Lord Cyrus Peake
Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill as Cyrus Peake
Full Name: Cyrus Peake
Byname: None
Age: 24
Planet: Imperious
Paramount: Arboren
House: Peake
Title/Profession: Lord
Position: Lord of House Peake
Spouse: None Height: 6'4"
Father: Lord Sir Trentin Peake Weight: 224 lbs
Mother: Lady Marguerite Harrow Hair Color: Black
Siblings: Young Lady Yolanda Peake (d. 3013)
Young Lord Aidan Peake
Lady Sir Viannea Peake
Lord Brigham Peake
Eye Color: Blue
Children: None


Cyrus Peake was born into the noble Peake family of Khar-Mardune late in the year of 2988, amongst the mountain halls of his home city. The third child and second son of Lord Tristan Peake and Lady Marguerite Peake, he is much like his other siblings - all of them unique with their own strengths and weaknesses. Unlike his elder Awakened brother Aidan, who focused on his gifts and his younger brother Brigham, who focused on his intellectual talents, Cyrus is the most physically gifted and imposing of the Peake boys. From a young age it was clear what his talent was - being strong, of both mind and body. He always was much more interested in his combat lessons than in learning how to dance and smile politely. But Cyrus always gave 100% in all of his learning, though the physical came to him more easily than the courtly preening. His natural charm and selfless attitude sees him through but the most esoteric of diplomacy. His physical frame matched his mindset. Reading the ancient stories of mythology and literature inspired Cyrus to be all that he could be for others, particularly those under his charge. And while he is not the head of his house and the citizens of Khar-Mardune are not his to protect, his position as a noble is enough in his mind.

In his teenage years, he had great interest in masonry and sculpting. While Aidan was learning to move rocks with magic and Brigham was inventing ways to move them easier, he was actually lifting them. Playing with the stone with his hands, making it bend to his physical will. When he wasn't learning how to manipulate stone for both practical means and artistic craft, he spent time outside of Khar-Mardune, among the mountains and cliffs of the Spine. The rugged countryside was his home, sculpting his body as he learned to survive the rough terrain. Cyrus left Khar-Mardune only a year after coming of age. He desired to truly rough it, without the comfort of a noble's bed to return to at night. He traveled from Khar-Mardune, all the way through the Spine to Arborenin and back. He's been gone for nearly five years, having spent his days earning a bed to sleep in by doing whatever needs to be done. When he couldn't earn a night's stay wherever he visited, he would sleep outside. His body grew stronger, his mind tougher. His return to his home was brought on by the death of his elder sister, Yolanda. Furious about her death, he regrets being gone for so long.

It's time to put everything he learned about being a man to the test.



This man is large. It's not just his height either, though he stands to a full height of 6'4" inches. He's wide, too - barrel chested and wide shouldered. His hair is dark, short and usually parted neatly. Though given this man's proclivity toward the physical, it's often tossled out of position. His face is strong, with a prominent jaw. It's rock hard, with a matchingly powerful brow and sharp, pointed nose. He has high cheekbones and a cupid's bow lip, and his blue eyes add a lightening demeanor and calmness to his face. He normally clothes himself in either the noble fineries befitting the style of House Peake, adorned in brown and yellow of the finest materials or in clothes meant for travel, comfort and ease of movement.


  • Strong Jaw - Cyrus can take a hit well. It's hard to knock him over or really shock him in one blow.
  • Selfless - Truly selfless, Cyrus cares for the well being of others immensely.
  • Impossible Standard - Nobody has a worse critic than themselves, and Cyrus holds himself to a nearly impossible standard of excellence. While this makes him productive and confident, a strong failure can really bring him down.
  • Man of Action - Less talk, more doing. Cyrus is the strong, silent type and is an act first, deal with reactions later kind of man. He's not going to wait to leap into action.
  • Protective - Those who can protect, should. Cyrus knows very well that he can, and will put his own body at risk to save others.
  • Trusting - One of his most glaring character flaws, Cyrus is a trusting man. If you shake his hand and give him your word, then that's good enough for him.

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Aidan Young Lord Aidan Peake : Older brother and Heir to the Vassal House of Peake.
Viannea Lady Viannea Peake : Younger and only surviving sister.
Brigham Lord Brigham Peake : Younger brother.

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