08.24.3013: Day Off With a Reset Button
Summary: Sean lounges in a tree, unplugged from electrics for a day off, Roxy takes a stroll also on a day off. Then, they finally have that talk…
Date: 24 August 2013
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Terrace Park
This park is most aptly named due to the various tiers and terraces that are neatly stacked with one another to create a rather pleasing aethestic. It is accessed through a series of pathways leading from the Statuary Forum. It encompasses about two square kilometers of space that, when combined with the various ups and downs of the tiers, means for quite a harch for those trying to explore every inch of it. Built within the parks architecture is a stream that burbles along and cascades over the tiers. Each tier varies in its ratio to lawn, trees, and flower beds. Some have stone bench seating, while others encourage sprawls across the plush grasses.
Tucked in the center of the park is a modest zoo and aquarium that is always open to the public and contains a wide range of animal life from all over Haven.
24 August 3013

The Terrace park is a wonderful spot for relaxation, romantic moments, dance practice, picnics, exercise, artistry of the various forms, and many other activities. This would be why Sean is reclining in a tree on his one day off for the week. He's in a decent shirt, pair of comfortable pants, and sandals on his feet. He's even missing ninety percent of his normal gadgetry, and there doesn't seem to be a single speaker about him. For all that anyone who knows him could tell, Sean is missing and there sits in his place an imposter who looks exactly like him.

Sans skateboard, Roxy arrives at the park. There has been no predetermined meetings, no quick text of hey lets chat and her phone is even powered off at the moment as it had been since the day prior. Wearing a t-shirt that only has one shoulder drapes over her and is worn over a hot pink tank top with dark fashionably faded jeans tucked into hot pink combat style boots with silver buckles down the side. Roxy doesn't actually look up as she walks by the trees, certainly not expecting to find anyone in them. In one hand she twirls a drumstick while the other stick is in her back pocket. She hasn't seen Sean.

Spotting Roxy walking through the trees, Sean stays where he is. Sure, she'd said they might talk alone at some point… but isn't that supposed to be like a week or two from now after she's started something with another guy? So she has that sense of finality to work with and all? Sean doesn't care, "Hey Roxy." he says as she passes by.

Twirling her stick to her own beat, Roxy continues to stroll along just minding her own. Only when she hears her name in a familiar voice does she falter, dropping the stick on the ground. She looks around, not immediately seeing Sean she shrugs and leans over to pick up her fallen drumstick. Only then does she think to look.. up? Seeing in there, she laughs. "Just hanging around, Sean?"

"Yeah, day off… so I've disconnected. Trix is turned off too. Whole system shut down, actually. Just enjoying the sunshine and the light breeze. Might go for a swim later if I feel like it, not sure. Right here is nice for now. You?" Sean's expression is one of ease, as if he has little care in world right now. No visible sign of technology about him, and he's even dressed modestly for a change.

Roxy rarely dresses in anything other than skirts or short dresses over leggings, so her jeans are a change, but she looks comfortable. The fact that he was powered down from Trix though surprises her. "What's Trix going to do without you?" Her lips quirk into a lopsided smile. "Me? Oh just.. out for a walk, enjoying the solitude. No pressure from anyone about anything." Another light shrug. "Just bein' me."

"Cool, feels nice to just be alone for a while huh?" Sean rocks forward so that he's able to look down to Roxy better. "Trix is shut down for right now. Her main core is fully offline, way I see it… she's experiencing one of those black out nights we've had. You remember, the ones where we woke up, couldn't remember a thing, and oddly enough there was a roast turkey sitting on my couch. I think after that one, I didn't eat turkey for like three months." he chuckles, a light smile at the fuzzy memory.

The memory brings a genuine smile to Roxy as well. Poking her drumstick into her back pocket with the other one, she looks up at him. "You know, I always suspected Peny of cooking that just to freak us out cause I don't cook that well. And neither do you." Crinkling her nose, she laughs. "Zoning out.. haven't done that in awhile.. I guess the last time was in the park when we were on the bench just cuddling and several hours later we woke with that squirrel on a leash.. so weird."

Sean laughs softly, nodding. "Peny denies ever being in the loft during that weekend… but I have the same suspicion… that or we're amazing chefs when we're completely trashed." the next memory brings a smirk, "Yeah… what did you name that little guy again? Chuck McChitters or something." he muses for a moment, "Lots of good old fun." he shifts again, lookin up now, "How's the band going?"

"Maybe we're just hella good at sleepcooking and his name was Chucky McChitters. I was heartbroken when I found out he was pregnant and not a guy at all." Shoving her hands in her pockets of her jeans, she looks around at the landscape, a look of reminiscing on her face. "Yeah. Good fun." The question about the band has her looking back at him though. "The band is good. We're getting a lot of studio time for our album before we tour to promote it. So for now, I'm around here for that. Then I'll be touring."

"Sleepcooking, that should win some sort of awesome award." Sean smirks at the tree top before turning again to look down to her. "Oh right! He was pregnant wasn't she? Chucky was cool… should have figured out a way to keep himher." he nods, then hms softly. "Touring sounds cool, any date set for the big album release?"

"Sleepcooking.." Roxy can't help but grin. "I haven't done that since though, so I really do suspect Peny." With her hands still in her pockets, she rolls her shoulders again. "No date yet for the release but I look forward to the touring. Gives me something to do and something to look forward to. Scenery is getting the same around here lately."

"I know how that feels…" Sean comments to the last thing she'd said, "Come Monday I have class again, the Siren booked me every night this next week almost… I think I'll have like one, maybe two, off. Plus, I have a project I'm working on for a friend… she'll understand if I can't get it done, but an energy field in a necklace won't stop a hostile blade. Her armor needs tech, but she's not a techie… damn good smith, not a techie."

Blue eyes flicker over him at his comment and Roxy smiles. "You create your own scenery, Sean. If you don't like it you've always changed it. Even the music of any establishment you walk in to." His mention of class gets a nod, but she just listens to the rest about necklaces for smiths and hostile blades and armor. "Sounds like she came to the right person. You're a very talented techie."

It takes a long moment before Sean responds, "I've considered giving up DJing. Give up Schizoid." he says softly, there's a soft thanks about the talented techie comment. "Yeah, I'm just entirely sure what all she needs, but at least I was able to hack the Orion Company's battle suit files… Trix made a mock up of what was needed. Now to just make the plate printouts for Rivea to cut her armor into so I can start building the suit bottom up."

With an incredulous look, Roxy almost scoffs. "You? Give up being a DJ and Skitz?" Pondering that, she nods somewhat hesitantly. "If it makes you happy, go for it. Everyone outgrows stuff." The last part though she shakes her head. "You know, Sean… for a smart man…" Again she shakes her head. "If you were closer, I'd smack your head. For being a smart man you're missing the obvious."

"The obvious? What obvious?" Sean sits up so his legs hang over the edge of the branch, it's a low hanging bough so he's only about three feet off the ground. "It's just, people don't want to know Sean, they want to know Schizoid… and Schizoid is a pompous ass. He has to be, to deal with the fandom, but it just isn't Sean."

His confession about himself has her studying him a long moment. "How many times have you given me Sean in our on and off again life, Sean?" Roxy doesn't linger on it, instead, going back to the obvious. "So you are making plate printouts? Why not use a 3D printer and print out the plates?" Yeah, that's the obvious she was speaking of.

Sean hesitates for a moment, "Twice… actually. When we first met, and now. You met Skitz first, sure… but after that at the table when we were drinking and talking, that was all Sean. Since then, I've felt like all you would be drawn to is Skitz… you like excitement, new, creative, and interesting. Sean isn't those, Skitz is." then he smirks slightly, "She's already made the armor, and she's proud of it. It's good armor too, so I can show her how to use a guided cutting torch to make the right cuts for the upgrade I'll get her. I've also been working on a limited version of Trix for her suit too."

"You mean this you is the real one and not the one thumping the music and kicking ass across the dance floor?" Roxy contemplates that with a bemused expression. Drawing her hands out of her pockets she sits on the stone bench beneath the tree, thinking about that and the armor smith woman he seems to have an attachment to. "I have a couple of questions," she says after a few moments silence. "Why aren't you with this woman you so greatly admire?" That's the first one.

"Yes, this is the real me… I mean. I still make the music and do the dancing, but Skitz is the personality that's around when I'm doing those things. I find enjoyment in them, sure, but I revert to Schizoid around others when I'm in that zone… he's just stuck around out of necessity." Sean watches her, then the question get an amused smirk and a soft chuckle, "For one, I don't think I like her like that. She's cute, talented, and fun… but I'm not sure I think of her in that way." then, "Two, I don't really think anyone thinks of me that way. Besides, she's a squire now to some Sauveur lord. She'll eventually be a knight, and most likely marry some nobleman or something. That, and she's looking for romantic… you know I'm not romantic." he pauses, "And the second question?"

His explanation still has her thinking about it and finds herself amused at his explanation of the smith. "Not sure you think of her in that way? Means you could be, yeah?" Roxy grins, extending her legs and crossing her booted feet one over the other. "You could be romantic. If you wanted… I found I like romance myself, even." As for the question, she sighs. "Have you noticed anything about Demos or Wynn, the two guys I hang around with most?"

Sean rolls his eyes, and shrugs, "I haven't given it much thought, really. We hang out, we share smithing materials, I made her a necklace with a field gen inside it and some small lights." he shrugs, "I see her as my closest friend. She knows Sean, only. She's never met Schizoid… at least not yet." Sean slips off the bough and moves to side beside her on the stone bench. "Aside from them hitting on you? I haven't really wanted to notice them."

"You've given her a necklace? Really? See, there's something romantic. Demos gave me a rock once, it was really pretty, in a box and everything. How come it's okay for you to give gifts but not for me to get them? How come it was fine for you to spend time with other women but not me with other men? I don't understand that… Demos? He's nothing like Skitz. Wynn is nothing like Skitz. I like normal. I like quiet and peaceful and just… talking. Just because I like to dance doesn't mean I want to dance all the time. Just cause I like to sing and play music doesn't mean I want it all the time. I miss a normal, quiet life too, so I went and found it."

"I never said you couldn't get gifts, never said you can't spend time with other guys… just, you said on was good then spent all your time with other guys who gave you gifts and flirted with you or hit on you, and whenever I came around it was like a competition against me." Sean shrugs slightly, "You've never said this though, these past two years not once have you said anything to me about this… all this time I've thought the only reason you were with me when you were was because of Skitz. So I was afraid to try normal, cause I didn't know that's something… that's what you like."

"One gift, Sean, that's what I got. One gift." Oh she's definitely adored the gift though! "You're saying that you never flirt with anyone or hit on anyone?" Roxy knows that's a lie. "I know I never said those things. What was I supposed to do, say sorry, I don't like who Skitz is, can you change him for me? No.. I didn't and now I found what I do like."

"And what is that Roxy?" Sean asks, before answering the other questions, "Again, one or dozens it doesn't bother me. Flirt with others? Sure, we both do. We're both hit on, and we both return a small amount of the flattery back… but there was always us at the end of the day." he looks down, "No, I can't change Schizoid… but I can change who it is you're with when you're around me. Skitz doesn't have to be Schizoid… Skitz can be Sean, because Skitz is your name for me. No one else's… I warn anyone or correct anyone who either asks or starts to call me that or something similar. Just because it's been short for Schizoid doesn't mean it has to be him." there he'll sit and wait for her answer.

"So either one or the other, how do I know which one is the real you? Do you even know who you are anymore? I'm just… Roxy. I like to sing, to dance to play the drums and the guitar. I like to skateboard and I really like quiet time when I'm not doing all the other stuff. I can balance it and not have to choose one or the other. Roxy Rebel is the same person as Sebryna. I think you need to decide who you really are before you can even know what it is that you want." Roxy uncrosses her feet and leans forward, resting her forearms on her knees and looking down at the ground. "I don't see how this changes anything."

"Why is it, when I'm sitting right… opening up to you, that you take the path of patronizing? I've been one or the other for soo long Roxy, I don't know how to blend them. Schizoid came about before you did… I've relied on him because…" he looks at the ground as well though it's palms on his knees, "Because even Peny could tell you, I'm not that proud of me, alright? I did a lot of shit as a teen because I was always the scrawny nerd in school. So I adopted the facade and went out and found where I belonged. Soon I started to just lose myself into it and other ravers gave my mask a name. I relied on Schizoid to pull me through Academ, deal with the harsh realities of other immature teens. When they all found out I was Schizoid, that's when things changed for me. I started working out, making myself look good… started screwing a new chick a month. Hit the clubs, got my music popular my tech popular… and it just took off from there." he sighs, "My salvation became my curse, and I think it's why I've been focusing on school so much recently. I want this masters degree so badly because I want to remind myself where I started, who I am." he looks at Roxy, "There… now you see the Sean you missed out on all those nights Peny stroked my hair and listened as I cried to sleep. Now you know why she and I are so close."

"Patronizing? Is that what you think I'm doing?" Pushing herself to her feet, Roxy paces like a caged animal. "You're wrong, Sean. So wrong." Only as he continues his explanation does she settle again and cease her pacing. "Everyone has done things in their past they aren't proud of. I was in a gang, my mom was a whore and my dad was someone who paid her to fuck her. I grew up on the streets, doing all sorts of bad shit. I wish I had someone I could have gone to to cry. I'm glad you've got Peny, but at least you had her, ya know?""

When she gets up to pace, Sean seems to physically retreat into himself. "Why can't I be there for you like Peny is for me? Why in all this time haven't you once said anything? I've been right here, Roxy, right fucking here…" he looks up at her, "No, there isn't love between us, because we've been standing back to back fighting each other. Like we were slow dancing in a room lit on fire… for two years we've been at this, two years." he gets up, "When I asked you, that day on the Ring, I wasn't asking you because we danced at the Siren the night before. I wasn't asking for any other reason than I want to try to make it work, Roxy. For all the bad, each and every time we've gotten back together I've tried so hard to make myself what I thought you wanted. I don't want to do that anymore. I want you to want me, the real me… not some ass who can't even take a moment to ask you what you want."

His question makes her stop and think again and Roxy sits back on the bench. "Because even after all this time, I didn't know you. You never were someone I wanted to share any of this with. You were some party boy who laughed off anything serious." Running her fingers through her hair, she sighs. "I've never felt close to you. You've always tried to make situations too perfect. The mood music, the lights, the dancing, showing off. You were just so out there I wasn't into it." Meeting his eyes when he says he wants her to want the real him, she can't help but smile. "Tell me about the real you."

"I never noticed it, to be honest… I just always felt like you needed something new and exciting to be interested. So I tried to always be that for you, to keep you interested." Sean moves to lean against a tree, facing her. "The real me?" he looks up, and smiles, "The real me wakes up in the morning and brews eight cups of coffee because his OCD doesn't like to measure out less than a full container or it'll never be exact." He looks at her, "The real me listens to soft rock, classic rock, and even noble waltzes and operas while he makes dinner. He likes to make very small detailed platinum jewelry as his way of relaxing. He spends no more and no less than twenty minutes in the shower and has a developed routine to maximize the efficiency of the whole process. However, he also takes a bath once a week and won't get out until he starts to prune cause the warm water, and yes bubbles, are just so peaceful and relaxing." Sean shifts slightly to find a better position against the trunk, "He hates the feel of a sweaty shirt clinging to him, so he doesn't wear shirts often, but nothing compares to the feel of a freshly laundered shirt and pair of boxers. He spends hours each night going over his homework so that he can be absolutely certain it's all done and a hundred percent accurate."

Roxy is amused when he mentions the brewing of eight cups of coffee. Obsessive compulsive disorder. It made sense, too much sense. "Soft rock, Sean? Classic?" This was all news to her. Somehow though, this side of him was much more delightful than the Skitz side. "You know," she muses softly. "The pushy, overbearing, cocky you is easier to resist and push away.

That gets a smile, as he leans. "I wish I'd known two years ago, Roxy… we'd have been a lot more than some tabloid roller-coaster relationship." Sean takes a moment, "So… dinner tomorrow? I'll make sure you can get back before Link locks you out. Or, I could make you an automated lock-pick so you can get in and out as you please." he grins slightly then stops. "How about, just dinner. We can talk about other things later."

Lifting her shoulder Roxy stands up again and has to smile. "We learn a lot when we're honest with each other. So, about dinner. Let me think about it a bit because I.. I'm just confused right about now and I need to get back in right now before Link locks me out. I'll text you, okay? I really want to think about this and just… get to know the real you."

"Yeah, text me. But go, don't get locked out… I'd feel bad. I ask cause I want you to get to know me… the real me. So, let me know. I have tomorrow, then from there it depends on work and school. This is my last semester before I graduate with a masters." Seam smiles, "But hurry." he'll waves when she leaves him.

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