01.02.3014: Connecting the Dots
Summary: Klaudea and Morrigan meet at the Gym on Volkan, and realize they have met before.
Date: last week
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Gym Volkan, The Crescent
There are plenty of advanced weight lifting machines in Haven. This gym doesn't have a single one. Instead there are racks and racks of dumbells and barbells, punching bags hanging from the ceiling, and two roped-in sparring rings. Small racks near the sparring rings hold protective gear so that sparring doesn't result in broken bones or concussions. One wall is formed entirely of a floor-to-ceiling mirror, one has the entrance from the commercial district, the third has entrances to changing rooms for men and women, and the fourth is a window overlooking the gray and red expanse of Volkan.
2 January, 3013

Being healed up and ready to get back to his training, Morrigan has decided to go visit an old friend of his fathers. Slipping through the Gates and heading to Volkan, It's not a long time before he finds the Gym. Slipping in quietly, a duffle bag over one shoulder, he loks around quietly, nodding to himself slightly as he sees the interior.

In the later morning, the crowds have started to thin out, and Klaudea has just finished a warm up, sparring against one of the weight bags. Leaving it swinging slowly, she takes a towel and gives her face and neck a rub down, then hangs the towel around the back of her neck. She takes some water from her bottle as she looks around the room, seeing what weights and benches are free, and planning her workout.

Taking note of the various people in the place, Morrigan heads for the office. Stopping at the door, he has a quiet conversation with the owner for a few minutes before heading into the changeroom. returning a few minutes later in a pair of loose fitting black cotton pants and a Black sleeveless shirt, Various scars and fading bruises visible on his bare flesh, including a fresh, barely healed scar on his right bicep. moving across the gym towards the warmup mats, He's met by a large man of around 55-60 years old. covered in scars himself, the pair talk for a moment as well, the older man grinning before they begin warming up, the senior man helping Morrigan get stretched out with the occaisional popping of joints

Although Klaudea doesn't know everyone, there are times when someone stands out as being new, and in this case, a darker skinned person in the gym does catch Klaudea's attention. She takes note of his bruises and the scar on his bicep gives her pause, but then she gives a shrug and heads over to the free weights to take a couple of dumb bells and settles on a nearby bench to begin a series of exercises..

Finishing up their stretching, The big man helps Morrigan up. Moving across the Gym, he stands next to Klaudea, waiting for her attention before he speaks. "Klaudea, this is Morrigan. I need someone to spot for him. He;s recovering from recent injuries and n eeding to get limbered up. Think you can help him out?"

Finishing up her reps, Klaudea sets the dumbells aside, and nods. "Sure think, Mack," her attention turns to Morrigan as she stands up, and offers her hand to complete the introductions that Mack gave. "Nice to meet you, Morrigan. It can be a pain getting back in shape after injuries," she sympathizes as she turns towards the other bench presses that are mostly in use, though one on the end has an empty bar waiting to he be loaded up. She gives a nod of her head and waits for her new lifting partner to go ahead of her.

Nodding slightly, Morrigan offers a quiet smile. "Yeah. It's ben a little rough." Moving ahead, he sets up the bar quietly. It wasn't a lot of weight. only 100lbs to start, but he does take a few seconds to catch his breath after before laying on the bench.

Nodding, Klaudea takes her place at the head of the bench, letting him choose his weight, and then letting him lift it. She doesn't seem overly protective of the weight, she's not following it with her hands or anything, but she is alert and watching for smooth or jerky motion on the weight. She'll give him a hand it back into the cradle at the end of his reps.

Laying on the bench, Morrigan takes the bar and works through the motions slowly. Keeping hs motions smooth, he concentrates more on the bar than on her. going through a set of 20, he cradles the bar once more with a soft grunt. Sitting up slowly and placing a hand to the middle of his chest with a slight groan.

Klaudea holds out her bottle of water when he sits up and groans. "You all right, there?" she asks, her open, friendly face showing some concern. "You sure you're not pushing too much?" Her eyes go to the hand on his chest.

Shrugging slightly, Morrigan nods, "Yeah. muscles are a bit tender is all. I'm being careful." Taking the water gratefully, he swallows a mouthful and nods. "So what do you do?"

Klaudea nods at the explanation. "I'm a squire," she replies with a light shrug. "Hopefully I'll become a knight soon," she gives a little grin. "My parents were a little surprised when I decided to become a knight, but my Father's cousin was a knight, so I followed his footsteps." She gives a roll to her shoulders, twitching her ponytail back over her shoulders. "What do you do, Morrigan?"

Considering that for a moment, Morrigan shrugs. "I'm a Bodyguard. Technically a soldier, but tasked with protection detail. Not as glamorous as being a knight, but I like it."

Klaudea grins as she steps back so that he can set up for his next set. "Oh, being a knight isn't really glamorous," she assures. "I'm probably getting myself in trouble for saying this, but it's a lot of getting beat up and muddy and disgusting, then a lot of cleaning and repair work. They just need people to think it's glamorous to recruit them." She looks down, "I think protecting someone is good work. Who do you protect?"

Laying back on the bench, Morrigan places his hands on the bar. "Can't actually tell you that, for security sake, sorry." Pausing as he looks up at the bar, he adds. "I don't mind Mud though. It's Hostiles aiming spears at m I really hate…though as a knight I suppose that happens too."

"It's all right. I understand about security things." Klaudea gives a nod and a heartfelt sigh. "Spears. And swords, and those stupid ribbon things that they shoot," she adds. "They're all a pain, and then I have to repair Sir Thalo's armor after he comes back from fighting them."

Considering that as he finishes his second set, Morrigan nods. "And their damned Sonic pistols…those things hurt. And their bombs…Not loving their bombs. They planted one at the fight I got injured in. blew up a factory…It was abad day."

Klaudea helps Morrigan put the bar back in the cradle, but she falls silent and just… looks at him. After a moment, she clears her throat and manages to say, "yeah… those hurt, too."

Nodding, Morrigan watche her for a moment rolling his shoulders slowly, and working out a couple of kinks before saying. "I say something wrong?"

Shaking her head, the girl still looks at him. "They've been blowing up a few factories here in Volkan. I was just wondering why I haven't seen you before if you're guarding someone around here. I know… most of the people that are either important enough or rich enough to have bodyguards around here."

Shaking his head, Morrigan stands quietly, still stretching. "I don't guard anyone from here. i was on Furlough for a couple days visiting family and got caught in the cross fire."

Klaudea's expression fades a little, although she does look intently into his eyes for a minute. "Oh, I see." She bites her lip, and then raises her shoulder with a breath in and lets it out. "One more set? Or do you go by twos?"

Looking a bit confused for a moment, Morrigan shrugs "I'll stick with 2 today. don;t want to overdo things." pausing for another moment, he adds. "Are you alright?"

Klaudea gives Morrigan a smile, and nods. "I'm fine. I have family nearby to, sort of. In Obsidia, actually. I was training there until I became Sir Thalo's squire. Now I spend more time training up here in Volkan."

Nodding, Morrigan smiles. "It's a nice place. decent people for the most part." Leaning backwards, he causes his back to pop, then grunts as he straightens up once more. "I know I'm sounding like a broken record. but I really hate Hostile spears. How long you been a squire?"

Giving a nod to the bar as she takes some of the weight off, only about 10-15 pounds, Klaudea chuckles. "That's all right. I hate them, too. At least you're getting better. I've seen some nasty wounds from hostile spears." She considers as she puts away the extra weight. "About six years. Sir Urik started training me when I was thirteen. I was older than most of the noble borns squires, but I caught up quickly."

Chuckling, Morrigan nods. "Yeah. and at least it;s an interesting scar, and I get bragging rights. the thing went right through me! One day I'm going to look back on that and think it's awesome." Moving to the spotter's position now, he watches her quietly.

Laying back on the bench, Klaudea looks up at him, she pauses as she wraps her hands around the bar, but then she pushes up 15 reps before settling the bar back towards the cradle. "Where was this bomb, again?" she asks curiously, sitting up and only halfway turning her face back towards him as she waits for the answer.

Offering a sligh shrug, Morrigan replies. "In a factory, or a warehouse on Obsidia. Big buildings all pretty much look the same to me." Watching her as she cradles the bar, he hands her her own water bottle.

Taking the water bottle without looking around, Klaudea takes a long sip. "What's your last name, Morrigan?" she asks, her voice mostly lightly curious.

Tilting his head to the side, Morrigan shrugs. "Wolf, Why? what;s yours?"

Klaudea doesn't answer right away. She just looks down at the bottle as she screws the cap back on it. "Wolf, as in Lupin?" she asks quietly, barely heard above the noise of the gym around them.

Looking at her with a slightly guarded look now, Morrigan pauses "Yyyyeah…Lupin is French for The Wolf…Sort of."

The slightly guarded look isn't seen, but it's heard. Klaudea lays back and starts her next set, her eyes set in concetration as she pushes out the next fifteen and hands the bar back over into the cradle.

Watching her on the next set, Morrigan seems curious about her. Watching her face as she does her sets.

After she finishes her set, Klaudea sits up, and then turns around to look at Morrigan with a strange glimmer in her eye. She leaves her water bottle on the ground, but she takes a swing one arm towards the bodyguard's side.

Taking a quick step back, Morrigan drops an arm to protect his side, Eyebrows upraised as he speaks. "If you don't car for the conversation, you could just ask me to shut up, Miss Klaudea.

There's a bit of grin tugging at the corner of Klaudea’s mouth as his predicted block leads into her next move, and if he blocks that, there's a move that flows from it as well.

Depending on how much he's paying attention, will depend on how many moves it takes him to realize he's seen this 'dance' before.

Continuing to block for a few more strikes, Morrigan finally begins to catch on. His features going from confused, to annoyed, then into realization. Finally he smiles, anticipating her next move, he catches her wrist, deflecting it outwards, he steps in, brushing his lips across her cheek as he whispers "Phelan misses you."

Although she can tell when he catches on, as her eyes light with good humor, Klaudea is caught completely unprepared by the brush of lips on her cheek, so that her next move dies when she almost freezes, and then she has to blink a few times. "I miss him, too," she replies quietly. She drops her hands and backs away. "He's doing all right? Have you been looking out for him?"

nodding, Morrigan folds his hands behind his back "I do when I'm around." Theres a moment of silence before he adds "I'm sorry…for leaving when we last met."

Klaudea's hands likewise go behind her back in the 'at ease' posture as she speaks with Morrigan. "I think we both kind of left. Once the dust filled the air, I couldn't see my hand in front of my face. I was worried that you wouldn't make it to a doctor in time. Mistress Storm said that you made it all right." She suddenly smiles. "Black Wolf was closer than I realized."

Chuckling, Morrigan steps forward, offering a hand and a slight bow as he speaks Softly. "Morrigan Wolf. Pleased to meet you…finally. and yes, It was close. thankfully my charge is a hell of a doctor."

Taking the hand in a firm shake, she gives a little smile in response. "Klaudea Blackfells. My father is Blackfells Manufacturing," she admits with a level voice, not betraying any emotion, depending on the words to hold all the information he needs.

Raising an eyebrow, morrigan smiles. "What, all of it? That must have been akward growing up. 'this is my dad…he's a factory." He grins at her and settles back on the bench watching her.

Klaudea pauses for a minute, then she shakes her head and grins. "It was awful. I couldn't take him anywhere," she replies.

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