Cross-Coast Diplomacy
Summary: Nitrim writes his father, High Lord Jevon Khournas, concerning the Hollolas
Date: 09/December/2013
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Nitrim Jevon 

March 18, 3014 — On the Road

The following is a snippet of letter sent from Nitrim Khournas to his father, from one Infosphere account to the other


I have much that I would like to discuss with you. I know you're busy and you've been in your drawing room, so I felt a quick message would be best.

1) I have been patrolling. My wounds are healed and though I have managed to slip by a few of these social events I'm starting to feel it would be better altogether if I simply avoided the streets. I've drawn flies you, nor I, need to deal with. I see it for what it is, and wanted to open-face that I am a functioning cog in this war. I'm no knight, but our soldiers and these little cracks are on my full attention. I will not cause incident between ours and another House, though this reputation I've gained has left me plenty of room to travel unnoticed by the major players. I observe. I patrol. I dig. I burn. One way or another I will break free from what I've caused.

If I have earned any better status in your eyes…I am grateful. I aim to be your better son, and a better one than I have been. Please…direct me. I will not fail you.

I have learned from the Cantosan prisoner, and through dreams, that the Cantosans intend to occupy. This isn't a war that they intend to fight and then retreat. My…changed conduct has kept me from digging much deeper, though I will learn what I can and share it with you.

2) Lord Commodore Roger Hollolas sends his regards and his interest in visiting the Blackspyre. I made it aware that we are entrenched in the war effort and our patrols, and gave him no timetable as to when this request would be answered. He intends to bring his brood for the visit. With contacts on another continent with a seafaring tradition, like our bannermen the Valta, I leave it to you to decide if it would be wise, though the Cantosans do not seem to have a knack for the seas. Still…it is my acquaint with the Lord Commodore and his children that has prompted this request for visit. What say you?

We haven't spoken in some time. I can only hope this isn't news for your table you don't wish to hear. Is there place for me still at this table, Father?


March 20, 3014 — Jevon's Study, The Blackspyre


There has been no evidence that the Hostiles are occupying any part of Haven. I have reviewed the Hostile's recordings. Where is the evidence for this assumption? Do not make claims on such things without backing them up.

The Lord Commodore will be welcomed to the Blackspyre. I will send along a proper invitation.

-Your Father

March 21, 3014 — From Nitrim's personal tablet


I've been making progress with the Cantosan prisoner, who has stated we are coming home to me. Pair that up with dreams that I have been having from the perspective of a distant world with a star a fourth of our size, I'm working an angle on trying to learn from the Cantosan if that dream could have been from the perspective of Cantos.

The world in the dream is barren, and if my theories are correct and the dream is prophetic in nature, then they will need their resources. This would also explain how regimented and seemingly rationed they are with birth numbers, genetic selection, and especially if their cybernetics sustain their ability to survive that environment. It would…explain a lot.

I know you have no use for dreams, Father, but you've more than one of my breed in your house and the one that married your nephew has likely also had the dream of three drakes fighting over an eagle. Being nudged about that dream from other awakened has been a chore. I also dreamed of a moment with this prisoner, like déjà-vu, a month before stepping into that cell. If only I could share, but know that you have eyes the Cantosans do not.

I will send word to the Hollolas. I am fond of Cyrielle Hollolas, Father, and her father has an eye for drink and not wading through bullshit. I think you will enjoy him.


March 22, 3014 — Jevon's Study, the Blackspyre


Conjecture and assumptions. Two things that I have always found the most irritating from Awakened and their fucking dreams. Tell me what prophecy you think your dream tells you? That the Fifth World is a hostile, inhospitable planet where survival is difficult? Read a damn history book, Nitrim Khournas. We already know that. I tolerate your dreams, boy… but that's all. If you want to drag your cousin's wife into this, fine, but she sure keeps her dreams to herself, too. Even Victor would tell you that you don't bring me bullshit unless it has been polished.

And I will send a invitation to the Lord Commodore. You've already done enough fucking around. Tell me, do I need to be sending a goddamn apology to Eryn, or is there another reason her youngest son decided to punch you?

Your Father

March 22, 3014 — From Nitrim's personal tablet


Cantos being an inhospitable planet, and if the Awakened are dreaming if it, is a valuable piece of intel concerning their direction in the war. I'll be seeing what I can do with the Cantosan prisoner, but it helps to determine the stability of their supply chain. I'm working at getting evidence. I'm just telling you my angle. Dreams make for good things to investigate, not pour all your chips into. I am your son, and paid attention to a few things about your mind while away with my mentor.

As far as Eryn Arboren goes, her son Keanen has a girlfriend I was recently pictured with. When the picture was taken I was urging her to be careful about the relationship, as he apparently has no interest in her meeting his family. Yes. Evey Dalton. It's going to be a fucking mess; it already is.

With respect, Father, how do you explain the revelation at the gathering as the first ships were being attacked in the outer sectors, three drakes fighting over an eagle, the Cantosan prisoner before she was even caught, and a dream a few weeks ago many have had of priests scrubbing a cavity in the Chantry when you know I've brought evidence to you? I know you do not like these dreams, you barely tolerate them at best, but what if they may one day be the very augury that is the key to moving a split second before checkmate?

I am just trying to provide you with every bit of information possible. Use it at your disposal.


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