09.29.3013: Chance Encounter
Summary: Shopping in the Ring ends up in a chance encounter
Date: 15 09 2013
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Glenna Densoric 

Bazaar - Blue District, The Ring
Stepping off the lift and into the Blue District is almost like stepping into another world. The senses are assaulted with a complexity of scents, sights, and sounds. Light that abscribes to the same hours as the rest of the Ring glows from insets in the dark metal ceilings. The Bazaar is one of the central hubs of the Blue District — also known as the Entertainment District. There are dozens of shops and emporiums that clutter around the outer edge of the bazaar with stands and kiosks making organized chaos of its center. There are some shops that have been there for generations, including the famous — if not a little infamous — Gregor's Strange Meats. This is the place to find the weird and the bizarre. It is known that the Blue District hosts the impoverish and underworldly inhabitants of the Ring, making it not only the most mystifying but also the most dangerous district on the space station. There are several corridor-like thoroughfares that branch off from the Bazaar, leading deeper into the District.
29 09 2013

The Bazaar. An intersting place, and obviously as Glenna takes a look around, not what she was expecting when told about it. Perhaps she misunderstood someone although, that's not a usual state of affairs, being rather a bit of importance to her to have her facts straight. Important, in her non Academ persona. But, it does call to mind the rasons that M.O.M. has been a particularly keen project as well as the Notice Project of late, perhaps a stark reminder of those things brought up by those ideas. So, assisting the local economy, albeit in a careful manner, will continue.

Exiting one of the shops is the tall young noble dressed in blue. Making his way through the Bazaar of the Entertainment District with relative ease, Densoric casually makes his way through the crowds. Dressed in his typically mildly-formal attire with an arming sword at his hip, which tends to keep most who might try to cause trouble at bay. After all weapons normally are only carried by nobles and knights in public.

Clearly, Glenna is not one of those, but for all that, she maintains a light if firm grip on her satchel, as she wanders towards a shop that appears to have clothing in it. Brushing hair back from her eyes, she looks through the window of this shop for a time, pondering if indeed, this is the kind of clothing she'll buy. It doens't look bad, really. But,a shake of the head and she moves, without quite looking where she's going towards a kiosk that appears to be selling trinkets of some kind.

Stopping short Densoric states, "Careful Miss." in a passive, casual tone as Glenna nearly runs into him. He then side-steps a bit to clear a path for her to continue if she wishes. If he recognizes Glenna there is no signs of it, though it would be odd for a noble to make way for a Citizen by choice… At least most nobles.

You say, "Oh, my apologies, please. I'm sorry…" noticing the sword and the attire. A quick mental judgement, while other thoughts flutter through her mind, this face is slightly familair, she will ponder it out in her head. She offers Plase forgive me, my lord. I'm afraid my attention' stepping lightly out of his way, "..was captured by the trinkets in that kiosk over there." A hand gesturing towards the aforementioned kiosk."

Densoric nods and says, "We all get ahead of ourselves at one point or another miss. Especially when its something we are especially interested in." Whether his name is known or not, anyone familiar with House colors can clearly tell Densoric of of House Larent just from the color options of his attire. Not really the House best known for having favorable relations with Citizens.

Perhaps, House Larent has not; but Glenna, after having been working with a certain Senator for a while, is able to deal with people rather well, at least after a fashion, rather well. "Yes, perhaps, my lord but not usually something I let myself do. You do seem familiar to me somehow my lord. Of House Larent, I can tell by the colors. If I may introduce myself, my name is Glenna, Glenna Blair, Student and Senator Hartcliffe's aide.

Densoric nods and says, "Greeting Miss Glenna. I am Lord Densoric Larent, you may have seen me making my way around I am not completely unknown to the shops around here."

You say, "Well met, then my lord. I'mafraid though that it may not have been here, this is my first visit to this area." Putting a finger to her lips for a moment, "Perhaps " and alightbulb goes off in her head, "Ah yes, the name I've heard during the course of the Notice Project meetings. But the face, I have seen somewhere before as well"

Densoric nods and says, "I'm the Director of Infrastructure, I was also mingling a bit at the rave. Perhaps that is the reason then."

Glenna nods, "Perhaps that's it, yes." Her face seems to agree with that statement, but her eyes still appear to be considering something. "If I may ask, how go your particular Notice project endeavors?

Densoric says, "Well enough, mostly trying to organize volunteers and the like for the work on the first stage of the Project. You mentioned the meetings, are you part of the Project yourself then?"

You say, "The Senator and I are both working on the Finance Department, of which Senator Hartcliffe is the director. It's rather challening coming up with funding ideas and events as well."

Densoric nods and says, "I'm not too bad with money, but fundraisers are another matter. Politics only takes you so far, social events with Citizens are another matter."

Glenna clears her throat for a moment as she considers her next words. "Well, there is a tournament and other events, that are in the works. Perhaps, you've the time sometime, you might even offer the Senator your thoughts on finance. I'm sure he'd appreaciate it.

Densoric says, "Curious that the Director of finance would need financial help. Besides I only have a Master's Degree in economics, I doubt I'd be of much help to the Senator. I would be happy to speak with him on other matters if there is a need."

You say, "oh no, it's not help that he needs. But other opinions and suggestions are, of course, always welcome. You ahve to beable to keep an open mind about things, even to the ideas of tohers no matter what your own thoughts on things are, you see. Sometimes, the thoughts of others help you to see things more clearly. Perhaps then sometime, the two of you might meet and discuss things then."

Densoric smiles softly and says, "If you know much about House Larent then you will know how abnormal it is I'm even talking to you. That aside I was trained in etiquette, politics, and related matters from an early age. Perhaps not to the same degree as the Senator, after all Citizen politics isn't the same as noble politics."

You say, "Perhaps then the two of you, whether Noble and Citizen then, might simply enjoy a conversation on Politics? But, forgive me if I overstep myself."

Densoric lifts a dismissive hand and says, "If I didn't care for Citizens we wouldn't be speaking Miss Glenna. If he wishes to speak I have no objections. Even a Senatorial Aide is worth a discussion of politics for me."

You say, "I'm still learning, of course, Lord Densoric. People are all intrinsically the same no matter their status or birth. We all live and breath and want the same things from life, for the most part, I believe."

Densoric nods and says, "And we all have those things we are naturally more skilled with. For example I have some training in martial pursuits but I excelled much further in mental pursuits. As I am also better with electronics then chemistry." smiling softly.

Glenna smiles, "And I am quite good at farming and athletics and researching things. And, am learning to be better at other things.

Densoric nods and says, "I've only dabbled a bit in research, unfortunately I exhausted what little Hostile programing code I had access to, so my progress is on indefinite hold."

You say, "Oh, I see. Well, if ever I can be of assistance to you in the research area, if I have the time, that wold be quite interesting. Electronics I only dable in myself so in that area, I could be of little aid."

Densoric nods and says, "Unfortunately it's unlikely I'll progress any further as I would need access to a Hostile, and the only captured one I know of I'd have more productive questions for then dealing with their cybernetics. But I have yet to be granted access to the captive, and after this long I'm guessing I won't be given such access."

You say, "I've often wondered abotu that Hostile they have. But, I have no valid reason to go have questions of it, other than interest or curiousity."

Densoric nods and says, "Much is the same with myself. As I said i did some minor research but found little of note. At best the findings of lord Brigham and myself might spark an interesting philosophical debate but little else."

You say, "Hmm, well that would be intersting to hear if the two of you debated, or if there were even a public debate. But, I can see why there must not be something of that nature at this time either."

Densoric shakes his head and says, "I'd leave it to philosophers, public debates wouldn't be of benefit, even if the findings prove true to my suspicions. But it is only a theory based on little evidence."

You say, "Well, when the time is right for revelations, I'd be interested in hearing them. But, " she looks about after dismissing that kiosk she'd been looking at, "If I'm keeping you from something, my apolgoies. It's not often I have the privilege of casual conversation with someone such as yourself who is interested in politics and other things.:"

Densoric lifts a dismissive hand and says, "No need to worry yourself, I know the value of Citizens and have no problems speaking with them. And you are better mannered then even some nobles I could name. As to revelations, I wouldn't call it that, simply a theory, one that as I said is based on very little 'evidence'. Though if you would like to hear the theory I am not adverse to it Miss Glenna."

Glenna's eyes sparkle a bit. "I'd be most interested, Lord Densoric. I have heard little other than what has been on the vids. So, to an inquisitvie person like myself, it would be most interesting" She shifts her satchel from one shoulder to another, "And, of cousre, unless you say otherwise, wahtever is said is between ourselves.

Densoric smiles softly and reaches up, and unless Glenna stops him he lightly taps her forehead with a finger and says, "That is the greatest weapon humans have. A strong arm can be of help as well, but a strong mind provides more options, when one has both they are nearly unstoppable." Lowering his hand, whether she allows him or not, he then adds, "An inquisitive mind is like water in a sense. It moves, it can create or destroy, it can take the form of whatever it is put into, yet it still has the ability to change and adjust to whatever surroundings it finds itself. Such a thing is something that should always be promoted. As to my theory, it would be better suited to limited retellings as it could potentially cause panic as there is little evidence, and even if it proved true it could cause even more chaos then. If you wish to hear then, simply inform me of where to meet for the discussion.""

The head tap causes a moment of consternation, but then it almost reminds her of the maddening things her brothers used to do to her growing up. Her eyes grow thoughtful as she listens to his words, "My father and brothers have more of the strength of arms than myself, although I am working on that a bit. But, I have always thought my mind, if you will, was the best weapon at my disposal, obviously. I will have to think on this, and consider a proper, suitable time and place for such a discussion. How fortunate I've been to run into you, Lord Densoric. This has been a most interesting discussion.

Densoric shrugs and says, "Such things happen. Though if it helps any from what you say you are much like myself." patting the electrum pommel of his sword he adds, "I am at best the equal of your average man-at-arms with this, and worse with other weapons. As I said those with both are nearly unstoppable but that is because a rare few have the capability of using both equally. Everyone else is either physically skilled or mentally skilled. But even the mind is a weapon when employed properly. Politics is a good use of such a weapon. But then the same can be said for scientists, researchers, even philosophers. It depends on the type of weapon one wishes to have."

You say, "This" tapping her head, "I know I will have far longer than any other skills I may ever happen to possess, Lord Densoric. The only skill with a weapon, other than words, that I have is with a bow, used mostly for hunting with my family on camping trips. The mind is something so few choose to work with, or challenge over much I think at times."

Densoric nods and says, "I am fair with a bow at best myself, but yes words is one of many weapons of the mind. So is the application of the sciences, after all who else makes or advances on the weapons thhe arms fight with? And researchers improve in that regard as well. Though you are correct, too few recognize the value of a keen mind honed into a weapon."

You say, "Well, with the world as it is right now, I can almost understand why they're more interesed, well, many people tend ot gravitate towards the physical weapons aspect. But," and seh says this carefully, "There are times when I think some people intentionally hide their true mental capabilities because they're afraid there are those who might think less of them for some reason."

Densoric says, "Possible, especially with the more combat-driven Houses and their people. Though it makes sense anyway, those with a focus on combat should devote the majority of their effort to martial pursuits, but then even tactics and strategy is a mental discipline afterall. And those of mental strength should dedicate the majority of their time on pursuits of the mind as well."

(Slowly the conversation fades away as each person goes about their own dealings)

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