12.25.3013: Campfire Talks
Summary: Balius catches up with Roxy and Demos at the campsite
Date: 29th Oct 2013
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Southern Wilds
Still Wild

Later that evening in the camp, Demos had settled down for data time, Roxy, who had arrived earlier and taken to a nap after all the travels had woken up to find Demos in the cast. Some discussion was had between the two, until they stood quietly near the tents for science group in an embrace, but Roxy pointing towards a chair. "Yes," Demos responds to her, his eyes heavy a moment. "Sitting down, I should be," as if he doesn't want to, but in that moment, perhaps she is right. He'd never admit to any pain, but standing, the turn of emotions between them, the flow of blood more downwards, a seat might be good. "Thank you," he concludes to something they had been discussing, or their shared thoughts in general. His arm given to/taken by her, he moves to a seat.

Roxy doesn't look as if she took the news very well.. she's more settled now, but there is still a tightness to her jaw that screams concern. As she leads him over to the chair, she smiles crookedly. "At least I didn't punch you.. I wanted to for just a brief," holding up her thumb and forefinger on her other hand a scant centimeter apart, "moment. You scared me, you know," she tells him softly, her boots making little puffs of dust in the air as she walks.

Step, limp, step, limp, Demos makes the walk through the same dust to where he had been sitting before. But its just his chair and a plastic container for equipment as a makeshift desk. "If you would have," responds the scholar, "I would have deserved it." As if, an emotional punch from her would be gladly accepted, the sort where he knows she's not bottling emotions up. Then he pauses, "Wait, I have more chairs, let me get you one, just between our tents …" She's leading him by the arm, but he's ready to break away and get her that chair.

Having needed a moment to clear his head, Balius slowly wanders his way back to the camp. He's holding a bird of some sort, and tosses it to one of the crew for dinner. Though the arrow that killed it doesn't seem to have caused a quick death. The intern notices his mentor and Roxy as he walks up. "I'm fairly certain I told you limited walking, Demos. Not…let's walk all evening long man."

"I wouldn't hit you, Demos.." Roxy smirks, she couldn't stand seeing him in pain as it was, let alone being the one that caused it. As they approach, she adamantly refuses his offer, glad when Balius arrives and says what she didn't. "You sit down," she tells him firmly, a tone she used in her younger days. "I can get my own chair." She looks over at Balius now, a frown marring her brow. "Can you watch him while I get us a chair? Maybe keep him out of trouble?" Uh oh.

Two against one, Demos can't argue out of this one, especially because he cares for both of them. "Okay, Okay, I'm sitting down. I'll stay out of trouble." A grin comes to his face. Curiously to Balius, "Do you know what it is even, and how it tastes?" Though, he's a fan of Gregor's, so he'll give anything a good go once or twice before deciding to dislike anything. Carefully he gets to his seat, putting his foot up on the make-shift container desk as well.

"Keep Dem out of trouble? Have you met the guy?" Balius grins, apparently being oblivious to Roxy's tone. "I know I probably won't eat a bite of it, but I thought I'd work a bit to appease our…disgruntled friends." He sits across from the mentor, eying the slow progress as he pulls out his datapad. "I figure that immobilizer will hold up for another day or two, assuming you don't go running or shooting it with a blaster."

Amused, despite not wanting to be, Roxy chuckles softly as she returns with a chair for herself. "I've seen him a time or two, here and there. I think we just moved in together." She winks at the man in question, placing her chair near his so she can be on hand if he should need anything. She doesn't take a seat immediately, but moves to stand behind his chair and rest her hands on his shoulders.

As if a natural move, when he feels those hands at his shoulder, Demos lifts one of his to touch hers. "That's a possibility," grins Demos at them possibly having moved in together. "Peace offering is good, if we have time, maybe offer to the hunter to help with a bow. They might not want to leave until he gets a lion that way, despite the one he shot earlier." He might not be opposed to hunting outright, but something in his tone suggest he doesn't want to hang out while the hunter goes for another lion because he wants to do it more primitive style as Balius did by way of necessity earlier in the day.

Balius simply smiles at the two of them, ever happy for his mentor. "You of all people should know that to replicate that feat without the adrenaline rush would be nigh impossible." He chuckles to Demos a bit. "I'll grab some of the stew they'll make out of it here in a moment."

Roxy laces her fingers with his when his hand joins hers, just a natural connection, nothing planned. "I heard what happened out there with the blaster, the fire, the lions and the fall." Demos can call it a jump if he wants to, she's calling it a fall. At the mention of the food, she glances in the general direction of the other, but shakes her head. "I don't want anything, thank you."

Shaking his head a moment, Demos perhaps doesn't think the idea of adrenaline rush would come to mind for what happened earlier. Maybe for Balius, his only concern was survival. He doesn't know if any of it was for want of that adrenaline either. Then he nods, "No, no way to recreate that, you're right, if I knew you would try to simulate that I'd try to intervene. Then I'd be in trouble again, walking on my leg." A chuckle at the thought of him trying to step in a raging lions way with a cast on his leg, he is probably the only one that sees/thinks that. "I'll stick to the rocks, they're safer, I understand them, they understand me."

"As long as you meet your mining guide ahead of time." Balius adds, recalling another misadventure. "And, no, that's not something I'd want to relive anytime soon." The Quellton heaves a sigh and pulls out a flask, which looks strangely identical to the one filled with 'medicine' he was giving to Demos earlier that day.

He's definitely not the only one. Roxy's smile fades and she imagines him putting himself in that position again. As Balius mentions what she fully suspects is the time Demos had gotten shot, she doesn't input anything, deciding to sit this one out.

Demos can't shake his head enough about not bringing up topics where he'd been in danger, so he doesn't shake his head. He coughs a moment though, considering a transition in topics. Good thing those are the only incidents they are aware of, geology isn't /that/ dangerous after all. "No, no more adventures like that." His hand squeezes Roxy as he says that, trying to offer some truth to his intentions to avoid trouble. A brow at the flask though, but he remainds silent about his curiousity. "Better planning all around, I can agree to that, more safety is a good thing."

As Balius leaves to get the stew, Roxy removes her hand and heads over to where she had dropped her canteen earlier. She picks it up with the unopened protein bar and wipes them both off as she approaches Demos again, taking the seat near him this time instead. "Are you thirsty? I have water.." But since he is about to eat stew, she doesn't offer the bar.

Doing his best to sit up, Demos nods, "Yes, please." Then tries to stand a little to grab it. While Balius is getting the stew, he offers over, "I'll do better … in the field I mean. No more risks, better planning. I'm really sorry that I did this, but I'm really glad you're here with me now Sebryna. I owe it to you for my sake,but I owe it to Balius too, brining him out here. I don't want to hurt either of you two."

Roxy had positioned her chair near enough to his, but when she sees him moving to stand, she hurriedly stands and offers it to him. His apologies though are met with a shake of her head, a somewhat grudging shake.. "No.. I overreacted," she says with a solemn tone. "I can't set rules when we don't have rules and it's wrong of me to ask." Ahhh guard firmly back in place.

Taking her hand instead of the canteen, Demos offers, "No rules, that doesn't mean you can't ask though. Remember the other day we were talking about jealousy and possissiveness. If you want to feel possessive of me, I would be good with that too, I would like it Sebryna. Because I love you, I would make the choice to listen to what you might ask of me."

Roxy looks down where they are connected, her hand in his. "I don't know what to ask other than for you to be careful.. And Balius is so young, he needs a lot of guidance. He's a good kid." Kid, two years her junior, but a world of life experiences apart. "I don't know how to be possessive.. if it means I don't like sharing you, well that's not all together true. I don't begrudge you the time you spend in the lab, out in the field, in your studio, with your colleagues and friends and with Balius. I'm glad you got that especially if it makes you happy. But I just want to know you'll be safe while you're out there."

Not taking the water yet, his hand is firm over hers, like a natural fit, or as if he's getting to know her hand. Demos says, "Sharing is one thing, but that I'm yours, and how I'm shared. Lab, friends, field, one thing. Studio, you're the only one I've shared with. A few patrons, to see unfinished work, but they have to ask for that time. Me, everything, you can take from as you please. Aside from work though, I don't want to spend any time away from you, not really. You Sebryna, you are what makes me happy. Everything else before this, hobbies, games, sports, idle reading, its not the same, you are my happy, you are my life."

Hers. She had a skateboard and now an apartment… a few clothes.. but to be entrusted with someone so special, Roxy looks just a little scared, but that's not all.. there is more than fear, there's a touch of awe. Her canteen is still in her hand as she stands beside Demos' chair and he's holding the hand that holds the canteen. She's got a protein bar in her free hand, still wrapped up. "I don't know how you do it, Demos. But you make it look so easy."

While waiting for Balius to bring back some stew, Roxy had offered her water to Demos, retreiving her canteen from where she dropped it. They had engaged in a quit conversation while the young master was away. "Not to make it look easy," he says looking up at her, "But being honest. You are that important to me." As if finishing up that topic. His hand falls from hers to the canteen then. "Just, you know, if there is anything I could do, tell me, or ask, asking never hurts." He hopes at least.

"They had ale!" Balius proclaims, returning with three bottles. He offers a round, if anyone wants one. Regarding then with his mischievous grin, he seems like he might have been up to something as he settles to sit with his stew. "This place is plain awesome." He motions up the slowly darkening sky, with all the sounds of the jungle around them.

When Demos takes the canteen, Roxy moves back to her chair and has a seat, her movements graceful despite her usual attitude. Once seated, she nods to him, but doesn't say much further on the topic. As Balius joins, bearing gifts, she grins and reaches for the offered bottle. "Thanks, that sounds pretty good about now." Definitely she's not usually much of a drinker, but she's willing to be at the moment. "It's pretty here. And the underlying menace of danger isn't so bad when in a group."

Taking the water first, Demos will wipe his lips before taking some of the ale. Not one to decline, social drinking is enjoyable. "Its," starts Demos, as if about to down play the danger, then catches himself. "Beautiful, yes, to say the least. I appreciate the deserts back home, but to get that appreciation, I have to see more of what the System has as a whole. If not for the danger, it would be nice to even live here." Though, he could probably live anywhere so long as there was always a Way back to Inculta.

Roxy sits back and opens the bar, pulling her knees up to her chest and eating. Balius had brought Demos his stew, (really, he told me he did!) While Demos talks about the desert and the System as a whole, she smiles. "You would live out here? It seems so.. raw, untouched. I guess it wouldn't be a bad place. It would be quiet."

"I would," says Demos, "If I wasn't too far from the Ways, I could live anywhere." He needs to be connected, but perhaps not always around people all the time. Offering a few ideas, he adds, "Out here, on an island, in the trees of Arboren … even in a world full of snow." A brief look shared with Roxy at that, if she catches his eyes. "As long as I had my work, some place to work on my art … and the right company," again a look at Roxy, "I think I could live anywhere. Here, its serene. The lions were dangerous, but I'm sure they were doing what lions do, but everything else, it is so raw and untouched." As if there was some passion to it, using those words.

"I've seen more with Dem here than I ever thought possible." Bey motions to his friend. "I find myself seeing everyday an adventure, where before I begrudgingly accepted a life that I felt was the only path forward." Balius leans back to see the stars. "And no matter where I go, those are always there. It's good to be an ant sometimes.

"I could live anywhere, I love the snow but mostly cause of the good memories of it." Roxy says with a smile. She bites into her bar, chewing thoughtfully, catching Demos eyes at the time he mentions the snow also, and smiling. "He's a good man, isn't he?" She asks Balius of Demos. "Have you ever thought about living somewhere else, Balius?"

Shaking his head about what he's done or how good he is, Demos would just consider himself an average Joe, making an honest living. Though when Roxy turns it to Balius, he's quick to jump on that train. "That's an intersting thought, by choice or necessity, are there certain places you'd prefer to live?" Then he starts to dig into his stew, taking bites heartily (not sloppily or too fast, but enjoying it), and washing down with the occasional swig of ale.

The Quellton downs his stew fast but seems to savor the slow sips of ale. Bey ponders all the locations he'd never seen before, lots of images passing thru his mind. "I know I'd like to trek through the moon 'round Oculus. One after another…" He takes another swig and 'ahhhs' afterwards. "But to live? I suppose I'd have to think on that. Not near the ocean…" Seeming to put a lot in the question.

Listening to Balius, Demos nods, the moons, those would be good. Time on each even better. The pause though, his scholar may read into it a little, as if Balius is considering it permanently. Maybe he hadn't considered it so in depth before. Though, "Why not the ocean?" THere might be more questions in there, but that's a good start to return to Balius.

The youth's face darkens as he puts down his bowl and leans forward a bit, looking at a tree pointedly. "Let's just say islands and boats have been ruined for a while." He gives a thorough headshake and grins. "It feels limiting a bit to be on an island. And turns out…I get seasick." He laughs, slightly bitter but holding off his moment.

Roxy had been quietly listening.. sitting and eating her bar and drinking the ale. The answers and questions between the two heard, processed. "I heard about the Island thing.. I don't guess it'd be a good place to live."

Nodding, considering that, Demos nods, "Fair enough, perhaps some day." For a moment, Demos loses his smile, as if coming to a realization, or insight rom Balius' take on islands and Roxy's response. He decides to bottle that up, keeping his lips closed by taking more ale in. Then a grin is back, forced at first, but warming up. "Sorry Balius, sorry you went through that experience," the vacation gone bad, "I'm glad your back, back with us, out in the field. Anything else off limits for living?"

"I wouldn't recommend the streets. It's a little lonely. A house or an apartment is much better, warmer too." Roxy smirks, just trying to take the heat off Balius a little, or make light of the moment. A deflection if he needed it. She lifts the bottle to her lips and puts her legs down, standing to stuff the empty granola bar wrapper into her back pocket before retaking her seat.


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