Cole Ventralis

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Malcolm McDowell
Malcolm McDowell as Cole Darion Ventralis
Full Name: Cole Darion Ventralis
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Age: 65
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: Khournas
House: Khournas
Title/Profession: Musician
Position: Master
Spouse: Divorced(3 Times) Height: 6'3"
Father: Darion Ventralis Weight: 200 pds
Mother: Maria Ventralis Hair Color: White
Siblings: 1 sister and 1 brother Eye Color: Faded Blue
Children: Vivian Ventralis


If anyone told Cole Ventralis during his early teens that he was going to be apart of one of the greatest rock bands in Haven's history, he'd call you crazy. Born to a swordsmith from Volkan and miner from The Pit, Cole and fire were commonplace in Cole's life. His parents were products of their environment, they both had passion for what they did. While his mother who worked in the foundries of The Pit was a more stoic and somber type that was rather typical of the populace of House Grantham, his father was a boisterous storyteller and swordsmith. His mother, for being a hard-working woman who worked the mines as a forewoman, had a soft spot for poetry. It was the infusion of these two aspects of his parents that were imparted the most onto Cole. Being lyrical and learning how to tell stories.

Cole would practice this first on his action figures. Which tended to revolve around bands of heroes facing impossible odds and casting out evil gods from their thrones. He liked to consider these stories epic ballads, creating his own little mythos and legends around them. While these were little stories for children, they'd later be adapted into actual stories for more mature audiences when he was in elementary school. While he never considered himself a writer by any stretch, he did think of himself as a storyteller. It was something he enjoyed, and he at least thought he was good at. It was this very love of storytelling that got him into music.

His mother Layla was a amateur musician, by that she enjoyed playing for the simple sake of playing, not to show off talent. She was a violinist, and Cole would spend hours listening and watching her play. Around the time of his eighth birthday, he asked his mother for his own instrument. When asked what kind, Cole had decided that the violin, while a pretty instrument to listen to, would be pretty hard to learn. So he figured something with strings that wasn't so complex might be easier, so he asked for a guitar. It was the one of the first gifts he had actually asked for, and one that he received.

It was that guitar that would end up changing his life, for better or worse. It was how he ended up meeting Trisha Cross. They ended going to the same high school. She was a grade above him and was passing through a park when she came across Cole plucking at strings and scribbling in a notepad. Having liked what she heard, she struck up a conversation. Cole learned that Trish also played, and a quick friendship bloomed from that. They'd play together in Cole's parents basement. From high school on beyond, they'd manage to gather up two more members for their little group, Rufus Stockton and Marcus Bexon. They'd play little more than hole-in-the-wall clubs where they could, thinking it was nothing more than a simple fun hobby, until one night they were spotted by an agent from Silver Eagle Records and offered to give them a chance in the record studio. That decision would end changing all of their lives and the face of music in Haven.


2965- Meet Rufus Stockton and Marcus Bexon and form their band, originally called Zephyr's Call. Mostly played in small clubs and local venues, all of the members graduating from high school within three years of each other.

2967- Offered a chance at Silver Eagle Records, for an album of their already created songs. Their first record, titled Onwards, gets minor play on the radio and net stations before any sales were made. The record more or less breaks a little above even. Also changed their named to Bronze Corsair

2967- Touring is what got them their reputation, and an extensive tour consisting of mostly smaller places started to get their name around.

2969- Trish and Marcus begin a long time of dating, which put Cole and Marcus for a bit during the recording of their second album. Cole wasn't keen on the idea of his closest friend being taken away.

2970- Their second album, The Coming Storm, debuts in the top ten lists of rock genre and eventually goes gold, then years later, platinum and won Rock Album of the Year. It was the record that was considered their big break into the mainstream. Cole also married his first wife that year.

2972- After another extensive tour, Rufus admits his addiction to Red Eye, and admitting the use of Destro and enters into a rehab clinic.

2973- Trish and Marcus marry after public comes out that Trish is pregnant, though there was a lot of stipulation that the child was actually Cole's. A DNA test disclaimed that rumor. Cole also goes through his first divorce.

2975- Rufus comes back to the band after rehab. And the band begins the recording of their third album, After The Descent. Due to the emotional impact of the recent years of the band members, many fans claim this was by far their best album. It also won them Album of the Year, and Rock Album of the Year at the years musical awards and goes platinum faster than their second.

2977- After another extensive touring session, Cole marries again. Trish and Marcus also have their first child that year, a son named Marlon.

2979- Just after the release of their fourth album, Towards The Void, Rufus is involved in a fight in a club, and then later on the same night is in a Nublius glider accident. Test results positive for Red Eye and large amounts of alcohol in the blood. Later, Rufus emerges from rehab again and quits the band

2983- Bronze Corsair's fifth and final album is called Light of the Afterglow and was recorded with replacement bassist Carol Grissom. Again, Broze Corsair takes home Album of the Year and Rock Album of the Year. That year also sees the birth of Cole's only daughter, Vivian.

2984- The tour after the release of the album is considered their farewell tour, with the final concert being hold in Landing that ended up setting the record for largest crowd for a musical venue at 76,000 people. A record that would stand for over twenty years. In that concert, Rufus came back for the last show.

2985- Bronze Corsairs announces it's official retirement.. Cole divorces from his second wife after a scandal breaks out that his wife was stealing thousands of credits from his account. A court case involves a undisclosed settlement with no jail time, but Cole is granted sole custody of his daughter.

2987- Cole and Rufus pull back from public view, Trish and Marcus take on a duet project that last for five years, releasing two albums before they two fade from the public.

2992- Cole divorces for the third and final time.

3008- Bronze Corsair is inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame on Landing. It was the first time that all four original members, plus Carol Grissom appear in public since the band's breakup.

3010- Cole founds Children of Lyrics, a non-profit charity that brings music to children and spreads the idea that anyone can play, catering mostly to children of broken homes and the poor.


As Zephyr's Call

"Lost in Translation" (Communications Breakdown - Led Zeppelin)
"Not Stopping" (I Can't Quit You Baby - Led Zeppelin)
"We're Done" (Babe I'm Gonna Leave You - Led Zeppelin)
"Revenge" (Your Time Is Gonna Come - Led Zeppelin)
"Onward" (Wheel In The Sky - Eagles)
"The Dry Times"
"Crazy Chairs"
"Beasts, Baddies, And Inbetween"
"Empty Bottle"
"Blank Screen"

As Bronze Corsair

The Coming Storm
"Too Much" (Whole Lotta Love - Led Zeppelin)
"What I Am" (Behind Blue Eyes - The Who)
"Continuous Motion" (Ramble On - Led Zeppelin)
"What An Idiot" (Fool In The Rain - Led Zeppelin)
"Dark Star" (Bad Moon Rising - Creedance Clearwater Revival)
"Aboren Swamp" (Born On The Bayou - Creedance Clearwater Revival)
"The Coming Storm" (Riders On The Storm - The Doors)
"Fear Begets Anger"
"Anger Begets Rage"
"Hoping For A Change"
"Panic In The Horizon"
"Tripped Up"

After The Descent
"Traveler's Dirge" (Immigrant Song - Led Zeppelin)
"Khournas Justice" (Gallow's Pole - Led Zeppelin)
"Sanguine" (Tangerine - Led Zeppelin)
"To The Drake Mountains!" (Misty Mountain Hop - Led Zeppelin)
"The Color of Night" (Paint It Black - Rolling Stones)
"The Second War" (The Battle of Evermore - Led Zeppelin)
"Faith" (More Than A Feeling - Boston)
"Off The Radar" (Twilight Zone - Golden Earring)
"Wrong Effect"
"Right Effect"
"Fly Higher"
"Arms of Atlas" (Achilles Last Stand - Led Zeppelin)

Towards The Void
"Nothings Changed" (The Song Remains The Same - Led Zeppelin)
"Merciless" (No Quarter - Led Zeppelin)
"Miss Mysterious" (Long Cool Woman - The Hollies)
"Don't Stop" (Keep Rocking In The Free World - Neil Young)
"Shattered" (The Chain - Fleetwood Mac)
"Better in Steps" (Stairway To Heaven - Led Zeppelin)
"Favorite Hat"
"Half-Empty Bottle"
"Fly Too High"
"Violent Rain"
"Battered But Still Here"
"Can't Stop The Requiem"

Light Of The Afterglow
"Crashing Waves" (When The Levee Breaks - Led Zeppelin)
"Tales of Earth" (Over The Hills And Far Away - Led Zeppelin)
"Dance Crazy" (Dancing Days - Led Zeppelin)
"Fast Passion" (Radar Love - Golden Earring)
"Sands of Time" (Dust In The Wind - Kansas)
"Sands of Time Part Two" (Ten Years Gone - Led Zeppelin)
"Light of The Afterglow" (In The Light - Led Zeppelin)
"Can't Stop Flying"
"Aged" (Old Man - Neil Young)
"Speed of Wind" (Alec Eiffel - The Pixies)
"Looking forward"
"All Good Things"
"Onward: The Finale"


  • Filthy Rich
  • Rock Legend
  • Formerly Famous
  • Failed Marriages

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Known Associates

Lyrienne Lyrienne Orell : I can't say that I know her all that well, but damn, I haven't heard a singing voice like in far too long. Longer than I'd like to admit. Vivian adores her, can't blame her.
Drake Drake Danger : Good kid. Reminds me of me a little when I broke it big. Think he'll do damn well from himself, so long as he stays off the smack. Band could use a better name, but really, who am I to judge on that one? Still, I could stand to talk to him more. Us and HIIK double-headlining? I'd pay to see a show like that.
Letha Letha Vallas : If there's one thing I've always appreciated in classically trained musicians, is that they know their stuff. People might call me crazy for picking up a girl I only knew from the night before to play bass in my own band after so long, but she did great. Let the tabloids eat that one up. And if Rufus never comes back…well, us all old cockers could use some youth injected into it.
Jane Jane Wyre : Didn't really get a chance to talk to her, but she did sponsor the Singers for Soldiers event, which brought me out of retirement, so I have something to thank her for. Should try to get a chance to speak to her.
Zaniyah Zaniyah Eastman : Sweet girl. Wanted my autograph. I think she's in HIIK, but I was pretty far back in the crowd to make everyone in the band out. So here's hoping I can actually see her play for a change.

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