04.04.3014: Camels and Cocktails
Summary: Sean and Racquel grab a couple drinks at the Blue Nirvana while Klaudea checks in on Lincoln
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The Blue Nirvana Blue District, The Ring
Entering through the heavy wooden doors decorated with relief sculptures of flirtatious nude cherubs, visitors find themselves in the tiny waiting room of the upscale brothel and bar, The Blue Nirvana. Only a single, plush red velvet bench sits in the small area, and the walls are covered with a darker, more rich red velvet. Opposite the wooden entry doors is the floor to ceiling black velvet curtain visitors must pass through to reach the main sanctum.

Once inside, light piano music fills the dimly lit air of The Blue Nirvana main sanctum. Unlike the cold steel found in so many other places on the Ring, the walls of the sanctum are covered in plush red velvet curtains and Arborenin cherry oak trim. Larger than the entryway would lead outsiders to believe, this main area is actually two stories tall, the lofted ceiling covered in similar Arborenin oak planks and golden trimmings that flow into several ornate crystal chandeliers that outstretch almost a dozen feet each. A grand piano sits at the far corner of the room, and various love seats and couches made of the same wood and crushed red velvet cushions rest in various positions for privacy or presentation.

A few of the Blue Nirvana's prostitutes relax on these couches, dressed in immaculate, fancy clothing that is sensual but not overtly obscene. Across the back wall is a long bar, again fashioned from the Arborenin wood, where a bartender serves drinks from thousands of bottles, vials and containers lining the wall behind him. The space above the bar is a balcony stretching the entire length of the room, the upstairs wall lined with more heavy, fancy wooden doors that lead to the private chambers of business. The red carpeted staircase gently descends and curves towards the center of the room from the wall to the far right.

4 April, 3014

"She just said that we should have waffles together, not sure if she liked them or not. I overheard you saying how great you make yours so I teased her about it the other night." Sean, doesn't have a clue. Then the woman in red, dangerous as she is gorgeous, catches Sean's eye and he gives her a smile. "Hey beautiful, come here often? I don't normally tell a girl this, but uh." he looks away slightly then looks back, "Pardon that, you took my breath away and I needed to breathe."

Smirking she slapped Sean on the shoulder softly, "Sexy shit." Grabbing his tunic and pulling him into a kiss she seized what air he just got from being breathless and didn't let it go until his toes curled in his boots. Only until she is certain he's doing just that does Racquel let him go and lean onto the bar top, grinning. "Also I come here all the time, didn't you know? A real regular party animal." Looking over at Lincoln she smiled, before looking back to Sean.'

Lincoln steps behind the bar, still listening to Sean, "Oh…Is that what she said?" He's smirking now, He didn't' know she was into watching. Linc watches the two a moment and then moves to grab some empty glasses that the privies bar keep left on the counter. he'll give Racquel a polite smile and nod, but doesn't say anything. they both have drinks, and are occupied.

First the slap to his arm and then he's pulled into that kiss. When Sean's finally released he looks at Racquel and smirks slightly, "Was it something I said?" he takes a drink of his Violet Bloom and then looks to Lincoln, "Eh, still think she was teasing me back. She was going on about waffling back and forth between ideas." he shrugs slightly and then looks to Racquel again, "This is Lincoln, he works here. And we're talking about a friend of ours, Imogen."

The door opens, and a feminine figure enters wearing a hooded tunic over her leggings and boots. She has little rucksack over her shoulder, the strap held by both hands as she scans the bar first. Finding what she's looking for, she gives a grin and walks towards the bar, a few stools down from the other occupants. Sliding up onto her knees, using a somewhat childish perch to make up for her lack of height, Klaudea leans her elbows on the bar. "Heya, Lincoln."

Getting the casual introduction Sean offers she smiled, "Nice to meet you Lincoln. I'm Racquel." Taking a set right beside Sean she leaned on the bar and smiled him, "Waffling and friends what a quirky conversation to be art of. First of any waffles we make should include fresh berries, that's most certain. Imogen is that the friend you told me about before?" Sipping at her drink she watched Klaudea for a minute before leaning forward to prop her chin on Sean's shoulder. "So what trouble are we going to find tonight sugar?

"It's nice to meet you, Raquel." Linc smiles and nods again, not believing they're in the know of Imogen's obsession with his 'waffles', so he'll not add to the conversation. they seem happy to banter between the two. When Klaudea steps in, his smile turns a touch more genuine, "Hey Klaudea! How's it going?" He moves over the few spaces to give her his attention, and then he also gives her a wolfish smile,"Want something? Or just couldn't stay away?"

The new arrival is given a once over before Sean's attention is taken by Racquel again, and he shakes his head. "No Imogen is a different friend. The one I mentioned is Eden, and she's just been rather busy lately." He takes another sip and then hms at Racquel, "So, why exactly did we meet here? To find trouble? Well, what sort of trouble do you normally try to get into?" offering her a wink and then a smile.

Klaudea grins to Lincoln. "Usual," she replies. whichever question she's referring to, she doesn't clarify. Her weight goes onto her elbows as she shifts one of the legs down in front of the stool. Her gaze looks the bartender over, before sparing a glance down towards the couple. She drifts a quick look down, back up, pausing for a moment on Sean's face, then she turns back to her friend. "You haven't made me any waffles, yet," she teases him in a low voice.

Sipping her drink she lets a soft chuckle escape her, "Is that before or after the camel rides? Us well…" not really finishing the sentence she looked over the bar at some of the bottles gathered there. "We are doing a shot. What do you want Sean?" Crossing her ankles she hooked them onto the foot railing of Sean's stool and watches him closely. "Now if I tell you what's after the camels I maaay need to off you." Sipping her own drink Racquel gave a swirl to listen to the ice cubes clinking.

Lincoln nods and starts pulling a draft, ale, for Klaudea. He seems content enough with her answer to not question which she was answering. When she looks him over, Klaudea will be able to pick up he's still carrying the tension, like a weight on his shoulders. He'll snort, "i offered, my waffles weren't wanted, missy." He'll set her drink in front of Klaudea with a smile and then looks over to the couple, "You two want shots?"

"Camel rides?" Sean looks at Racquel a bit confused, "I so hope I don't ever /want/ to know." giving her a playful peck on the cheek before turning to Lincoln, "Something set on fire, sharp, and strong." looking back to Racquel, "Only night I'm going to drink much, alright? I'll tell you why I don't, but later." he looks over to some of the other people sitting on the couches in the more casual area, and then looks back to Racquel. "Still unsure why /here/ was where you picked." he chuckles.

Holding her drink aloft she grins darkly, "Hey that camel was so not my fault, that totally was my friends. Just because she couldn't hold her booze does not hold me responsible for that outcome." Hearing what was ordered for them she slides from her seat and starts to slowly walk around Sean, hips given an extra swish to them while she turns around his bar stool. Looking down at him Racquel didn't sit just yet, "Mindset Sean. Sometimes the best laid plans in life start with the proper mind set." Now taking her seat she smiled at Lincoln, "Perhaps some water too?" Giving Sean a look she added in a murrmurr something else to him.

Taking her ale, Klaudea looks over to Sean and Racquel. "You'll want Flaming Blue Drakes, then." However, her brows are furrowed as she looks to Lincoln. "When was I offered waffles?" she asks in confusion.

Lincoln pulls out two glasses for water as Racquel requests. Giving Klaudea a smile, he offers to the two,"Yeah…My Flaming Blue Drakes are pretty well liked." He'll wait to start making them till he gets the go ahead. If he does, he layers several different types of alcohol, mostly blue, into the shot glasses. A last layer is lured on and he'll set them in front of Sean and Rac. He instructs,"Clink them together." When they do, the shots flair up with a blue blue and then die down. After the shots are handed off he'll playfully glare at Klaudea and shake his head, "Oh no, I offered, no back tracks now."

Looking over the rim of her glass at him, Klaudea narrows her eyes to Lincoln. "What was attached to the waffles?" she asks warily, her sip waiting for the moment on his answer. The rucksack slips a little on her shoulder, and she sets her glass down without taking a sip, so that she can lower her arm and let the straps slide all the way to her hand. Lifting, she sets the burden on the bar next to her, then reclaims the glass.

"Right." Sean chuckles softly at Racquel, then when there is a drink suggestion, he nods and says "Sure sounds good. Two please." watching as they are made, perhaps noticing certain alcohols added in. He smiles at Linc when the glasses are presented and he looks to Racquel, "Shall we toast to debauchery, drinks, and perhaps us?" smiling at her as well and lifting the glass to clink it.

Shot glass hoisted she gladly clinks it with Sean's and watches the flair of blue flames she winks, "To the debauchery of our ways!" taking the shot back quickly she slams the glass back down on the counter top. Shivering she grabs onto Sean's arm for momentary support before she can collect her thought with a tussel of her blond hair. "Those where darn tasty…" taking her glass of water she pops a couple ice cubes into her mouth and crunches on them as she takes her seat again. For now it seems Racquel is quiet, perhaps plotting.

As long as they're happy, Linc turns back to Klaudea with a wink, "Well…waffles are a reward." He'll tilt his head as Klaudea does some weird juggle thing, "You ok?"

Klaudea blinks. "A reward?" Now she is well and truly baffled, but she shakes her head at the question. "Other than not hearing from you at all, I'm fine," she tells him, and the rucksack is nudged towards him.

Sean drinks down the shot instantly and then sets the glass a bit more gently on the countertop, he nods to Racquel. "Yes that was good. Had some good alcohols layered into it." looking to Linc and offering, "Good mix, nice way to blend the flavors." giving the bartender a wink before looking to the blonde on his arm, "Right… I think I'm beginning to learn some of your tells. What are you planning?" eyeing her cautiously.

Giggling she sipped more of her water and looked to Lincoln and Klaudea with a soft smile. "Does it look as if I am up to anything?" Nudging her company back gently she ignores her original drink and sips on the water, working to perhaps sober herself up just enough. "But now, sadly I am craving waffles. Which means I either need to get home to make them or ask super nicely of our handsome bartender to make us some." Oh heck she didn't know if Lincoln would even want to, but Racquel had to at least try once, right?

Lincoln's dark eyes go down to the bag that's being pushed toads him, "What's this?" He'll smile softly at her, "Sorry, I've been busy…" It's not much of an excuse, he knows. Grinning up at Sean and Racquel, "Glad you liked it." He'll keep smiling, but raises an eyebrow, "Well, if you hire me, I'll do whatever you want. Waffles or otherwise."

Klaudea nods slowly. "I knew there was a catch," she grins back to Lincoln. "Lucky for you, you don't have to hire me to get Chocolate Souffle and Impossible Pie." The nod towards the bag before she takes a sip from the glass that's been poised just before her lips indicates that's the answer to what's in the bag.

Sean looks to Racquel, "I'm more inclined to make them for you myself. I have a waffle iron at home." a pause as he sips his first drink still, nearly finishing it. "Can swing by my place, pick up supplies, and then head over to your place for a movie and waffles. How's that sound?" taking the time to finish said drink and then start on his water finally.

Finishing off her original drink with a quickness similar to a first time drinker, she smiled lopsidedly at Sean. "Deal. But I am making them because I need to blow your mind with my recipe just saying." Leaning to chastely kiss his temple she looks around, then chuckles and looks at Lincoln. "Can I just pay you? Or should be the original guy who helped me?" All ready to get roaring Racquel had a clear mischevious glint to her eyes or maybe it was just the lighting.

Lincoln has a cat that just caught the mouse grin at what's mentioned in the bag. "I am lucky." Looking over to the question of the bill, "Nope, you can pay me. You have a tab started, right?" He'll step closer to them to help her, if that's what she's trying to do.

Giving a long slow nod at Lincoln's words, Klaudea just mouths the word, "yup", before she takes another sip. Sitting back, she disengages from the bartender so he can go about his work with the other customers.

Sean smirks at Racquel, "Alright, I'll give this time… but I'm making us smoothies tonight." he then looks to Lincoln, "I have this bill. Here." offering over a solid black paycard, "And don't let her weasel into paying the tab." smirk reforming and eyes looking at Racquel from their corners.

Tsking she gives Sean a little tap on the nose, "Two can cheat." Leaning in she smiled at Lincoln and hopefully kept him out of the situation. "Believe I gave my card over already, so where do I print?" Offering up her fingers Racquel smiled, "Just ignore Seany here. He's, being a brat.

Eyeballing the two, Lincoln takes an educated guess, "New couple, huh?" He'll reach up and take Sean's card, although doesn't say he's charging Racquel's drinks on it. He'll pull out one of the bar's tablet and sets it down in front of Rac as he uses another one to tap Sean's card against before setting it down in front of him. He'll wink at Racquel, "He's always a brat, better get used to it."

Taking care of the tab with a quick print of hers she smirked over at Sean, "Yeah yeah complain all you want." Smiling she gives Lincoln a nod, "Best bartender I've met so far!" With that she takes her card back, hides it in her purse and steps back to give Sean room to stand up. "Off we go my trusty steed!

Sean takes care of printing for his card and then takes back his card and then stands up to follow her. A look back to Lincoln with a smirk, "Have a good night you two." and then he's out the door with Racquel, hand in hand and talking in low voices.

"Best bartender, indeed," Klaudea grins as the two leave. She finishes her ale, and glances around for signs of other customers or anyone else close to the bar. She leans forward on her elbows again, one forearm along the edge of the bar, the other angled back towards the side of the bar where Lincoln presides.

Lincoln chuckles as he cleans up after them, "That was…odd. Even for here." There's no one else at the bar proper right now, a customer or two sitting on the couches, but nothing too crowded. When he finishes with their glasses, he'll step over and lean on his elbows, mirroring her, "I have a feeling she's not met too many bartenders…"

Klaudea chuckles. "Maybe not. But she's not far from wrong," she tells Lincoln. "How are you doing? They got that couch in stock in blue, now. They allowed me to change the color, so I can have it delivered."

Lincoln snorts, "I'm ok, but don't go blowing up my ego. It's just pouring stuff." He's smiling though, and now that there's no other customers he rolls his shoulder some. While he still has that weight, his eyes aren't dull like they were last time she say him. "I'm ok." a very small shrug, "I don't really have a choice, right?" It takes him a moment to register the couch, "Oh…Yeah. Might as well get a new couch outta it, right?" Meaning his sister completely leaving him in the cross hairs. "Blue will look good in my apartment." He'll peek over at bag, "Late night impossible pie sounds awesome. Mayeb I'll just eat the whole thing, no plate, just a fork." He'll wrinkle his nose at that mental picture.

"And…" Klaudea raises her empty glass towards Lincoln. "If I remember correctly, it's your favorite color?" There's a certain satisfaction registering in that smirk. "I made them portion sized. There's two meat pies and one veggie." Her head turns towards the bag. "And a really good loaf of bread with a crunchy crust. That I didn't make."

Lincoln chuckles, reaching for her empty glass, "Don't get cocky. That's my job." He'll shake his head, portion sized? Where's the fun in that?" He's teasing, and seems genuinely happy with the food. He's not lost any more weight, although he's not gained back the few pounds he did lose. It's not bad looking, just gives him a slightly more angular look to his cheekbones, mostly. He's not able to pull of the super young teen look. He's eyes soften and he's sigh, "You know you don't have t do this , right? You don't have to take care of me…" It's not that he doesn't appreciate it, it's just….she doesn't have to.

"Don't worry. I won't do it that often," Klaudea assures, grinning over to Lincoln as he refills her glass. Tilting her head slightly she watches him, that little grin still lingering when he teases about the food. "Actually, I kinda do," she replies quietly. "Maybe you'll understand someday."

"Good. I'd hate to lose my job." He'll bring her glass back to her, setting it down in front of her. His eyes narrow some, "No…you don't. Between you and Beden…I'm eating better than I was before." Well…he definitely has more food in the fridge, anyway. Looking down, so he doesn't have to make eye contact, "I am ok…It's just gonna take some getting used to is all. Ren's giving me extra hours…I'm just gonna have to play it by ear."

Pulling her ale closer, and circling it loosely with her hands, Klaudea doesn't make a move to lift it for a sip, yet. "Lincoln," she says quietly. "I don't know what's going on with you Beden, but people don't need to have romantic or blood ties to take care of each other." Her fingers lightly run around the base of the class where the condensation meets the bar. "People have two kinds of family. The kind you're born with, and the kind you choose. The ones you're born with you're kind of stuck with… if you know them… for good or bad, and you take care of them because that's what you do for blood kin. The ones you choose are the people that you choose to care about, and you take care of them because you /want/ to, not because you /have/ to." She gives a shrug, still looking down to her glass. "Sometimes you get lucky and they overlap. Sometimes… your chosen family is your only family."

Lincoln's jaw tightens, but he's not mad…well, not mad at Klaudea. "Yeah. and sometimes Born with family doesn't always mean you’re stuck with them." Just their debts. He'll roll his shoulders, and then narrow his eyes, watching her, "Ok…Sure, but that doesn't explain why you're choosing me." He'll lean into the counter, closer to her, not that anyone is near enough to hear him. "It's not like you're getting anything outta this…" He sounds honestly confused. He's got friends, but chosen family? Ren's the closest, and he's told Linc that Linc's his best employee.

Klaudea sighs. "That's the thing, Lincoln, that I'm not sure you'll understand." She pauses, and finally takes a sip from her ale, then replaces it in the same ring of water. "Family shouldn't /ever/ for be some sort of gain or advantage, although, that can happen with blood family sometimes. Which is the beauty of chosen family, hopefully. You care for them, and they care for you, just because they do. Just because… there's something there that makes you feel close to them that doesn't have to do with romance or… lust (her voice drops a little on that one), or what they can get."

Lincoln isn't sure if she's pulling this hallmark moment to make a specific point. He'll sigh, dropping his eyes to look at the ring her glass is in. "I didn't grow up with any real blood family…I mean, my mom, but…She was a piece of something. But…"He'll look up, through his bangs, "I do care….I'm just not good at showing it…It's always been physical…" He'll sigh, looking back down and there may even be a slight hint of pink on his cheeks.

Giving a little toss to flip her bangs away to the side, and then reaching up to finish the job by tucking them behind her ear, Klaudea gives a little nod. "I know," she replies quietly. She takes another sip of her ale. "I do worry about you. And I've worried about not hearing from you. You don't have to try and tackle everything all alone. You've got me."

Lincoln keeps his eyes down, and his jaw works slightly, "I know." He'll take a deep breath, lifting his dark eyes past her to the couches, "I just don't' know how to deal with this yet. I don't know how much freedom I have. I …can't drag you or Bed into this."

There's a long silence from Klaudea as she looks into her glass. "Fair enough," she finally says quietly. "Just… do what you can? Let me know you're still kicking?" She glances towards him, and then keeps her eyes on him as she takes a sip from her ale. "If I need to, I can pay you sometimes to keep up appearances or something, for Him."

That gets a chuckle from Linc, the idea of Klaudea paying for him, "No…I think it'll be ok. Bed's come over a few times, so that's already blown, if he's got my place under surveillance." Something changes and Linc smiles at her, leaning forward on the bar casually, "Maybe I'll just hit it big and he'll want an autograph, right?"

Grinning to hear Lincoln chuckle again, Klaudea lowers her glass, one hand raising over it to spin it lazily in the water ring. When his smile changes, she pauses, her fingertips still resting on the rim of the glass. Her shoulders straighten a little, but she doesn't turn. "Maybe I should get your autograph, now… then I can auction it on the infosphere for big bucks when you make it famous." Although she tries to follow him, her eyes shift a little as she tries to look around without turning her head.

"Maybe. Could go for enough to fund you new shiny armor or something." His eyes stay over her shoulder, watching the couches. He's still smiling, but is clearly watching some kind of going on. "We can get you a big glossy, maybe a l-" Linc's eyes dilate suddenly and his hand flicks underneath the bar. The lights flicker, just barely. If Klaudea didn't' see Linc do that, she might not have even noticed. "If you'll excuse me a moment…" Linc doesn't wait for an answer as he's moving rather quickly around the bar and towards the counches.

"Well, I can always use new armor. Mine keeps getting bashed," she agrees, her head turning just a little as she looks down to her drink again to try and see what he's looking at. When he excuses himself, she does turn, leaning sideways on the bar as she does.

It's pretty clear the flickering lights are some kinda code. All the people on the couches that aren't clients are looking to Linc, most have some kind of drink in their hands. One girl, a pretty blue hair young thing is sitting in the lap of an older gentleman. Her eyes follow Linc as he makes his way over. There's not even a smile on Linc's face , not even the fake bar tending one. A few cpuples move off, once they realize it's not them . Linc casually takes the drink from the blue haired girl and motions her to get out of the man's lap. The gentleman's voice rises some, a few voice words about being interrupted can be caught. Nothing of what Linc says can be heard, but a small smile does start forming. It's not pretty or charming, it's a touch predatorily. The man pales as Linc offers him the drink, and then some kind of choice. Another few voice words can be heard from him as he scurries off, mostly about how the manager will hear of this.

Although she doesn't push away from the bar, Klaudea's fingers flex once as Lincoln motions for the blue-haired girl to stand up. Her eyes watch the interchange, but she remains motionless. Even when the man moves off, voicing his discontent, she doesn't move, except to give a twitch to move her hair back from her face again.

Lincoln follows the man to the door, making sure he actually leaves. When he turns back, his face is smoothed, but theres a tension in his shoulders now. The blue haired girl follows him back to the bar, "Lincoln…I'm so sorry…I didn't' know!" Linc shakes his head, cutting her off, "Not your fault, just be more aware. Go shower and come back down." He'll growl softly setting the drink to the side, as he reaches underneath the bar for something. He'll keep an eye on the door, making rue he doesn't come storing back in.

Since Lincoln's eyes are still on the door, Klaudea doesn't turn her back to the door, settling sideways to give Lincoln a curious look. "Trade secrets?" she asks lightly, her arm laying alongside her ale. Tension in the shoulders isn't something he can hide as easily from her now, even if he can gloss over the facial expressions.

"Sorta…" Linc blinks, and will pull out a strip and tosses it into the drink. The entire drink turns a hot pink color, and for a moment, Linc 's jaw tightens. He'll mutter, "Jackass," and then hold the glass up, like it's proof, although to who it's hard to say before tossing it underneath the bar, in some kind of tub. "Sorry about that. Some guys just…" He'l inhale through his nose, frustrated, "Some clients think they can get more, if the girl is…not as aware."

"I don't understand," Klaudea says, looking to the change in color in the drink. There's one other time that she's seen such in a drink, and she shakes her head, looking briefly towards the door. "I mean… what more? More than he paid for?" Hazel eyes glance curiously to Lincoln, completely confused. "How do you get more than… sex? Or does she not do everything?"

Lincoln bites his tongue, unsure how much Klaud actually wants to know. "It just depends on what he's willing to pay for. And if he's into hurt girls…they can't really fight back, or even remember…"Linc's clearly pissed. the tension in his shoulders is actually traveling down his arms as he wipes the bar.

"Oh," Klaudea replies. "Oooohhhh," she adds, her face going a little red. "Aren't there, um," looking down to her drink which suddenly is the most intricate object in the entire room and worthy of intense study, she clears her throat. "Um, people that do… cater…. to people into… /that/?"

Lincoln looks up at the squire, does she really want to know. Sure, but if you haven't agreed to that kind of night….It's not something that's ok to be sprung on a person." For the second time that night, Linc's cheeks have a faint pink color. It's not a fun thing though, those are not his favorite types of clients, at all. But sometimes a person has to do things. He'll turn to arrange some bottles that don't really need re-arranging.

Klaudea shakes her head. "No, I wouldn't think it is." She looks back to the door again. "I can't imagine why people would be.. into that." Then she bites her lip looking at Lincoln, wondering if she's insulted him. "I don't mean to say…" she gives up, and takes a long drink of her ale.

Lincoln shrugs, still strained. "It's usually a power thing." He doesn't sound like he thinks it's all that. He'll look up from the bottles and then sighs, shaking his head, "No…You didn't do anything. I'm sorry. That just….it's awful when it happens. I hate to think of anyone doing it to anyone, especially here." It's hard to tell what emotions are going on in Linc, he's got a smooth face. But his eyes are still angry.

There's a narrowing of her eyes towards the door, as she puts her glass back down. "I doubt he has any…" she murmurs. "So he tried…" taking a breath, she turns towards Lincoln, and reaches across the bar to try and lay a hand on hers. "She's lucky she has you watching out for her. You did a good thing, catching him and kicking him out."

Lincoln sighs, and nods,"Probably not. "Linc pauses, letting Klaudea touch his hand, "It's what we do here. take care of each other. It's a hard business…Not all places are like this." Hell, he's worked them. He'll force a small smile, "He's going on the list though, he'll not get any buisness from any respectable brothels."

"Good. He shouldn't," Klaudea agrees, and gives his hand a squeeze before she straightens up, looking to see how much of her ale she has left. "I should probably be going soon. Early morning run and all that," she grimaces. "I just wanted to be sure you're okay. And to make sure you're going to have room for that couch. It'll be delivered on Monday."

Lincoln nods, "I'm crackerjack!" Even Linc can't make that seems real for the moment. But he smiles and nods, "Monday, got it. I'll make room."

Klaudea shakes her head. "No, you're not," she tells him quietly, but gently. It's not an aggressive demand to stop lying, just an observation to tell him she's not fooled. With a little smile, she finishes her ale, then kneels up on the chair again to reach across the bar and lay a hand on his shoulder. She can't quite hug him from there, but she does give a squeeze. "Call me, okay? Don't keep me in the dark, or else I'm going to come test out how comfortable that couch is for sleeping."

Lincoln chuckles, and the smile is a touch more real. They both know he's lying, so what does it matter? An eyebrow is raised at her balancing act on the stool and he'll step closer, instinctively to make sure she's ok. "If you sleep at my place, it's not gonna be on my couch." He'll smirk and waggle his eyebrows at her.

Klaudea gives a shrug as she slides down from the stool, her ale finished. "Fine. You can have the couch, then," she tells him with her own smirk. She gives him a wave and heads towards the door.

Lincoln just rolls his eyes.

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