07.08.3013: Concerned Caller
Summary: Lord Kadmus, having heard of the troubles on Niveus calls Lady Elodie to see how she is holding up.
Date: 8 July, 2013
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Elodie Kadmus 

RP Room 3
Medical wing in White Gates Outpost
8 July, 3013

The comm will ring, or be put through to where you are being quarantined displaying the information that it is Kadmus Volen calling, with the option of a video call, assuming the facility or your comms device is equipped for it.

Elodie's data pad is laying on the table next to her, and she doesn't look as she taps the receive button. "Ro- I'm fiiiine," she drawls, although she doesn't sound quite so fine. She sounds exhausted. "I'm only ten minutes late calling." There's a snap of rubber gloves being taken off, and then the somewhat haggard face of a young woman who's been caring for patients around the clock for days peeks in. "Oh…" she notices who's calling. Her eyes fly open and one hand goes to try and smooth the wisps that have escaped her bedraggled ponytail.

The Young Lord would appear to be somewhere in New Atlantis, the illuminated ocean visible through a transparent window behind him. "I heard you had come down with an illness, Lady Elodie, and I was quite concerned, and wished to wish you well."

Elodie props her tablet on the desk that appears to be in a medical ward as she takes her hair out of her ponytail, rakes her fingers through it and then secures it again. She stands and picks up the tablet. "Lord Kadmus," she responds, her cheeks turning a little pink as she gives a shake of her head to the negative. "I haven't fallen ill. I've just been taking care of patients. We have a team from Landing here, now, though. They are working on identifying the disease and finding a cure." As she speaks, she's walking through the doors, pausing to look at something and sign it before she goes into a private office. She may say she's not sick, but there does seem to be a sheen of sweat on her forehead, and her eyes are bright. "I hope we are able to figure it out… I would like to have dinner with you before you set out to engage the Hostiles."

"Ahh, then I bet you will have this all figured out in no time then, between you, and your reinforcerments. That must be an awful lot of knowledge to spread about." Kadmus says with a smile, "And I would very much enjoy dinner with you, so I hope you can solve it quickly."

Elodie smiles. "Thank you for your confidence, my lord. It does sound like that they are making some sense of it. I'm not well versed on diseases myself. I've just been helping treat the symptoms, and Lady Reena has taken over the trauma cases that came in from the snow cave in. How is Mare Maris faring?"

"Well, your presence must be a grand comfort for those who are ill. You have a very gentle touch, Lady Elodie, and are certainly a sign of hope as the researchers work on a cure. And Mare Maris is good as always, My Lady, I thank you for asking. We recently had a culling of an overpopulated and agressive group of sharks near one of our fisheries."

Elodie is finally learning to accept Lord Kadmus's compliments without blushing too much, although her pleasure is evident in her smile as she nods. "Thank you, my Lord. That sounds like it must have been exciting, and it must be a relief to have your fisheries safer. Were you in the group, yourself?" She leans her elbows on a desk and looks at the man 'in front' of her.

Kadmus laughs softly at that, "I was, I would not be a very good Heir if I did not respond to the plight of our citizens. We retrieved a good supply of meat from the sharks as well."

Elodie chuckles. "I see. So restaurants across The Ring are going to be running specials on shark, now, are they?" She teases. "I would not assume you to be anything less than an exemplary Heir." Her smile dies of wearily, and she pauses. "Please, tell me how do things go around the rest of the system? There was a battle?"

"I do think Gregor's already does carry some of our delecacies." Kadmus says, "And Primus has been resecured, and I know there have been some more recent engagements, though I haven't had news make it to me if any developments have occured."

Elodie shows a sigh of relief and nods. "I was going to go to Primus to help with the triage, but…" she gives a weary little smile. "That is out of the picture. Lord Nitrim sent me a message about something happening at a facility on Ignis. I'm not very clear what it was about." She closes her eyes and the span over her head across her forehead massages gently. She gives a shake to her head, and blinks her eyes to look straight ahead to her data pad again. "Lord Kadmus, thank you very much for calling. I do wish I was in more fit condition to… think," she grins lightly, "and be better company for you. May I call you when everything has been cleared?"

"I do not follow the goings on on Ignis." Kadmus says, "Though the Khournas do seem keenly interested on gaining influence in the lashes… we can talk about that over dinner though. You should get some rest, Lady Elodie, you must be running yourself ragged taking care of your patients. And you can call me any time you wish. Do not hesitate."

Elodie shakes her head slowly. "I think the Kournas are interested in gaining influence everywhere," she says quietly. "But, that's talk for another day… I don't have time for rest, but your conversation has done much to lift my spirits. I will be sure to let you know when things have improved. Thank you very much for calling, Lord Kadmus. Truly." Her smile, however tired, is genuine and warm.

"You are welcome, Lady Elodie, and you should rest at least a little, if you can. You won't be able to help your patients if you pass out from exhaustion!"

Elodie gives a little chuckle. "Thank you. But we medics are trained for this. Days on end with no rest at Academ makes this seem like a breeze. Farewell, Lord Kadmus." With one more smile, she reaches to turn off the data pad, and tucks it under her arm to return to work.

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