08.03.3013: Dateus Interruptus
Summary: An attempt at a first date gets thwarted by someone who happens by. A game of one-upmanship takes place.
Date: 03 Aug 2013
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Antaeus Densoric Viannea 

Couryard Gardens — Summit, Nubilus
The Sky Palace's Courtyard Gardens are a vast, artistic display that circle the entire exterior of the palace. Nearly sixty feet in width, the open-air gardens are lined with a central walkway of polished white marble that leads off into tributaries that bring visitors before the many showcased pieces of art. Making good use of the atmosphere, the gardens are also accented with the soft ringing of wind-chimes and the slow spinning of double-helix wind turbines high above the walkways that provide power and motion to the devices that keep the gardens running. Tall banners depicting the crest of House Larent flap in the sky in streamers of white and blue, each blowing softly in the soft winds of Nubilus. Each section, spaced apart like a grid, is expertly spaced with benches for sitting and railings to keep visitors off of the more sensitive flora and fauna. Lastly, at the Courtyard Garden's northern quarter is a large, grass covered park with a small man-made lake for visitors to enjoy. Some of the flora of the gardens have been artificially crafted — bioluminescent lilies, carnivorous roses, and the like are just some of the chimeric species.

At the major cardinal directions, grand stairways lead up to equally grand doors that lead into the Palace. This only continues to elevate the palace above the rest of Summit, making it the central edifice of the cloud-encompassed city.

03 Aug 3013

The Sky Palace's gardens are one of Antaeus' favorite places on Nubilus. The view, the relaxing setting, everything is just perfect when one wants to have a nice, peaceful day to contemplate on deep thoughts. Today Antaeus is out of his standard naval uniform, wearing a muted turquoise coat with a mandarin collar as well as muted turquoise slacks. He strolls around the gardens in a slow place, enjoying the scenery and letting the air vitalize him. His stroll is quietly interrupted by a communication letting him know that the Lady Peake has arrived on Nubilus. Quickening his pace, he makes his way to the entrance of the gardens to await her arrival.

It was with a bit of surprise that Viannea received his invitation, it bringing a little bit of panic as well as she had no idea what to wear. She eventually decided on a beautiful gown made of cream and pale yellow velvet, demurely cut at the neckline and bearing long sleeves and a full skirt. She even fussed over her hair, it drawn up in a loose style that causes her hair to fall to her shoulders in loose ringlets. Now arrived, she finds butterflies in her belly, nervous as a whore in church. Noticing Antaeus, she stops, not sure what is proper protocol here.

Spotting Viannea, Antaeus takes her in with his eyes. Blinks. Then does it again. Stepping over to her, he kneels down and takes her hand, gently raising it so that he can softly press his lips to the back of her hand in a rather old fashioned gesture, yet appropriate it would seem. Still kneeling he says, "My Lady, you look ravishingly beautiful today. I am glad to see you again." He slowly rises and then motions to the gardens behind him. "Let me welcome you to the Gardens of the Sky Palace. Please, I was hoping you would join me for a stroll."

The greeting is returned with a small bob of a curtsey, a gesture that she's still not used to as well as how gentlemanly Antaeus is being. When he rises he'll find her blushing and with a dreamy little smile upon her face. "Thank you. You look very nice yourself." His invitation takes no time to consider as she's quick to nod and accept it. "I would love that, Antaeus. Thank you." She steps beside him, taking his arm if he offers it. "Please, lead on."

He notices the blush and the smile, but alas, is too much of a gentleman to do more than offer her a warm smile of his own and his arm. Guiding her along a path that will circle the gardens and offer a nice view of the clouds of Nubilus. "I'm pleased that you accepted my invitation, Lady Viannea. I admit that since running into you the other day on Landing, I've wanted to see you again. So, I thank you for coming." With his free arm he motions out to the cloudy surface of the moon. "I did want you to see this though. I love standing here sometimes just taking in the scenes."

"I did not realize I had made that much of an impression upon our first meeting," Vi says with a smile. "It was such a short one, after all." The blush slowly dies, leaving her cheeks a glowing pink instead of a hot red. "It is very nice of you to think of me. Your gardens are so lovely. So different from the gardens back home." Viannea moves at an even pace with his, making sure to let Antaeus take the lead while she assumes the role of Lady. "I do hope you have been well."

Smiling, he continues to lead her at a slow, steady pace. "I will freely admit that you did, but perhaps that was a result of such a short meeting. It left me wanting to know more about you." As she comments on the gardens, he gives her a grin. "Yes, they are rather unique, and I think one of the true wonders of this moon. Of course, I am probably biased, having been born and raised here, but perhaps we all find things about our homes that we love and hold on to."

Viannea nods, understanding what Antaeus is saying. "I feel the same way about my home. While many others would think that living under a mountain would make for an ugly environment I find it to be rather mysterious. Beautiful. Perhaps you will be able to come visit and see the rock formations." His arm gets a brief squeeze before she falls quiet for several seconds, still looking around. "So, Lord Antaeus. Please. Do tell me about the man I am pleased to find myself in the company of."

"You know, I have not found myself visiting to Khar-Mordune. Perhaps one day soon I should find my way there and take in the sights. I'm sure that it's quite beautiful to see." Offering her a slight smile, the smile only grows as he feels her give his arm a brief squeeze. "Tell you about myself, hm? Where to start?" He taps his chin, putting on a thoughtful expression for her. "Well, I spend a good deal of my time on the Titan's Wake, the ship my father commands. I am one of three Lieutenant's on board, the other two being Kadmus Volen and Ellion Khournas. I still spend a majority of my time when not on duty here on Nubilus. Someone has to check up on my three sisters and my mother, after all."

"I've never been on any of our ships. Must be a sight to behold, I imagine." Her eyes lower slightly as she thinks, her expression thoughtful. "I have missed out on a lot, it seems. I tend to stay close to home, myself, only going as far as the battle needs me." She gives a soft laugh and reaches up, tucking a fall of hair back into place. "What is it like to fight in space, Antaeus? Is it scary?"

"I've fought on both land and in space, and while they are different experiences, there's a lot of similarities too. Ensuring the safety of your comrades in arms, the primal feeling of life and death as you engage the enemy, you know. There's always that small element of fear when you enter combat, fear that I may never see my family again. I think we all have that in some respects, it's how we overcome and press forward that separates those who can do what needs to be done, and those who are not cut out for military service." Antaeus considers his words, happy with them, knowing that they are truthful. "I think when push comes to shove, what gives me strength is knowing that I'm out there keeping my family safe."

It is a subject Antaeus' guest is very familiar with and she is swift to convey her understanding with a nod and a knowing smile. "That is why I fight as well. For my family. And for those who can't fight." Viannea pauses just before a beautiful display of flowers, the bright red blossoms of which gets her to 'oh' silently. "And so places like this garden can survive." A hand is stretched out over the rails but they do their job and she finds herself unable to touch the colorful petals, much to her disappointment.

His nod is understanding as well, after all, the majority of his family are not fighters. As Viannea pauses in front of the flowers, he smiles, watching her reach out to them. "Ah yes, my mother's favorite flowers." Grinning, he glances around to see if anyone is watching. Seeing no one in sight, he gently disengages his arm from her own, hops onto the rail and straddles it. Leaning down he pulls out a small knife from his boot, and then reaches over and cuts one of the stems. Putting the knife back into his boot, he hops off of the rail. Smiling, he offers her the flower, and his arm. "For you, my Lady."

The risk Antaeus is willing to take just so she can have a flower is sweet and he gets rewarded for it with a peck to the cheek once he's back on the right side of the railing, Viannea waiting until he's safe to do so. "I will cherish it always. Thank you." The flower is held cupped in her hands, treated like it just might break if she where to handle it with too heavy a touch "I can see why it is your mother's favorite, Antaeus."

He wasn't quite expecting a peck on the cheek, his eyebrows lifting slightly, and his free hand going up to gently touch the place that she kissed. "You are more than welcome, my Lady." His mind now calculating how he can convince those who handle the gardens to grow him a special plot just so he can offer her an entire bouquet one day. "They are quite pretty. My mother loves flowers, and she often tends to the flowers of these gardens herself. "I'm sure she won't mind me stealing away a single flower if I told her that it was a gift for a beautiful lady."

Viannea giggles. "I can understand why you protect them so well. Everyone would want one. Please tell your mother thank you for me." Yes, it was her son who gave the flower but if it wasn't for her appreciation of such beautiful flora he wouldn't have been able to give her one. "So. Now I know you are brave enough to face the enemy in space and you're an appreciator of beauty. What else can you share with me about yourself?"

Antaeus smiles when she giggles, the sound quite pleasant on his ears. "I'll be sure to tell her, my Lady. Although, she may end up wanting me to introduce you to her because of it." He gives her a sly little grin as he begins to consider her question. "It's always hard to try to come up with things that someone else would find interesting. I like to read books on military history, I like to go to The Spire from time to time and sit down at the Taphouse for an ale, though I do like a good wine." He pauses, considering what else to really put out there. "I suppose I should ask you what you would like to know about me? Feel free to ask away, I shall be an open book."

Viannea pauses, not exactly sure what to say. She is curious about what he might look for in a woman but that'd be very forward, especially considering they still really don't know each other, yet. "Let's see," she muses mostly to herself, "I know what you do for a living, and I know some of what you do for fun. I do believe that is a good start." She holds the flower to her nose and inhales, the fragrance enjoyed.

Antaeus leads them to a particularly nice balcony that overlooks a cluster of mountains off in the distance, the clouds of Nubilus swirling around them. He gestures for her to glance at it. "I love standing here sometimes, feeling a breeze, just breathing in the air. I think this is my favorite spot here." He gives her arm a very soft squeeze and then asks, "Would you mind if I asked about what you enjoy doing in your spare time, my Lady?"

The view is soaked in, leaving her feel breathless and in need of leaning against Antaeus by the time the awe of it truly takes hold. "I can understand why you do," Vi breathlessly exhales. "It's so lovely." She holds the stem of the flower between thumb and forefinger and spun slowly, the petals stirring for how she does so. With the question of what is done for enjoyment is turned on her she pauses, having to actually think about that. "I mostly spend time with friends when I am not training," she eventually says as means of response. "I try to find things to occupy my free time with but right now that's something not exactly easy for me to find."

A very soft intake of breath is the only reaction Antaeus outwardly gives as she leans against him, although within, he wants to reach out and wrap an arm around her. "What…" His voice comes out a little softer than he means to, and with a slight cough he tries again, "What's not easy for you to find? Things to do, or free time?" He can understand the latter easy enough, the Hostiles do their best to keep people busy. "Oh, no matter. I, well, if it's not too much to ask, I would like to spend more time with you, Viannea."

"Both, but mostly the latter. But that's probably my fault more than any honest lack of time." If pressed into being utterly honest Vi would probably admit to not being too overly worried about recreation as some people might be. She's distracted from musing upon that when Antaeus' voice reaches her ears and she blushes, embarrassed over being caught stuck in her head. "I would like that," she eventually admits, her expression pleased.

Densoric arrives from the The Concourse.

He nods, "I understand, I too run into a lack of time to engage in more social encounters. I feel like it's a shame sometimes, because while I know how important it is to fight the Hostiles, it's also important to wind down and take your mind off of them for moments here and there." He gives a wistful sigh, but his face brightens as she agrees to the idea of spending more time together. "I'm glad, I would like it too." He surveys the scenery in front of him once again, a smile on his face. "Perhaps our next meeting can be in Khar-Mordune and you can show me around?"

"I will show you our gardens although I can't promise you'll see anything but glowing rocks and stuff but it's a very beautiful sight if you find such to be appealing." Standing at the balcony, Viannea's standing next to Antaeus who has shown her some of the flowers, the pair now looking over the view beyond. "If you give me enough notice I can have accommodations made for you. You can spend the night and I can give you a proper tour."

Exiting the Sky Palace is a tall young man in cyan and turquoise… Seriously how many of those outfits does Densoric own? Walking out into the gardens casually with a passive scan of the area. It isn't long before he comes across a couple familiar figures, nodding politely to each he says, "Greetings My Lady Viannea, I see you've met my Lord Cousin, or am I simply behind on the old friends of Lord Antaeus?" He then adds to Via, "Have you had the chance to see the cloud ocean from a glider yet?"

"I think that would be quite lovely, actually." A very gentle squeeze of her arm is given, a smile on his face. "I will have to do that, we can make a proper trip of it all." He presses against her lightly, but then he hears Densoric's voice call out and he grimaces inwardly at the man's terrible sense of timing! Turning his head to glance at his cousin, he offers the man a polite nod in greeting. "Cousin, I was giving the Lady a tour of our beloved gardens. I've not yet actually brought up the gliders yet."

Viannea looks at Densoric, someone she met just before meeting his cousin, the man given a smile and a nod of greeting. "I am afraid I am not dressed for gliding," Vi wearing a fancy gown which is definitely not something one wears for sports of any kind, "but perhaps the next time I come out to visit I'll go gliding."

Densoric nods to Antaeus and says, "A shame, after the casinos you enjoy so well the view of the clouds from a glider is what we are best known for. Though sadly the gardens here aren't among the better known attractions but I'm biased as you know." Densoric then smiles softly to Via and says, "I'm speaking of the powered gliders, we use them as transport not sport. It is part of tourism and also is used to transport cargo from the mines to the larger Ways and the like."

Nodding towards Densoric, Antaeus speaks to Viannea. "My cousin is correct, they are not gliders as one would consider for sport. There are several agencies on the moon that do nothing but offer tours of the moon to visitors." Offering her a smile, he gestures to the ocean of clouds, "It can be a relaxing way to spend some time, just to look at the natural beauty of the moon." The way he says it hints at more of an offer to take her on a glider whenever she desires rather than a simple matter-of-fact statement, but he then goes ahead and makes the offer. "My Lady, I would be more than happy to give you a personal tour around the moon myself one day, should you wish it. You need but ask, and I will make myself available."

"I stand corrected, Lord Densoric. Thank you for pointing out my mistake," is what Viannea says but then she hesitates and a sense of wariness takes hold when Antaeus responds as well. There's a sense of tension now as well as a feeling that the two are competing with each other which causes her to worry a little. Hopefully this won't cause the two to fight as families have been torn apart for less. "I would like that, Lord Antaeus," she finally ventures with. Perhaps we could do that the next time."

Densoric nods in agreement with Antaeus, "I'd offer to go with you on such a tour to return the favor you gave me, but it would be a bit redundant. As long as you don't have a fear of heights though, there is no more breath-taking view in the system. But once again I admit my bias, I have enjoyed the view more times then I can count and only got a close-up view once." smiling softly at the last bit. His tone remains calm, passive, and especially as formal as always.

Sensing a slight hesitation with Viannea, he offers the woman a warm smile and another slight squeeze of the arm, attempting to comfort her. It's not like he's about to go punch Densoric or anything like that. After all, Mother would be pissed. Instead he offers to his cousin, "Cousin, do you know if Mother is about? I want to speak with her later about obtaining a bouquet of these flowers for the Lady here." He gestures to the flower that Viannea is holding. "Do you not think that they suit her remarkably well?"

Viannea doesn't want to be the boorish one who makes others feel excluded but she's not sure what Antaeus has in mind with his invitation at the same time. "How about you two decide what's what and we'll go from there," she suggests, hoping to turn this into something that'll be agreed upon mutually instead of a point for the men to fight about. "And maybe we can go to the casino after." Antaeus and Densoric is given one of her soft smiles but then she blushes when the flower she holds is brought up.

Densoric looks to the flowers and says, "I'll see to it next I see her for you." with a respectful nod. Perhaps he is giving up if he were 'competing' for her. He then adds, "As to suiting her, she has grown from stone and earth, I can think of no better comparison to such a person then a flower." in a solemn, casual tone. He then looks to Via and says, "I've never cared much for the casinos myself, I suppose I'm too logical for such a pursuit. As to the tour, it is a simple enough matter, go with the first one that offered you such a tour." Looking to Antaeus, "Would you not agree that is the fair option my Lord Cousin?"

Antaeus' eyes brighten as Viannea mentions the casino. "Oh, I think you might like the Apogee. It's quite a place, a lot of things going on." Glancing over to Densoric, he nods to his cousin. "Very fitting indeed. House Peake's sigil is a mountain peak is it not? What comes from the earth provides beauty for us all to enjoy." By the end of his comments, he is gazing at Vi, a clear indication of what he finds beautiful. Still gazing at her, he says to Densoric. "Quite fair, Cousin. Thank you."

"How about this," Vi starts, hoping to suggest a bit of a compromise, "Densoric, you could take me on a glider ride and Antaeus, you could take me out for a night on the town." And of course there's nothing saying Ant couldn't take her on a ride as well or any other combination of options, for him and his cousin both. Their compliments both serve to get her to blush brighter and have to look away, pleased and slightly bashful all at once. "You both say such kind things. Thank you."

Densoric smiles softly at the blush and looks to Antaeus saying, "It would appear my theory holds true. There is no woman that doesn't look better when blushing." He then looks back to Via and bows apologetically with a bit of respect to it as well, "My apologies for my informal statement, a bit absent minded for a moment there I guess."

Considering her compromise for a moment, Antaeus nods. "I will accept your compromise, my Lady. However, I shall lay a condition for my acceptance, albeit a simple condition. A dance. Would you be willing to accept, my Lady?" It even surprises himself that he's asking to have a dance with her, but alas, there it is. It's out there in the open. "As to what we say being kind… speaking for myself, I simply speak the truth, my Lady. And please pardon me for speaking some more truth to you, but I must say this. Light can be defined without sun. Sweetness can be defined without honey. Fragrance can be defined without a rose, but beauty? Beauty cannot be defined without you."

Viannea has been flattered and been complimented and even doted on before. But this? This is entirely too much! Definitely nothing she's prepared to handle thanks to too many years as a tomboy. "I agree," squeaks from her, adding to her embarrassment. "I look forward to it. To getting to know both of you better." Well. At least the compromise has been accepted by Antaeus. Now for hoping Densoric will agree."

Densoric rolls his eyes at Antaeus' final words and says, "It would seem your pitch needs work cousin, perhaps the beauty is too much for you to think properly?" winking teasingly, perhaps always offering up an excuse for that bad line. Densoric nods to Via and says, "As you say, at least with my research on hold i have a bit more free time, so perhaps arranging things with Lord Antaeus first would be of benefit. And don't worry, our gliders have a good safety record, and if something did happen you'd be with one of the few to survive a glider crash over the cloud layer." smiling softly.

Bad lines? -Bad- lines? Well now, Antaeus isn't quite sure what to think of his cousin now. In his own opinion, it was a rather good line. Perhaps not the best he could come up with if he decided to turn his mind into being slightly more poetic, but good enough for being on the spot. His eyes glance at Viannea once again and he clears his throat. "Perhaps Cousin, it's quite possible that there is something about being in the presence of the Lady Viannea that seems to make the day a little brighter." To Viannea, "I am sorry, my Lady, if I've caused you any embarrassment or if my declaration of your beauty has come across as forward."

"I didn't think it was a bad line. It was very nice. Lord Desoric, surely you're not picking on Lord Antaeus, are you?" The chide is teasing, lightly spoken and playfully added to by a waggle of Vi's finger, her eyes sparkling. "You two won't duel it out after I retire to home, will you?" She winks at them both.

Densoric nods to Antaeus and says, "When one is faced with enough beauty words often are lost in the moment and the beauty becomes everything." Is he talking about Via still or something else? But then given time and proper focus Antaeus likely could have done better, but then Densoric was implying Via's beauty might have been preventing such a focused effort. He then looks to Viannea and says, "I was simply saying he could have done better. And a duel would hardly be necessary, he is as free as I am to compliment a Lady on her appearance."

Laughing softly, Antaeus shakes his head at Vi waggling her finger at Densoric. "He may very well be teasing me, but you have nothing to fear, my Lady. I would not duel my cousin for any reason. Family is family, after all." He is firm, and matter of fact on this. Swallowing, he pauses a moment. Oh boy, wouldn't a drink be nice right about now. Taking in a breathe, he says, "What I am considering doing after you retire home, my Lady, is writing the first of what I hope will be regular correspondence." That was spoken rather calmly, but what comes next is spoken with a slight hesitation, "I also plan on asking my father what his opinion would be if I were to ask your permission to court you, my Lady."

Viannea had to point out to someone not that long ago that such things are best not rushed and it seems like she'll have to do the same now. A hand is gently rested upon Antaeus' arm while she gives a glance to Densoric, curious as to what he'll have to say. "Antaeus, your offer of courtship is very sweet. And I can not say I wouldn't be interested. But perhaps we should slow things down just a little and get to know each other better, first?" She smiles and adds after a moment taken to allow her to think, "It'd really be for the best. That way you can decide if you will want to wake up to my face every morning for the rest of your life and find out if I truly am as sweet as you and your cousin proclaim me to be or if I am instead a witch behind closed doors." There's self-depreciating humor tossed in with her response but, for the most part, it is practicality wrapped in gently-spoken words.

Densoric looks to Antaeus and says, "A rather fast and direct decision my Lord Cousin, but then ultimately it is your Lord Father's choice not yours or mine. Of course there is also the issue of Lady Viannea's father agreeing as well, but your respective fathers can handle those matters if its decided the match is agreeable." in his typical passive, calm tone. He then nods to Viannea as though approving of her more rational words saying, "Also the fact for all we know Lord Percival may already be in negotiations for your future wife." He then turns his ice-blue gaze to Via and adds, "I don't believe I ever said sweet, merely attractive." winking good-naturedly.

To Densoric, Antaeus remarks, "Of course, Cousin, I know that. I was merely remarking on…" He trails off, finally raising a hand and shaking his head. "I will ask Lord Father if he is doing such a thing, and ask to allow me to have some time to acquiesce to the Lady's wishes." Turning to Vi, he offers her an apologetic smile, that's also rather sheepish. "I apologize my Lady, I seemed to have gotten ahead of myself, regardless, I've put it out there and I won't take it back. I would like to get to know you better, and if you allow it, I would like to spend more time doing so." There is a part of him that would like to comment about waking up next to her, but he is a gentleman in situations such as these, and he shall keep thoughts of that nature to himself.

"No apology needed, Lord Antaeus." Viannea smiles at them both, her expression just as friendly and amused and kind as it was when everything first started between the three of them, nothing that had been said able to offend her or cause her good mood to dim. "Now, I will let you two do the deciding on who gets to take me out when and what we'll do," she says again just in case the two Lords have forgotten that she wants them to do so, not having caught on to what they said earlier.

Densoric nods to Antaeus and says, "Then for the sake of your plans hopefully your father has no already progressed the talks to the point that backing down now would bring shame to our House or disgrace to your father." in a serious, calm tone. He then looks to Viannea and says, "Technically I only offered to return the sentiment as you were kind enough to give me a tour, though fortunately its not as easy to get lost in the clouds… Well not in the way we got lost in the maze." smiling softly. He then nods politely saying, "Until our schedules allow the return of your kindness My Lady."

Antaeus gives his cousin a glance, the desire to roll his eyes almost strong enough to override his control. "Yes, I'm aware of all of that, Cousin." Turning his gaze to Viannea, he smiles, "Of course, my Lady. You wanted a night out on the town, which I will gladly see to." And a dance too, of course. Something that will require him to go and speak with his mother or Ariana first. "Of course…" He pauses, his eyes sparkling as they take in Vi, "We could always go knife shopping."

At least things seem to be calmer than they were just a few moments ago. Makes the fact that she has to return home a little less worrisome for her. "As much as I do hate to do this, I should return to Khar-Mordune. Thank you for allowing me to spend time in both of your company." She curtseys before turning to leave, her flower from Antaeus brought with her.

Densoric doesn't say more to Antaeus, his moment of impatience passed leaving his repetition of the facts as the end of that matter. He then nods to Via as she leaves saying, "The pleasure is ours My Lady, safe journey back to the Nether Keep.

Antaeus will be rather formal to Vi as she readies to depart. "My Lady, please take with you my best wises. I am quite glad that I was able to spend more time with you today, and look forward to doing so again in the near future." He then bows to her from the waist, adding a slight flourish as he does so. "Until next time, my Lady."

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