Lady Cyrielle Hollolas
Aubrey Plaza
Aubrey Plaza as Cyrielle Grey Hollolas
Full Name: Cyrielle Grey Hollolas
Byname: TBD
Age: 22
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: Arboren
House: Hollolas
Title/Profession: Lady
Position: TBD
Spouse: None Height: 5'6"
Father: Lord Commodore Roger Hiram Hollolas Weight: 130lb
Mother: Lady Agatha Hollolas nee Peake Hair Color: brown
Siblings: Lady Captain Fiona Hollolas, Lord Dylan Hollolas, Lady Irvette Hollolas, Lord Ephraim Hollolas Eye Color: brown
Children: None




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Subtle hints of youth still show themselves within the visage of this young woman. Her features are smooth, not yet showing the lines of age and wisdom. There's a roundness to her high cheekbones- the last hints of baby fat still clinging there. However, despite signs of youth, there are signs of hardship as well. Deep brown eyes are somewhat hollow, often with dark circles beneath. Long, brown hair seems limp at times when not caught up in the trappings of nobility. There's a hollow at her collar, showing more energy leaves than fills. She's not sickly thin, but there's a lack of health and hale that one might expect. There's a beauty that lies beneath (to the right beholder), but there is much to refine within this young woman before it is found. She would be taller, but there's often a slight hunch to her posture. Her hands, however, are graceful and deft with signs of callous from work and wear.
Dependent upon attire, there are signs of tattoo work visible. Nothing upon face, neck, or hands… but arms and back have intricate whorls. Abstracts of land and ocean, as well as the flora and fauna within. Leaping fish and stalking predators etched out in minimalistic tribal sworls that shift in hue and shade.





Cyrielle is a dreamer… beyond being an Awakened. She's a dreamer who has lost everything she dreamt — hoped — of and doesn't know where to turn next. It's made her oft-bitter and wary of trust. In social situations, she can be as a mirror: mimicking the mood and demeanor of those around her. She's talented at dissembling, to wear that mask of a noblewoman: always poised, always collected. In private, she can be more intense and there are rare moments the walls crumble around those she would rather they not.

Her weakness is AMP, though she tries to keep it quiet that she's hooked on the expensive drug. There's often a hypo on her person and she's prone to going for long walks after taking a dose, bringing along her camera to capture images that catch her attention. She's become obsessed with trying to show others the world as she sees it and can harbor a private grudge at the fact that no one seems to quite understand.

The ocean upsets her now. It reminds her of what she lost. Of what she was meant to be. Now she often feels rudderless; spinning without direction on the sea of society. She's not sure what to do next or who she will become.

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