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Justin Timberlake as Chiron Quellton
Full Name: Chiron Quellton
Byname: -
Age: 24
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: Arboren
House: Peake
Title/Profession: Squire
Position: Squire
Spouse: None Height: 5'9"
Father: Ma' Quellton Weight: 150
Mother: Father Quellton Hair Color: Auburn
Siblings: Lorelei Quellton, Balius Quellton Eye Color: Blue
Children: None


Growing up on a horse ranch, Chiron Quellton was exposed to to little of the world outside of his home when he was younger. His parents didn't go to the big cities much, but when they did it Chiron always enjoyed it. As the first born of three children, he felt a strong urge to protect his younger siblings. His sister Lorelei in particular liked to play the part of damsel in distress when playing games in the woods. Chiron played the noble knight when going on adventures in the woods surrounding their humble ranch, saving his sister and slaying evil-doers.

His parents were an interesting lot. Father seemed to be somewhat of a weak-willed man who kept odd, potentially unsavory individuals as friends while Chiron grew up. As Chiron grew older these men visited less frequently, which made Chiron very relieved . He always had a bad feeling when they were over, and they were crude and unrefined. At least they were kind and polite to his mother and sister. In his teen years, Chiron would have many arguments about these individuals with his father. Chiron wanted to know who these men worked for and what they were doing at the Ranch, but his father would tell him nothing. Chiron would get very frustrated with his father afterward. As the first born son, his mother doted on Chiron. In her eyes, he could do no wrong and encouraged him to follow his dream of becoming a knight. She was always interested in what Chiron had to say, but particularly interested in any and all romantic interests that Chiron had.

As he got older he did everything he could to become a squire. He met with nobles, knights, ladies, anybody who he thought could help him. Chiron came close to becoming a squire, but year after year he was passed up for another noble child. His parents tried to console him by promising he would inherit the ranch, but not content to settle for his father's life, Chiron's resolve doubled and after another argument with his father he gathered his things and moved out. He went to swear fealty to the Arboren house as a men-at-arms, thinking if he couldn't find a knight to squire him, then he needed to prove he was worthy of becoming a knight after the next campaign with the hostiles.

The next five years of his life were spent diligently honing his skill with the blade. When not practicing Chiron enjoys his new found freedom listening to music, drinking with his buddies, playing boardgames like chess, and talking with ladies. His visits home were frequent but brief, as every conversation came back to the men who visited every once in a while. He had also grown accustomed to the freedom from his mother's ever-watchful eye. Chiron preferred to spend as much time as possible with his younger sister, Lorelei, whom he had affectionately nicknamed “Sparrow”, and his younger brother.

Recently Chiron enjoys camping and hunting, getting quite good at the two from his training as a men-at-arms. He has been promoted to Sergeant. Another thing he's noticed he has a natural talent for is the healing arts and has been taking classes to become a combat medic. As for Chess, he's become quite good at it, and has a very hard time declining a game if offered. Previously his experience as a men-at-arms has been mostly peacekeeping and guard duty assignments, but in the past year he has been chosen for some real conflicts between vassals, which has taken him away from his family for the past year.

Chiron dreams of living above his current state. He dreams of joining the noble class, owning a keep and commanding an army of loyal soldiers. Most people he talks to about it laugh and brush it off, but Chiron truly believes that he can break that barrier between Nobility and Commoner. Because after all, didn't the father of ever noble house start out as a smithy, a baker, or a horse breeder?




  • Protective: As an older brother, Chiron is very protective of anyone he considers a friend. He is more protective of his younger siblings.
  • Dreamer: Chiron dreams of becoming a Knight, becoming a noble. He does all that he can to prove he is deserving of the title.
  • Addicted to Chess: Chiron began to play chess when he left his home to join the Arboren military. It has quickly become his favorite game, and he has a hard time passing up a chance for game.
  • Idealistic: Chiron believes in ideals. You do thing in specific ways because that's the best way to do them, or it's the morally right choice.

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Lorelei Lorelei "Sparrow" Quellton : My younger sister and best friend. We talk a lot, and she's usually the person I turn to when I need help or some comforting. She's a rather talented poet, or so I've been told, and has recently gotten her name out and received success in some of the noble circles. When we were growing up I started calling her Sparrow after she became interested in poetry.
Balius Balius Quellton : Balius is my younger brother, but I doubt you'd be able to tell with our personalities. He is interested in science and medicine, I'm interested in Knights and combat. Bey is young, and sometimes I forget that when he throws his tantrums. All in all though, he's pretty alright, for a brother anyway. Just be careful, the world will use and manipulate you if you're not careful.
Didasko Didasko Quellton : Chiron's cousin, works at Mott's Taphouse. Good people.

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