05.21.3014: Casanova
Summary: Brienne and Jayce go shopping for a horse to replace the one he lost.
Date: 10 January 2014
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Public Stables
These public stables host beasts of burden for both Nobles and Citizens. Horses are the most common, though there have been other creatures such as oxen kept in its stalls. The stable consists of a wide central corridor with stables branching off on either side. It is crafted from hewned stone and slat roofing. It is kept tidy with stablehands frequently sweeping up loose hay and keeping the stalls clean. Stalls can be rented hourly, daily, or even monthly. Horse and owner names are displayed on holographic plaques on each stall door should they be occupied. Biometric locks are used to keep the horses secure, and can only be accessed by a registered stablehand or the horse owner.
Thursday, May 21, 3014

As promised, Brienne is here, at the Stables in Phylon. She doesn't wait at the entrance though. She's inside at one of the stalls, it's opened, and she is tending to the horse inside. A large black destrier with a snowy white mane and tail. Above the stall it says Sir Brienne Arboren and the horses name is identified as Wind Dancer. In the palm of her hand is an apple the horse is moving in to eat.

Jayce walks along the stalls, looking at the horses as he walks, moving down the line, till he notices Bries stall, and he stops outside it, looking at Wind Dancer, then Brie, and smiling slightly, "Very nice. Beautiful horse." He says lightly.

Brienne turns as he approaches, a bit more serenity in her features than the day before when she had met him at the Taphouse. "I keep him here, for there's really no place in the trees to shelter him. I take any excuse I can to come and see him." As Wind Dancer takes up the apple, Brie wipes her hands on a towel hanging just inside the stall before nuzzling her horse at his neck. "Wind Dancer, this is Jayce Cindravale. He's a knight." Wind Dancer whinnies as if he understands, nudging his nose towards the Valen. "Thank you," she says belatedly. "I happen to agree. He's wonderful."

Jayce smiles as he's introduced to the horse, and looks to Brie, "I can see how that works." He looks down the Stalls, then back to Wind Dancer, and smirks, "Got any family looking for a job, Hmm?"

Brienne brightens up and smiles. "Oh! Actually, he has a brother! The owner recently decided against keeping him, since he'd gotten a gift from a family member so he offered me first dibs." She motions two stalls down. "He's in there.." Brienne reaches into a bag she has hanging over the stall door and withdraws a carrot, "Offer him this, you'll have him following you around all over. But check him out, let me know what you think."

Jayce looks at Brie, in surprise, taking the carrot, and looks two stalls down, tilting his head slightly, "Oh yeah?" He moves down the stalls, to look in the second down and tilts his head slightly, looking for the name and the animal itself. "What do you know about him?"

"I knew I had no use to another horse, so I had put it completely from my mind. I already pay to store Wind Dancer here." Brienne continues spending time with her horse, murmuring to him now and again. "He's of good stock. His father was Spartacus." Mentioning a well known tournament horse. "Not cybered, but Wind Dancer isn't either." Above the horse is the owners name and the name of the Horse. Casanova. It makes Brie smile. "Apparently he's good with the ladies."

Jayce chuckles, "Good with the ladies, hmm?" he leans over the stable door, and offers the carrot. "Well, let's see how he likes me, "Hey Casanova, hmm?" He grins to the Horse, patiently allowing the horse to get a feel for him. "Come on, let's say hello."

Brienne steps out of her own stall, closing it for the moment to walk over and get to know Casanova too. "Hey fella.." She watches the horse take the carrot, carefully and well mannered. "Such good breeding.. I think he would be amazing, especially without the cyber. I imagine the price would be negotiable."

Jayce nods, looking Casanova over, thinking about it. He steps back, nodding, "Alright, let's see what we have here then, We can have someone saddle him up and we go for a ride?"

"Oh sure, I imagine so." Brienne beckons one of the guards over who does that very thing while she has a stable hand saddle her own. "It's been a long time since we have ridden together." Once her own is saddled, she takes the lead rope in hand, Wind Dancer is prancing eagerly, ready to get out there for a ride, to get some exercise.

Jayce watches Casanova getting saddled, and handed off. He takes the Reigns, "That's true, it's been quite some time." He moves out, leading Casanova, who's getting the idea, it's riding time with this guy. As Jayce leads the horse out, he carefully goes over the horse, for the first time getting used to the Horse enough to mount up.

<FS3> Jayce rolls Riding: Good Success.

<FS3> Brienne rolls Riding: Success.

Once they are both clear of the stables, Brienne lifts herself into the saddle, taking the reins. "Let's head outside of the city proper and explore some. I love being in Phylon." She watches him, impressed with his form. "Now I remember who is the teacher and who is the student."

Jayce moves up into the saddle smoothly, and flexes his left arm, before looking to Brie, and smiling, "Alright, let's go." He smirks at her, "Just getting used to the feel of him, and myself, honestly." He sets off, Casanova moving strongly, horse and rider getting the feel of one another.

Wind Dancer and Brienne have a bond, a strong bond, and despite Brie being a little absentminded at the moment, they get on well with no worries of falling out of her saddle. Riding along-side him, she tosses a smile his way. "You both look good together."

Jayce tsks, "Oh you're just saying that because he's sweet on the ladies." He smirks. "But he feels good." He says, riding along, and breaks out into a run once they have a good run of land to stretch the legs on.

Brienne laughs, feeling a little carefree as she spurs her horse on to a canter before letting him have his head and run off towards the flat plains. Her braid bounces around her shoulders, but Brie is having too much time to slow down yet.

Jayce leans forward, letting Casanova run. his hands on the reigns, but allowing the horse to stretch and get his exercize, feeling him as he concentrates. Getting familiar with the animal with a grin as he looks over occasionally to Brie, and smirking as he runs the animal.

Brienne doesn't let him have his head too long before she reins in her own horse, slowing him to a canter so he can cool off. "Such a good animal you are.." Gently patting his neck. She glances over at Jayce and Casanova, the smile genuine and happy. "What do you think?"

Jayce pulls the reigns, drawing Casa to a stop beside his brother, nodding, "Well, he certainly has the speed, and power." He nods, starting a walk to let the horses walk out their heat, "I think I'll keep visiting for a few days, get to know him better before committing. A few days of familiarity should tell me if there's any problems."

Brienne watches the gait of the animal that Jayce is riding, looking for anything off, or any sense that something is wrong. All four legs seem strong and steady, none looking lame. "We can check his hooves when we get back to the stables." She turns back towards town, not going right away yet. "It's a good idea and to visit him daily and make sure he's in good health."

Jayce nods as the horse trots, looking down, checking, "Yeah, with luck there won't be and I can move on to committing in a few days after I'm satisfied." He looks to Brie, and smiles, "And I stop thinking about Destiny."

Brienne tucks her bottom lip between her teeth, the flash of sympathy in her eyes goes deep. She know his bond with his horse. "Destiny was a good for you, served the purpose you needed at the time. Now you need to let another in to help you do things again, to relearn things a new way. You don't have to do things alone anymore."

Jayce nods, riding, and looks to her, smiling, "I know, thank you. It just takes a little time to get used to it is all." He looks to Casa and makes a few simple turns while walking, releasing the reigns, and controlling with his thighs, watching the horses, responses.

"I didn't just mean the horse.. I'm here too, if you need me. I know it can't be easy with a new and foreign arm attached to you but I'll do all I can to help you learn things again, if you need. What are friends for?" Brienne murmurs, watching him as he leads Casanova around in circles.

Jayce smiles, nodding, "I know, thank you." He says, looking to her with a smile before bringing Casa back next ot her horse, "How've you been? Any new developments? At least my problems are getting better as I dig out of the circumstances."

"New developments? Yes. I got a letter from my mother this morning." Brienne smirks. "It was.. to the point. A reply from one I wrote her in the heat of the moment. Apparently she knows me much better than I know myself." Brienne mentions with an ironic look.

Jayce looks over from his saddle, and lifts his brows, "Meaning?" He asks simply. Curiousity on his face.

"Meaning she declined what I had asked her and said now isn't the time for a marriage to the Sauveur House. I agree. I have been so.. confused since I slept with Kieran Valta. I fancied myself in love with him.. time and distance proved otherwise. Then there is Canis and I do love him, I love him a lot, but as a friend. And I miss him. He'll only ever be a friend and that's all I want from him. As for Advent.. I care for him as well, as a friend, I care what happens to him, I hate to see him sad or upset or hurt. But my mother was right. I couldn't see myself being married to any of them. I.. rarely let people in. Most people I treat as one of the guys. I've got this inevitable friendzone circle around myself and I don't know how to allow myself out of it." Brie frowns momentarily. "So, basically, she gave me freedom from choice. And that takes all pressure from me and lets me just me be.. whoever that is anymore."

Jayce nods, listening, glancing to Brie from time to time as she speaks and at length says, "Well, okay, so you have your own choice to make, which is good, and no rush on getting that done." He nods, "Fair enough, now you can hold back and let things settle."

"Oh no, I don't have a choice to make, that's the beauty of it. I don't have to do anything at all. My mother said if someone appropriate came along, then she would make the choice for me." Brienne says with a relaxed smile.

Jayce chuckles, shaking his head, and then nods, "Yeah, yeah, that's your mother. How has she been doing?"

Brienne looks at him in surprise. "She's… good. Worried about the war like everyone is. I'll show you the letter she wrote me later. When we get back if you want.. I've got it in my datapad." She begins riding back with him. "Would you like to come to Arboren after we leave the horses in the stable?

Jayce shrugs, “Alright, sounds good. We can have lunch somewhere on the way, enjoy the afternoon.” He leans forward, scratching Casa's ear, and earning a wicker for that one. “What do you think? Huh? You’re not coming, you know."

Brienne laughs, watching his interaction with the horse. "Oh I think you have found a new friend there." Eyeing the horse appreciatively, she murmurs. "I think you've already made up your mind all you have to do is pay for it." Riding slower now, she confirms to him. "Yes, lunch would be great. I'm hungry."

Jayce shakes his head smiling. "Not quite yet but hes a strong contender." He says, "What do you feel like for lunch? Anything. Taking your fancy?"

"I'm glad you're considering him. Wind Dancer has served me well in my tournament participation as well as on the battlefield when I get the chance to go out and fight on horseback. In The Spine it's not so often because of the trees." Brienne considers a moment as to a meal. "I think the Bistro is nearest. They have good food."

Jayce nods, moving Casa into a trot for a bit just feeling how he moves. "Sounds good, with luck ill be able to finalize my choice and move on in a couple days of comparison. Though your endorsement says a lot ill look about later at other candidates." He moves slightly in the saddle. "Need to check and see what else was unsalvageable.

Brie keeps pace with him, riding alongside, watching the horse as well as to be an honest second opinion. As they near the stables, she smiles. "Definitely shop around. It's the smartest thing to do." As he moves in the saddle, she looks over with concern. "Unsalvageable? I guess most all of your gear. After lunch we could go to the Ring and find an armorer."

Jayce shakes his head "No i mean Destinys gear. Mines gone. No question there. I cant get fitted for new armor till cleared medically but I can investigate the armor and see if its salvageable from Destiny." He shrugs

"Oh," Brienne speaks softly, contrite. "I'm.. sorry. I seem to keep bringing back bad memories to you about things.." She falls silent and they are near the stables anyway. As soon as she gets to the door, she dismounts and begins leading her horse inside to his stall so she can brush him and get him some oats while Jayce tends to his horse.

Jayce laughs at hat, an honest open good-natured laugh "Brie, right now i have everything around me and hell inside me reminding me. Better to go through it than forget." he takes care of Casa, letting the stablehand take the horse before walking to Bries stall.

"Yeah.." Brienne looks up from what she was doing, feeling along the legs of her horse, having done the other three, she checks the hoof just after. "I understand I just don't want to be part of the bad memories, when all is said and done." Hugging her horse goodbye, she walks over to a sink area and washes her hands and face. "I'm ready for lunch of you are now…"

Jayce chuckles "Trust me Brie, this, this is building the good memories. You, Casa here. Just making new memories. Lets eat."

Blue Stallion Bistro
This particular bistro is credited for being one of the best eateries in the Vale. The waiting area is accessed through a pair of tall, glass doors that have been frosted with a pair of rearing blue horses. There is the customary host desk where men and women in neat, dark azure attire see to those waiting for a table. Reservations are almost a must for dinner, but lunch tends to be a bit more loose. The hard, concrete floors have been washed in blue acid and etched with whorls and spirals that create a dizzying effect across the expansive main dining room. Tucked along the walls are large, circular booths that can house two to twelve patrons comfortably, and the ceiling-high glass dividers offer a sense of privacy. Tables with high-backed and well-cushioned chairs are methodically scattered around the rest of the room. The tables are not dressed in linens, but instead left bare to show off the natural blue wood that has been cultivated for their construction. The kitchen is neatly tucked away behind three sets of swinging doors, leaving the goings-on back there a mystery. There is a long, traditional bar along one wall that provides an abbreviated menu, but a full choice of drinks. The final dramatic feature of the bistro is its ceiling, which has been constructed from darkly tinted glass and inset with lights that can dim or brighten based on the time of day or desired mood.
Thursday, May 21, 3014

"Good memories," Brienne muses with a warm smile directed to him. "I like making you smile and laugh." Leading the way to the Blue Stallion Bistro, she pushes open the door and steps inside, holding the door for him. "A table or the bar?" Leaving it to him.

Jayce walks in smiling. As he looks about he nods and starts walking "Booth" Simple enough as he goes, glancing to the other lunch patrons as he moves to an empty booth. Sliding into one side of it, he grins. "Bit more complicated than a burrito this time."

Brie walks over to a booth and slips into it as she reaches for a menu. She's already fairly certain what she is going to order but she peruses it all the same."The club sandwich is good here, but then I hear most everything is." She looks up and smiles. "What do you like?"

Jayce takes a menu and looks through it. After a moment he smiles. "Reuben. Yeah, half the enjoyment of a Ruben is in the timing and that hit me right for now." he grins to her and looks back "Cherry soda." he smirks. "That works."

"Oh that does sound good. I'll have the same, though on sourdough bread instead of rye, but I want a chocolate shake with my Reuben." Once the waitstaff type person leaves to get the order, Brienne closes the menu and puts it aside where it had been. "I don't know that we've ever gone into a sit down kind of place where you don't order at the counter, together. This is new. And fun. The burrito place though… good stuff too."

Jayce smirks. "ehhh the burrito place had more of a stop and go with food feel to it, though I was sure that you were going to turn into a burrito youraelf with how often you ate there." Ahhh teenage food fads. Hormones took care of the addiction to that particular junk food rut. Though he did occasionally laugh about it.

Brienne laughs, remembering very well her favorite food as a teenager. "I am glad that is an addiction I grew out of. How about it, do I look any different from back then? I think my hair is longer for sure." Of course she has filled out and lost her youthful straight as a board body to a more curvaceous womanly body, but that's just not something she keeps track of. "Hard to believe I am twenty-six now."

Jayce looks Brie over for a moment, "Different? Yes, quite different, you've grown into exactly the beautiful woman I knew you were becoming when we parted." He nods, looking at her, one side of his mouth turning up, sort of an amused, but not surprised smile, "No surprises."

Brienne laughs, rolling her eyes. "I'm a tomboy. My brother says I look like a man and calls me ugly all the time. One thing I don't feel is beautiful. But thank you for saying." She uncertainly tugs at her braid again, shifting a little in her seat. Of course she's dressed as she always is, a tunic, pants, boots, her hair back in a single braid, her clothes all in earthy tones.

Jayce nods, gesturing vaguely, "Your brother is kind of supposed to do that. It's in the job description." He smirks a little, "How is he, and the rest of the brood?" He grins, and looks about, realizing something. Gloves at a meal. tsk. He removes his gloves, of course, looking at the Cyber hand, and shaking it off, but it's always coming back to him still.

Brienne grins as he mentions the jobs of brothers. "That's Keanen. He's good. In love and about to marry Lady Evey Dalton, I think. Tristan is about to marry Lady Firia Sauveur. Brennart, Tris's twin.. he's more solo like Eilara, so they've not found someone yet. As for Declan, he's about to marry Lady Ariana. It's a lot, I know, but that's how it is. I guess I favor Brennart and Eilara than the other three." She watches him remove his gloves, but her eyes are on his face and she can see him.. remember. She reaches over to touch his hand and smile.

Jayce takes her hand, smiling with understanding, though what he says is, "I think I'll need you to repeat tha- no wait, don't repeat it, just fill out a card with a family chart. Easier to remember." He grins. "Got to admit, tracking noble lines always made my hair itch."

"Four brothers and a sister. Oldest, Declan, he's the heir. Then there's me and then the twins. Brennart and Tristan followed by Eilara. Keanen is the baby of the Arborens. He's got a cyber arm too." Brienne knows it was rough to manage to keep up with her family. Just then the food arrives and is doled out with the drinks. Brienne offers the chocolate shake to him for a drink, with her free hand. "Everyone loves chocolate."

Jayce seems unable to deny that, and takes the shake taking a drink with a strong pull on the straw. He sets the shakes down next to her plate, swallowing as he nods, "Mmhmm." He makes a noise like that. Thick shake. He takes a drink of his cherry soda before nodding, "Not bad at all." He confirms as he assembles the Reuben, spreading the saurkraut and dressing on the corned beef before getting the thing ready to eat.

Brienne likes sauerkraut, and is surprised that he does. She watches him back and forth as she does the same, but once it's all assembled, she cuts it in half and begins on half of it. "I like this. So good."

Jayce nods, doing the same as he begins eating and nods, "Mm, Yeah that's quality corned beef, I like that." He considers as he continues, "Sounds like everyone's busy with everything going on in their lives. Good time to.." He makes a low, smoothing gesture with his flesh hand, "Lay low, don't stir up drama…" He nods, "Sounds good. I know I'm.. I guess just sidelined from everything." He thinks, "I have…an appointment at the Ring in two days. That's it right now, my orders are, 'Recover.'" He shrugs, "Right now, that's just living normally without fighting of any kind." He pauses, "So I'm screwed, my normal life is largely composed of fighting, training, which in this case is the same thing."

"They are busy.. but Ryan was in the hospital recently and I went to visit him. I think they had him overly medicated." Brie frowns but it's brief and hidden behind the bite of her sandwich. "Yeah," she says after chewing and swallowing. "I intend on laying low. I don't even talk to the people I talked to before. They don't see me out either, so it works, I suppose." Another bite as she allows her eyes to move over his cybernetic arm. "Recovering is the best you can do.." Then she has to ask, even though she thinks she knows the answer. "Did you ever come close to marrying?"

Jayce chews a bite of sandwich before swallowing. "Rode past several churches a few times." He deadpans, then, gives up on the joke, "No, not really. Never found anyone who had, you know, the required mutual attraction." He smiles, taking a drink of his soda.

Brienne continues to eat, looking up when he makes the joke. "The Chantry.. they can't get married so.. I imagine that's the worst place to be." Laughter follows and she reaches for her shake after eating half her sandwich. Sipping the shale she watches him for a long moment before nodding. "I understand what you mean."

Jayce nods, "Yeah, I know you do." He smiles, understandingly, since that is why she called him, in a very real way. "So, what do people do when theyre not training to be battle ready?" He shrugs, "Pass the time if not working out? I think I've been too focused on that recently. I find I have a lot of time on my hands.

"When you can't fight on the front lines," Brie offers him. "You come to Arboren to heal.. and you help Declan in planning his strategies if you like. Or help the Valen in their strategic maneuvers. It's all you can do if you're not on the field. I'll be out on the field myself. I've got to fight. My mother mentioned that there was about to be something none of us have ever known. I imagine another wave of Hostiles, so.. I'll go do what I do." She offers him the second half of her sandwich, since her shake was making her full.

Jayce stops when she mentions her mothers words. He just STOPS. The pose he has is elbows on the table, sandwich in hand, halfway to taking a bite, and he's frozen there, looking at her, till that little deadly light behind his eyes comes on. For all his friendship and soothing attitude, he is a very dangerous man. After a few seconds, his head cranes forward slightly turning, "I'msorryshesaidwhat?"

Brie pulls out her datapad and draws up the letter from her mother only to read it out loud in exact wording. "Now is not the time for plunging into dizzying paramour, but instead to be turning our attention to matters that are of more import: our safety, the safety of our citizens, the maintenance of our lands, the growth of our people, and the survival of this looming war. For if you believe you have seen war, I would beg to differ: we have barely scratched the surface of this conflict with the Fifth Worlders." She looks up. "Something is looming and I'm going to be ready to fight it. If.. um.. If I don't come back," she doesn't sound like a martyr, nor sad, nor stupidly brave. "I just knew I had to see you again."

Jayce looks like he understands her desire. The reading of the letter, draws a few nods, and causes him to finish his sandwich, sitting back on the booth bench. "Oh, I understand, Brie." He lifts his Cyber hand, "Twenty Two. Twenty two percent of me, that's how much, by the numbers, of me, that did not come back from battle. So I understand, and it's good to see you." He smiles warmly, meaning it.

"So much.." Brienne lowers her eyes, wishing she could have been there to help him. "I miss fighting by your side, like when you were training me. I'm so sorry I wasn't there for you." She knows she should have been. Foolish pride. "You're no less the man you were before, Jayce. I know it."

Jayce nods, "Oh, I know, I'm as much of a man as before, now, I just have a warranty on some of it." He smiles, amused.

Brienne can't help but to laugh. "And you.. always seeing the bright side." Brienne tosses some cash on the table and rises, bringing her chocolate c shake cup with her, since it was in a disposable one. She leaves her other half of the sandwich. "I have to get home for now. We'll be meeting in the war room soon. You come to Arborebin anytime, will you? I'm not finished needing you yet," she teases.

Jayce grins, nodding, "Alright." He says, gathering his gloves to head out as well. "I'll see you later."

Brienne pauses beside him and smiles, leaning down to brush her lips on his cheek if he allows her to. "Thank you. For being you and for sharing you with me."

Jayce smiles to the kiss, looking at her, and shrugs, "Well, what can I say, I'm really, one -Hell- of a guy." He nods, simply.

Brienne smiles, straightening. "Of course you are.." She says softly. "And modest too." Laughing, she turns and heads for the door.

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