05.29.3013: Buy You A Drink
Summary: Taryn meets Aidan and Agnes while lost in Landing.
Date: 29 May 2013
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The Central Arcade — Landing, Imperius
The Westend of Landing is also known as the Entertainment District. It is most active at night, where the neon lights sends the world into a kaleidoscopic glow. The Central Arcade is a wide, circular plaza with various thoroughfares spreading out like spokes on a wheel into the various regions of the district. At the center of the arcade is a round stage that nightly hosts various musical artists and groups to keep the party going even between venues. Neon piping is inlaid into the cement, creating various geometric patterns and creating pathways to various nightclubs and restaurants. AMP and Red Eye dealers covertly move through the crowds, trading doses for currency.
May 29, 3013

The sun is down but it's not yet midnight which means that while the parties are going, they're not yet in full swing. That might not be obvious since, since the official declaration of war, people have been partying even harder while they still can. Aidan isn't near the center of things where a band is blaring music from the stage. Instead, he's near the periphery where it's easier to not go deaf. He's got a drink in hand and is leaning against a wall of one of the nightclubs away from the door.

Taryn thought that the Fortress of Phylon surely the largest gathering of people and buildings he had ever seen. Country mouse comes to the city is the quintessential description of the young man as he walks through the crowds of people and the cacophony of noise and music. The small village that he had known his entire life was never this noisy on its most festive of holidays. The normal slow pace of his existence is trampled by the hussle and bustle of Landing. Taryn was skirting the edge of one of the buildings trying to just make his way. Distracted at all that is going on around him, he walks with his eyes sweeping from one stimulus to the next. In such, he nearly walks smack into the lurking Aidan.

"Hey, careful." Aidan says, using one arm to find off Taryn while the other quickly moves his beer out of the way though some sloshes over the rim of the disposable cup and onto his hand. "Damn." Switching the glass to his other hand, he shakes the wet one off as best he can then sucks some of the beer off the back of his hand.

Taryn stops as soon as he hears Aidan's voice, well, in truth it was more of the guiding hand, as who knows who is saying what to whom. He looks at the man, "Oh.. sorry… " He looks around, "What is going on? Is there some kind of festival or something?" His volume is a little elevated in that way people tend to overspeak when they are not accustomed to being in particularly loud environments.

"A festival? No, things get really wild during festivals. It's just a normal evening." Aidan looks the young man over, taking particular note of his clothing. "New to the city?" He's dressed in ranger chic himself so doesn't exactly look like he belongs.

Taryn blinks widely, "This is not wild, really or other wise?" He looks around at what he sees as complete chaos, "I don't think that I want to see a festival." He chuckles, "What makes you think that?"

"That's rhetorical right?" Aidan asks, smiling a bit. "And yes, really. This is isn't fairly typical for this nightt and this time. It'll pick up in a few hours once the better bands start playing. Or what they consider better bands. What brings you here? Planning to enlist? Already have and looking to play before training?"

At the thought of it picking up, Taryn looks at Aidan like he surely pulling his leg. Now that is an interesting question. "Honestly… I haven't a clue what I'm doing here. Just seemed like the thing to do, you know?" He says more under his breath, "Though I'm beginning to think I was wrong."

Aidan chuckles and claps Taryn on the shoulder, pushing off the wall he was leaning against. "C'mon. Let's get out of this noise and I'll buy you a drink." He drains his glass as he walks and tosses the empty in a disposal. "It's a little less overwhelming with four walls around you."

Taryn grins a bit, "Well, I wouldn't want to be insulting by slighting such hospitality and saying no." He glances at Aidan's clothing, "You don't rightly look like you're from here either…" He and Aidan are standing outside one of the clubs, surrounded by a mob of merrymakers. Taryn is dressed in very rustic fashion looking overwhelmed by the nightlife of Landing.

Aidan is leading Taryn toward the Violet Siren. "I'm not. I'm from House Peake. Name's Aidan. Landing is fun to visit when you want to jump feet first into noise and people. It's even more fun to leave once you get tired of it."

The doors of one of the clubs open, and the rather intimidating sight of Sir Agnes Peake, The Bear, in her defender armor comes out, dragging a couple of marines by the scruff of their jackets. They look blind drunk and she looks rather stern. "If you babble that 'Hostiles are scary' at me one more time, I swear to all the gods I will see you court-martialed." She dumps them on the ground at the feet of a couple of knights. "They were AWOL at check in. See that they sober up and are squared away on the Intent. Also, give them whatever the most unpleasant shipboard duty is for the next two weeks," she orders. The knights each haul a drunken marine to their feet and lead them off.

"Taryn Wystel… from Briarsford… in the Southern Wilds… " He offers. As he sees Agnes dragging out the pair of marines, he coughs slightly, "Wow… Poor bastards… I'd hate to be on her bad side… even on my best day…" He follows the man's lead. "So that why you're here.. a bit of sport an' play?"

"Oh, you don't know the half of it." Aidan murmurs and for some reason he's grinning. He's also altering his course a bit to take them over toward Agnes. "But Hostiles /are/ scary!" he says, loud enough for Agnes to hear. "They certainly scare me!"

The tall lady Knight's head turns at the quip and her stern gaze locks on Aidan and his companion. She strides towards them, looming at her 6'3" stature. "Not half as much as your father scares you, Nephew," she says flatly. Then she breaks into a grin and reaches over to muss Aidan's hair. "Where is Eilara? I charged her with keeping you out of trouble while I was deployed, but if you're here in this den of iniquity, she is failing at her task." She looks then to Taryn. "New friend?" she asks.

Taryn looks at Aidan, "Nephew? When you said you were from House Peake… I thought you meant that you were retinue of House Peake… My apologize, m'lord, for speaking with such familiarity."

"And if I cared about that, I would have made sure you knew." Aidan points out. "Yes, Aunt. This is Taryn Wystel from… somewhere in the south. He wanted to experience a den of iniquity or two. You can recommend some good ones, I'm sure?" It's not really a question.

"Young man, you have the honor of accompanying Lord Aidan Peake, son of Lord Sir Trentin Peake, head of House Peake of Khar-Mordune," Agnes announces with a flourish and just the tiniest hint of the teasing in her tone. She tilts her head at Taryn. "In the south? What brings you here, other than finding a drink, as I'm sure they have those in the South too." She looks over at her nephew. "As for bars, the Violet Siren charges fair enough prices for drinks, and the glasses are relatively clean. Come, I will sit with you for a spell. I'm not due back on the ship for a few hours."

Taryn looks even more uncomfortable if it were possible. Then Aidan's words register. "What? Me? No.. that's not… I just got lost." He looks to the intimidating Lady knight. "I.. Seemed like the thing to do…. " It sounds almost as much a question as a statement.

"Stop that Aunt. You're making him uncomfortable. Don't mind her, Taryn." Aidan tells the young man. "We don't make much of an issue of it in Peake. What matters is what you do not who you are." Mostly of course. But they and the Arboren are much more in that mold than the Sauveur. "Let's go get a drink then."

"Well then, come let me buy the first round, and young Taryn can tell us what talents he has, to earn his keep during wartime," Agness invites. Or commands, it may seem to some. She strides into the bar with confident steps.

Taryn nods politely, "Yes, M'Lady." Oh, he is certainly following her command, as he takes it and follows the two nobles towards the Violet Siren.

The Violet Siren — Landing, Imperius
The entrance into the Violet Siren gives the illusion of a squat, round building with very little character or flair. It is only when one walks through the ellipse-shaped tunnel, under the glowing black lights, do they realize that the Violet Siren is far more than it seems. The foyer is at the top level of a vast silo that tunnels underground for several stories. Its transparent-composite floors look down through the various mezzanines ringing the interior of silo all the way to the expansive dance floor at the bottom. A series of staircases hug the walls of the cylinder, leading patrons past balconies that supply seating away from the loud thumping and madness of the dance floor and a series of bars to wet ones whistle.

The entire lower level is nothing but dance floor with platforms to provide varied elevation to the bumping, grinding, and thrashing of the vigorous dancers. Scantly-clad waitresses maneuver carefully through the dancers with shotglass vials of neon-colored liquor.

May 29, 3013

Agnes strides to one of the upper balconies, where the noise and lights are the least intrusive and brain pummeling. She settles into a booth and beckons a waitress over. "Water for me, and whatever these young gentlemen would like, on my bill."

"Exactly where I was planning to sit." Aidan compliments. He did mention someplace a bit quieter to Taryn. He orders one of the upper grade whiskeys and takes a seat, leaving one with the best view for Taryn. "So they have you playing MP do they?"

Taryn walks into the Violet Siren. He glances at Aidan, "I fail to see how much calmer than outside… just more contained." He looks at the waitress, "A beer please…" He looks somewhat uncomfortable. "I am a groom, m'lady… which is kind of a nice way of saying stablehand."

"Unofficially," Agnes admits to Aidan. "I know the mother of one of the young men, so when I saw him listed as AWOL on the morning reports, I decided to go collect him and his idiot friend myself, before the MPs could get a hold of him. His mother is a good woman, who doesn't deserve to be shamed. So I'm going to whip that boy into a proper soldier." The word groom has all of Agnes' attention diverted to Taryn. "A groom! Do you have any experience with Destriers? Any of the ornery variety, by any chance?" Agnes happens to have the most stubborn, bitey, crotchety grey ever born.

Aidan nods at what Agnes says but also looks interested in what Taryn has. "Are you looking for work, Taryn? You're less likely to find work here in the city for a groom than, say, in Peake. In fact, I can almost guarantee it. I dare say you'll feel more comfortable in Khar-Mordune than here too." Pause. "You're not claustrophobic are you?"

Taryn nods slightly, "I have, m'lady. The ranch that I was apprenticed to produced many fine war horses." He finds a moment's reprieve when the drinks come. Oh such blessed beer. He takes a deep drink, hoping to find a little instilled or in the case distilled courage. "No, m'lord, I have employ waiting in return… It's a bit difficult to explain…. " He isn't the best of liars, "I just thought that I had never been to Landing and that it's something that everyone should do at least once."

"I am sad to hear that, Taryn, for I have a most needy beast of a Destrier who needs a good groom and some serious looking-after while I'm deployed," Agnes says with a sigh. "How many people has Argent bitten in the day I've been gone, Aidan?" she queries her nephew, curling her hands around her water glass.

"None, actually." Aidan answers. "The stable master won't let anyone else handle him without you there to calm him. You're welcome to come to Peake and apply for the job, Taryn. It'll be his decision but we're always looking for good grooms. And if you know anything about training war horses, that's a bonus. You won't find anywhere like Peake too."

Taryn smirks slightly as the topic turns to one that he is in fact comfortable with, "Well, I could have a talk with your Argent.. Might be able to turn 'er into a bit friendlier.. but truthfully a war horse should never be gentled… If there's a bond between the two of you.. that's a good thing…"

"He and I get along famously," Agnes drawls. "He bit me once, and I punched him in the nose. Now we're the best of friends due to mutual respect. Everyone else, however, he terrorizes." She nods along with Aidan. "I do think my Nephew may be offering you a job, young man. I second his offer."

"I'm offering him the chance for a job." Aidan corrects. "It's up to the stable master to determine if he's qualified enough for us. But a foot in the door is the hard part if you want to take it, Taryn. If not, that's fine too."

Taryn takes another sip of the beer, "Perhaps… but I have a feeling that there's something that needs to be done here… " He smirks, relaxing a touch. "Well, not here, here, but here, as in Landing… "

"A feeling?" Agnes asks, with a brow rising. She looks over at her nephew questioningly. Aidan is the one who knows about those feeling things. In the normal and Awakened sense.

Aidan shakes his head at Agnes' look. He just met the guy. And isnt' afraid to ask. "Awakened?"

Taryn nearly snorts his beer. "Do I look like I'm Awakened? Robes and staffs are not really me."

Agnes is still looking at the boy curiously, but she shrugs. "All right then. If you do find yourself in need of a job, however, Aidan can direct you to our stablemaster and introduce you to Argent. I'm not sure how long I'll be gone at the front, or how often I'll be able to visit."

Aidan smirks at Taryn's answer. "Robes and staves are not really me either." he notes dryly. "And yet here I am." As the color drains from his eyes, an aura that's rodent-like begins to surround him. He only maintains it for a moment before letting it drop. "Cindravale sorcerors like to play with toys. Others of us don't need props."

While it is true that Valen sorcerors tend to be a bit more stereotypical wizards, and it is true that they tend to be more in your face about being Awakened, they also have a tendency of being more devil may care with their abilities. So one might expect for Taryn to react with a greater amount of surprise at Aidan awakening so close to him, but yet at least at first, his response is way to calm, then almost like he remembers to react, "You're awakened?"

"He is," Agnes confirms, sipping her water. She looks between the two young men, letting them hash this out.

Aidan nods at what Agnes says. "You won't find many staves, wands or crystal balls in Peake. Or Arboren either, for that matter. Druids don't need such things. Anyway, the offer stands if you want to take it. Mention my name should you change your mind. I'll be telling the stable master of you."

Ah hell. The last of the glass of beer disappears down Taryn's throat. He looks decidedly uncomfortable. "It can be dangerous at times in the Vale to be like me… " And it is true that sorceror's duels are not unknown, often leaving quite a bit of collateral damage in their wake. "So, if you would, please keep it to yourselves… I implore you." He looks at the glass, "So you understand why I say that I have no idea why I am here, just that I feel that I should be."

"On my honor as a Knight, I will tell no one of your gift, Taryn," Agnes vows, dipping her head.

"It's your secret to tell or not." Aidan agrees. "You really don't have cause to fear though, especially now. All Awakened are too valuable to endanger with the war having started. Or I should say, no cause to fear other Awakened. We have reason to believe the Hostiles are targetting us so you need to be careful about traveling alone and outside civilization."

Taryn's eyes widen, truly with shock. "What?" He swallows, "How would they know someone who was Awakened from someone who was not, if they were not actively using their powers?" He frowns slightly, "And what would me we? Who's we?" He shakes his head, "Make you think that?"

Agnes has a small light on one of her bracers blink to life. "That is my summons back to the ship. I'll pay the tab on my way out. Best of luck to you Taryn." She bends to kiss the top of Aidan's head. "Take care of your father for me, nephew." Then the giant of a woman departs.

Aidan smiles slightly but it's without humor. "Dream, Taryn. Isn't it always dreams? That and some incidents in Arboren. But the answer is, they don't seem to be able to. So if you've never used your abilities where a hidden observer could see, you should be as safe as anyone else."

Taryn ponders for a second, "I wouldn't say never I guess, though I doubt that the Hostiles or anyone else for that matter would ever turn their attention to my village. The only time someone noteworthy ever crosses its gates is to pick up a horse."

"Still, it doesn't hurt to be safe. Just don't stray far by yourself. They'll kill anyone, not just Awakened." Aidan pauses as Agnes' comm unit goes off then bids her farewell as she returns to the ship. "Are you trained?"

Taryn cocks his head slightly, "Trained?" Then the light flickers on, "Oh… you mean.. yeah, sort of… My mother had an old friend of my father's train me as best he could."

Aidan nods. "Good. Then you can use your abilities to defend yourself if it comes to it. Well, Taryn. I wish you luck with whatever brought you here. And remember, the offer stands."

Taryn nods, "Well enough… though I'd say I'm probably better with a sword in my hand." He pauses, before reaching over and grabbing Agnes's abandoned water. He takes a sip of it. "Perhaps your offer is why I dreamed of Landing… but if it were so easy, I would suspect I would have dreamed of Arborenin of such than this place."

Aidan stands up and looks down at Taryn. "Perhaps. But sometimes we dream of where we need to be at a certain, specific time regardless of where that brings us. But if it's not that… Leave a message for me at Peake if you need to."

Taryn stands up once Aidan does. He nods, "Thank you for your time, Lord Aidan Peake." He pauses and smiles, "Something tells me that this won't be the last time we meet. Hopefully the next time it will be in…. a more pleasant setting… not that this place is not the finest such I have ever been in… but I think some place a little more subdued might be nicer. And I shall remember your offer…" He shrugs, "Who knows… certainly working the stables for one of the noble families would be a fair bit better than back home."

"Enjoy your visit to Landing, Taryn." Aidan downs the last of his whiskey and sets the glass down on the table. "Good luck." Nodding to the young man, he turns and heads downstairs.

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