Lord Cid Lothario Orelle
Kim Rossi Stuart
Kim Rossi Stuart as Cid Lothario Orelle
Full Name: Cid Lothario Orelle
Byname: Cid, Dr. Lothario
Age: 37
Planet: Oculus
Paramount: Orelle
House: Orelle
Title/Profession: Lord
Position: Doctor (unofficial)
Spouse: N/A Height: 1.91 m
Father: Lothario Constantius Orelle Weight: 84 Kilograms
Mother: Alessandra Khournas Hair Color: Brown
Siblings: N/A Eye Color: Blue
Children: Rumored


Cid is an unimpressive 27th in the line of succession for the House Orelle, a perennial bachelor who is barely a proper lord and noble to some, including his family. The story that is most emblematic of Cid is the anecdote that relatives had to restrain him one time because a crying baby had interrupted his studies and he was about to throw it out the window to stop it from crying. His parents died when Cid was fairly young, with no siblings other than his precious books. His parents' deaths, matters strictly off topic when talking with Cid, are blamed for his odd behaviors. Others paint a less flattering picture of a man not right in the head.

Lacking in things like empathy, he is nonetheless trained in proper etiquette but prefers the company of machines, looking down on most people as one does to cattle or other lesser creatures. Known for strange proclivities and a certain recklessness, his cybernetic left eye and monocle are sharing constant streams of data, perhaps theorizing the placement of a person's brain in a jar full of nutrients and electrical impulses. He sells odd contraptions from time-to-time, and tends to wield a fairly well-to-do prosperous lifestyle.

He is naturally curious, wandering from place to place, assisting strangers with fixing up electronics or providing medical help, usually solicited but occasionally not, with hilarious results. He, nonetheless, frequents brothels and other unsavory districts, but often demands strange things from those he has hired. He has a nasty reputation by some that he is really just out to harvest organs or steal technology for his strange experiments.


Cid has a reputation for being a 'silver thumb' for restoring and figuring out electronics. He is rumored to also be a fairly competent street medic, although his tending of the poor and underprivileged in the Ring has less to do with altruism or noblesse oblige and more to do with a certain tinge of hubris and a mission to preserve knowledge.

Much of his left side was injured in some sort of explosion. His left arm is replaced with a cybernetic arm to the shoulder, his left eye also cybernetic in nature. It is not revealed if there are any more cybernetic work done on Cid, but the rumor is that he is more metal than human.

He is an intense supporter of the Sleeper Ship but oddly seems to not care at all about the survival of the human race. He has occasionally been brought in to tidy up and fix problems with the Royal Navy's ships. He frequently gives lectures on scientific principles and new research, although more than a few times, he has made some snide remark about the Reversion.

Cid is mostly harmless. Maybe.



Broke Occam's Razor
More Machine than Man
Numbers not Emotions
Prefers Tech to People
Runs with Scissors
Strange Proclivities

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Cedric Lord Captain Cedric Orelle : My dear cousin Cedric, the ends, not the means, govern utility and dictate design.
Orelle Lord Admiral Ilo Orelle : 'Uncle' Ilo: Senility wrapped around fantasy. Time to wither.
Orelle Lord Captain Esiah Orelle : Esiah, may I remind you that my repairs are not free and my knowledge is not to be taken for granted. Always, quid pro quo.
Lyrienne Lady Lyrienne Orelle nee Sauveur : Cedric's wife. What is a Sauveur doing so far from home?

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