Come Home
Summary: Luke writes back to Devon, concerning her letter and thoughts
Date: 18/12/2013
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Luke Devon 

April 3 3014 — Red House, Ignis

My Dearest Niece,

The description of your pain, and emotion is one I know all too well. Though in my experience it has little to do with my brother and his actions than concerning the hurt I have caused others due to my own shortcomings and faults. Let me be the first to say, that your are still family and your dedication to us is very much admirable. I believe because you are truly family, that is why this hurts. Flint's own ceasation of letters and likely the own strain under your roof..I understand it. I do my dear.

I believe your goal is just and right on the money. I do not think I qualify as someone who is allowed to give someone relationship advice. On the contrary, I am sure I am the last person who should. But-please know I am in your corner on this one. With Flint's own recovery of his physical injury, he does not need to add the unneeded trauma of a heart breaking on top of that. I love my brother dearly-and believe that this path with Bethe will only lead to ache like you have said.

My answer to you right now? Come home. It has been some time since you've been here, and I would like it if you were here. I can even take the charge on this, so as to spare your Khourni family the burden and thus get the pressure off of you. But please come home, and rest. Also, I would argue Bethe has been selfish since her failed marriage, but-grief in those circumstances make us what we are. Don't be too hard on her. Just hard enough.

Your Uncle

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