Lord Captain Cedric Orelle
Jamie Bamber
Jamie Bamber as Cedric Orelle
Full Name: Cedric Orelle
Byname: Captain Coat
Age: 24
Planet: Oculus
Paramount: Orelle
House: Orelle
Title/Profession: Captain
Position: Lord
Spouse: Lyrienne Orelle nee Sauveur Height: 6'1"
Father: Esiah Orelle Weight: 220pds
Mother: Magnola Orelle nee Larent Hair Color: Black
Siblings: Benedict Orelle, Roslyn Orelle, Talaya Orelle, Frederick Orelle, Marissa Orelle Eye Color: Green
Children: Marus Orelle, Lysandra Orelle, Jullian Orelle


Being the middle child in the main family line can sometimes lead to being forgotten by one's parents. This sort of happened to Cedric, as Benedict was being groomed for leadership by his parents, he as the middle child had a different upbringing.

His grandfather was the man who got him interested in starships. More to the point, grandfather Ilo was more of a father to Cedric than possibly his actual father. He's the one that got Cedric interested in the navy and started to show him the real peril Haven was truly in the older he became. Haven would be destroyed if they didn't do something. That the people were unwilling to leave when it's something they should've done after the first System War. Cedric joined the Navy as soon as he was able.

It wasn't long after his induction into the naval academy that he fell into sorts with a Lyrienne Sauveur. They had been brief aquaintences for some time before he entered into the academy. She had just gone through a rather unpleasant breakup with the heir of Arboren, and he was entering his training in just a few weeks and…one thing led to another after a night of drinking and carefree attitudes.

After that night, Cedric didn't think much of it, the Sauveur woman seeming to be of the kind that was looking for a night to let go, and he certainly wasn't looking for anything serious just entering the academy. Four months later, Lyrienne appeared on the academy's campus looking for him, showing him the growing bump on her stomach. She was pregnant and he had been the only she had slept with in the timeframe that made sense. To avoid a scandal for both of their houses, it needed to be take care of quickly and quietly, but a distant Sauveur and the second son of the Orelle didn't seem like a bad match in the end. While there was gossip about the two of them having a child out of wedlock, a wedding was pipelined between the two houses. It wasn't what either of them wanted, but they were stuck with it.

In the seven years that passed, Cedric became a capable Lieutenant, and some time after that, an equally as capable Captain of his own ship, named the Shadow of Intent. He and Lyienne had two more children in the following year, the third having just recently been born, something of an unexpected surprised.

His marriage to Lyrienne has been warm at best. Neither of them really wanted to be tied down to each other, as she had no real intention of marrying him and he never wanted to get married to begin with. So at best, they've been pleasant to one another. It wasn't where they thought their lives would go, but they're stuck with each other.

Cedric is still Ilo's unspoken 'favorite' grandchild, since Cedric has become just as fervent in the production of a sleeper ship as Ilo is, even if the Captain is a bit more tempered and even minded in the ideal. The focus should be the coming war, to prevent a division of resources. That and there just wouldn't be enough time to build a ship properly before the Hostiles arrived. Cedric believes the right time is after the war. There will be more than enough time for construction after. Cedric also believes that only those that want to leave Haven for a new home should come. While he's hellbent on finding a new home, it's only partial to his other reasons. He believes that humanity has become lazy, that they've lost their drive to explore the unknown. They have not expanded one bit after the First System War, which was part of the reason they first left Old Earth to begin with. Going back to being explorers was in the best interests for humanity. They were becoming stagnant the last thousand years in the same place, too afraid to leave.

Cedric wanted to change that. To save Haven, they needed to leave. Or at least expand beyond it's borders.

Stuff You Might Hear About Cedric

  • His coat is a custom article and stories varied just how he aquired it, along with what exactly it's made out of.
  • Rumored that Cedric could've been a professional soccer player were it not for him joining the Navy.
  • How Cedric lost his eye ranges from barfight to saving a member of the royal family. Nobody really knows how he lost it, only that the medical scars around his left eye clearly suggest that he has a cybernetic replacement.

Plot Hooks

Protege: He is steadfastly behind his grandfather, Master of Ships Ilo Orelle, almost to the point where some might think Cedric is little more than his grandfather's mouthpiece.

Little Faith in Heirs: Has publicly spoken against Janelle Sauveur, stating that having no military experience in a time of war will only cost the lives of more Havenites, while bringing into question if she actually cares about the people or if it's just a matter of wanting power. However, he's said nothing of Edmund either.

Big Picture Person: Cedric believes that eventually Haven will not be able sustain the wars against the Hostiles indefinately. He wholeheartedly knows that another sleeper ship must be built if the human race is to survive. While he's willing to let that wait until the latest war is over, the ship will be built, even if that means that the people that leave Haven will only be the ones that choose to.

Proud Parent: Cedric loves his children dearly and as the war nears, has been spending more time with them. Possibly because he believe that he may not come to see them grow up, being a ship Captain.



  • Awesome Coat
  • Cybernetic Eye
  • Dutiful
  • Naval Tradition
  • Pro-Technology
  • Pragmatic

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Known Associates

Ilo Lord Admiral Ilo, Grandfather : No matter what people think of you, grandfather, I am your man. Even if you never live to see it, your dream will be fulfilled. Thank you for being on my side, even if you can't exactly openly say as much.
Esiah Lord Sir Captain Esiah, Father : I know Benedict took precedence over everything else and I know you and I disagree on who should be made Regent, and I also know that you see too much of grandfather in me, but I've made my decision in my life. I just want you to respect that.
Lyrienne Lady Lyrienne Orelle, Wife : I know this wasn't how you imagined your life would go. For years I was sorry about that, and I wasn't really sure how to go about it. If there is anything good I can say about this war, which really, isn't a lot, I would say that it brought us closer together as a married couple. Behind every good man stands a better woman, and I can't think of how true that statement applies to you. My best friend, my confidant, my wife, and everything inbetween. You and the kids are the only reason I do what I'm doing. And if it all goes to pot, I hope you'll understand why I did what I did. Just know that you are first and foremost always in my thoughts.
Rozlyn Lady Rozlyn Orelle, Sister : Probably my best friend growing up, the one person who didn't tend to judge me and gave me the room to be the person I wanted to be. As for her, she has her ways of thinking, I just wish she'd be more…open? Sometimes, I think that level detachment is just a wall of shielding herself away. At least she seems happy, and that's what matters. She also needs to learn the meaning of the word subtlety. Have to work on that.
Talayla Lady Talayla Orelle, Sister : The odd one of the bunch of us, which is saying something given Roz. But I think that's why she's my favorite sibling, even if we don't see enough of each other. The one who was so very much unlike the rest of us. It makes her stand-out in a way that I appreciate. I don't think I could ever say enough good things about her.
Benedict Young Lord Sir Benedict Orelle, Brother : One day we'll look back at this rivalry we've had since children and laugh. Or at least, I'd like to think that we will. Maybe one day I'll have to forgive you for such an ass when we were kids. Or maybe I was jealous that dad pampered you when I felt like I often didn't exist. I'm not sure if I should blame you for something you didn't do, but…hopefully maturity will win out, one day.
Kaedin Lord Sir Kaedin Orelle, Knight : For being a distant cousin, you must have more Khournas in you than Orelle. Because like my sister, you never did quite fit in with the rest of us, but I always valued originality instead of fitting into some kind of mold. Also, I have to give you credit for being on the few that gets me out of my shell. Haven't seen you in awhile, wonder where you went.


Percival Lord Captain Percival Larent, Captain : Fine Captain, served alongside him in the defense of the Ring. The man had some good ideas about changing up the naval defense and on how we should really be fighting this naval war instead of using ramships. I agree with the man's thoughts, since they seemed so much very in-line with my own. A shame that work has seemed to consume him. If I see him again, he and I should have a talk.


Helena Lady Doctor Helena Dalton : We met at some kind of fundraiser that I was dragged in effort for my wife to make me 'more sociable'. You were one of the more pleasant ones I spoke to, but even you seem to be distracted with all the questions and greetings being tossed your way. I need to remind myself to make myself more open to actually talking. Seemed rather nice.

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