08.10.3013 Cindravale Hospitality
Summary: Sammel stumbles upon Elodie and Eiris's little secret, as well as a couple Hostile Scouts.
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Plains of Ares The Vale, Imperius
Outside of Phylon, the Plains of Ares stretch on for thousands of miles, from the furthest southern end of the Vale to the beginning of the Forlorn Swamps in the chill north, from the eastern coast of the continent to the western. Scattered farming communities and noble holds lie within the near endless rolling hills, surrounded by seas of grass. Ribbons and patches of water lie about it here and there, streams and ponds coming together to run into the ocean or the expanse of the Great Lake. Grain farms crosshatch large swathes of the Plains, centered around small communities that are in turn centered around Waygates, but the vast majority of the Plains have been left to their own natural devices.
10 August, 3013

Another day, another lesson and Eiris is tending to the Iah Lady with due diligence - not paying attention to the plains for any signs of hostiles. Golden blonde hair is pulled back from her face into a braid and she uses her own legs to draw her dappled mare around her riding partner as distant storm clouds rumble on the horizon. "Try again," the stern tone comes. She is a focused teacher, poor Elodie. She circles again, squeezing her thighs against the sides of her mount to get her to slow and finally stop. "Once more!" Her folding bow is at her hip, a quiver of arrows attached to her saddle are ready but not at all in hand at the moment as her eyes linger on the other woman with growing interest.

Elodie's legs are starting to burn, but she repeats the circle around Eiris on the large, chestnut gelding that she rides. The reins are wrapped around the horn, and her hands lay lightly on her lap. She's wearing her full blue and silver armor, and strapped to her back today, instead of the saddle, are her usual bow and arrow. She reverses direction for another round, and as she turns at the 'once more' she hears a beeping. At first, since she's so concentrated on her seat, it takes a moment to register, causing her to grab at the reins to pull Habu to a stand still, rather than the squeeze of the knees as she's been learning. Her visor snaps shut and she scans the horizon. "Hostile," she says shortly, to explain why she's reverted to her 'old way' of riding.

And there are a few more people around on the plains at the moment. Off in the distance, closer to Phylon, there's someone armed with a lance riding out. And a bit closer, there are two creatures approaching on foot. For those able to see it, those seems quite like a pair of Hostile scouts, don't they?

Elodie's response has the Rovehn turning about to get a look at those on foot and she furrows her brows, straining to see as she draws down her own face covering. Her hand lowers, and grasps at the folded bow at her hip. She pulls it free, the click of the mechanism as it opens with a flick of her arm outwards sounds. The longbow now is set with a double string, meant for ease of pulling and a far more accuracy. She grabs for an arrow and then glances further. "How man do you have?" To be certain there are only two as she starts to nock the shaft into place.

Elodie is already reaching behind her as her eyes clue into what set off her AI warning in her helmet. She stops the beeping, but keeps the targets on. "Two," she says curtly, stringing her bow. She pulls an arrow out and nocks it, holding it one hand as she takes the reins again from habit. "Of course they're in the way… My AI is only picking up the two… although…" she narrows her eyes on the horizon. "There seems to be a knight, if we could get his attention…" She considers, then reaches into one of the pockets on her belt. "Emergency flare," she explains as she pulls one out, and then works to fasten it to her arrow. "Always have them, I wear my armor for Search and Rescue, as well…" She doesn't light it yet, holding Habu still as she watches the Hostiles.

It doesn't seem that the two scouts have seen the women yet, although with the direction they're going, that might only be a matter of time. And in the distance, the knight there seems to be making his way over in the general direction of where the women are now.

"Do you think that is wise? Do we not risk pulling all of the Hostiles right to us?" Eiris leaves her reins at the pommel, getting a good look at what is incoming as she waits to draw back on her bow. The route of the knight is noted and she waits, ready to shoot should the need arise.

"If I let this go, it will be because they've seen us," Elodie says tightly. "At least he or she does seem to be making their way in this general direction. I'm only getting the two readings… looks like scouts, so it's entirely possible that they're the only two in the area."

Coming a bit closer now, it looks like the scouts are going to pass by, before one of them comes to a stop, followed by the other, and then they look around the area, before changing their course in the direction of the two ladies. Seems they have been spotted now. And the knight in the distance is still a bit too far away.

Gritting her teeth, Eiris draws back, as much a signal to companion as anything. "Two is two too many…" she manages to utter the mouthful. "Taking the right." That said, she trains her arrow and releases, letting the armor piercing tip rush through the air at the incoming Hostile.

"Let's try to even it up," Elodie says, and now the flare is struck. Leaning back in her saddle a little so that she can aim upwards, she lets the bright red fly straight up, and then she's reaching back into her quiver with a nod. "Pick up the pace, knight," she murmurs to herself.

Making their way forward a bit faster now, the scouts ready themselves for attack. Meanwhile, the flare going up to the air gets the knight's attention, and the horse starts moving faster, with a minor course correction to bring it over in the direction of the women.

<COMBAT> Hostile14 passes.
<COMBAT> Elodie passes.
<COMBAT> Eiris attacks Hostile13 with Bow but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Sammel passes.
<COMBAT> Hostile13 passes.

The target still too far off for true accuracy, Eiris lets out a sigh as the arrow goes wide. Looking over her shoulder as her mare dances to the side, she can see the caravan in the distance. "They have to be stopped before they report anything.." She is squeezing her legs and her mare digs hooves in, moving towards the incoming quickly as she pulls another arrow and begins to draw back, readying herself for another strike before releasing the arrow.

Sparing a glance to see that the knight is spurring their steed to faster speeds, Elodie nocks an arrow and holds onto the reins as she urges Habu closer, but she pulls him back into a walk before she drops the reins to track her target and release the arrow

Closer now, the two scouts part slightly, to go after one target each. And the knight is still a little too far away, although readying the lance to come in for an attack very soon.

<COMBAT> Hostile14 attacks Elodie with Bludgeon and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Elodie attacks Hostile14 with Bow - Critical wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Eiris attacks Hostile13 with Bow - Serious wound to Head.
<COMBAT> Sammel passes.
<COMBAT> Hostile13 attacks Eiris with Bludgeon - ARMOR on Left Arm stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Sammel has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.
<COMBAT> Hostile14 has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Hostile14 has left the combat. (Sammel)

Coming at her opponent while riding, Eiris manages a strike right to the head of the Hostile and she lets out a yip, filling her helm as well as the air about her. Though she leans into her mount, she can not stop the strike to her left arm and she fumbles, nearly losing her bow as she rounds and feels the ache spread up her arm as it tingles. She narrows her eyes and pulls another arrow, before the hostile can strike.

Elodie is already drawing another arrow to nock, but then she stops, her bow lowering as she can't find the Hostile that she was expecting to have to hit again. Habu dances a little under her as her confusion translates to her mount. "Where did it go?" she asks.

One of the Hostiles get hit in the head, but not enough to bring it down. It still keeps on attacking though. While the other takes the arrow straight to the chest, going down from the attack. And now finally, the knight, in Cindravale colors, has reached the group, moving for the standing Hostile with his lance ready to attack. "You ladies need some help here?" comes the voice of Sammel.

<COMBAT> Sammel attacks Hostile13 with Lance - Serious wound to Right Arm.
<COMBAT> Sammel's weapon clicks empty.
<COMBAT> Hostile13 attacks Eiris with Bludgeon - Moderate wound to Head (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Elodie passes.
<COMBAT> Eiris passes.

Eiris is not quick enough, her arrow nocked and the voice noted when the bludegon comes down rather harshly against the top of her helm. It sends her head to the side and she lets out a sound of surprise, her hand coming up to grasp at the pommel to keep herself upright. The side of her helm cracked and most likely the reason for the small bit of blood welling beneath it across her cheek. For a moment the world spins, starting to move beneath her as her mare lets out a whicker and sidesteps again to get away from the other. The arrow is lost to the ground as she tries to keep a hold of her bow, letting her vision clear.

With a quick switch on her helmet comm to open up the Cindravale channel she's already established, Elodie pushes Habu forward with her knees. Scanning the ground, she finally finds the other Hostile is down as the knight rides by. "What took you so long, Sammel?" she asks, feeling suddenly more confident as she grabs the reins with one hand to pull the horse around and pick up a bead on the remaining hostile. The chestnut stands still as she looses the arrow, and lowers the bow, her eyes going to Eiris immediately after as she heard they yelp of surprise.

It takes another wound, this time from the lance to the arm, but the Hostile scout is still standing, and attacking. As Sammel turns No Name around to come in for another pass at the creature, he's unable to hold back a chuckle at Elodie's words. "Hey, I didn't know you had these kind of guests out here. Looks like the two of you have managed well so far, though."

<COMBAT> Hostile13 attacks Eiris with Bludgeon but Eiris DODGES!
<COMBAT> Elodie attacks Hostile13 with Bow - Serious wound to Right Hand.
<COMBAT> Sammel finishes reloading.
<COMBAT> Eiris passes.

Getting her wits about her again, Eiris grabs at an arrow an with the distraction offered by the other two, she manages to quickly pull an arrow into place and draw to her chest and not her ear. At this close range, she grits her teeth and releases, her braid shifting down her back as she urges her mare back a few places, trying to keep the distance from the Hostile so she doesn't eat the bludgeon again.

The flippancy of her bethrothed has started to rub off on her, and Elodie holds her mount still as she nocks another arrow. "I'm practicing entertaining in the Cindravale manner," she replies. She grits her teeth as the Hostile takes another swat at Eiris, this time barely missing. "Go down, already," she mutters, releasing once more.

And yet another wound the Hostile takes. But it keeps on trying to attack now. Strong, this one. And as Sammel brings down his lance for another pass at the enemy, he's unable to hold back some laughter. "You're doing quite well so far," he offers to Elodie. "Time to bring this one down now?"

<COMBAT> Sammel attacks Hostile13 with Lance - Serious wound to Neck.
<COMBAT> Sammel's weapon clicks empty.
<COMBAT> Hostile13 attacks Eiris with Bludgeon and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Elodie attacks Hostile13 with Bow - Moderate wound to Abdomen.
<COMBAT> Eiris attacks Hostile13 with Bow - Critical wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Sammel has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.
<COMBAT> Hostile13 has been KO'd!

As the arrow punches through its chest and the others land their own hits, Eiris eases up, though another arrow is drawn and set to string to make sure. She watches the hostile collapse and she keeps her horse back, eyeing the fallen foe for a moment longer. Finally her hand lifts, trying to push up her helm, though the way she was hit has it caught halfway and she peers out at him. "If we are done flirting, perhaps we can make certain those were the only two?" It's a jest, a faint smirk on lips as she eyes the both of them. "My Lord." She intones to Sammel. "Most fortunate you were taking a ride today."

Even though it's a seriously life threatening situation, Sammel's laughter brings out a beaming smile behind the helmet. Once they are sure both are down, Elodie brings Habu up next to Sammel, and looks up to him as her visor retracts. "I don't think I've ever been happier to see you," she tells him quite honestly, then she gives him a head to toe look over. "And I don't even have to patch you up after." She does, however, need to check and see if Lady Eiris needs patching. "Have you met Lady Eiristra Rovehn, Sir Sammel? She's been helping me with my riding lessons."

And even the strongest of the scouts falls down after getting hit by all of its opponents now. Looking around for a few moments as he fastens his lance to his saddle, so he can remove his helmet for the moment, offering a wide grin to both Elodie and Eiris now. "Yes, sorry about you not having to patch me up," he offers a bit lightly to Elodie, unable to hold back a bit of a chuckle. Looking to Eiris, he offers her a smile, as he listens to her words as well. "Are people really ever done flirting, Lady Eiristra?" he asks, a bit lightly, before he adds, "And I'm glad I was able to come out here. Good thing that one of you sent up that flare." Another brief pause as something Elodie said seems to register. "Riding lessons?"

"We have met now, thank you, Lady Elodie. As for seeing to me? Well that will have to wait til I can pry this helm off my head." She glances between them. "You both are welcome back at the caravan…" She uses her legs to guide the mare beneath her before she snaps her bow closed and down into its folded position at her hip. She glances between them, taking up the reins in one hand as she dips her head to each. "She is a quick student, it is my pleasure to teach her. I will see you both back at the caravan, I would like to gather a scouting party to be certain they do not encroach too closely on us."

Elodie smiles, and then she nods as Sammel catches on, and ducks her head, using the excuse of unstringing her bow to hide her face. "She's been teaching me how to ride with my legs so that I can use my bow when I'm riding." Once her bow is stowed, she looks up and nods to Eiris. "I would like to come over and check to make sure your head is all right, too."

Sammel chuckles a little as he listens now, nodding a bit. "And I can see how useful that is, being able to use the bow while riding." Glancing to the two downed Hostiles for a few moments, he offers another smile. "Good job."

Elodie blushes, smiling shyly to her betrothed as Eiris rides off to her caravan. "Thank you," she replies quietly. "I'm glad you saw the flare, we're fortunate you were out patrolling." She shifts, and Habu stamps a hoof, swishing his tail impatiently. "I couldn't believe the first went down. I was scared he was doing some Hostile hiding trick and was going to appear out of nowhere."

"Well, it wasn't fully a patrol. Someone told me you had gone out here on horse, so I figured I should come out as well, just in case." A brief pause, before he nods at the last part. "Understandable. They have some tricks that makes sure you can't always be sure if they're still standing or not." Another brief smile, as he looks to Habu, offering the animal a little nod. "Hope your horse has a better name than this one," he offers, reaching forward to pat No Name as he does.

"I was saving this as a surprise, for you to find out when I was finished learning. I'm glad that you came along to check up on me, though." She winks at him, then she gives a nudge with her knees to move forward at a slow walk. "I'm told his name is Habu. I'm not sure why, but it is a name," she teases Sammel.

Sammel smiles as he hears that, "It would have been quite a nice surprise. So a part of me is sorry to ruin that, but seeing those two, I'm glad I came out here." Looking to the scouts for a few moments, before he grins, "See, everyone ended up with more special names than you. But I like yours anyway," he offers to No Name now.

"You were surprised to find out I was learning, though…" Elodie points out, then she glances to his mount and chuckles. "But No Name's a special guy, no matter what his name is. Or isn't." Another pressure of the knees and Habu stops. "Shall we ride over and see how Lady Eiris is doing?"

"That's true, so it was a surprise after all," Sammel replies with a smile, before he nods, "Sounds like a good idea. That hit she took didn't look too good," he offers. Putting on his helmet again, but leaving the visor up for the moment.

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