09.13.3013: Careers and Coffee
Summary: Alistair meets Glenna for lunch near the Quad, Lifechats occur
Date: 07.09.2013
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Glenna Alistair 

Cappucino Corner, The Quad
This is just one of the many quads scattered throughout the Academ — even if it is one of the largest. It is truly nothing more than a stretched of neatly manicured lawn that is divided up with concrete pathways that strategically lead toward little clusters of stone benches. At the center of the quad is a magificent, hectagonal basin with a tall enough rim to allow people to sit and relax before the water. This quad lays before the grand tower of the Imperius Library — a tall, looming spire with a stained-glass crown. There are various buildings also attached to this quad that host a variety of scholarly schools and classrooms.

Senator Hartcliffe waits in the Cappucino Corner, a small coffee and sandwich shop just off the Quad. Aptly named for being attached to a corner of a classroom building, it has a mostly glass exterior, with typical coffeehouse lighting and light faire offerings for lunch and dinner. Friday afternoons tend to be slower, as students flee campus for the weekend once classes have let out or rush back to their dorms to prepare for an evening of festivities. On his own assurance that he'd keep business to a minimum and repeated questioning about disrupting his intern's own schedule, Alistair, whose idea it was for lunch in the first place, seems relaxed a blue tunic and tan cloth pants. A shortbow is strapped over the as he taps away on his tablet, sipping a rather large mug of coffee, which Glenna would recognize from the office.
Glenna strides in, classes over for the week, HUZZAH! So there was no real disruption of class schedule, perhaps a welcome disruption of a meeting with a campus counsellor over course direction. That, of course, can be handled at anytime; Friday would be a bad day to do that anyways - having to think about it all weekend? *shudder* Shaking her head at the sight of the man, still working, even during a purported break away from the office (knowing that despite all words to the contrary, there's always work in the back of his mind), she stops short of the table. Before sliding into a seat, she eyes the short bow and makes a 'hmmmm' sound in the back of her throat. "The roast beef is good here, especially with sharp cheddar and horseradish."
Looking up with a smile, Alistair seems more well rested than usual. Or maybe just a new burst of energy. Whichever it is, the daunting week they'd just had has seemed to draw him back into optimism from his moodiness from the MOM Gala. He turns his tablet off and sets it in a bag next to the bow. "Then two roast beefs it is, what do you want to drink?" The Senator assumes coffee, as he takes a few quick strides towards the counter. "Classes go well today?"
Glenna stretches, after settling her bag at her feet, "Coffee, is good. And, " making a hand waving motion, "They went great atually. Just couldn't wait to get out of them. Didn't feel like being cooped up in a classroom all day. I'm debating going home for the weekend or finding something else to do, just haven't decided yet." With another glance at the bow, "And, what are your plans for the weekend? Finally going to take the time to relax and get some fresh air?"
Alistair makes the order and hands over cash. Sure, he's not that old, but he's got a penchant for occasionally liking things done an old-fashioned way. Writing with a pen, paying in cash. He brings the food back. "Sometimes Professors tend to forget the allure of beautiful Fridays. Most of their offices don't even have windows, so I guess I can't blame them…" The man who often appears absent-minded is pondering the four simultaneous paths in his head. "Well, I thought I might head to the Wilds for the weekend, maybe drag one of Papa's old mason buddies along. Always helps to think and catch up on what I might have missed. Any more wild raves planned for you?" The Senator asks. He's taken quite the interest in his interns life and assuring it stays, at least what he would consider, 'well balanced.' He definitely prys more than the other Senators, for better or for worse.
Glenna says, "it was nice, really, for what it was. It was nice to get up, go out, be amongst people. Not my kind of entertainment really. Me, like most of my family, tend to more…" searching mentally for a word to describe, "…well, less lively and rambunctious events. We'd rather go to the Taphouse or gather together informally and start something that way." She raises a hand to him, having an idea what will come if she doesn't forestall it, "And yes, I know, if I continue in politics, I'll have to mix and mingle in situations, I don't prefer - be adaptable. But if I had my druthers, as they say, that's what I'd choose. That doesn't mean I can't appreciate other events."
He nods, understandingly. "You must decide your own path in life, politics or not." Alistair takes a huge gulp out of his mug. "Perhaps you shall never go to another dreadful, migraine inducing, lazer light show fundraiser again. And that would be fine." He takes a bite of the roast beef sandwich, briefly savoring the food. "How are you finding your studies this term? Delving past general ed and into the higher levels can be eye-opening. At least that's what I found."

Glenna nods, taking the time to add msutard as well as extra horseradish on her sandwich before taking a blissful bite. After a careful bit of chewing, "I think they're going well, atually. More of the PoliSci this term which is actually surprisingly easy. Of course, I have a bit of an edge on that, getting some more practical experience that many of my fellow students. And, the Agronomy courses are helping me help back on the family farm. Well, all the courses are, in a round about sort of way, surprising how everything is all interconnected even when it doesn't seem like they are or could be." After this, a swallow of her coffee.
"Good…good." There's a distinct smile, almost to himself, of pride. He's finished his coffee, but he's munching away at a steady pace on the sandwich. "Are you looking into other opportunities? I know they've got many programs to gain practical experience in Agronomy." He looks up to her, appraising her response, considering a number of values and outcomes. "And what's your favorite course, so far?"
Her eyes brighten "I love them all but my favorite so far is the Alternative Agriculture Course - learning to integrate sustainability, organics and permaculture. Fairly close to the completion of the entire series in that course." She takes another bite of sandwich, chewing thoughtfully for a time, "And,i ahve been thinking alot of my next path, escpcially since that meeting with you and Lord Garus the other evening.
Alistair nods, still considering the intern, almost with a parental-appearing gaze. "And, I'm sure you already know this, but nobles lead vastly different lives. Lord Garus is correct in your potential and abilities, but do remember that he's got little frame of reference for how you'd accomplish those goals." He takes a bit of his sandwich, still seeming in good spirits. "You've got time yet is what I'm saying, Glenna. Make plans, dream big, but don't commit until you must." He smiles. "What's the current vision for Miss Blair?"
Glenna says, "The initial plan" she offers, "…is to graduate, which, if I don't take anymore courses, I could do this scholastic year. I can see a path forking in two diretions after that, going home and using everything I've learned there; or continuing forward in the Senate and forking for everyone. And they both have their appeal."

"There are more options as well." Alistair counter-offers, his tone curious and supportive. "It would be entirely feasible to maintain an active life in politics casually while also trying your hand at Agronomy for several years. One need not be cooped up in the Landing indefinitely to become a Senator, In fact, I'd recommend against such a thing." He smirks, because, as everyone knows, he basically did just that. "Politics is a messy business. My advice to anyone, and most of all those I'm invested in, is to try your passions first. Politics is a call as much as a choice. If you find yourself bettering people's lives and pursuing a fulfilling and challenging path, then that should be your choice." There's that look of reflection and experience in his face as he casually finishes his sandwich.

Glenna says, "I'm aware of that, yes. If I were to persue this path, stay in politics, even on a scale such as yours, I'd probably be inclined to keep my offices abck at home, to always remind myself and others, that that is where I came from. All very tempting thoughts and things to think about, I agree. But, nothing I have to decide today, yes?" Then she takes the last bite of her sandwich looking over at him"

"Very true." Alistair nods and immediately collects both their plates and stands to take them to the rubbish bin. "Office will be closed up for the weekend." He sits back down. "So, your freedom to explore, study, or have fun should be optimized, though no orders given." The Senator leans back in the chair, crossing his legs. There's a thought as his back juts into his bow. "Glenna, I assume on your farm you had to deal with the occasional predator, yes? Are you trained in any sort of weaponry or self defense?"

Glenna says, "A little with a bow. We all used to go hunting, fishing even camping alot. Dad wouldnt train me in fighting too mcuh - rather old fasioned in that respect but my brothers and I used to wrestle all the time - not that that's self defense or anything." She smiles happily for a moment, before looking back. "I should proably take more defense classes; just haven't gotten around to adding that to the PE classes Ive been taking."

He pauses and the stands. "I've consumed enough of your precious weekend time already, I'm afraid." Alistair shakes his head. "But I think it'd definitely set your parents mind at some ease, with security getting as it has around the Waygates, if you pursued some sort of training, even casual practice." And his mind too, but that gets left unsaid. That and his spoken theory to Lord Garus, that Waygates might be used as the chief targets, even for collateral purposes. "Regardless, I expect to see you Monday after classes, we'll have plenty to discuss then."

Glenna nods, starting to rise as she collects her belonging. "I'll try, and will look forward to it. I'll check into some defense classes that morning with my advisor,too. You, sir, need to relax this weekend, too. I expect, " with a chuckle, " to see some sun on that face." all said in a fond, niece/little sister sort of manner.

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