Crone's Answer
Summary: Memoir Summary
Date: 21 August 2013
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Jarek Saimhann 

8.21.3013: Jarek's quarters, The Drakholt

To: Erek.Saimhann@Drakholt
From: Jarek.Saimhann@Drakholt
Subject: Crone's Answer

Hello father,

It's been a short while since last I emailed you. I know you are busy with the soldiery, and as such hadn't wished to pester for an answer. As you might have seen a report on, the Peake's captured a living hostile and a number of doctors have likely started their examinations and questioning. What has been somewhat glossed over it the death of Yolanda Peake, one of Agnes' nieces. As we would all be expected to act when such a close personal tragedy occurs, Agnes is rather distraught. If she would like me to, I feel I should spend time with her and her family in Khar-Mordune. Offer her, and them, what comfort I can when they seek it.
What I am writing to you about, then, is that I've been given a sign by the Knight and the Crone in regards to Uncle Kazimir's wife. Lady Brianny Saimhann nee Leonidda. She is both bold and wise, and has the skills to be an Assistant Castellan. I feel she'd make an excellent castellan in time. She is a Saimhann, she's learning to live our ways and her faith is unapproachable by doubt. She has the mind for the administrations, etiquette, and the various other skills running a house requires, given plenty of practice and training.
So, I'd like permission to set up Lady Brianny to become the castellan's assistant.

May They Guide us, in all things,

8.26.3013: Saimhann Encampment, Drake Mountains

To: Jarek.Saimhann@Drakholt
From: Erek.Saimhann@Drakholt
Subject: Re: Crone's Answer

My Son,

Your thought to comfort your friend in her sorrow is commendable. I will look into Lady Brianny and her history and abilities — and if she wants such a position in the first place. I am sure that your suggestion is a good one. I would counsel you, however, not to search for signs from the Six. Let them come to you when they are most needed. The Six rarely trouble such as us with omens of such simple things as who is to be the next assistant castellan of the Drakholt. We must instead rely upon our own judgment and wisdom. Thus when we receive the guidance of the Six on critical matters, we may reflect on that guidance through the lens of our own knowledge.

May They Guide Us,

Your Father

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