Cassia Merula
Sophia Myles
Sophia Myles as Cassia Merula
Full Name: Cassia Merula
Byname: {$byname}
Age: 20
Planet: {$planet}
Paramount: Orelle
House: Volen
Title/Profession: Citizen
Position: Seamstress
Spouse: Unmarried Height: 5'6"
Father: Unknown Weight: 115 pounds
Mother: deceased Hair Color: Blonde
Siblings: None Eye Color: {$eyecolor}
Children: None


As a child Cassia grew up around all things clothing and sewing and creativity, things that swiftly became ingrained to her. The only child born to a mother who raised her alone, Cas begun to help her mother in her shop just about as soon as she could walk and speak. At first it was just little tasks that were given to her… sweeping and tidying up… but it was not much longer before she was given scraps of fabric to make clothes for her dolls out of. It was easy to see that Cassia was indeed her mother's daughter as she was a natural with an eye for fashion even as a child. Sewing lessons soon became the major focus of her childhood although she also took the time to learn how to embroider, weave and spin wool into yarn. She was also allowed to take archery classes and was taught the basics of how to handle a dagger. Over time she also learned how to cook from her mother and play cards and fish from some of the neighborhood boys.

As her twentieth birthday approached Cassia's mother took ill. Her life being swiftly sapped from her, she arranged for her daughter to work for Kadmus a man she remembered as a customer who bought from her several years prior, a man who was very kind to them as if they were a part of his household. Despite Cassia's protests she was sent away and the shop closed just days prior to her mother's passing.



Fair of hair, face and skin-tone, this blonde-haired young woman is what might be considered to be pretty without being exceptionally beautiful. It might be because of the roundness her face still holds of the fact that her eyes are just a little too large, details that might detract from the girl's comeliness. Her hair falls about her shoulders in gentle waves and is kept styled so that her blue eyes are not covered, keeping her field of vision clear. While not overweight she does seem a bit softer in build compared to those who take part in regular exercise with the majority of the remaining 'baby fat' found in her cheeks and arms.

Her gown is a study in simplicity with a boned corset that's laced and tight tightly, allowing for a modest glimpse of her 'charms', and a long skirt that is full enough to lend the impression of curves and just long enough to brush against the floor. It is made of black brocade fabric and has been left fairly plain. Her hair is drawn up into a fancy braid which is held into place by a black onyx clasp.


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