Concerning Jane Wyre
Summary: Garus submits the idea of making Jane a Companion to his father.
Date: 22 November, 2013
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Garus Leonnida 

February 13, 3014 — Castle Leonnida, The Roar

To: Peter.Leonnida@CastleLeonnida
From: Garus.Leonnida@CastleLeonnida
Subject: Concerning Miss Jane Wyre


As you may or may not be aware, over the course of the last four months and counting I have been maintaining a friendship and correspondence with Miss Jane Wyre. She is from our lands, and is a well known actress of stage and screen, as well as the founder of the Haven Actor's Guild. She has been a guest of mine at our castle, and has accompanied me on a vacation in our lands with Young Lord Solon Cindravale and his now betrothed, Lady Eirene Volen. She is intelligent, driven, strong, and people-minded, and is a credit to our lands.

On a more personal level, however, the time that I have spent with her when away from the battles and direction of this war has been enlightening. She's…enigmatic. I've been thinking on this for a number of weeks and I've been considering whether or not there is, or should be, a future between myself and this woman. I believe you'll find she is witty conversation and would suffer no trouble navigating the social circles of our noble house, and that if given the option I would place this woman at my side. She understands my responsibilities as a lord of The Roar, and my role in the war, as well as the duties that will no doubt be asked of me one day.

I would make this woman my Companion.

What say you, Father?

February 21, 3014 — Castle Leonnida, The Roar

To: Garus.Leonnida@CastleLeonnida
From: Peter.Leonnida@CastleLeonnida
Subject: Re: Concerning Miss Jane Wyre


She's a pretty little thing, isn't she? Prominent enough to not make fool of you sleeping with her. A suitable choice, so long as she stays out of the news. I want none of the benders that she's had problems with earlier associated with the House. And I have heard rumor of her playing a Hostile? You cannot think that associating House Leonnida with a sympathetic portrayal of the Hostiles a good idea, can you? See what you can do about that.

But on the whole, I agree.

Lord Leonnida

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