10.09.3013: Careers Over Coffee
Summary: Lincoln and Balius meet at a coffee shop, careers and horses are discussed
Date: 09.20.213
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Lincoln Balius 

Just the Grinds Coffeshop
Included in the Log
09 October.3013

Lincoln raises what's left of his Coffee and echoes, "To the Honor." Letting out a soft sigh, "Oh…Change. it's good, but some times it hurts like balls."

"Well that all depends on the balls you're dealing with." Balius smirks. "And, yeah, each change is a challenge and opportunity." Apparently, today is speak in proverbial cliches day for a certain Quellton.

Lincoln rolls his eyes, oh…he's got a clever one here, "Well, I did say sometimes." he'll then smirk, shaking his head, before reaching for his tablet again.

Bey chuckles, finishing off the rest of his mug. "I'm sure you get sick of hearing double entendres, but, hey, couldn't resist!" He taps a bit more on his tablet. "You ever go riding horseback?"

Lincoln looks up, mug half to his lips, "I have. I'm not anything special on a horse, but I can manage to not fall off."He'll smirk lightly, "Or are you asking another double entendre?"

Balius rolls his eyes. "Nah, sincerely asking about the horse. Do you enjoy it? You should come by if you're ever near Arboren or in the Plains, either way, I find a speedy ride is a good way to clear the mind…" And he realizes what he just said might be a double entendre, and he sees no easy way out of it, so he shrugs.

Lincoln grins, "well, Just in case you meant it either way. Yes. I enjoy riding. And I would love to come by." He'll turn to face Bey a bit more, again, his pelvis is twisted in a rather, bold , but not quite avert your eyes, position . He'll start taping his foot in the air again. And is now openly eyeing Bey.

"Good, I'll give you my info here." Balius taps his tablet across the table against Lincoln's, his contact information transferring over seamlessly. "I don't see how people stay on the Ring for so long anyways." He's succeeding at not responding to any signals he might be receiving.

oh, but Bey has…he just gave his number to someone who was sending signals after his mixed signal! "Easy. We have better movies and coffee." He's grinning, clearly teasing Bey.

"I suppose so friend." Balius nods. "Though I've never been one to prefer movies over a good book." He smiles politely and starts tapping away again, back in some presumed document about rocks.

Lincoln laughs softly, "Then you're' not watching the right movies, friend." Again, it's not said mean. He'll turn himself to start in on the monster on his tablet, sighing softly to himself. if Bey looks up, it's almost sir he's mouthing the words, his lips are moving slightly as he reads.

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