Lord Sir Darious Arboren
Orlando Bloom
Orlando Bloom as Darious Arboren
Full Name: Darious Arboren
Byname: None
Age: 27
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: Arboren
House: Arboren
Title/Profession: Lord Sir
Position: Knight
Spouse: None Height: 5' 10"
Father: Kern Delvorian Weight: 175
Mother: Jennivive Arboren Hair Color: Brown
Siblings: Jerric Arboren Eye Color: Blue
Children: None


Darious had always been one of strong will and a rebellious nature, even as a child growing up the second son, and always told to be more like his older Brother, or be a good role model for his two younger sisters and younger brother. Darious loved his parents but he felt repressed by them and would do things on his own. His mother is the High ladies younger sister, and was married to darious father. As a child he learned how to be stealthy and sneak in and out of his home to roam the forest and deal with nature.

As he grew older his rebellious streak deemed a bit but was never fully gone, he still rebelled when needed defying his parents and doing his own thing, and was very much a loner, yet it was a love for music that kept him around a lot, as a child. The only other fun thing he enjoyed was when his father and older brother went hunting and While they used the more advanced blasters, as his father was from house Delvorian, a minor vassal state to the Cindravale main branch. Darious preferred to his his bow. Now his bow wasn't a full on hunting bow as it was more a child's but he still had a flare for it and While not an expert by any means he was still what his father called a natural.

By the age of eight he'd managed to get quite good with the bow, and developed a skill with the Guitar and dancing too, his father and brother both taught him some of the basics of how to handle an animal properly as well as survive off the land. They also taught him how to hunt and us using a blaster, though after a while he learned that he didn't like the weapon and only used it when directly told to by his father. He mostly used his bow to hunt and learned how to clean all that he got from his kill. Also while growing up he got into a few scrapes and learned how to defend himself. It wasn't until much later that he'd developed more skills.

At age nine Darious was squired to his older brothers best friend, Sir Narooun and for those next four year Darious learned what it was like to develop his natural skills in both archery and stealth. In addition to those Narooun made sure Darious learned the basics on how to handle the array of other knightly weapons.


By age fifteen he'd learned a few things like how to use blasters due to his squire, and had some electronics skills for when he'd repair small devices at home. He even learned how to ride a bit as his father and elder brother did, Though there were times he'd have to take his younger sibs out too and that for him was annoying, Young Darious had a keen mind and an alert one, as he learned how to spot trouble even from a distance and either avoid it or get help if it was something he couldn't handle. Darious Trained hard to develop his body, becoming more athletic and toned.

Now at twenty one Darious had been knighted and was assigned to do various tasks all of which he did well, becoming a scout and exploring ahead of the troops for which he was assigned and would either lead or provide covering fire with his impressive skill with the bow, which suited his desires more firmly than rushing in and leading the charge, but as any good knight would he did as he was told and It was on the down times that he really appreciated the quiet and solitude where he could pull out his Guitar and play.

For the next six years Darious continued to hone his skills to their current abilities never really delving more in to electronic as much of his time was taken away from such devices and the need for blasters or blunt weapons or things of that nature. The most common tools at his disposal besides his sharp wits, were his bow, sword and fists. He became an excellent rider and after doing his last tour on the boarder lands, returns home for some much needed rest and relaxation.

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