Lord Sir Cambric Leonnida
Craig Horner
Craig Horner as Cambric Wolsing Leonnida
Full Name: Cambric Wolsing Leonnida
Byname: Southern Falcon of the Vale
Age: 28
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: Cindravale
House: Leonnida
Title/Profession: Sir
Position: Knight
Spouse: N/A Height: 5' 10"
Father: Aaric Leonnida Weight: 175
Mother: Ravelle Leonnida Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Siblings: None Eye Color: Blue
Children: N/A


Lord Cambric Wolsing Leonnida was born to a minor noble family in the Southern Wilds of the Vale. As a member of the House Leonnida, he was immediately thrown into the mix of the family dynamics of politics that "Only the Strongest" come out on top. As a youth, Cambric spent most of his time in training - either with weapons or the falcons that his father raised - and when not in physical training, his mother, a scholar, made sure that his nose was to the grindstone in books and other subject matter that involved etiquette and proper court techniques. But there were other reasons for this training.

With the politics of the family so bent on making sure that only the strongest members came out ahead that it was decided that Cambric should become a knight. Of course, Cambric was excited about this prospect and immediately jumped at the chance to serve his land in such a strong role that would surely help him promote his status within the House.

Life as a Knight was not easy. Squired at the age of 10, Cambric immediately jumped into the training with as much zest as he could with anything else. Trained in the art of leadership and horse cavalry, the young squire served well within the ranks, and was always quick with a story or a quip in order to try to lighten the moods of those around him.

He made his way primarily through diplomacy and negotiation, and unintentionally gained considerable skill in resolving conflicts not only in his own family but among others as well. He studied fighting and warfare enough to have developed an expertise in strategy and tactics, and shines particularly in the fields of either maintaining or interrupting the flow of logistics through the use of cavalry. He was also known for being rather calm and poised in the field, rarely shaken and more often than not, the one smiling when it all seemed to be going poorly.

It was during his last year of squire hood that he met another young squire - Brienne Arboren. They spent time together, enough to where she thought he was in love with her. The two of them started a correspondence together that has carried on for almost a decade now, with discussions of a possible betrothal in the works.

At the age of 19, Cambric was advanced from squiredom into the Knighthood. He was placed back in the Southern Wilds to help with the home guard for the last several years, training and learning the skills that combine his love of falconry with that of the use of cavalry. In his off duty time, he is usually found with his book in his hands, though he can often to be dragged off to carouse and get a story or three out of. He doesn't participate in as many tournaments as his Cindravale kin, when he does, he is usually very flamboyantly dressed, showing up as the Southern Falcon of the Vale - his armor is adorned with metal-worked feathers and his helmet is fashioned to appear as of that of a falcon, with leather stretched out from breastplate to hooks in his arm plates to appear as wings.



Solidly built with roughish handsome looks and standing at five foot and eleven inches tall, Cambric is a solidly built young man, roughly in his late 20s to pushing 30. He has dark blonde hair that settles easily in a tussled mess on the top of his head. His brows are just as bushy and are set atop of bright and blue eyes. Cambric's nose is slightly twisted, a sign that it may have taken a hit or three in the past, and is slightly mashed, though below that are warm lips that are quick with a smile. His jaw line is strong and firm, with very little in the way of fat.

His frame is solidly built, with wiry and ropey muscles that hint more of the abilities of an athlete than that of a brawler. Dressed in the clothing of his station, he wears a dark blue tunic trimmed in the gold of the house Leonniade. Beneath the tunic is a finely made white shirt, while he wears dark blue pants beneath the tunic leading into leather boots. Around his waist is a leather belt holding his long sword in a peace knot to his side.


  • Avid Reader
  • Bonsai Tree Gardener
  • Calm Under Pressure
  • Falconry
  • Fiercely Loyal

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