imagine I could find some, however. It's up to you, really."

Lorelei frowns lightly, giving Taryna slightly hurt look. She's being helpful!she didn't yell! Or hit! "can't you go …flying…once your in the bird? Wouldn't it make more sense to keep your body at a safe place?" she'll look to Chiron, "you should probably go get your sword…maybe my first aid kit?"

Taryn did actually give it some thought before. "The more people, the more likely to be noticed… Besides there are only a couple of people that know about me… " He looks at Lorelei and sighs, "I know you're worried about me… and the distance is very limited… as is the duration… from what I have heard, it's kind of a dangerous spell…" From what he's heard… that implies that he's never actually done it before.

Chiron nods to Lorelei, "Sure, I can do that. When do we need to meet up by?"

ok, now she wants to yell,but instead she'll sigh. "You've never done this before?" Loree frowns. "Maybe you should try it out on something else first, just so we know if it'll even work?" She'll nod to Chiron, " Maybe my dark cloak too?" IT won't be much cover, but it's more than she has on now.

Taryn sighs, "Okay, how about we postpone this trip for a couple of days… It will give Chiron a chance to track down any reports of areas that might yield results… and it will give me a chance to um.. practice."

Chiron nods, "Sounds like an excellent plan to me. What day would you like to start?"

Lorelei knows Taryn better than Chiron does, so the offer doesn't sounds as solid to her as it does to her brother. "Swear. Swear you'll wait for us." She'll try to look him in the eyes, hoping that he won't be able to lie to her directly.

Taryn grins at Lorelei, "No trick." He looks at Chiron, "Will Thursday give you enough time?" He concedes to the point of safety, "And if there are a couple of people that can be trusted to keep this a secret.. I might consider accepting more help."

"Thursday should be more then enough time." Chiron says.

Lorelei still looks a touch doubtful. This was too easy."Ok..thurs. Night?" She'll look down, thinking about her supply bag, "That would give me plenty of time to restock the medic bag, anyway."Smiling at Taryn, "Now, you promised, if you go in without us, I'm gonna be upset." She'll raise an eyebrow,but there's a small smile tugging at her lips, "You think I was upset at Michael, just test me."

Taryn looks at Lorelei and grins, "Technically no, I didn't promise you, but I won't go into the woods before then.. " But the fact that he is willing to consider help means that he is actually taking this pretty seriously.

Chiron takes a step back and let the two of them talk, he doesn't particularly have anything else to add at this moment.

Lorelei scoffs,and there's a light laughter to her voice. And also a tough of seriousness, "Promise!I don't trust you, unless you do!" She'll move to smack his arm, but there's no real force behind it. Chiron knows she can hit harder than that, he's been hit harder than that. "I'm not visiting you if you get hurt and Michael calls asking me to. Nicked artery, not a big inguiry. What a dolt." Loree seems to have jumped subjects suddenly.

Taryn nods. "You have my word. Unless I get dragged into something, which I will do everything I can to let you know… " He sighs and shakes his head, like he could imagine something happening that was none of his doing. "You know… like I have to keep a certain young lady of Landing out of trouble because she is hell bound to throw herself in danger."

Chiron , not wanting to be all in his sister's business will nod to the two of them and say, "Taryn, it was a pleasure to speak with you again, we will talk on Thursday. Sparrow, get home soon and try to get some sleep. You don't want to be tired when we go on our journey." He says happily, smiling at the two of them.

Lorelei tilts her head, unsure who Taryn's talking about. Grinning at her big brother and rolling her , "Yes Da, I'll go right to bed." she'll laugh, knowing that'll rub him the wrong way. Turning back to Taryn, "Who are you talking about?"

Taryn smirks and shakes his head. He's never really known family interraction like that. Once Lorelei questions him, he sighs slightly, "Lady Sophie Sauveur… she's the one I think my dream was about… and she seems deteremined to get herself killed…"

Chiron glares at Lorelei, but there is no anger behind it. "That's right, young lady. I expect you to be in bed and lights out by 10." He'll wink at her and will wave at the two of them. "Goodnight, you too."

Taryn grins, "Good night, Chiron… Thank you for your help… though I imagine that you'll probably have to drag her, kicking and screaming, if you expect her to do what you say." The grin widens, "She seems exceptionally stubborn about such things."

Lorelei laughs, "10…right. I'll get right to that….goodnight brother!" She'll turn to Taryn, "Hey now. the two of you can't gang up on me!" she'll chuckle, but is trying to look offended, "I am not stubborn, you're just wrong about things. I can't help that!" Her smile fades some, "Lady Sohpie has asked that I go meet with her. I think she wants my help planning a party of some kind. would you like me to speak to her? Or just see what she's thinking?"

Taryn cocks his head, "Really? That's strange… Not that she would want your help, but just seems a little … I don't know out of the blue." He shakes his head, "No.. don't say anything to her… She's the type that if you try to get her to do something, it just makes her all the more determined to do something else… " He smiles slightly, "You'd be my spy?"

Lorelei raises an eyebrow as Taryn starts, and then digs himself out of the hole. "I ran into her the day that Michael grabbed me the first time. She showed me the zoo, and we talked about the poor drake with the broken wing." she'll shrug slightly, "she seems awfully nice, but…kinda head in the clouds? She asked about my servants, like she just assumed handmaidens had them. " She'll shake her head softly, she's not making fun of the Lady, just amazed that she would think that. "What?" She'll giggle , "I am not a spy! I'd be an awful spy!"

Taryn shrugs, "You offered to see what she was thinking… That's kind of being a spy." He pauses, "Isn't it? No it's not like breaking and entering and snooping or anything like that… but it is a type of spying."

Lorelei blinks, her smile dropping some, "I didn't mean…" a slight blush starts creeping up into her cheeks, "I was only trying to keep her safe, is all…" Her eyes will go down to her hands,which have clasped in front of her.

Taryn nods. "And that is exactly what I am trying to do, Lorelei… But now, she is determined to make my dream come to be… and she consorts with the likes of criminals who are not forthcoming about their crimes."

Lorelei frowns, "Meaning she's trying to get you killed?" maybe she shouldn't meet with her, she may slap her if she does. "Who is she consorting with?" She knows Michael, but surly that's not who Taryn means.

Taryn frowns slightly and says slightly softly, "I did not tell her that particular dream… Just the dream about the young eagle being caged… And I think she's more determined to put herself in harms way." He frowns, "I can't say that I really know who the man is… His name is Jor Aeldan… and apparently he was once a knight, but was stripped of his spurs for some reason and spent the last fifteen years in prison."

Lorelei will nod, her shoulders relaxing a hair. Good. No slapping Ladies then. "Why is she trying to do that? That doesn't really make any sense…" she'll nod again, listening to his information on Jor, "But why is she talking to him…i don't understand what her angle is?" Loree feels like she's missing a piece of the puzzle….

Taryn chuckles, almost hysterically, "Honestly, I am not sure that there is a reason to anything that she does." He reaches up and combs his hair from his eyes. "That's not true… she wants to be a great hero or something… she wants to prove that she's an adult… and just as brave as her sister, Lady Ellinor… But yet, the harder she tries, the more like a spoiled, overly induldged brat she acts…" He sighs, "Apparently this Jor guy rescued her from a runaway carriage.. I am not sure that he did not arrange the whole thing honestly… it seems mightily convenient… he gets out of prison, stripped of everything, and suddenly rescues the King's niece? I don't know.. seems a little fishy to me."

Lorelei eyes fly open in worry. Taryn's acting…off. Kinda like Michael a bit. Just too emotional. She'll take a half step forward, "Taryn, are you ok?" She'll reach up to touch his arm again, she's worried. "I'll see what I can find out from Lady Sophie tomorrow. I'm good, she won't know. I've been around Nobles long enough to know how to get them to usually do what I want." What?!? Loree's manipulative? Must be that smile. She'll bite her lip, thinking, "Would you like to come meet Hubert? I need to walk home anyway. You'll win points with Chiron if I don't walk alone." Hubert makes everything a bit better. Maybe he'll calm Taryn down.

Taryn sighs, "I have been dreaming of eagles… every time I close my eyes… they fill my dreams… never more than one at a time.. but all over… " Perhaps this is why he was so desperate to take matters into his own hands, even when he knew that he was ill-prepared. He grins, "Not really concerned with earning points with Chiron, but I would be happy to walk you home."

Lorelei looks down, fidgeting with her hands again, "Dreams make for not restful nights." There's a nervousness about her suddenly. "Maybe you using a bird is part of the Dream?" She'll start walking, but it's a slow casual walk. "Maybe if you go into an eagle, it'll give you some insight?" She'll smile, but shakes her head, "You should. He's annoying, but chiron's a good man. If he's on your side, he'll do anything for you." Her eyes move up from her hands, but goes out straight to the path, "They've set Hubert's leg, but sense it's the same leg her broke when the barn fell, there's worry."

Taryn nods slightly, "Sometimes it can cause a problem… is Hubert your personal horse? If the leg mends and is able to carry you… as long as you do not run him long or hard, it should be alright… Just make sure he has plenty of time to recover." He pauses, "But of course you know all this already."

Lorelei nods, finally looking over to Taryn, "He's been mine forever. He protected me when the barn collapsed. I just can't…" She'll take a deep breath, "if he can be saved, I"m going to." She'll give him a small grin and nod, "Yeah…but it's nice to hear. Da just keeps telling me that we need to put him down. And chiron's only siding with me to fight with Da."

Taryn smiles, "Well, if he has shown such loyalty and intelligence… he might not be usuable for riding as much, but he obviously shows traits worthy of breeding.. A broken leg is not a herditary trait."

Lorelei beams, "We have. He's sired a few pretty foals. He's just so old now…"She'll giggle softly, "He's just not as interested in that as he used to be." Sighing, but the smile stays, "Anything else to the dreams, or just the eagle?"

Taryn sighs, "That's the weird thing about it… the eagles are just odd.. it's like they are just stuck into other dreams… like they don't really fit there… I mean it will be there… in a normal dream… the only time there has been more than one… I saw a set of scales with an eagle facing one another on the top of each scale… But it's been distracting…"

Lorelei frowns, swallowing nervously. She herself almost looks distracted, "Well, maybe you should try to jump into an eagle. It may give you insight." Loree's eyes wander the path their taking. she starts leading them down a road that is well travels, by foot and hoof. "Dreams can be awful. I can't imagine knowing they mean something…"

Taryn nods, but chuckles nervously, as he walks along the road unknown to him at least, "You think me silly if I said I was almost afraid to."

Lorelei smiles softly, and shakes her head, "Oh course not. It's very scary. I wouldn't, but you're braver than I." She'll punctuate this by bumping him with her shoulder and keeping up that warm smile. "And maybe it's be wonderful…can you imagine flying? How great that must feel?"

Taryn smiles, "I know what it's like to fly… It's called being on the back of a stallion at full gallop across the plains… " There is a wistful tone to his voice at that. And it is clear that it is something that he sorely misses.

Lorelei laughs, "It's not the same. But I do love going riding." she'll tilt her head, "You know, we do have some land…it might not be the plains, but you can come ride when ever you want." She'll giggle, "I'll even only charge you with giving the horse a good work out….and it's rub down." which she's sure he'd do anyway. As they walk, a modest sized ranch appears. The lights are on in the house, but Loree steers away and starts towards the barn. The barn is bigger than the house,and actually looks to be in better condition that the house.

Taryn's eyes scan over the ranch house. "This your family's place? And here you made yourself to be not well off… " Of course, the ranch he worked on was a bit more sprawling, but he also didn't own it just worked there.

Lorelei frowns slightly, "I said we were ok. It's a good place. She'll shrug, "everything goes into the horses. It's self sustaining, which is all we could ask for." She'll shrug, she never really kept track of the business side, as she was never going to get the ranch. It goes to Chiron. As she goes to the door, she'll whistle softly, and the sound of horses shifting can be heard inside. Going in , there's about 9 horses , but stalls for others. At an end is a very old , large horse, his nose has grey on it(ooc-Do horse go grey?) and his right front leg is wrapped. Lorelei's entire stance changes, and she'll move away from Taryn . she start speaking softly, in a very gentle and caring voice, "Hubert. It's me. I brought a friend for you to meet. He's very nice, and I'm sure you'll be friends. " Her steps up and will place her face next to the horses. Hubert eyes Taryn a moment before knocking his head softly into Loree's. She'll giggle softly as she rasies her hands to pet him.

Taryn slowly walks up to the horse. He offers his hand for the creature to take in his scent. He smiles at the old horse. He takes in his breath for a second. He closes his eyes for a second. As he opens them back, they have whited over as a mist of pulsing blues, greens, and purples glows about him, like an aurora borealis. It does not spook the horses, but it does get their attention. "Hello, Hubert… " As he moves his hand, he leaves a trail of glowing mist.

Lorelei keeps her eyes on Hubert, not wanting him to get to worked up, but she'll glance over when she feels the shift in the horses. She'll keep a hand on Hubert's neck but takes a step tot eh side to let Taryn near. She's seen plenty of Awakened with their powers before,so she's not scared. but she knows this is a big deal for Taryn, and is surprised that he'd let her see. Hubert though seems very calm and content with Taryn and will nuzzle his nose against Taryn's hand. Loree does swallow a bit nervous as a few different thoughts come to her head.

As Taryn's fingertips move along the horse's snout and forehead, it leaves an evaporating trail of his visible aura. He shakes his head softly, "It's alright boy.. I know you're scared… but it's going to be alright…" Slowly the aura fades and the color returns to his eyes. "You know… his recovery might go better if you get one of the Arboren druids who can actually communicate with him to talk to him… it might help explain what he needs to do to recover." He smiles slightly as he cocks his head, "He is very fond of you… and your presence makes him more comfortable."

Lorelei watches the trails dissapear , smiling softly. whatever thoughts were troubling her a moment ago, she's pushed away. "I was going to ask Eilara, she's just been so busy. I feel like I haven't gotten to talk to her forever. " She'll start slowly petting Hubert's neck. Loree blushes slightly, but it's a proud blush, "Good. I'd sleep in here all the time if he needed me." If Taryn looks, up in the loft right above Hubert's stall is a small bunch of blankets. It doesn't look comfortable in the least, but it's there. looks like she's moved a few small things up. Loree's eyes are on her horse though, she almost looks relieved that Taryn said what he did.

Taryn smiles and nods. "I'm sure that it will do you both good… Though you might see about getting an inflatable mattress.. might make it a little more comfortable… " He grins slightly, "Anyway, I probably should be heading back to the Ways… especially before someone catches me alone in the barn with you… They might get the wrong idea and shoot me." He chuckles softly. "I'll see you in a couple days."

Lorelei rolls her eyes, "Please. Who would shoot you? Chiron likes you." She'll smile back, "Do I need to come find you before hand? Do you want someone with you when you practice?" She'll give Hubert a pat and start walking Taryn back to the door.

Taryn raises an eyebrow, "Your father? Or say if your Benedict came a courtin'." He teases just slightly at that. "I'm not sure… It might be better for my concentration if I was alone.. at least at first… "

Lorelei huffs, but there's not any humor in her voice, "I think maybe Chiron was right…Benedict hasn't…I think maybe he was just looking for…anyway. He's not been around." Her cheeks turn pink, "I didn't like the rumors, anyway. People talking and staring." She'll not look at Taryn, mostly out of embarrassment, "One Lord went so far as to say I was doing my duty, making a Nobel happy till he could be married. I…"She'll shake her head, "I'm just not ready for that kind of attention, I think. It was stupid of me to even try." She'll shrug, "I sent him a message, Now I have to wait to see when he'd like to meet." Lorelei nods, about him being alone to attempt it, "ok. If you change your mind, let me know."

Taryn nods. There is a touch of sadness in his eyes. "I am sorry… I had hoped that your old man could have given you some happiness." He shrugs slightly, "But then I thought that about Michael, so obviously I know nothing… I'm sure the right person is just around the corner for you… " He looks at her once he reaches the door to the barn, "Well, rest well, or at least as well as you can… The Six knows that I have spent enough nights sleeping in the barn with a sick horse… "

Lorelei wrinkles her nose, although it's hard to tell which person she's wrinkling at Ben or Michael. There's hurt in her eyes, but she'll not comment on it. She'll look back to her blankets and sigh softly, "I haven't slept well in a week. I doubt tonight will be any different." Hubert's not been injured for a week. She'll turn back and smile, reaching her hand out to touch his arm a moment, "Thank you Taryn…I know how hard everything must have been tonight for you. I won't let you down. We'll help, I promise." She'll give him a Loree bright smile, "Good night."

Taryn nods slightly. Yeah, it's been tough for him to take the chance to tell Chiron and to manifest in front of her. Baby steps. He smiles, "Good night, Lorelei." And with that he steps out and walks off into the darkness, whistling softly a Valen tune.

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