10.02.3013: Core Sampled
Summary: Balius and Demos return to Ignis for the core sample, discuss their lives while they work.
Date: 16th September 2013
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The Ash Basin - Ignis
Just beyond The Pit, is the volcanic stretch of mountains known as The Red Range. Violent peaks sputter lava and ash into the Ignis skies, turning the sun dim and the night a cloudy blot. There are various valleys and plateaus within the Range, both of which are often used in training exercises for the Ash Legion and provides additional defenses for various Ignisian settlements. Stretched out before the entrance into The Pit is a vast valley of ash and igneous rock that runs between two of the largest volcanoes, though these two peaks have been dormant for several generations, allowing the valley to provide safe travel for crawlers to easily travel between the Ignis capital and the various mining colonies.

WARNING: You must be in an atmos-suit to RP here.


Another Tuesday morning, and another attempt at an excavation on the volcanic moon of Ignis. Still excited, if a little more on his guard, the Quellton intern is in his atmos-suit, carrying a large pack of supplies. Balius seems entranced by the scene around him, feeling the pulsations of power from the hot lava all around them. "Alright Demos, what exactly is so special about the rocks we're looking for again?" Bey is mostly teasing, but he still finds his mentor's fondness for these trips fascinating and perhaps a bit inspiring.

Another attempt going right so far, crawler out, suits on, ready to actually do some real work. Setting up equipment and preparing the large tripod with the torpedo like tubes/drills to continually extend a drill down into the crust, he has a few measurement devices as well. "Core sample," he explains, calibrating some of that equipment as the set up progresses. "Dating for the purpose of discovering the rate of progression for the lava flows as well as helping to establish potential mineral reach deposits. Normally we'll look at glacial flows for moving and depositing certian elements and rocks, but on Ignis, that's been taken over by the flow of lava because of the moons relative age." Simple as that it would seem. "Mostly, we won't be looking for aged rock, like diamonds or gemstones, but metals. We should, theoretically speaking, be able to find more pure deposits of high grade metals like iron, gold and platinum. The surface hasn't ground it up, its still forming. More like with drone and satelitte imagery, we can speculate impact sites and where the lava flows may have carried and deposited the rocks we're after now."

Balius nods, assisting where he can and trying to remain useful. He'd studied and prepared the first time around, so by now he was certainly ready for the work ahead. There'd even been some weapons training, but his bow seemed largely useless in this environment. He had, however, attached a knife to the outside of his atmos-suit. There's no attempt to hide his preparedness in this regard - he and Demos are quite well past that point in their adventuring. "Makes sense to me!" And this time, it actually might make sense to the intern, who's quickly catching on to these projects, part of him hoping they'll continue in the spring.

Things are set up and ready to get underway, no actual physical threats for once. Demos is ready as well, not quite for Hostile attack, but a short blade and a blaster himself, ready for something more mundane. It would seem everything is about ready to begin, everything normal. And indeed, they fire up the drill, some minor instructions given to let Balius run the machine itself while Demos watches for results, and his readings. The questions flow then, like the lava around them and below the surface. "So, about the Academ, everything is ready, are we moving to try for a crown Scholarship and then sign up for coursework for the upcoming term?"

"Yes, I do need to finish up my application for the spring term, both for the Crown Scholarship and otherwise. Should have that all done by the week's end." Bey says as he focuses on the drillwork at hand. "And I'm sorry I've been so sporadic as of late." Balius has certainly been getting the work done, but his schedule has been inconsistent. The youth keeps his commitments, certainly, but his timing has been more random than before. "Any more movement on any of the projects your looking into for the nobles? Brigham Peak? The Lady Elodie?" The questions probably flow too much at once from the exuberant Quellton, but that's part of his desire to know it all very quickly.

"Both are tied up with their own work and the Hostile," responds Demos, as if to say those projects are presently of interest but on hold. He's not so much the team lead on either as much as participating in Elodie's research on the rock, and asking Brigham for some insight on potential future research. Then a shake of his head, "Don't worry about being sporadic. Research isn't really a regular job. Its scheduled around other commitments and then, following a project is subject to the timeline of the assays and instruments, how long it takes tests to resolve into results. You'll probably find more sporadic timelines in the world of medicine when you get to your upper level course work." A pause, then he looks up from the readings he was following, "Any news on the strange gift giver? Things have been quiet since the attack last time we were here." A curious rhetoric, he might have more, but waits to see if Balius has had any happenings himself.

"It's been a hectic month. I doubt I'd have been able to track myself down, were I in the mood to give threatening gifts." Balius seems nonchalant next to the instruments. But then again… "Wait, it might be unrelated, but one of our newly purchased mares went missing. It was almost immediately after delivery though, so I chalked it up to my own absentmindedness. If that were related though…" He taps notes from the machine into his tablet, brain multitasking as always. The drill seems to be performing its task with relative ease. "And everything's going normal so far with the drill." He adds, letting the mentor know.

"I've taken time to file full reports on both recent attacks. The one on Ignis and the one on Khar-Mordune. Just in case they're related to incidents in those locations," says Demos, nodding agreement to everything going normal on the drill itself. Readings normal as well, normal as expected at least. "I have to admit something, when Talynne told you about her family's scholarship, I had gone to ask her for help." A pause, "Remember the man in the crawler, he mentioned hearing about us from another individual. I asked Talynne if she might accompany me to search out this other man, to see how he learned about us, to see if that develops into a lead." He looks down, taps at a screen, that flickers and proceeds to record data as its received. He moves over with some plastic cannisters to start catching some core samples for further analysis.

A flash of surprise, then frustration. The Quellton hides his reactions behind the drill and remains silent for a few beats. "Demos, I wish you hadn't… The voice is barely audible over the equipment. The youth's come a long way with his proud notions, but he still feels as if he overburdens the Lady Sir. "Taly's got so much on her hands, with the war effort, they had a whole band of hostiles on the plains not three weeks ago. Not to mention she seems to be the only Rovehn at home dealing with the stables…" Balius sighs, but he knows she could probably help. The larger question though is why she didn't tell him. "But I suppose it must get sorted out then, best to get it over with quickly." He programs the drill to ease further into the ground, it seems to be providing further resistance as it goes deeper.

"I explained to her, at the time, that my usual goto was recovering from their own recent attacks and personal losses in their family," responds Demos, "And that she was one of the few qualified I could trust. We haven't gone yet, I wanted to tell you." Not to assess her personal circumstance so much as in light of what he knows of the relationship between the two. "Its only to have a second set of eyes, with more experience. I told her I meant to go and ask the man, she thought it could be dangerous. A natural fit if you will. If it was an isolated incident, maybe we'll figure out how to better hide that we're researchers with expensive equipment arriving and ready to be taken advantage of. But if its related, maybe we'll find something more." He looks at his equipment, "Okay, steady here, go a little slow, we should breach a small vein of lava. Some will come up the drill, I don't want either of us getting hurt."

"Yes, yes." Balius nods. The reasoning is sound, and he'd definitely prefer for Demos not to get hurt doing something foolhardy again. There's also a mental note to redouble his efforts in training. "Soon enough, I'll be a right good bodyguard, I think." He smiles towards the mentor and then turns serious at the warning. He taps the next step into the screen on the drill and gets behind the makeshift barricade. Between that and the atmos-suit, Balius seems unworried about possible dangers.

Grinning a little in his own suit, Demos nods, "Perhaps, then you'll be well rounded. I'd rather have your mind at my side then your body in front of me though." The drill continues, some lava spurts up, splatters the ground and beings to cool, then a slow stream comes out as the drill makes it through the lava tube below them. "Now, we'll get some of the good stuff I hope," he says about the ground beneath the current flow. He stands to watch over towards the drill itself, "I think I'm good accepting less physical training in that regard in favor of continued research and following the literature. Only so much time in a life right?"

"Sometimes I find that physical pursuits help clear and focus the mind too…but certainly would never be my primary goal." Bey nods with a smile. He's still more prone to healing than to fighting, though there's been plenty of motivators lately to train in the latter. He slowly eases to closer proximity to the drill, observing and taking note of the various features. "Demos…Talynne asked me to be her Companion." The statement is made simply, Bey hardly expects his mentor to be surprised, but he's awaiting a reaction nonetheless.

At first Demos offers, "There are a few good holosuite routines, challenge mind and body." Saying his preferred level of focus away from what me might consider to be work. Then a pause, whether he's looking at the flow of data, or digesting what the other has said, its their hanging for a moment. Then turning towards Baliuas as the drill seems to be self guiding well enough for the moment, he ponders, "That could be a good thing, but … how are you taking that offer." His eyes seem to think there is nothing wrong with being a Companion, but he knows some of the thoughts on the System from the young man as well. Before saying congrats, or condolences, he's more curious which way the other man is feeling about this.

"Well…it's a complicated thing. I nearly said yes right then and there, but it wouldn't be prudent at this time." Balius taps away more notes on his tablet, presumably about the drill and the rocks. "I will, when the time is right, accept her offer I believe. My siblings seem to frown upon the institution though…" He lets the statement hang for a moment. "Though it's not their choice, I would prefer them to be excited or happy. My other fear, as I'm sure is natural, is the inevitable occurrence of marriage. We've discussed all the possibilities…in great detail." Bey seems awkward now, as if he hadn't actually said much about this aloud before to anyone else. He wants to seek advice, but now he's pondering how much detail is too much detail.

The smile comes to match his eyes then, Demos nods, "The important thing Balius, is that you find what you want in life. I know she has made you happy, I know that you make her feel the same. No matter what might be fair or unbalanced with the System, you probably know I support it. I just don't suggest the same to everyone else, we all make our own choices." As if to say his place in all of that, "Does she know you plan to accept? I wouldn't hold out on that for too long. What may come will come, but she is a soldier and we're at the onset of a long war. She might not always have the luxury of waiting." Not that he wants to bring up more grim topics, but that thought is in his mind and he wishes to share it with the other.

"Of course she knows." Bey says, almost as if there wasn't really another choice he would make. "And she's shown incredible patience. I just don't wish to abandon my family yet. The stables are on a better trajectory. My hope is that, come spring, all will align correctly." It's a hope backed by quite the bit of labor and planning. "And due in no small part to you, I think that'll be more than likely…and…I'm aware she's a soldier. I've bandaged her wounds myself on more than one occassion now." He looks off, almost distracted from the moment before his attention turns to the drill, now beeping some alert or another, though it doesn't sound like an urgent warning.

"Back it up a little, let the torque slack a little along its length," suggests Demos for the moment, as he gets his own tablet out to make some notes about the progress of the drilling. Then he nods to Balius, "I trust you both actually. In seems everyone is want to loose their heads because of the changes we face, but you two, you both know what you want and are not afraid to follow those pursuits. I fear to say it, but we could use more people like you two. Everyone else is living on the edge like there is no tomorrow, its too early to be so reckless. But good to be mindful of it I think."

Balius nods to Demos and slows the drill down, keeping adequate distance from further lava spews in the process. "If I wanted the easy route, I'd have stayed at home." Bey says with a smile. "What of your romantic pursuits?" Bey hadn't seen the girl Roxy with Demos in a while, though they all have been rather busy. Though it goes unspoken, Balius is thankful for the reassurance from his friend.

"Roxy," he begins as if an answer to the curiousity, "Is really an intrigue." Demos gives a brief pause in considering that for the moment and how best to describe it. "We have both openly admitted we think little of others and, we are at the call of each other. But developing it further, or pondering what to call it, becomes something of a restriction in itself." Half a chuckle even, "You know me, I'm rooted in logic, there is cause and effect, everything springs from those causes or arises because of goals we have set for those ends. With Roxy, beyond the moment doesn't matter. The cause doesn't matter, the goal is happenstance to just being. Its something new. I've offered her to share my apartment on the Ring, she is reluctant to accept and yet, if I call and ask her over, she comes as soon as she can. Its a fascinating mystery, one I do not wish to solve so much as simply enjoy.:

Balius nods at their arrangement, amused at Demos' predicament even though he is also concerned for the mentor. As strange a situation as Bey may find himself in, he seems to think that the matter with Roxy is far more confusing. "I suppose that is all you can do. I'm glad she seems to make you happy, even in her apparent ability to override your logical senses." The youth smiles genuinely, hoping that the female might come to her senses and make a reall commitment, but he's not about to hold his breath on that front. "How do the readings look?"

"They're looking good. It looks as if, should we discover the dates of impact for various elements, they shouldn't be so hard to find as I might have imagined. The initial flow that may have displaced it, but new flows won't disturb whats underneath so much. A good finding, we'll need more critical anaylsis back in the lab, but this follows all hypothesis to date on Ignis, which is good." Then he looks up, considering for a moment how to proceed. "Oddly, I find myself not wanted to press for more with Roxy, but rather glad to accept what she gives to me. I'm not looking for a whole commitement of herself to me, rather than a willingness to share what time we can together." He still doesn't know if that makes sense. "When we find ourselves together, it is a new beginning."

"I can't argue with that then." Bey nods to his mentor. "And that seems like a good measuring then! Finally a day where things go better than planned." He smiles to Demos, still an adventuring spirit within the Quellton who's fast leaving his stablehand life behind.


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