09.09.3013: Chest wounds are worse than sibling fighting
Summary: in answer to the question of what's worse than siblings fighting!
Date: 09.09.3013
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Arborenin Woods
Tall, monstrous trees dominant the forests that take up most of the southern half of the Spine. Their trunks are like the legs of giants, and their dark bark is home to brightly colored moss and the broad steps of mushrooms. Natural light must filter down through broad leaves, casting much of the forest in a cool green glow. The forest floor is covered mostly in soft peat and rotting debris, creating a fertile bed for lush flora, which in turn become the habitats of diverse fauna. Nurse logs, hollowed snags, sink holes, and small forest caves adds layers of detail to the broad stretch of Arborenin woods. Toward the outer edges of the forest, the giant trees transition to smaller evergreens and firs, transitioning into mountain forests to the west and rocky beaches to the east.

It seems like hours have passed…or maybe seconds, Bey thinks, barely keeping track of time. He's allowed Loree to bandage his hand and he's used what little salve he has on both of them. It's definitely inadequate for the wounds on their chest, but as he continues to lose more blood, his grasp on consciousness becomes ever further tenuous. He's kneeling on the ground, swaying a little in front of his sister, who seems likewise wounded. There's a Hostile scout on the ground, unconscious? Dead?

Lorelei seems better than Bey, but that could be because she's focusing on Bey. after bandaging his hand, she'll try what little she knows to keep him from passing out, softly talking to him. At one point she considered moving away fro the scouts's body, but she doesn't think she'd make it far enough to be worth it. As the soft noises as the search party comes closer, Loree quiets hand closing around her small metal club, suddenly terrified that it's more hostiles. She'll try to place herself between the noise and her brother.

A party crashes through the forest, or softly stirs the pine needles but enough that wildlife moves more away once again. Following the distress call after congregating and mobilizing quickly. It includes the usuals, some knights with swords and such, a field medic, along with civilian throw-ins wanting to help. Not a large party, but amidst their number is one Ephraim Hollolas, Lord by title, entrepreneur by proximity, sailor by night. He's actually dressed in fitting cloths for movement rather than up-to-date on fashion. Doesn't blend in with the forest at all, looks like he would make for some good fighting on a ship, but he comes as well prepared himself, shield belt and sword in case he needs them. Coming on the scene, the first responder starts looking around, "We're here to help …" As if asking who needs the most medical attention. They'll wait for an answer, and if none comes, they'll proceed to do what they do.

Bringing up the rear, Ephraim comes in, "Lorelei," he calls, "The nymph below guide me …" He is only looking for her, trying to get a glimpse around the few bodies in front of him.

Bey weakly nods towards Loree. "She's…wounded." The words are weak and he closes his eyes, nearly just letting himself pass out. His head falls forward for a moment and then he jerks back, catching himself. "Hostile, attacked us. Think it was alone." There's a dagger on the ground near the slain creature.

Both Bey and Loree's chests are covered with blood. They both look pale and Bey's hand is wrapped. Older sibling instants are kicking in, "He's worse…it's…." Loree slowly turns her head to look at the Hostile body, which looks to have been stabbed and it's chest piece has been crush, "It hasn't moved…" Loree's moving slowly, almost like she's underwater. It hasn't registered that someone caller her name, much less that it's Ephraim.

Those meant to do the knightly work share that with each other through their coms, a static voice "Spread out, perimiter sweet, see if it was alone." "Roger," comes a response and a couple warm, lightly-armored, bodies spread out moving more silently through the woods than the main body of the rescue party.

The first responder moves towards Lorelei first, "Someone look him over." He moves to Lorelei to being looking over, one of the civilian tag alongs move towards Balius. "She's right, doc, he looks pretty bad too," says the other.

"Wave-mother," exclaims Ephraim in a loud whisper, seeing the wounds, then gaining some composure, "Are you alright," he asks moving to step closer to Lorelei. The 1st Responder stops him, "That's close enough Lord, give me some room here." He'll start scanning the chests, looking for broken bits and such before actually trying to treat, less it be made worse.

One remaining soldier goes to kick the hostile, just to be sure, then actually checks vitals on it with whatever scanner type equipment they have.

Relenting to the medical attention, Bey simply holds up his wounded hand and allows the medics to get to work. He keeps an eye on Lorelei, but the brother seems to be satisfied now that help has arrived and someone is looking her over. "Thanks, didn't know…" He just mumbles incoherently as the rescue team does its work.

Lorelei blinks, frowning, as she turns to look at whoever the responder is talking to, "Ephriam?" She must be out of it not forget titles in front of other people… 'Why are you here? There's Hostiles…you shouldn't be here…" Both Loree and Bey have moderate axe wounds to the chest, the blade having hit and chipped bone, but not crushed anything. Loree's voice is shaking, confused, "Bey's hurt. Is he ok?" she's sways slightly.

"Settle down Ms.," says the responder to Lorelei, "We'll take care of you both, just don't aggravate the wounds." Then he explains to the other that they do indeed look like axe wounds, that they should flush as best the can in the field, bandage for transport back to facilities for real work on the wounds from the axe.

As they talk about doing their work, Erphaim bends down towards Lorelei, is pushed back a little by the medic, "I saw a situation involving you and Balius, I had to come, to see that you were all right." He simply explains, wanting to comfort, but not wanting to be in the way.
The one over Balius says to him, "Just relax Mr, these could of been worse, but we don't want any more stress around the wounds you have." He turns to one of the few in the party, talking about field splints/stretchers, thus some pools and fabric are brought out. Whether the gear is completely meant to be used as a stretcher, or that its something like a pup-tent with the bonus of being able to convert into them, they start preparing a couple of transport items for the two wounded. Seemingly they came to rescue, but not with hover sleds of any sort.

Just groaning and nodding, Bey tries not to move as best as he can. "Yeah…satchel…" He points to it next to him, wanting to make sure they get it. "Sis? You okay?" He reaches his hand out, wanting some confirmation that they were taking care of her.

Lorelei nods, although it's hard to tell if it's at the medic or Ephraim. Loree looks over, blinking and frowning when she hears Bey, "I'm ok. It's worse than it looks." Is it? She can't tell. There's a medic in-between the sibling, blocking the way for Loree to reach and touch her brother. her voice doesn't sound very confident though, "Bey? Are you okay?" He has a habit of lying, "You look lost o much blood…"

The medics slowly ease the Quelltons onto stretchers, mentioning random orders to each order. "Yeah, definitely gonna need transfusions for both of them…" "The hospital has been notified, right?" "Okay, good." It's a daze of quotes and orders. "Damn Hostile…how'd a scout get so far into the woods. And why was it alone?" "A dagger and club? These two are damn lucky."

Bey seems to be processing just bits and pieces. "Loree…trust the medics. I'm gonna be alright." His hand flails and fingers touch hers just briefly as the rescue party starts to put them on separate makeshift stretchers.

Lorelei only slightly fights the medic, trying to keep her eyes on Balius, Ephraim and the scout body. She lets out a soft whine as her fingers brush Bey's, before turning to wildly reach for Ephraim's. "It's dead? It can't follow us? I don't want it to take my insides…" She's not quite making sense.

"It's dead, sir. Miss. Please calm down…we're gonna take you to a place where we can look at these wounds, alright?" The medic is trying to be assuring.

"Fine, fine. Loree, just…sleep…" Bey's advice is silly and probably useless. but he's got to say something.

The medics keep Eph away from Loree as she's getting upset. Loree closes her eyes, but it's definitely not to sleep. She's not sleeping ever again. Ever. Crying hurts her chest, actually breathing hurts her chest, the adenine is starting to wear off. Tears start escaping her eyes, but she doesn't make much noise, as that would require a deep breath. "Bey? I'm sorry…" She thinks they were fighting before? The medics start moving the two as quickly as the can through the forest, everyone else fanning out to make sure the way is safe. a third stretcher is quickly constructed and the hostile body is dumped on, with a lot less care. Anything that needs to be down, deactivated is, before bring it with.

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