Carys Reese Morgan
Gal Gadot
Gal Gadot as Carys Reese Morgan
Full Name: Carys Reese Morgan
Byname: Scrappy, Raffine
Age: 22
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: Khournas
House: Khournas
Title/Profession: Sir
Position: Knight
Spouse: Unnecessary Height: 5'9"
Father: Sir Walter Morgan Weight: 140lbs
Mother: Sir Madeline Morgan Hair Color: Dark Brown
Siblings: Seven Siblings total - Brandon (older brother) Eye Color: Dark Brown
Children: None


Carys Morgan was born to Sir Walter Morgan and Sir Madeline Morgan. The middle child of a large brood, Carys always had to fight for what she wanted. The children were not spoiled and therefore were expected to share everything. If they couldn't do so nicely, they were told to fight it out. Her eldest sister is considered a brute, and her older brothers could double as linebackers. Carys was considered the scrappy kid which meant she had to fight harder and faster. Due to her slender frame, she learned early on how to be stealthy. It usually worked in her favor. She never lacked physical prowess. The girl could wield a sword like no one's business.

By the time Carys was about 8 or 9 years old, she decided she was going to become a Knight. Some of her older siblings were already squires or training to become a squire. Carys begged her father from a young age to let her become a squire. For Citizens, they usually start their training a bit later than the noble Knights. Walter was not about to let his daughter down even though she was still a bit too young. He gave her lots of odd jobs around the house and the forge, like polishing armor and weapons, cooking, sweeping, carrying heavy objects into storage, delivering messages, purchasing raw materials for the forge, etc. They were chores Carys hated to do, but Walter wanted to teach his scrappy child about value, hard work, and dedication.

When she reached an age where she could properly wield a sword (about 14 or 15), Carys started her training. She took to it with great aplomb and was a natural with a weapon in hand. All of her labors were beginning to pay off. There is an art to being a great warrior, something Carys would never have learned had her father not taught her those valuable skills early on. She began as a squire when she was about fifteen years old.

Besides a passion for Knighthood, Carys adores animals. She has a special kinship with them and is especially partial to canines and birds of prey - She has two very well trained Irish Wolfhounds and rescued and owl when he was just a few days old. She nurtured him back to life even after many told her he would just die off. They are wonderful and amazing companions to have on the Volkan.

The Morgan family has supported and fought alongside their Paramount House - Khournas for as long as Carys can remember. She is exceptionally loyal to them and will stand beside them until her last breath. She maintains a good relationship with many of the nobles and has quite the reputation of a lass who can hang with the guys.

There is no drink too strong or fight too brutal for Carys. She enjoys kicking back with a cigar while playing poker with her close acquaintances. Though she doesn't have an addictive personality, Carys has an insatiable desire for whatever gets under her skin; sex, money, bloodlust, etc. She is a woman of extremes and everything is either black or white to her. Sometimes this 'quirk' can get in the way of her goals. It is a challenge, but one that she faces with fierce determination.



A statuesque beauty with a long and lean physique stands about 5'9" in height and bears slim hour-glass figure. She has an oval face with high cheekbones, well defined brows and almond shaped eyes. Her nose bears the touch of a slope near the tip and her lips are etched into a luscious cupid's bow. A thick mane of dark hair spills in waves down to the center of her back with a glossy sheen like shellack and this rich, espresso color is once again reflected in the dark and ominous color of her eyes. While motion seems natural to her, it is of a graceful rather than a frantic kind which only emphasizes a smoldering appearance.


  • Battle Ready
  • Insatiable Desire
  • Hot Tempered

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