05.19.2013: Dark Dealings Over Wine
Summary: Lucretia calls on Raisa, and the two have a chat about business.
Date: 19 May 2013
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A Club in Landing!
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Settled in a corner booth in one of the more popular clubs in Landing, Lucretia idly surveys the club. It's the sort of spot the places add for people to sit and drink if they didn't wish to join the dancing, or were simply meeting someone. And it's secluded enough by its positioning to offer a bit of privacy, the loud pulse of the music likely drowning out any sound before it gets much more than a foot away from the booth. Nursing a glass of wine, the Cindravale noble leans back, her hat removed and sat upon the table. Having used this place for various other rendezvous, she'd tipped the club's doorman quite handsomely and informed him to send Raisa her way when the woman arrived, giving a brief description and mentioning it'd likely be hard to miss her. Lu handles a share of her family's affairs, and keeping track of the Leonnidas to some degree was one of those affairs. And seeing Godric fall face first into the young woman's hands sort of made the older brunette grimace, and sort of want to laugh, all the same. So she'd gotten in touch and expressed a desire to meet, to see what she could learn of the woman, and whether she'd be of any use beyond distracting the Leonnidas from killing each other for a few days.

As Raisa enters the club, all wide eyed and pretty with every strand of hair in place, she gives the doorman a more than happy smile as she is pointed in Lucretia's direction. Her steps slowly take her across the open space, weaving through the crowds as if she had been born doing it. But then again, she very well may have, for all intents and purposes. Her eyes are skipping over the faces of people as she walks past, head tilted slightly to the side to watch everything and keep an eye out for her host. With a subtle directional shift, she is brought up to one side of the Cindravale woman and she gives a bow. "I was both pleasantly surprised and pleased that you wished to see me, My Lady," she offers in greeting.

Lucretia sips at her wine as she waits, and spotting Raisa, she watches the young woman approach. A smile curves her lips in response to the bow and she nods, "Miss Lorellio, a most delightful pleasure to have you join me..please, sit. Would you like a drink? On me, of course." Reaching for her hat, she removes it from the table, setting it on the bench next to herself, "I'm pleased you accepted my invitation. I thought perhaps we could both benefit from a bit of a chat. You strike me as a woman interested in things that can benefit her." A little pause and a playful smile touches the older brunette's lips, "How is Lord Godric? I imagine he's tightly coiled about your finger by now, no? Or well on his way there, anyways."

Dark green eyes study Lucretia for a moment before Raisa settles herself into the seat opposite the noblewoman, nodding her head. "You are far too kind, My Lady," she says warmly. "A glass of wine would be delightful. I hear that they carry some very good years at this particular establishment." Her hands curve together on the top of the table, the young woman's eyes never quite leaving the Cindravale witch. "Sir Godric? Why, I fear I have no idea what you could mean, Lady Lucretia. He is a kind and thoughtful man, however I would not think someone of /my/ birth could do anything to him, let alone wrap him around my finger."

"They do," Lucretia answers easily, "I'm certain it will meet your standards." She studies the younger woman in turn, though the smile on her lips never quite leaves. "Oh, you don't?" She murmurs after Raisa's answer, "My, I suppose I was mistaken, then. I had taken you for the sort of woman intelligent enough to play a man like that to get what she wanted out of him before setting him aside." A gesture to a passing server and she orders a bottle of wine before adressing the woman again, "I was hoping you might be of some use, darling. Which you would be properly compensated for, of course. Now, tell me, Raisa. Did I mistake you? Please, don't be coy. I have little care for what you do to the Leonnida. We let them kill each other after all. You didn't strike me as the nothing going on upstairs pretty face type."

Raisa's brows lift slightly, "Everything I do is for a reason, Lady Lucretia," she replies easily, though her voice has dropped slightly to match as her hands disappear into her lap beneath the table. "Something that I feel you do as well. I am a cautious and intelligent enough woman that I reveal nothing unless something has been placed on the table before me to guarantee a silence in return." She smiles warmly. "Or else I shall admit to nothing."

The server returns, with bottle and another glass. He fills the glass, then refills Lucretia's and leaves the bottle as he departs. Lu nods as she listens to Raisa, "Wary is good, Miss Lorellio. I assure you, I've little desire to cause trouble for you though, unless you cause me trouble. I'd rather think we can be of benefit to each other. I know people, I come into knowing things rather often, and I handle the majority of the Vale's economics and business. One thing I find myself lacking however, are intelligent sets of eyes and ears. And this is an important time to keep track of goings-ons. The royal conflict, stress between the houses, the coming war. A smart girl could make a lot of money, I think." Taking a sip of her wine, she waits a moment before adding, "That is something an innocent young maiden could do for me in exchange for a comfortable bit of compensation, isn't it?"

Consideration flickers over Raisa's features as she listens to Lucretia before she gives a very slow nod. "I do admit that espionage is not the sort of game that I have played in very much, My Lady," she replies. "I move easily between circles, but I am still a Citizen and don't have the same backing that a noblewoman might carry with her naturally. However, I do hear things and do things that can bring me to the edges." her hands lifts slowly to brush back a lock of hair. "I will warn you that my first loyalty is and always will be to House Lucian and my Lord. I serve his best interests as any loyal subject should."

"Perhaps I could provide some of that backing for you, if you can be discreet about what you are doing, or at least make it look like you're doing something else entirely. Watching you with Godric, something tells me you have the skills to play the game, even if you do not realize," Lucretia comments after the young woman nods. Watching Raisa intently, Lu continues speaking, "The little sister of a Paramount's High Lady is not a bad friend to have, is she?" She smiles and inclines her head at the last bit, "I would expect nothing else, Miss Lorellio. I do not want your heart and soul, just your eyes and ears, and the things that pretty face and sharp wit of yours likely get you access to. I can pay you, in the normal sense, and also perhaps..in trade. Information for information on occasion, dear?"

"A wise woman never turns down such an offer," Raisa considers after some thought. "Information is perhaps the most dangerous thing that I could carry to anyone, let alone the youngest sister of a High Lady." She does smile at the thought, however. "I have a number of people who work with me who could also be of value, but you will deal directly with me. My people's names will remain unspoken for their own safety, as well as yours. You will be of no use to me if loose lips flap that you are dealing in areas that you should not be." Her green eyes twinkle. "I said I do not play the game very much, not that I have not played it. I have the skills, just have not had the need to do it. I usually prefer the more… direct approach."

"Information -is- the most dangerous thing," Lucretia assures the younger woman, "And the most valuable, Raisa." She smiles as she listens, nodding slowly, "You do know what you are doing then. You are right, I do not need to know anyone's name beyond yours, and I need not know anyone's face besides your lovely visage, dear. It is better for everyone involved." Fingers tap against her wineglass as she studies the other woman, "That is good to know, and I will be pleased to give you reasons to put those skills to work." A thin brow arches, "The direct approach?" She shakes her head slowly, and waits a moment, watching Raisa's face as she inquires, "Tell me, what do you think the quarrel between our Prince and Princess? Do you think you could keep your ears open for anything pertaining to what Emund might be up to, for me?"

"The direct approach," Raisa affirms but does not go further than that. She pauses as the mention of the Royal dispute. "I believe that one or the other will take the throne," she says slowly. "It will come down to who wants it more, and who is willing to sell themselves to the highest bidder. I will be pleased to keep an eye open for anything that pertains to this and report it back to you as it becomes available."

Lucretia smiles, emerald eyes studying the young woman as she pauses before offering that slow answer. "A true enough answer I believe, and I would appreciate that." She reaches for the bottle, refilling her glass, "The direct approach. Am I to take that to mean you or your friends might be able to help me with..other problems, should they arise, Raisa? Surely a pretty girl like yourself doesn't deal in -violence-, now does she?" The Witch's expression and tone clearly imply otherwise, however.

"Violence is not suited for women of fine breeding," is Raisa's answer, a touch of scorn in her voice. "Consider myself at your beck and call for any issue that could arise, My Lady," she replies. "I would be pleased to assist you with whatever you require. Or see that it is taken care of in a timely manner. There is nothing I detest more than a person who cannot keep to their commitments. A true shame, wouldn't you agree." She lifts the wine to her lips and has a sip. "You did speak the truth on fine vintages."

"Do I detect a hint of dislike for those of my station, darling?" Lucretia queries with an arched brow, "And I shall do so. I am glad to see this has worked out so delightfully well." Lu nods as she watches the woman take a sip, gaze lingering, "Oh, it is quite good, isn't it? I shall have some funds transferred later, as a gesture of..good faith, as it were. And to give you reason to not forget me. Should you happen to need help with anything in the Vale, do feel free to call on me. And I might have more for you to do as I think about it. You are rather good at mingling, aren't you?"

"Of course not, Lady Lucretia," Raisa replies. "However, not all women have fine breeding and should act accordingly." She dips her head. "In regards to my associations with Sir Godric, I would appreciate it if you would not… spoil the ending, as it were." Her smile is sharp, even if something in her eyes diverts to avoid a stare. "I am very good at mingling if it is in the right situation, My Lady."

"You consider yourself a rougher sort of woman then. I may not be a warrior, but I'm not completely harmless." Lucretia laughs lightly and shakes her head, swirling her glass of wine, easily meeting the woman's gaze, "Of course not. That would be an ill way to start our relationship. Your business with Godric is between the two of you." At the last bit, she thinks a moment before nodding, "You've met some of the Khourni then, I presume. And are bound to meet more of them with the tourney around the corner. Do keep an ear open around them. I want to know what they are up to, politically."

Raisa's brows lift. "I am acquainted with at least one Khourni and if I pressed, I am certain that he might be willing to offer me further insight into the realm of his House." She smiles a little. "I will look about and see what turns up."

"Do you? How fortunate. I look forward to hearing what you can find out, Raisa," Lucretia responds, glass lifted to her lips once more. "A pretty, smart girl like yourself, the men fall right into your lap, don't they?" A grin touches her lips, amused, "So, is there anything I can offer you, or shall I loose you to return to your business, darling?"

"it is a natural talent, Lady Lucretia," Raisa replies. "One that my keepers felt should be exploited to the best of my ability. And thus far, it has served me well." Her smile echoes with a touch of sadness. "However you are correct. I should be returning to work or else there will never be any money made. I do thank you for the wine, My Lady."

Lucretia mmm's quietly as she listens, but she refrains from being nosy for the moment, "Thank you for joining me, Raisa. I look forward to building this little relationship of ours. I'll have the money transferred to you later, so you don't get distracted by all the handsome men and forget about me." The older brunette smiles and inclines her head, "We will speak again soon, I shall make sure of it. Good luck with your pet lion."

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