06.05.3013: Crossroads at the Ways
Summary: A group of travelers run into each other at the Ways in Landing.
Date: 05 June 2013
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The Ways of Landing — Landing, Imperius
As the center of intercontinental and interplanetary travel, the Ways is perhaps the busiest region of Imperius Landing. No matter the hour, there is a constant hum of activity as people arrive in or depart from the largest city of Imperius. Loiters are best kept to the outside of the plaza to avoid getting swept up in the waves of foot and horse traffic that frequent the stone-covered ground. The broad circular plaza is broken by a ring of humped arches varying in size from ten to forty feet high. At any given time, about half of them glow with the light of an opened Way.

This plaza is also a crossroads for the four largest of the esplanades, guiding travelers in each of the four cardinal directions toward a variety of destinations. To the North is the militant black spire of the Citadel and grand Towers of Matthias which house the Royal Family and the Noble House embassies. Opposite, down the southern road, are the foundaries and the Smith's Tower. To the East is the Arcology of Arcadem, which houses both the grand libraries and the Imperium Cathedral. Lastly, to the West, is the poetically named Tower of Forgotten Nights which houses a variety of taverns and other sources of entertainment.

June 5th, 3013

The sun has nearly set past the horizon on the beautiful planet of Imperius, when a small figure and a much larger one slowly begin approaching the great Landing Waygate. Sophie and Caedmon, respectively, shuffle casually towards the monument, though one of them certainly travels easier than the other. Caedmon holds a briefcase in his right hand, though the two of them nonetheless pant softly in their exertions. Sophie wipes her brow of sweat with a silken handkerchief, amber eyes flickering back to her guard, "we should hurry before night falls. We do not want to arrive when everyone is already asleep." Caedmon bows his head, "of course, my Lady. Right behind you."

Having handled some kind of businees in Landing, Tristan is slowly making his way back towards the Waygate, preparing to head home now, it would seem. Pausing a bit as he overhears the conversation between Sophie and Caedmon, he offers them a quiet nod. "I'm not sure if there's ever a place anymore where everyone sleeps at the same time," he remarks a bit softly.

Darious is just returning home and so is relaxing against a pillar as he watches people walk this way and that. He brings his Guitar up onto his knee as he adjusts the neck strap and tunes it abit before lightly strumming a local song. He keeps the cords soft and mellow so as to add to the gentle tones already around without disturbing anyone. His foot on a chair as he lightly taps it to the soft beat he's performing.

Having just arrived through the Ways, Taryn is carrying a bag, slung over his shoulder. There is a tired look in his eyes, one born not from physical exhaustion but from where he had so recently been. The young man almost walked past the young royal, but he catches Caedmon out of the corner of his eye. Stopping abruptly, he bows. Between the bowing and the momentum, the bag slips forward, almost but not quite causing him to tip over. "Your Ladyship." The two men meriting a polite nod. He figures that Caedmon deserves the sign of respect for his duty in keeping Sophie out of trouble, and the other man he assumes man must be a noble of some sort for his casual talking with the young royal.

Sophie turns a bit surprised towards a familar face, her lips curling into a pleasant smile, "Lord Sir Tristan. It is good to see you again." She smirks, nodding her head lightly, "you may very well be right. Especially with the Hostiles right on our lawn, I doubt many sleep as well as they used to either." Her amber eyes flicker towards the sound of music, grinning lightly at the delightful song, until she is distracted by a voice. She turns towards it, "oh, Mister Wystrel. It would seem the Six have deemed today to be one of coincidences. How have you been? Has Nebulae been tamed?" For Caedmon's part, he offers Taryn a respectful nod of his head in greeting, the wrinkles creasing around his gray eyes at the man's politeness, "greetings, Mister Wystrel, Lord Sir Tristan." After a silent manuever to bow out, Caedmon carries the briefcase towards the nearby pillar and the pleasantly strummed song. He grins lightly, "giving travelers a bit of cheer?" He sighs softly, dropping the bag to the ground beside him and languidly reclining against the stone wall. Presently, Darious and Caedmon are by a pillar near the Waygate, while Tristan, Taryn, and Sophie stand close by. The sun has nearly set on the horizon, and rush hour has dwindled to only a couple of stragglers occasionally passing through.

Lorelei 's actually had luck today. After visiting home and helping her Lady, she's been ribbon shopping.It's not essential, no Hostiles will be taken down by her hairbraiding, but it's what she can do. she has a small satchel over her shoulder, and is smiling and nodding to people as she passes them. Knowing where one is going puts one in a better mood.

Fretful is the best way to describe the little wisp of a girl as she walks away from the Ways, already busily lost in a call. "Not purple. Not lavender. Not violet," she half-shrieks, looking both panicked and determined. "I need /mauve/. They promised me that you would have what I need. I can't go back to Miss Wyre without it or she'll have my head." She stops to the side, out of the way, just in case she were holding someone up. The girl bounces on the tips of her toes, one arm flapping desperately up and down. "MAUVE. DON'T YOU PEOPLE KNOW WHAT MAUVE IS?!"

"And you too, Lady Sophie," Tristan replies, before he adds, "And yes, that's quite true. Unfortunately so, but these are interesting times, I suppose." A brief pause as he hears the music, and he looks over to spot Darious, offering a grin and a nod now. Nodding to Taryn as the man appears, and then to Lorelei, offering her a grin and a nod, before Willow draws his attention for a few moments.

Drake steps through the perennially-open Waygate from the Fortress of Phylon, amidst a host of other people shuffling to and from the capital of the Vale. Unlike the others, however, Drake Danger carries a simple acoustic guitar, his dextrous fingers plucking out the distinctive guitar riff from his not-exactly-mega-hit 'Flaming Heart.' He gets a few glances of half-recognition, but he's not making a big deal about it, just keeping his fingers busy as he meanders through the crowd. The screaming about colors draws his attention from under the fall of brown curls that has draped itself across his visage, and he chuckles softly.

"A creature such as that should never be tamed… It would be like extinguishing the fires of a forge or erasing the words from a book. While they are still a forge and a book, they are diminished… " Ah there is that insight that seems so natural yet unfitting for the stable boy. Taryn cants his head slightly, "She bit me, so I bit her back. Now we seem to have an understanding." He grins, "At least for now…" The real question is whether or not he's serious about biting the horse. He pauses, "But to answer the intent of your question, yes and no. I have ridden her, but not to my satisfaction, nor under the scrutiny of Lady Soleil." He looks to Lord Sir Tristan, then back to Sophie, "I apologize for interrupting." Like Tristan, Willow's outburst draws his gaze as well.

Darious continues to play the soft melody as he looks to Sophia's guard and nods his head. "well figgured it was a good touch." he grins, before his attention is drawn to the outburst over colors. " Well now I wonder what that's all about." as his fingers never miss a beat as he leans agaisnt the pillar and strums his Guitar.

Lorelei looks up, there's so much going on! Seeing one from the house she's in service to, she steps towards Tristan, but stops at the color drama that's unfolding. Loree's eyes goa bit wide, and she'll keep her eyes on the girl, and will slwoly go a bit closer to Lord Tristan.

Both Caedmon and Sophie jump at the sudden shrieks, the former bringing his hand towards the hilt of his sword while the latter turns around wide-eyed at the source of the ruckus. One wisp of a girl meets another as Sophie's amber eyes take in the sight of the loud chatterer, chuckling softly when words reach her ears. Shaking her head, she glances to Tristan and replies, "indeed, interesting times…" And then she hears the sound of a second guitar amidst the light bustling crowd around the Waygate, smirking as two songs battle for supremacy, "why if it isn't Mister Danger. How are you this evening?" Caedmon laughs lightly, offering idly to Darious, "it seems you have a challenger…" For Sophie's part, she replies to Taryn with, "I imagine I might agree with you, Mister Wystrel. Nebulae is more beautiful for being wild, as are most all animals. Including drakes, even." She giggles lightly, "well, my Lady cousin will certainly be pleased you two are slowly getting to know one another, even if you have yet to wholly complete the task…" She licks her lips, "Mister Wystrel. I…if my cousin does not employ you, I may consider taking you instead. So there is no reason to worry for ever being forced back home."

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DON'T HAVE MAUVE?!" Willow bellows in a half-hysterical, half-panicked voice. There are several near the Waygates who also stop and stare at the little golden-haired girl with the outrageously loud voice. "It's a dress. The perfect shade to match Miss Wyre's complexion for her next outing." A beat as she pauses to listen, eyes flashing. "But… but… NO, JANE WYRE DOES NOT CHANGE HER MIND ON CLOTHES. This is JANE WYRE. Where have you been if you don't know about her and her supreme talent or beauty or fashion sense." Another pause and a flush reaches her cheeks. Apparently there are not nice words coming through on the other side. "Well same to you too! Oh, go shove a sword up you— hello? Oops…" Her shoulders droop as her call has been dropped.

Drake's ears catch next on the other guitar playing, and he stills his own fingers on the strings of his battered acoustic. Apparently he doesn't feel the need to compete, at least not right away. When he's greeted by name, he shifts his attention over to the scar-faced guard and his charge, bowing his head, "Ah… Milady. I didn't mean to interrupt your…" and then the shouter goes for the skies with her voice, and the rocker cannot help but chuckle, raising one hand to first scrub his luxurious locks out of his face, and then to cover his mouth. Once the call is finished, he plays another little sting on the guitar, then raises his voice to offer up, "Bad day at the office?"

Taryn offers a grin over at Lorelei. As she seems to be hovering near this Lord Sir Tristan he opts not to tease her, at least not at this time. He looks at the histrionics of the young woman over someone not having the right shadow of whatever, all he can really say is, "She really needs to lay off the caffine." The next question, which is accompanied by him scrunching his nose slightly as he contemplates, "This Jane Wyre someone important around here or something?" He then blinks slightly at Sophie, before offering a polite smile, "I'd hardly call returning home, being forced… but I do appreciate the offer… or at least the promise of an offer." He offers a nods to Drake, a celebrity that he does recognize at least.

Darious looks from Caedmon to Drake and grins, "perhaps he replies softly, as he switchs coords and ups the beat a bit. More along a decenet toe tapping beat. Either he doesn't recognize drake or is in such a good mood he doesn't rightly care. He closes his eyes as he lets his music flow over him delving deeper into the song, letting it take on a life of its own.

Lorelei looks over, shaking her head slightly. she's SO glad eilara isn't like that. Seeing Taryn, she'll grin and give a small waggle of her fingers before looking to make sure that Lord Sir tristand doesn't need anything.

Sophie blinks at Willow, somehow managing to be shocked a second time by her screams. Deciding to put her foot down, she shuffles closer to the other wisp of a girl and declares, "I will thank you for keeping quiet. Not everyone prefers to hear screams at the far end of the evening." She sighs out in relief when it appears as though the call was dropped, before forcing a smile and shaking her head to Drake, "it is of no concern. Indeed, I am glad to meet another familiar face before heading off on my brief visit to the Ring." Sophie taps her chin in thought at Taryn's question, "if I am correct, Jane Wyre is some sort of celebrity. An actress…I think?" She smiles, "but of course, you are quite a curious sort. I would not mind employing you for the simple novelty of learning more. To think, a groom that knows courtesy and can soothe one of the most rebellious steeds in the system." Caedmon stands beside Darious, with a suitcase resting at his feet and his back against a pillar wall. He bobs his head lightly to the beat, smiling pleasantly as he watches his ward converse with her acquaintances. Smiling as he listens now, he looks to Drake, offering the man a quiet smile.

"Now that's a celebrity," he begins, before hearing Willow's words. "Looks like things didn't go too well with the call?" Tristan offers, before he nods at the others, "She's an actress. I've offered to train her in archery if she needed to improve that. It was before the news of the Hostiles, though." Looking to Lorelei, he offers her a smile. "All well, I hope?" he asks her.

Sophie's approach catches Willow as she's still trying to regain some measure of control over a desperately frayed temper. Hearing the words, without really giving the other woman a look has the words, "I would take it as a kindness for you to butt out of business that has nothing to do with you," in a rather abrupt and angry tone of voice. But her head whips around to follow through on her words and the dark glare dies before it even has a chance to fully form. Her cheeks are a dark red - now from embarrassment instead of fury. Clothing and bearing mark the noblewoman for what she is and now it would appear as though the young girl would prefer to just crawl into a hole and never come out.
"My Lady, please forgive my imprudent words!" Willow comes rushing out with, hands clasped over her mouth. "I was just… just…" Big tears start to fill her grey-blue eyes, despair appearing. Her lower lip quivers as she tries to shove the words out that her brain doesn't want to form into coherent and polite sentences. "The phone call… the work. Miss Wyre will be so mad if I don't… don't…" A solitary tear rolls down her cheek. "I just didn't want to mess up. But I really did it big time, didn't I?"

Drake flashes a smirk over to Darious as the other man doesn't still his own music, rattling thumb and pinky against his own guitar in a rapid, percussive beat, "You really don't want to start this, friend…" There's no threat or challenge in the words, just laughter… okay, maybe just a little bit of challenge. As he realizes that the group is larger than he thought, glancing around and nodding briefly to the vaguely familiar Taryn and Tristan, and bowing his head once more to Sophie, "And the founder of the Haven Actor's Guild…" And he's poised to go on, but hey… crying girl. Shifting his attention back over to Willow, he starts to sling his guitar behind his back once more, "Hey… look… what's your name?" He waits a beat to receive it, then offers up a dimpling smile, "I'm Drake Danger. You might've heard of me. I'm working with Jane on the concert. Tell you what, you help me come up with some grand new idea for it, and I'll totally distract her from it. Five bucks says she doesn't even notice whatever isn't going to be mauve."

Taryn cocks his head slightly, "I'm not sure if being considered a curious sort of novelty is really all that flattering, m'lady." He then shrugs slightly, at the explanation of this Jane Wyre, "Never really have time for things like vids… So I'll take your word on it." He smiles slightly as Drake tries to make Willow calm down a bit. Then his gaze returns to Sophie for a second, as if something is brewing in his head, a thought that seems to momentarily steal him away.

Lorelei raises an eyrbrow to Taryn, and smile. another job offer! Her smile changes to a wince though, whoever that poor girl is, she feels for her. She'll think, but isn't one for finding clothing, or cloth or mauve whatevers. Shakign her head, "everything is well, Sir. I wanted to make sure you were not in need of anything?" Loree's eyes go wide when she realizes that that's Drake Danger.

Darious either doesn't hear Drake due to being lost in his own music or .. .nope that it just lost in the music as the performer stops playing to check up on the girl. Darious's finger glide over the Guitar as he strums his beat. Then after a bit his eyes open as his fingers slow ending the song as he then slings his guitar across his back and rubs his fingers and apply some lotion to the tips where they have begun to bleed.

Sophie glances at Tristan, "archery? I cannot imagine a reason that an actress would ever need to learn how to shoot a bow. Though…" She smiles, "as it happens, I believe I have some skill in archery myself. Perhaps some time we might test one another's abilities?" When Willow speaks to her, those lips turn upside down into a deep frown, "it has something to do with me when it threatens to deafen me." She nods her head firmly, a bit arrogantly when someone actually pleads forgiveness. She is nearly about to speak when the girl starts crying, her own expression softening in response, "j-just…just so long as you understand…" She shifts uneasily before the poor sobbing girl, trying something she had learned previously to help. She ever so gently pats Willow on the shoulder, "there, there…" Caedmon, thinking to have himself a show, announces, "fifteen bucks to the better guitarist." For Sophie's part, she laughs lightly to Taryn's words, "perhaps, but I view it as flattering. Will it help to say I would wish to learn more about you instead, Mister Wystrel?"

It was not but less than a day ago that Taryn had commented on how he really didn't like talking about himself to Lorelei. He shifts slightly uncomfortably, as his glances at Sophie, "In truth, Lady Sophie, I find that almost as disconcerting as Lady Soleil's stares. I cannot fathom why I should offer you any interest."

Relief floods Willow's sweet little face on Sophie not immediately calling over a guard to see her properly punished for snapping. "Th-thank you, M'Lady," she says between a half-gasp and half-hiccup. "Your kindness knows no ends!" But the groveling can't last for long when the dreamy studmuffin known as Drake Danger is doing his best to console her. She goes all starry-eyed as she stares up at the music idol, cheeks a bright red from her pleasure and excitement. A few tears still fall as she tries to regain a complete control over her emotions, but coming face to face with a musician never hurts things. "I-I-I I've got your album!" she squeaks, all full of girlish glee. But for Sophie's sake, she does keep the volume down. "Oh, Mister Danger, I'm such a big fan of yours. I saw Miss Wyre was going to be working with you, but I never thought that I would get to see you in person."

"Don't worry, I'm fine," Tristan replies to Lorelei, before he adds, "I'm glad to hear that my sister aren't driving you insane at the moment." Spoken a bit lightly, before he grins at Sophie. "I think she might be needing it for a potential film role, or something. And I would love that test of abilities, Ladyu Sophie." Smiling a bit at the conversation between Willow and Drake now.

Lorelei looks to the exchange between Sophie and Taryn, and will frown slightly. It's none of her business, so she'll turn back to Tristan with a focused look. She'll chuckle softly, "Lasy Eilara is wonderful. I couldn't ask for a better Lady to serve." She'll take a half step back, this isn't a conversation she wants to really be in the middle of.

Sophie giggles lightly, shaking her head, "you are interesting, Mister Wystrel. One might think you should be proud of that fact. I simply have not met many grooms capable of both propriety and great skill in calming such a beastly horse." She finds herself a bit unsettled by how abrutply the previously demanding wisp of a girl has transformed into a begging and scraping creature, shakes her head uncertainly to Willow's words, "I simply wished for quiet, is all…you were shouting so loudly…" She licks her lips, trying to distract herself from her questions by simply nodding pleasantly to Tristan, "I shall send you a missive when I am ready."

Drake is briefly distracted by the request for a competition, but he's already looking back to the pretty crying blonde when he notices that the other guitarist has wandered off. Shrugging slightly to the guardsmen, he centers his attention on Willow, preening more than a little. One hand rifles through his hair, sending into fetching disarray around his face, and his smile deepens, driving dimples into both cheeks, "Call me Drake." He pats his pockets for a moment, as if searching for a handkerchief to hand over, but what he comes up with is actually a felt-tip pen, "How 'bout a 'graph? That brighten a dark-ass day?" His eyes widen slightly and cut over to Sophie as he realizes he just cursed in front of a noblewoman, but he goes on anyhow, "I'd sign the album if you had the case with you." His eyebrows lift, "And because you haven't said which album you've got. Patience is Genius," that would be the band's album, "Or Drake Danger." That would be his self-titled 'solo' debut from several years before.

The noblewoman is already forgotten in Willow's mind as the girl is half-swooning over Drake. "I must be dreaming," she breathes out with a happy sigh. The chance for an autograph does perk her day right up and she's rifling around in her pockets for something, anything, that would make for a proper object to be signed. But she beams at Drake's question, "I have your album," she says adamantly. "All of the girls at school would swoon over pictures of you. You were so dreamy then, and still are now." Breathless sigh of happiness.

"I will be lookng forward to that, Lady Sophie," Tristan replies with a brief smile to the lady, before he smiles at Lorelei. "I know. Just don't tell her I said that, okay? I mean, she'd find some way of using it to try tricking me into something."

"If you say so, m'lady." Taryn shrugs slightly, "Perhaps I am just good with horses, and unlike the grooms in your family's service already, I am not accustomed to being in the presence of royalty and am not sure how I should or should not be acting, so I would rather be safe than sorry." He looks to Sophie and Tristan and takes a step back, removing himself from the immediate presence, so that they may speak, as he awaits being dismissed since technically he is sort of in her family's service.

Sophie appears wholly unfazed by Drake's cursing, though nonetheless has a similar thought in mind to the relieve the poor girl's sorrow. She offers up a small silken handkerchief to Willow, "here, dry your tears. It…it might be a little…s-sweaty, but it should do." Either way, she arches her brow with how intensely enamored the girl is with the celebrity, watching the show happily from the sidelines. She chuckles softly to Taryn, "well, no matter my interest, the offer still stands. If my Lady cousin does not take you, I would be happy to do so myself. If nothing else, you at least must agree that you are a highly talented groom, are you not? Few could calm Nebulae so swiftly, after all." Caedmon, when Darious disappears elsewhere, hoists up his luggage and travels the short distance to his ward's side, standing there casually while Sophie converses with those around her.

Lorelei's eyes flicker to the Drake Danger standing right there. but there's nobles and her house and a crying girl. that all trumphs her asking anything. With a soft laugh to Tristan, "My lord, what would I possible say? Only that you were kind and asked how my service was going." Technically that's what he asked. She'll stay the half step away though, hoping to sneak off. Arboren's are a bit more leanient.

If it were possible, Drake grin gets even bigger at the continued gushing from Willow, laughing aloud at the description of him as 'dreamy.' "Glad to hear it. I'd hate to think I've lost it in my old age." Because he's all of what… twenty-two? "And you should totally check out Patience. I did all the songwriting on that one too, and Hell If I Know's got a real solid sound." Glancing over to the two other Citizens drifting away from the noble talk, he beckons them over with a nod of his head, spinning the marker about between two fingers idly as he inquires, "You know what, I think you could even help me make the next one even better. Might even give you a bit of a sneak peek at something I'm workin' on." One eyebrow lifts over at Willow, "Even if you still haven't given me your name…"

"Good, I really appreciate that," Tristan offers with a grin to Lorelei. "It makes things a whole lot easier." Glancing from her to Drake and then back again, he grins. "Perhaps he'd give you his autograph as well, if you ask?" he suggests. Nodding a bit to Sophie and Taryn again, he smiles. "What is it you do, Mister Wystrel, was it?"

Taryn watches how the girls are practically drooling over Drake. He shakes his head slight with mild amusement. "It would be vain-glorious for me to say that I am highly talented… and impertinent for me to disagree with you, m'lady, so I will agree to concede to your opinion, m'lady." He looks to Tristan, "I am a horse groom, your Lordship… from one of the Valen horse ranches."

Lorelei's cheeks flush slightly that Drake even noticed her, she'll turn and give Tristan a thankful smile. she'll stop and turn bact to the Arboren,"My Lord, Mister Wystrel and I have talked extensivly about horses. He knows what he is talking about." biting her lip lightly as she approaches Drake, "I love your lyrics on Patience." she's a bit star struck, so that's all that she really says at first. In her 18 years, this is possible the greatest thing that's happened to her.

"Willow," the girl breathes out in dazed whisper. "Willow Byrche. I'm Miss Wyre's personal assistant." But something makes her draw her shoulders back and stand tall. Or at least as tall as she gets. "And I'm also an actress. One day, I'm going to take everything I've learned from Miss Wyre and be just like her." Eyes shine up at Drake, "I had gotten your album but my sister borrowed it before I ever got a chance to listen to it and never gave it back the last time I was home," she sulks. "But I'll make sure I get another copy." At his offer, Willow's hands clap together excitedly. "I would do anything to help you, Drake," his name coming out as a delighted sigh.

Sophie sighs out dramatically, though a small smile remains upon her lips, "if only my artwork was even half as lauded as your songs, Mister Danger. Though that's probably my own fault. Most of them are in my room." She glances to Taryn and smirks, "good, you are wise beyond your station to agree with me, Mister Wystrel." Amber eyes flicker to Tristan, "not for long will he be a simple Valen horse groom. My Lady cousin Soleil intends to hire him, and I would not be wholly against taking him on instead if she manages to change her mind." Despite not being remotely as enamored with Drake as Willow obviously is, she does look at him curiously when he mentions helping to make the next song, waiting quietly for his plan.

Drake turns halfway to allow Lorelei some of his smile as well, tossing a curl back behind his head, "Willow then, that's a real pretty name. I look forward to seein' you star in your first blockbuster some day real soon." Looking back to Lorelei, he bows his head in mostly-false humility, "Thanks a lot. I really appreciate it. I spent a good long while on 'em, and it's good to hear that pretty girls are enjoying them." With nothing proffered up for signing, he clips the pen to the neck of his shirt, leaving him with both hands to gesticulate, "So what I'm thinkin' is something that'll really inspire our generation, you know, the Generation of Vengeance. Something that'll get 'em up and at 'em and rarin' to go against the Hostiles. I'd love to get your impression of somethin' I've been workin' on, see if it does the trick?"

Taryn rolls his eyes at Lorelei, "So much for me inspiring volumes… I guess my charm has flown away on gossamer wings…" A single brow arches slightly at Willow, "Well, if you take everything you've learned from this Miss Wyre.. perhaps when you are in her place you might not be so terror inspiring of your personal assistant." The comment is made more to himself, but not so much that it cannot be heard by someone.

Lorelei opens her mouth to say more, but quickly closes it. As Drake talks, the dazed look quickly leaves her eyes. While she's not frowning, there is a tension round her eyes. "I don't think i'd be much help with that." Her head snaps around to give Taryn a small glare, it's about as mean of look s she can muster…so not terribly so. With a deep breath, "I should go…my Lady is waiting.." Which Tristan knows shouldn't be an issue. Eilara's not like that. Loree looks to Tristan for a nod that it's ok for her to leave.

Tristan nods a bit as he hears that. "Ah, sounds like an interesting job, Mister Wystrel," he says, with a smile, before he grins at Sophie's words, "Looks like he's got some job security, then." Looking over to Drake and the women, he smiles a bit now. Nodding a bit as he hears Lorelei's words, he offers her a smile. "Take care," he adds. See, all clear to go.

"I would love to be of assistance to you," Willow says to Drake. "Anything you ever want or need, when it's not interfering with my duties to Miss Wyre, of course." She cants her head to the side, a considering look appearing. "Generation of Vengeance would be such a rocking name for a song. I love all of your music and the dancing that comes from it. It's so much fun." The appeal of getting to witness something first, or at least early, makes the girl bob her head up and down repeatedly. "This is so exciting, like a dream come true."

Sophie tries her very best to steal some of Drake's thunder, considering aloud, "perhaps you are right, Mister Danger. I wonder if a drawing would not go amiss, to motivate the Generation of Vengeance towards success against the Hostiles. Perhaps with a glorious Knight battling dozens of Hostiles alone, in a dark evening and under the veil of pouring rain. With a greatsword in hand and the dog tags of his fallen comrades around his neck."

Taryn looks at Lorelei with a 'what did I do' look. Taryn, Tristan, Sophie, and Lorelei are standing together, while Drake and Willow are close by. He grins over at Tristan, "And should Lady Soleil change her mind, or Lady Sophie lose her interest, Lady Sir Agnes Peake also offered me a job to take care of her horse while she was gone."

Drake tilts his head as Lorelei goes all tense, frowning just a bit, "No worries…" And then Willow's speaking up again, and the rocker can nod to the Arborenin and turn his full attention back to Willow where the group stands just aside from the open Waygate from Phylon, "Yeah it would… I kinda hope I can get to it before someone else does, but I wanna get everything all nailed down before I really release anything." He blinks over at Sophie, "Yeah… um… I'm sure that'd do real nice, Milady." And then he's looking back to Willow, his grin returning full-force, "Well tell you what. We've got a little gig tomorrow night over on the Westend at the Lowdown. It'd be great to have you there, Willow."

Giving Tristan a thankful smile, Lorelei'll turn and start walking away.She keeps her head down, and barely manages to not bump into someone as she hurries away.

Based on the faint look in Willow's eyes, the girl is thinking real hard and trying to figure out if she's dreaming without actually fainting. One deep breath, and then another. She's working really hard to keep her calm… but then, "Ohmygodohmygodohmygod!" she squeals loudly, though does try to keep it in check to avoid upsetting anyone else again. "I would love to, Drake, and if I don't have obligations to Miss Wyre tomorrow night, then you can count on the fact that I'll be there!" she promises.

Sophie frowns at Drake, "…thanks." She lets out a soft sigh, arms wrapping about her chest as she listens in on the exchange between gushing fan and generous celebrity. She winces when Willow shrieks out again, though this time she manages to keep her lips sealed on the matter.

"Well, I'm glad to hear that, Mister Wystrel," Tristan replies, before he sighs a bit. "I should get going. Have a few things to take care of. It was a pleasure to meet all of you." And with that, he heads off towards the waygate, to get back home.

Taryn frowns as Lorelei practically runs away. He shakes his head as he wonders if any guy ever truly understands women. Looks over at Sophie, seeing her disappointment. "I am sure that you could always put your artistic talents to use, m'lady, with the war effort… Pro-haven inspirational paintings can have a profound effect on the moral of people." He offers a respectful bow of his head. "Lord Sir Tristan… "

Letha Vallas steps through the shimmering portal of the Ways from Nubilus in her casual Valen attire with a guitar case strung over her shoulder. She grips the handle to help displace the weight a bit. Her mass of golden hair has been brushed out lightly to create a quasi-curly halo effect that has been flecked with actual glitter so it shimmers. Rumor has it there was some special concert on the cloud-cruiser Zephyr that featured a two-tiered synthetic symphony. Based on the press badge hanging off from around her neck, it is easy to suspect that this Landing Life journalist had been there covering the show. She is glowing warmly, looking exceptionally pleased.

Drake freezes a little at the noble frown, scrubbing his hair back out of his face and trying out one of his almost-dimpling smiles on her, "I mean it, Milady, honest. There's a whole lot of people who…" and then he just points to Taryn when the groom says what he was going to but a whole lot better. "That." And then he's laughing again at Willow's reaction, "I'll give your name to the guys at the door then, Wills." He ponders that nickname for a moment, then nods to himself, evidently satisfied. "Maybe we'll try out the 'Been a Long Time Comin'' then, and you can let me know what you think after the show." His fingers itch for the guitar though, and he pulls it out from behind his back, his thumb drumming idly on the body.

"There are no words to express my gratitude," Willow breathes out, her softly shining eyes watching Drake with admiration. It only lasts for a few more seconds before she sighs. A regretful sound. "But I really must be moving along to find the gown for Miss Wyre before it gets too late and she starts to worry." She considers. "Worries for her dress, not for me." A touch of sadness there. "But thank you, Drake, for everything. It was so wonderful getting to meet you."

Sophie looks to Tristan, though her amber eyes are still a bit clouded over in jealousy, "it was good to see you again, Lord Sir Tristan. I shall send a message when I am available to train with." She glances towards Lorelei momentarily as she walks off, before the most wonderful words tickle at her ears. Jealousy evaporates, and in its place she smiles joyfully at Taryn and Drake, "I thought the very same thing, Mister Wystrel. I intend to inspire the entirety of the populace with my artwork, and motivate us all towards victory." Her hands fall back to her sides, instead lifting her chin to the sky and considering thoughtfully, "perhaps his greatsword is thrust towards the heavens, his armored boot resting on the inhuman mechanical remains of the Hostile force." She looks to Willow, "leaving already? If you find an excellent tailor, I would be happy to reward you if you send me the details as well. If you do not know, I am Sophie Sauveur. You can send a message to the palace for me, and I'll recieve it."

Taryn looks at Sophie and nods slightly. He has nothing really to say at the moment and just allows the royal to play her name card.

The mere slip of a Valen girl glances up as she hears a familiar voice carry over the typical bustle and noise of the Ways hub. She blinks as she spies Willow and Drake and their less familiar gathering. Swinging the guitar case back over her shoulder so that it hangs off the length of her back, she starts to approach the gathering. She slides her hands into the pockets of her dust-coat as she does, flashing the group a broad smile. She bows her head gently as she notes the Sauveur woman amongst the Citizen folk. "Milady," she greets first and foremost before she offers a more familiar smile to Willow and Drake and a less familiar one to Taryn.

Drake smirks at Willow, "You can try 'thanks,' Wills." Laughter rises around the words, but he shakes it off, "And I'll sign somethin' for you at the show tomorrow night." His fingers pick and pluck at the strings of his guitar, drawing out a soft, almost aimless melody, "Take care, Wills." Best way to make a nickname stick, use it a lot. "Don't let Jane get you down, just remember, you're workin' for the weekend." He nods over to Sophie, "I bet people'd like that real nice, Milady. The sword and all. Real nice and inspiring." And then Letha appears, and Drake's bon vivant attitude returns, "Hey, Vallas. How'd that big to-do out on the Big Z go?"

Taryn grins slightly to Letha, bowing his head, "Not chasing the darkness away tonight, Miss Letha?" Since he might as well be part of the household's retinue, he has taken a bit of a place beside Sophie, as he watches Drake makes Willow's night.

Sophie glances towards the approaching woman and offers a light nod of her head in greeting, "hello." Caedmon smirks beside her when he notices the guitar in the newcomer's hands, "it would seem a new challenger has come." Sophie smiles at Drake, beaming just a bit to his words, "I think so too. Oh, it will be a masterpiece. I'll draw it on a large canvas square. Or maybe a rectangle, offering a wider scope of the battle."

"It was beautiful," Letha answers Drake. "Did you know that the Nubilus sunset sometimes looks purple?" She shakes her head in earnest amazement. "And the symphony was lovely. I'll be up all night writing that article." She gives her golden glittered hair a gentle tug before she sweeps it all over one shoulder in a glimmering cloud. Then she realizes she's been introduced to Taryn once more, and she brightens even more so. "Taryn! I didn't recognize you. Oh… no… tonight I was all business. Well, almost. There's this fantastic music shop on Nubilus that offered to do some modifications to my bass guitar." And she drums her fingers demonstratively at her case.

Willow bobs her head once to Drake before looking once again to Sophie. "Of course, my Lady," she murmurs before she dips down into a bow to everyone and then trots off, dialing up a number again to express her displeasure of having no mauve.

Drake slips his guitar back behind his hip, nodding to Letha's response, "Never seen it, but I've heard most everything's pretty up there." He takes a step closer to the journo, moving to sling his left arm around her shoulders, "Man, I heard this writing thing was hard, but all night, really? That doesn't sound like any fun at all." Looking over to Sophie, he adds, "Bigger canvas is always better. The bigger the better."

Sophie blinks, "article?" She lets out a soft sigh, "you're a journalist, aren't you…" She shyly runs a couple of fingers through her hair, glancing uncertainly to the side, "I thought you were an actress, or a dancer, or something. With your dress the other night…" She is forced to look back again when Drake actually casually attempts to slip his arm about the woman's shoulders, waiting almost expectantly for something to happen, "yes, bigger canvas then…"

Taryn shakes his head slightly as he watches the hysterically stressed, then hysterically star-struck Willow disappear. He looks at Sophie, a little surprised at the slight power play from her, but then again, at the same time, kind of relieved that she can show that fire and convidence of what one might expect from a member of their royal family. Baby steps… baby steps. Intimidate an eighteen year old today, political rivals tomorrow. He grins widely as Letha does actually remember him after all. He's done a bit too much talking already, in fact, he hasn't said much since Sophie commented on how she wanted to learn more about him, but for the time being he's more than happy to let the two question Letha about her assignment.

The journalist casts him a dubious look. "Just means you gotta go find someone else to con into writing about you," Letha offers with a playful smile and a gentle elbow to his side. She then smiles softer toward Sophie, shaking her head just as a small flush blossoms on the apples of her cheeks. "Oh, no… just a journalist. I do some music composition sometimes, and I did… actually… get an offer to play at the Blue Stallion in Phylon for a couple nights during the Festival of Lights week. My father usually plays, but…" And she tapers off, offering up another smile. "Though… I really should go get started on this article…"

Drake oofs at the elbow in his side, grinning crookedly. "I've got nothin' to write about yet. Well, not today anyhow." He squeezes at her shoulders, "Hey… you didn't tell me about the offer to play. Congrats, blondie." Tilting his head the other way, he puts in, "Tell you what, why don't I buy you dinner to celebrate." His smile dimples at one corner, "Then you can get started on your article."

Sophie shifts uncertainly from one foot to the other at Letha's words, "I do sincerely hope you would warn me if you intend to write about me, Miss Vallas. Though…if you must write anything about me, I am always happy to tell you of my artwork." She glances between Letha and Drake, "you two are not…" Either way, she is swiftly distracted at the mention of the woman's other talent, "you are a musician? How fun. My sister Lyrienne is a musician as well. If you do agree to play, I would be delighted to attend."

Taryn remains quiet while the three talk. His own bit of nervous energy causing him to shift just slightly, as he was waiting for Sophie and Caedmon to continue on their way before heading back to his bunk by the stables.

Letha smirks toward Drake, though her expression does seem to soften a bit at the offer for dinner. She glances toward Taryn and Sophie, and the young Sauveur's concern causes her to shake her head. "Oh, no… Milady… I'm a journalist for Landing Life… I write about entertainment, not gossip." Or at least not regularly. Sometimes you just gotta write what they tell you to. She then brightens at hearing Lyrienne's name. "Oh! Lady Lyrienne… I'm actually planning to interview her about her upcoming album." Though she does look a shy embarrassed. "If you want dinner, we better go now…" And she nods off toward where the El-El offices are. Then she bows her head gently to Sophie and Taryn. "Lady Sophie, Mister Taryn. Pleasure seeing you both again."

Drake arches an eyebrow at Sophie's half-question, "Not what, Milady?" He shakes it off, "Vallas here can do most about anything." He nods to Letha, letting his arm slip from around her shoulders so that they can walk, "You got it, Vallas. Lead on." And then he bows his head again to the others, "Milady, Taryn."

Sophie sighs out in relief at the news of Letha's actual focus, "well, I will have to send for you when I finish my next drawing. It will be done on a large canvas, and I intend to inspire the people by the task." She arches a brow however at the revelation of a future article, "oh? I shall have to ask her about it when next I meet her. I plan on visiting my sister in Orelle tonight…maybe tomorrow, as it is already quite late." She waves a hand pleasantly at Letha and Drake both, "pleasure seeing you again as well, Miss Vallas. Mister Danger." She turns to Taryn as the others head away, moving to give his hand a gentle squeeze, "it was nice to see you, Mister Wystrel. Remember, if Lady Soleil turns you down, you are more than welcome to come to me." At that, she begins to leave towards the Waygate, Caedmon following right behind her with a suitcase in hand.

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