09.12.3013: Claiming the Reward
Summary: Now that she is back, Elodie claims the reward Sammel promised her for returning home safely
Date: 6-9 September, 2013
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Elodie Sammel 

Sammel's Suite
It's Sammel's Suite, duh!
12 September, 2013

<First part happening before they returned to Phylon…>

The rescue party returned with the volunteers, and for the most part went straight to medical attention. Elodie was with the group that took Young Lord Sir Jarek Saimhann directly into surgery. It wasn't a short procedure, but finally, after seeing Sir Agnes to the recovery room, she is pulling off the OR gown and going to collect her armor and other possessions that were stored away for her. She's still disheveled from the travel and roughing it, strands of hair plastered along her forehead and temples, her braid hanging over her shoulder is frayed and messy. Her forearm rubs across her forehead, the navy skin suit pushing the hair to the side. For the moment, as feels no eyes on her, her weariness pulls her head to droop forward in weariness.

Having made his way over as soon as he got the news about the groups returning, Sammel is now making his way along, looking around for a few people. When he spots Elodie, he makes his way over in her direction now. There's a smile on his face, as he makes his way over. "Hey…" he says, a bit softly now.

The sound of the voice she's been wanting to hear bring Elodie's head up with a bright smile. Although it can't completely erase the tired lines in her face, it does make look her a good deal less downtrodden. "Hey, yourself," she replies, stepping towards him, lifting her hands to reach for his. "Have you seen Sir Kassandra, yet? I'm guessing she probably snuck past the medical checkpoints to back to Phylon. The first thing she wanted to know when we found them was how soon she could sleep in her own bed."

Sammel shakes his head a little bit as he hears the part about his sister, unable to hold back a bit of a chuckle. "Yes, that sounds like Kassie," he offers with a smile, as he moves to take the hands reaching for his. "I haven't seen her, so she's probably managed to sneak off."

"Probably," Elodie agrees with a chuckle. "She had a very nasty wound in her hand, but other than that she was all right. Much better off than most if the others." Her hands squeeze his and she steps a little closer to lean against him. "How does Douley like Phylon?"

Sammel nods a little bit as he hears the part about the hand wound, before he offers another quiet smile, "She'll be fine, I believe." Letting her lean against him, he grins a bit at the mention of Douley. "Rather well, I think. At least he's managed to find the places I find comfortable. Every time I try to sit down, it seems that he's already there."

Elodie gives a little laugh about Douley. "It must be something to do with being a male, you're both drawn to the same things." She lets herself sat a little, rest for a couple minutes before she looks up. "Should we pick up my things and get out of here?"

Sammel grins a bit, "Well, when I try to sit down near where Douley's placed himself, it seems he has a new favorite seat, though. That being me." Nodding a little as he lets her rest for that little while. "Sounds like it's time to do that, yes. You look like you need to get somewhere you can get some rest, after all."

"Well, I don't hardly blame him," Elodie replies, turning to loop her arm through is as she continues towards the locker. "I would want to sit on your lap, too, if I was him." She smiles up at Sammel, then leans her head against his shoulder as they walk. "Apparently, someone thinks that I will be a good addition to House Cindravale, and can't wait for me to get married and moved in already.

"Well, I'm sure that can be arranged, you sitting in my lap," Sammel replies with a smile, before he hears that last part, smile widening a bit now. "Who was that wise person?" he asks, after a few brief moments of pause.

Elodie gives a wicked grin up to Sammel at the sitting in lap arrangement, but then they reach her locker, so she lets go of him to spin teh combination and take out her armor, pack, bow and quiver, the hammer. "Do you mind carrying my armor? I'd rather not put it all back on, right now." There's a pause as she gets things settled on her shoulders. "Lady Eiristra Rovehn."

Sammel grins, before he nods, picking up the armor to carry it now. "Of course. And I can understand you not wanting to put the armor back on. You've basically lived in it for a few days, right? Even I prefer when I don't have to do that." A smile as he hears the last before he adds, "Oh? Well, it seems that Lady Eiristra is a wise one, then."

"It's not high on the list of my preferred accommodations," Elodie admits as they walk, and she chuckles. "I am sure she would not disagree with you. I'm not sure if you've noticed or not, by Ris does not suffer from a low self-esteem." She pauses outside the medical center, looking for a shuttle to the Waygates, as her feet are sore after so much walking in the past few days.

Sammel is unable to hold back a bit of laughter as he hears that, nodding a little bit, "Although I haven't met her as often as you have, I've managed to notice as much, yes," he offers, a bit lightly. Nodding a bit as he sees the looking for the shuttle to the Ways now, he smiles as he looks to her again. "I guess you've had enough walking for now?"

"She also likes a good laugh, and isn't shy about how she gets that, either," Elodie informs Sammel with a grin that brings some pink to her cheeks. "More than enough," she agrees feelingly, giving a sigh of relief as the shuttle pulls up. "I don't suppose you'll carry me up to bed?" she asks with a wink as she gets on.

Sammel chuckles as he sees the pink to the cheeks. "Oh, how would she go about doing something like that?" he asks, a bit lightly, before he moves to get on the shuttle as well, raising an eyebrow a bit lightly, "Well, would you like to be carried up to bed? If so, I'm sure it can be done, but carrying both you and your armor can be a bit hard, after all."

Elodie chuckles, and bats her eyelashes up to Sammel. "I'm sure a big, strong knight like you can accomplish the feat," she tells him with the utmost of confidence. Then she shakes her head and looks out the windows as they weave through traffic. "Augh, listen to me, I'm sillier than a toddler on sugar. No, don't listen to me," she amends. "It's horrible embarrassing."

Sammel chuckles, "I'm sure I could find a way to do so, yes," he offers, with a grin, before he adds, "And you need to make up your mind, my love. Should I listen to you or not?" Spoken quite lightly now.

<Then cut, and move to Phylon.>

Even though she made a joke of being carried, Elodie held herself up, and her pack, as long as they were in public. Even through the family quarters, and not until she was in Sammel's quarters, did she allow her weariness to show again. Perhaps, at times, when there was a lull in the conversation, he might have spied something in the far away expression of her gaze that alluded to the lack of rest of the past week or so. It's only when she's in his quarters and can find a place to put down her pack and very soon after sinks onto the couch that she once more lets down her noble posture, closing her eyes as a hand drifts to her forehead.

Still carrying the armor, but looking ready to carry Eldie as well should she need it, Sammel lets out a breath as they reach the quarters now. Looking around for a few moments, to look for the other one that's taken up residence in the quarters. And sure enough, soon after the lady doctor has seated herself, Douley comes over from wherever he's been hiding himself, something that causes Sammel to grin a bit as he places the armor he's carrying off to the side, then makes his way over to the couch as well.

Once he's recognized that Elodie is non-threat on his new territory, Douley comes out and reclaims his space in her heart… or, on her heart. The lady gives a little 'oof' as the four paws land on her stomach, and then he makes his way up to settle on her chest, and nuzzle at her chin. Without opening her eyes, she smiles, the other hand lifting to stroke his fur. "I must smell horrendous," she murmurs slowly.

Sammel is unable to hold back a chuckle as he seats himself as well, turning to offer a brief grin to the feline. "See, told you she'd be back," he offers, with a smile, before he looks to Elodie again. "Well, you smell like someone who's spent a few days in armor." A moment of silence, before he adds, "We're just very glad that you're back."

Elodie opens one eye to look at Sammel. "In other words, I smell horrendous," she repeats with a chuckle. Her eye closes and she lets out a contented sigh as she pets the Douley for a little longer. The hand at her forehead reaches for the man's hand, a little smile playing about her lips. "I'm glad to be back, too." She pulls his hand over to kiss it. "I missed you."

"Well, true. But I don't mind. If you feel you need a shower, it's available, of course," Sammel offers, before he smiles as his hand is taken, and moves a little closer now. "I've missed you as well. Been a bit worried while you were gone."

Elodie nods, remaining quiet a little longer. "Do you have a tub in there?" she asks, her fingers still slowly running down the back of the little red kitten who's closed his eyes to concetnrate on purring for her. Then a random smile, "don't worry, I won't break your nose for admitting it. It was relatively uneventful, though. Happily, no Hostiles lurking in the passes."

Sammel smiles, nodding a little, "There is. I've always found a tub to be a good place to relax when muscles are aching." He grins a bit as he hears the part about not breaking his nose. "That's nice. Probably also a bit motivated by self-interest, hmmm?" Nodding again at the last part. "I'm glad there were no Hostiles lurking."

Elodie laughs. "If by self interest you mean that I like your face the way it is, yes, you could have a point," she admits. Opening her eyes, she looks over to Sammel. "If you have some clean clothes I can borrow, I would love to take a nice, hot bath. Get clean and relax the muscles. Then, maybe you can keep your end of the deal about bringing us both back." There's a glint in her eyes that speaks of how much she'd been thinking of coming back for that particular promise.

"That might have been on my mind, yes," Sammel replies, with a smile, before he nods, "I have some of them that you can borrow, yes. So you can get that well-deserved bath, before you get the reward for bringing both of you safely back." It's said a bit lightly, and with a smile now.

A little 'hmmm' of contentment sounds in Elodie's throat, then she finally takes both hands to gently lift Douley as she sits up. She settles him on a pillow, then uses Sammel for leverage to stand up and head towards the privy. "Do you need the bathroom before I monopolize it for the next hour?" she asks politely, pausing before she actually goes in.

Sammel shakes his head a little as he hears that, getting to his feet again as she does, before he moves over to find some of those clean clothes now. "No, I don't think I'll need it until you're done. Worst case scenario, I'll slip out to another bathroom, don't worry about that."

Elodie smiles and nods, slipping into the bathroom. The water can be heard running into the tub, the door still open as she checks temperature and then sits back to let it fill.

Sammel gets hold of the clothes now, and makes sure to bring them over to the bathroom. "Clothing delivery," he announces, in case she's already removed the used clothing, waiting for a few moments before he steps inside to place the clean clothing there. "Enjoy the bath," he offers with a smile, before heading back outside now.

Elodie chuckles at the announcement, but she is still completely clothed, one hand resting in the water as it rises. She looks up to give him a smile, and when he leaves, she rises to pad over and close the door.
Unlike when Sammel showers, no almost good singing comes out of the room, just the occasional sounds of splashing until there's a loud gurgle of draining water. A few minutes later, damp hair sort of braided, Elodie appears in Sammel's clothes, which she rather swims in.

After he got out of the bathroom again, Sammel made his way over to the couch to seat himself, and has been making sure Douley's kept happy while he waited. As the door opens again, he looks up, smiling as he sees how she seems to be swimming in the borrowed clothes. "I hope the bath helped," he offers, before he adds, "But I think that my clothes might be slightly large, compared to yours?" It's offered a bit lightly as he gets to his feet again now. "That doesn't change that you look quite beautiful, though."

Elodie smiles. Although she looks much fresher and cleaner, and definitely more relaxed, there is still a little sag under her eyes, and she makes her way towards him, leaning her forehead against his chest first, then threading her arms around him. "It did. And thank you," she looks up to him with a smile, now. "You and Eiris are determined to make me get used to being complimented, aren't you?" she asks him, an echo of the light tone he often uses in the question.

Sammel smiles broadly as he hears that, reaching over to slip his own arms around her now. "Of course we are," he replies, with a smile. Resting his head on top of hers for a few moments now. Another brief pause, as he glances around the room.

Elodie chuckles, almost snuggling into his embrace. "Well, you're both doing a very good job of it…" then she lets out a giggle. "You should have seen Ris pretending that she was "Sir Sammel Cindravale, come to sweep the Lady Elodie off her feet"."

Sammel raises an eyebrow a bit lightly as he hears that. "Oh? Should I confront her with trying to steal my identity?" he asks, rather lightly, before he leans back slightly. "I wonder one thing, though…"

Elodie laughs. "It wasn't very convincing," she assures, leaning back to look up at him. "What is that?" her smile is still lingering as waits to hear what Sammel wants to know.

"She didn't try this, did she?" Sammel asks, with a grin, before he leans forward to press his lips against hers, arms holding her close as he does.

Elodie's smile happily shifts when his lips meet hers to welcome the kiss, although she doesn't answer because she's content to just enjoy the little heady rush that accompanies it. Her arms tighten around him to stay upright, and there's only silence from the Iah woman until he chooses to break the contact.

Sammel also seems quite happy to enjoy the moment for a long while, his own arms tightening a bit around her for the moment. When he finally breaks the lip to lip contact, he offers her another smile now. "I've really missed you," he says, a bit quietly.

Elodie lets her eyes slowly open, and then she smiles in reply. "So it seems," she replies, but her eyes glow with warmth giving the observation a little more gravity. "Eiris was only teasing me because she could tell I was thinking about you." Content with having received a long demonstration of how much he missed her, she lays her head on his chest again, relaxing into her favorite space, sheltered in his arms. "If I could marry you tomorrrow, Sammel Cindravale, I would."

"I know," Sammel replies, before he smiles, "And I would happily marry you tomorrow, if it wasn't for our families probably wanting something bigger and more spectacular." A smile is offered, before he adds, "Speaking of which, we should probably do some planning of our own, right?"

Elodie nods at his shared feelings, giving a little chuckle. "Yes, I have a feeling Sir Niko would murder us if we deprived him of a chance of a dress up," she supposes. After a pause, she becomes still, as a thought comes to her. "But that doesn't mean we can't surprise them, anyways." She turns and looks up, chin resting on his chest again. "Sammel, —-

And you just have to wait until the wedding to find out the surprise. :) Although, Sammel did mention that maybe Niko wouldn't kill us, but he'd never forgive us.

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