Lord Sir Cynan Dalton
Ben Foster
Ben Foster as Cynan Dalton
Full Name: Cynan Dalton
Byname: None
Age: 29
Planet: Inculta
Paramount: Orelle
House: Dalton
Title/Profession: Lord
Position: Knight Lieutenant
Spouse: None Height: 180 cm
Father: Lord Sir Cyrus Dalton Weight: 72 kg
Mother: Lady Alix Dalton nee Ibrahm Hair Color: Blond
Siblings: Multiple Eye Color: Blue
Children: None


As a middle child born to a brother of the High Lady of House Dalton, Cynan grew up knowing little other than wealth, status and safety. Such a background sounds like an idyllic childhood, and indeed it was in many respects, but the sheer amount of /work/ required of the ruling house of Inculta made his relationships with his adult relatives distant at best. Left to his own devices for extended periods of time, young Cynan gravitated toward his older siblings and cousins, and in particular to the High Lady's second child, Bors.

The nobles of House Dalton may be as technocratic as most of the Houses of Oculus, but Cynan found himself absolutely enraptured by the Servants of the Light in general and to the more Knightly aspects of their tradition in particular. When the time came, he entered their ranks as a squire, and in between his studies of the art of war he also delved into works of history, particularly into the philosophy of the Reversion and the societal changes thereof. Filtered through this chivalrous lens, he sees the worship of the Light less as an overwhelming passion and more as a Knight of antiquity may have seen the Christian God – as a moral focus and an ideal to which to aspire.

A strong appreciation for the Knight's tools and ways, however, by no means prevented Cynan from pursuing the dedication to technology that was in his very blood. To the contrary, he spent long hours tinkering away with weapons and armor, constantly weighing ways to refine the technology to make more efficient and effective tools. As his training progressed and his lessons shifted from matters of personal combat to those of command, he started to view administration, organization and tactics through much the same lens – always refining, always observing, always looking for ways to improve upon the present while staying true to the past.

As Cynan approached the end of his time as a squire, however, a family matter rather disrupted his training – namely the death of his cousin Bors. The two had been close in childhood, and though different pursuits in training cooled that friendship somewhat, he was still quite /struck/ by the loss, and found himself seeking distance from his family. Abandoning his studies for a period of several, he traveled throughout the Haven system, spending a particularly great amount of time in the Vale in an attempt to get as far as possible, physically and philosophically, from Oculus.

Eventually, the specter of the coming war was enough to call Cynan back to his home, and he was officially knighted at the age of twenty-four – later than typical for a noble, to be sure, but his stature in the House was great enough to pick up more or less where he had left off. Though his frustration had not quite abated, he was able to channel it into his chosen career, and was recognized as a Knight Lieutenant within the House military by his thirtieth birthday.

Recent days have seen Cynan spending more and more time on Inculta, and not entirely against his will. The impending arrival of the Hostiles has put the entire House on a more military footing, and whether he sees them as his true calling or not, Cynan is dedicated to carrying out the tasks that he has been assigned. Approaching thirty, still unmarried and still entirely focused on his work, he has obtained a reputation as a stern but fair officer who has high expectations for his subordinates and equally high expectations for himself.



Standing just a touch on the shorter side at a couple of inches shy of six feet, this man is thin and wiry, with just a hint of muscle underneath his pale, sun-bleached skin. His hair, both that on his head and in his thin beard, is a light blond; his slender arms end in thin, precise fingers. Pale blue eyes peer out from beneath his brow, making up in intensity what they lack in color.

Typically, he wears a long, brown robe that extends over the full length of all four limbs, complete with a hood that hangs behind his head. Between the edges of the garment, one can make out an off-white vest that covers his chest and lower torso, with the sun insignia of House Dalton displayed on the left side. His shoes are tan and generally unremarkable, the same color as the sands of the desert.


Conservative Innovator - There's always a better way to do something. At the same time, the methods that have endured must, by a preponderance of the evidence, be the best. Cynan has looks toward the future with both feet firmly pointed in the past.

Logical - It's almost unheard of to see Cynan make a decision without some degree of supporting evidence. Conversely, few things make him angrier than a choice made based on happenstance or gut feeling.

Perfectionist - To Cynan's way of thinking, getting the job done the right way is far more important than getting it done on time. He'll check and double-check every last detail to make sure it's perfect, even under duress.

Well-Traveled - In the midst of his extended break from training as a Squire, Cynan found time to visit Primus, every continent of Imperius and every moon of Oculus.

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Dalton House Dalton : Power From Light.
Augusta Lady Augusta Dalton : Aunt. The burden of leading our House rests upon your aged back, and I can think of no one fitter to bear it. My blade, my wits, my strength are ever at your disposal.
Helena Doctor Helena Dalton : Cousin. We have been close for many years, but I am only just now realizing just how similar we are. You are perhaps my closest confidante, my partner in protecting our people, and my dear friend.

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