Canis Ligonier
Elliot Knight
Elliot Knight as Canis Edward Ligonier
Full Name: Canis Edward Ligonier
Byname: {$byname}
Age: 26
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: Cindravale
House: Ligonier
Title/Profession: Lord/Sir
Position: Knight
Spouse: None Height: 6'2
Father: Lord Sir Stephane Guillaume Ligonier Weight: 178
Mother: Lady Rosalie Annisa Ligonier nee Volen Hair Color: Dark Brown
Siblings: Priest Charmaine Honor Ligonier
Young Lady Sir Ines Prebble Ligonier
Lord Sir Guillaume Athos Ligonier
Lady Alyssa Ligonier
Eye Color: Brown
Children: N/A


Canis was born of house Ligonier, the fourth child of the High Lord and Lady and second male of the current line. His oldest sister having joined the Chantry left a gap to be filled by the others. He was brought up learning the history of his family, as well as general studies. When he was old enough he started to enjoy watching those who would come to train at the family home, joining in not long after learning the basics of combat taking to Swords and Pole arms the most. He was viewed practicing one day and caught the attention of a Knight of Cindravale who took note that he seemed dedicated and willing to learn. When he was old enough he became squire to this knight

His time in the Vale proper and the much grander cities of the Paramount house instilled a sense of pride and the will to work hard to achieve ones goals his ambition to prove himself grew as well. When he was deemed worthy he took the oath of knight-hood a proud day for him given his family's history. It was than he decided to return to his home land.

Canis now begun to take more responsibility within the houses affairs alongside his older siblings. He begins helping to train and continue to learn himself not only the knights who came to train but the troops of the house. He took place in many exercises and upon the return of the Hostiles; he took part in a few skirmishes offering his assistance where it was needed.



Canis is a tall young man, in his mid -twenties. His skin is russet in color and fairly uniform with no visible blemishes or anything. He wears his dark brown hair short to his head, but all the same it can be seen that were it to grow out further it might be a bit curly. His eyes are almond shaped and the pupils a bit lighter than his hair a more chocolate brown. The young man is in good shape and is muscled from working out but hides it under his clothes. He can often be found wearing more plain clothes unless the event calls for something showier in which case he can clean up quite nicely as well.



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Ines Ines Preble Ligonier : My older sister and current heir of the house.
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