08.11.3013: Courtesy Part I
Summary: Agnes speaks to Lorelei regarding her troubles with Lord Sir Darious Arboren. They come to a decision of how to handle it.
Date: 11 August 2013
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Agnes Lorelei 

A cafe in Arborein
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11 August 3013

Lorelei got the message from Chiron, much to her embarrassment. she's now sitting at a coffee shop, with large carmel chocolate with sprinkles …sugar something. She's sitting there, sipping softly and waiting for agnes. Luckily for Loree, it's midday, chores are already done and she and enough time to put on a simple dress, instead of her stablehand outfit.

Agnes arrives on time, in a simple golden-hued dress, hair and makeup done modestly. Not her usual appearance, but clearly her relationship with Lord Jarek has changed her outlook on looking good being a waste of time. She orders a black coffee and brings it over to the table the young woman sits at. "Miss Quellton, thank you for meeting with me." She settles into the chair.

Lorelei look sup, giving the noble a nervous smile, "Sir Agnes, hello." She'll stand to give the lady a bow and then sit back down. Her hands wrap around her drink, like she's trying to ground herself. "I'm sorry that you're having to deal with this."

"I'd rather it be me dealing with it, than your brother, Lorelei," Agnes says quietly. "I can talk to Sir Darious as his superior in the knight community, and as his equal on noble footing." She sips her coffee before curling both hands around it. "Now, please, tell me what happened."

Lorelei grimaces, "I didn't want…" She'll sigh, "I'm not trying to cause any problems." Her voice is soft and embarrassed. She won't bring her eyes up, just studying the sprinkles in her drink. "I..Lord Darious has made in clear he was interested, but I had told him that because of our stations, it wasn't possible." Her cheeks are turning pink, "He kept telling me that he didn't care,and would find a way around it.." She'll finally look up, brow furrowed, "I've only met hims hand full of times, for him to be declaring such things…" Her hands tighten on her cup, "We argued a few days ago, and I tried to walk away. He…he grabbed me and pulled me to him and …" Her eyes drop down, mortified."..And he kissed me without permission.I..I slapped him. He…he did apologyse…"

Agnes listens thoughtfully, nodding as Lorelei finishes her explanation. "It seems Lord Darious needs to be re-educated on what chivalry means, and also that being noble does not give him free rein in regards to citizen women." She reaches over to cover one of Lorelei's hands with her own callused one. "You did nothing wrong. He did something that was unbecoming of a knight, and of a nobleman. I am going to speak to him. I am going to tell him that physical contact with you is not permitted, as you are under my protection, until I tell him otherwise. And I will not tell him otherwise until you tell me such. Will that be all right?"

Lorelei sighs, but flips her hand over to hold Agnes's. "I do feel he truly was sorry. I'm just not certain…" She'll sigh, "I think it maybe partially my fault. I think I most have unintentionally given him hope. I'm finding I"m not the best at reading….men." she'll bite her lower lip, looking down at their clasped hands, "I've been considering the chantry, or just never leaving the ranch."

"Lorelei, you are a lovely young woman, and that is going to attract many men, citizen and noble alike," Agnes cautions. "I find it best to just be upfront and honest when you meet a man who seems to like you. Tell him what you will and won't permit, and what is and is not possible. A lot of young noblemen are eager to sow their oats among the citizenry, knowing full well they will wind up wed to another noble someday. They don't want to offend other nobles, so they keep their wooing to citizen women to avoid future conflicts. Some, surely, are honestly in love and seeking a companion to warm them from a cold political marriage, but that is not often the case. Be careful. Don't get used, and don't for one moment think that because someone is a noble, they have any right to the use of your body."

Lorelei nods, but still doesn't look up at agnes. she'll mutter softly, "I know. Bennedict has proven that." With a sigh, there's a a lot going on in her head. "I'm sorry…You have enough to deal with, without having to clean up my messes." she'll nod, "I've got my head so full….things are very confusing, anymore."

"Bennedict?" Agnes asks, concern furrowing her brow. "And you're family now, Lorelei. When I take a squire, it is more than a job. They are my responsibility, and so are their loved ones. I take them from their home and their family, so I make sure both those things are safe and sound in their absence."

If it's possible, Loree's cheeks turn redder. "He…just someone who I thought cared. I guess the distance between our stations were too great." She finally looks up, meeting Agnes's eyes. "My life has been tuned upside down since the accident on Occulus.I don't know what path the Six want me to take. Every time I try to start down one there's a new fork." she'll bite her lower lip, nervous, "I feel like I'm supposed to do something, but…" She'll shrug,giving a small smile, "And these boys are not helping anything…."

Agnes' expression turns gentle. "I am not an expert in such things, Lorelei. No one pursued the young bear. Do not deprive yourself of companionship. Just enter into it with the understanding that if your stations are far apart, it may be a temporary thing. Or do some research into what it means to be a Companion. It is an honorable position, and a longstanding tradition. You have something nobles do not. You have choice. Just make your choices wisely. Learn to spot a randy young nobleman from an earnest suitor. One will be more interested in tasting your wares, while the other will be more interested in who Lorelei Quellton is, what she does, what she loves, what she dislikes, and what she wants from life."

Lorelei laughs, but there's no humor, and she'll pull her hand away from Agnes's. "It may be seen as honorable to the Nobles, but have you talked to any citizens about it? I went on two…two dates with Bennedict, and had some of the most awful things said to me. some by nobles." she'll shake her head, "Choice? no…no one has any true choice in this set up." She'll bring her hans to her head, rubbing her face. Her head is beginning to pound again.

"I think you were on the unpleasant end of some jealous nobles and citizens. You would be above the latter, were you made a companion. And the former would not have that noble's heart, even were they to wed him." Agnes shrugs and sips her coffee. "Love is love, Lorelei, and it finds a way. Most of the time at least. Is there anything else you need of me, before I seek out Sir Darious for a talk?"

Lorelei frowns again. She doesn't want to be above anyone. Realizing that there is no way to explain to agnes, she'll just shake her head. "No, my lady. Thank you."

"Then I'll take my leave. I only wish you happiness Lorelei, but you need to discover for yourself what that means to you," Agnes notes. She rises and smiles once more. "And if your brother fails to do his chores at the ranch before he comes to training, you let me know. He's under orders not to come to me until he's finished there." She drifts back out of the caf.

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