08.16.3013: Busy Morning at Motts
Summary: Motts has a busy morning filled with Squires and Quelltons
Date: 16.08.2013
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The Mott Taphouse
The taphouse is burrowed out from the heart of one of the various elder trees that surround the Heartwood. It is dark, warm, and inviting no matter the time of day. There are not a lot of hard corners, and it feels as though the walls blend in with the ceilings that curve high above. The interior wood has been stained a honey gold, which is offset by the rosewood bar and tables. There are a couple of circular windows that have been carved from the tree trunk, though the glass is stained a soft green to continue to maintain a particular atmosphere no matter the time of day. Scattered throughout the room are tables of various size and chair arrangement, and the aforementioned bar runs along the left-hand wall.

The taphouse only provides ale. Order a whiskey, you get ale. Order a martini, you get ale. The menu is also very simple with a set series of meals — breakfast, lunch, and dinner — that change from day to day. It is common knowledge that special orders or requests are always ignored.


Mott's Taphouse is one of the most famous, or infamous depending on your drink preferences. Today's crowd consists of usuals, first timers, and staff. Plates of food, comprised of thick cuts of pork chop drenched in a hearty white sausage gravy, with fried hashed potatoes, and cheesy scrambled eggs, are being served at a fast pace. These meal platters are accompanied by the widely joked about, in an "I'll order some Valen drink just to be cute" way, mugs of foaming crisp cold ale.

The booths are about the only spots open during this mid morning late breakfast rush, and even then there is only one that has a single occupant. Michael sits with his highly piled platter of the artery clogging menu, sipping at his ale, while reading over a letter he's penning to a certain Peake he's not spoken to for some time. There is a slight frown to his features, mainly due to his memories of the lady knight and what transpired between them. His booth, however, does have several seating spot available in case one of the forest friends he has decides to join him.

Talynne walked into the Taphouse dressed in a pair of kid leather pants that were soft as all get out and a light tan with a soft, silken poets blouse on top in a rich, heavy umber. The laces were done up for it to stay closed, but it drifted from her shoulders regularly, leaving them bare. Her hair, likewise, was done in a lovely, shining mass that had been obviously, carefully brushed. For footwear, her knee-tall boots in dark brown leather are laced up fully over her pants. She looked around the busy room filled with the hungry masses devouring breakfast and couldn't help but smile widely, then she headed deeper into the place to search for a place to sit, or for the person/persons she was meeting.

For Rivea's part, message delivery has brought her to this area. Entering, she wearily releases a heart felt sigh while pinching the bridge of her nose between two fingers. But, at the same time, the nose twitches, causing an almost instantaneous response as evidenced by the beginnings of an earthquake inducing rumble from the area of her middle Eyes glance to the exit, then glance further inwards. Ah, a friendly face of sorts…with food, he surely is not planning eating all alone.

Carrying a full satchel, the as usual barefooted Quellton is wearing a green tunic and brown cloth pants. Smelling distinctly of the stables, he'll walk in and look around. His eyes immediately drawn to Talynne, a huge smile will spread across his face. "Meeting someone…or wanna sit over there?" He'll motion to the same table they sat at the other night with a smirk.

Looking up thoughtfully allows Michael to see Rivea standing there and he smiles at her. "Rivea! Hey, please come join me if you have the time. I got the day off today since the wedding is this weekend. Care for a drink? Food? I'll buy." he offers to her with a wave to draw her over to him. For now, the other two are only noticed… until he recognizes the barefoot Quellton and calls out to him as well. "Balius! Hey you, get over here and have a drink with me. Bring your friend too."

Upon arrival at Michael's table, she grins down at him, "I will, thank you. And, workouts or no, my friend, that's' making a gesture at his pile of heart attack in the making, " is going to make you gain too many sizes and you'll have to rework your armor." With an arch look on Rivea's face, while her nose almost quivers in anticipation of food (after all, it's not like interrupting a squire's scheduled meal time is important, they can grab something anytime, yes?). "But, I think I could eat the same twice over today," as she looks around to do just that. After which, she excuses herself from the table for a moment, to go take use the restroom

Turning to face Balius, Talynne gave him a slow once over, obviously checking him out, before she started walking his way with a playful grin stealing over her lips. "Why Balius Quellton, as I live and breath.. what are the chances that I might run into you here, of all places in all the worlds?" She stopped when she was close enough to reach forward and wipe a little straw from his shoulder with a gentle touch. "And if we sit over there, you'll have to put me on a lap of one of those other men to be able to fit in the booth. Is that really the way we want to spend breakfast?" Her tone was somewhat quiet, but the humor there burned brightly as she looked over at said table filled with men that were obviously loading up on calories and protein for a long day of hard labor. When Bey is called to by Michael, Talynne glances over that way and chuckles. "You have someone calling you, I can go work my way into the bar somewhere so you can go chat with your friend?"

Looking up at Michael, Bey will give him a somber nod. Smiling back at Talynne, he'll play her tease back. "You don't want to meet my friends, Taly? I think you might enjoy their company. And over at their table you could easily sit in my lap." He'll lean forward to whisper in her ear, his arm reaching around her.

Chiron enters the Taphouse, wearing his traditional Peake colors. Brown tunic, black pants, gold decorative chain hanging from his belt and a green hooded cloak. As he enters he sees his brother hanging off of what is clearly a Noble of some kind. He grins a little as he casually says to Talynne, "This your Companion?" He winks at his brother, then notices Michael sitting at a booth and waves.

Chuckling as she sits down at first, and smiling after her when she goes to the ladies' room, Michael watches Rivea for a moment before shaking his head slightly and looking after her. As his gaze travels back to Balius he smirks slightly when the young man whispers to the woman he's slung his arm around. A silent sagely nod in a sort of, 'addaboy' sense, before looking at the door to the squire-who-could decked out in his house's colors. "Hey Bearpaw, come join me for a drink."

A slight blush stole over Talynne's cheeks as she's addressed by Chiron, but she managed to give him a warm smile. Rubbing the back of her hand across her lips to somehow remove the smile, she cleared her throat and inclined her head. "For some reason I feel as though I should allow some introduction before I grace such a question with an answer." She looked over at Balius and smiled to him, having noted the wink from Chiron to his brother. "Should we shuffle that way in order to make it easier to cover all of these bases at once?"

A dawning realization at his brother's question immediately sucks the smile out of his face. Keeping pace and holding his arm around Talynne. Bey will take just more than a beat to compose himself. Turning his face back, red from some form of embarrassment, he'll give a quick introduction, almost stumbling over his words. "This is Squire Chiron, my brother." He'll rub his forehead and seem again composed. How could he be so stupid. His arm will move more possessively around Talynne. "And this is Talynne Rovehn, though she can certainly introduce herself." His smile returns in spite of himself as they sit at the table.

Chiron nods and heads over to the table. "Bearpaw huh? That's not a bad name… I'll have to come up with a suitable one for you." He laughs a little and looks back over to his brother. "Talynne Rovehn… of the Rovehn family? The noble house sworn to the Cindravale Paramount house?" Chiron bows, "Lady Talynne, I am Chiron Quellton. Squire to Lady Sir Agnes Peake. It is a pleasure to meet you." He says, sitting down across from Michael.

Returning to the table, brushing off her clothing, making everything neat and tidy. Of course, her eyes scan the table swiftly as she draws nearer. It seems that the table has little more than doubled in her absence. Now, where shall she sit, unless her food has arrived - at which point her decision is made for her. A touch of wistfulness touches her eyes at hearing the banter between siblings, but it's quickly cast aside.

"Yes, I think it's fitting for the squire of the Bear. Johana doesn't have a byname… but her friend Lord Sir Victor Khournas calls me Ana's Pup, or just Pup. I happen to think it's his own way of being endearing towards me." Michael smiles, "However, one usually gets his byname from his friends and peers, so I'm going to call you Bearpaw for a while. If it sticks, I shall dub thee at your ceremony." He nods to Balius and then to Talynne, "Lady Talynne, pleasure to meet you. I am Young Master Michael Athyros, squired to Young Lady Sir Johana Ibrahm. Since our Bearpaw here decided on strict formal introductions. I'll break that rigid ice, by saying Michael is just fine to call me." Michael slides over and pats the seat he was in, "Sit next to me Rivea. I promise to keep my hands to my self, hard as that might be."

"That would actually be Lady Sir Talynne Rovehn, thank you Young Master Chiron. Though you can be free to leave off the titles if you would be so kind and call me Talynne." She inclined her head to him and offered a warm smile. "Congratulations on your squirehood. I have no doubt you will learn to be a masterful knight. And it's nice to finally meet Balius' brother, having already met your sister and your cousin, I feel eventually I'll manage an entire family tree in my head." Shifting into the booth solidly next to Balius, as he has his arm rather firmly around her, Talynne looked up at Rivea and offered her a smile as she arrived back at the table. Looking over to Michael, Talynne nodded. "A pleasure to meet you Michael, as well. I have no doubts for your wonderful training as well." Then she looked back to Rivea. "And what might we call you?"

Loosening his arm around Talynne, he'll smile around the crowded group. "Well this is certainly a pleasant surprise! We'll have to tell Cousin Dask that breakfast is the time for tips Chiron!" His enthusiasm seems genuine, if perhaps a little inflated. Feeling incredibly out numbered by squires and nobles, Balius will ease back and await an opportunity to order.

"My apologies, my Lady. Balius never mentioned you were a knight." Chiron says, sounding sincere in his apology. "My Lady, if you don't mind I've been practicing talking in formal settings, and have been asked to speak to Nobles in their proper titles." He says, giving her a smile. "So, you never answered my question. Is he your companion?" He says, turning to Michael. "Pup won't do at all. I'll come up with something." He offers, waving to Rivea. "It appears we have many more coming. The Taphouse is rather popular today." He says, nodding to Balius. "We may want to tell him, yes."

Rivea, just before sliding into the seat offered by Michael, she rolls her eyes, answering his words with a punch to his shoulder. "Of course you will, Michael. I had no doubts at all regarding your behavior." Having caught the tail end of the brothers introducing themselves, and the Lady's reiteration of her introduction, her eyes light with warmth, Then, with soft tones spoken clearly and carefully, she makes hers. "I am Young Master Rivea Therrien, squired to Lord Sir Advent Sauveur. It is an honor to meet the one who helped My Lord Advent so much." The rest of the conversation causes her brow to furrow in thought, just what did she miss in her absence?

"Oh, you don't know me all that well then Rivea." Michael teases, making mocking grabby hands at her with a smile denoting he's playing. He looks to Talynne, "Rovehn… I saved a child of the Rovehn once from the hostiles… also saved about fifty people when that caravan was captured. Fought along side Sir Lionel then too." Michael turns to look at Chiron, "I helped carry your knight off the field after she'd sustained incredible injuries… much like I did. She's a strong woman, Sir Agnes, I rather look up to her. You'd better be a better squire than I've been to the two knights I've had, Chiron, because it's a serious honor to be squired by a Knight Lieutenant like the Bear." the conversation about companionship doesn't interest him at all, since he doesn't care for companions.

"Ah! Young Master Rivea! A pleasure to meet you, Lord Sir Sauveur spoke so very highly of you." Talynne's smile was warm and wide as she nodded to Rivea. "I'd hate to feel trite, but I have no doubts for your training to be wonderful. You are all likely going to be fantastic Knights to be welcomed one day." She then looked at Chiron and grinned "How about Lady Sir Talynne? If you're going to be formal, I earned the Sir and am proud of it, and would never have it left off if we weren't on familiar terms." She winked to him, then looked at the rest of the table. "Though, with the gaggle of people we have here already, I'll emphasize again that the lack of formal address would be appreciated." She chuckled and shifted closer to Bey still, providing room for Chiron to choose where he might sit. "As for my companion." Balius got Talynne's attention for a long moment, and she shrugged softly. "I don't believe we've discussed it, so perhaps we should go do so before I answer you." Then she looked at Chiron with a smile.

Just smiling and nodding at the logical response from Taly, seeming satisfied. He'll return to consider his ale and stew, seeming to have had enough excitement for the moment as he digs in to his food methodically. Conversation has thus far proved futile. He's glad to hear his brother earning some respect. Looking to Michael, "I took Thunder out for a good run today, getting more strong and tame day by day that one. Perhaps someday his rider will live up to his talk," He'll say in a light hearted jest.

"What did you do to the other one?" Chiron says, teasing Michael. "You don't need to lecture me on what an honor and an opportunity this is, I am very well aware of what I have been given." He gives Michael a smile, then says to Talynne. "Alright, I shall just call you Talynne then for now, if you insist." He says in an almost sarcastic and joking tone. " Chiron sits at the end of the table.

Lorelei makes her way in, looking rather pleased with herself.She's dressed in her pretty blue dress, her hair in a modest french twist. Even the lack of restful sleep can't damper her mood right now. In fact, she's in such good mood, she doesn't notice her brothers in the crowd. Instead she makes her way over to the bar to ask for an ale. She's bouncing on her tip toes as she waits, humming and smiling to herself.

Rivea's smile brightens as Talynne speaks, "You are too kind, of course. My thanks." Her smile grows to include the others at table, saying "And, please, call me Riv if you wish, since we are being informal." The fragrance of food tickles her nose, as her gaze goes swiftly about the room, tracking the path of her order making its way towards the table. Ahh, food arrives (making Michael's safe from potential pilferage), she sits back so her drink and plate might be set before her.

"Fell in love with her, had her fall in love with me… only to fail as her squire by being downstairs waiting for her when the stroke took her from me." Michael's smile and warmth became Niveus instantly, gazing right through Chiron, "I'm not lecturing you about honor, Chiron, I'm telling you to understand the full gravity of what it means to be someone's squire." he takes a short breath, "It may seem like fun and games, your knight might even tell you to have fun, cut loose, and take leave time… but you never stop being a squire. Not once do you let your personal feelings, wants, or needs come before your knight." Michael takes a very long pull of his ale, and then orders another when the waitress arrives to take food and drink orders. Lorelei goes unnoticed for now.

"Not too kind, I assure you, Riv. Just kind enough." She smiled warmly to the Squire, then looked around the table of Squires until her gaze fell on Balius firmly and she canted her head to the side. "If all of your mornings start this busily, it's a wonder you manage to make it anywhere afterwards at all." She grinned and was about to say something further until the waitress arrived and Talynne was happily able to order a full plate of food, complete with animal, fruit, and bread, none of it seeming to be less important to the Knight than any other item. She also ordered a tankard of ale before she returned her attention to Balius, smiling. "So, perhaps when we're done here we could go have a chat?"

Chiron tilts his head to the side some, "I don't see how falling in love with your knight is failing, and I don't know what stroke you're referring to. I also never said anything about fun and games either. I already have two teachers, I don't need a third." He says, starting to sound a little agitated now. He turns his attention to the door as Lorelei walks in. He waves to get her attention, "Hey, Sparrow!" He says, somewhat loudly to get her attention and he motions for her to come sit at the crowded table.

Chuckling back at Taly, he'll lean gently in to her. "Well, following making a family budget that no one follows…" He'll look at Chiron, not even sure why. Chiron isn't an extravagant spender. "This is utterly relaxing. Perhaps you can return the favor with your sisters?" He's in much better spirits. "Perhaps a talk and a climb?" Seeing his sister, he'll perk up further. "Hey Sis!"

For her part, The Squire is more than happy to take the compliment and good words, especially since the bottomless pit that is a stomach is being filled. Her table manners just holding her back gently enough to keep from devouring her plate while her gaze grows thoughtful, darting looks between Chiron and Michael. Then, again that almost wistful look, quickly shuttered as family greets family.

At hearing her name, Loree turns and grins. Look! All her brothers! She'll take the ale with a thanks to the barkeep and make her way over, "Hey!" She's in an almost giddy mood. The brothers know that can be dangerous, because it's usually contagious. "How's everyone doing today?" she'll look to see where the best place to sit is, not picking up on any tension yet. "I think the weather has turned out lovely, don't you think?" She says this almost sing song, like she know s a good secret they don't. She used to do this when they were younger, just to pick on them, when they'd tease her about things.

Chiron gives Lorelei a look of caution, scratching his head. "There's a spot by me." He says, scooting in a little more. "it's tight, but we can all fit." He smiles, ordering an ale and a large plate of food.

New ale, food, and other things are brought to the table by the waitress. When Lorelei joins the table, the kind woman politely asks for Lorelei's order and waits for the answer before leaving again. Michael doesn't respond to Chiron for now, though darkened eyes look at Lorelei briefly but no smile is offered. Turning to Rivea, "Once we're through here… think you're up for a spar?" he voice flat toned, emotionless. Then, Michael begins to unashamedly dig into today's house special of thick cut pork chops slathered in thick white sausage gravy, fried hash potatoes, and cheesy scrambled eggs.

Tucked in next to Balius, Talynne offered Lorelei a warm smile and a nod. "Loree, a pleasure to see you again, I hope you've been well." The sincere greeting was given then she glanced at Bey and nodded to him. "Sounds like a plan, how very organized of you." She chuckled and then looked positively ravenous as the daily special was set down before her with a side of fruit added in, just for the sweet tooth. Yes… the knight was about as voracious as dear Michael, eating in steady, measured bites that didn't seem to really have a rhyme or reason other than filling a rather empty belly and getting her a taste of everything, one bite at a time.

Rivea says, "I would yes, even if only to work of this particular meal, " grinning over to him. "It will be nice to spar with someone besides the Guard Sergeant." She surreptitiously rubs at her left shoulder, "He's one spry old man, I must say". But, food, glorious food, wonderful food now takes priority. Her gaze goes to the newly arrived young woman, offering her a smile in greeting. The food is eaten with a whole and happy heart, enjoying each and every bite of food, each warming sip of ale."

Lorelei sits down next to Chiron , but her smiles fades some at Michael's glare. Unsure if she did something or not, she'll give hims questioning look, before turning to the waitress, "No thank you. I'm fine with just the ale." Nodding to Taly, "Hello.I have been. It's a good day so far. How are you?" She'll blink, suddenly noticing something amiss. she'll glance to Chiron, maybe he knows?

Bey, the youngest of the siblings, is very easily influenced into also being goofily happy. Loree smiling and dancing…and Talynne acknowledging her in a totally not awkward way…this was acceptable and offered joy in the moment. "The weather…is quite lovely indeed." He's eying his sister, knowing something must have inspired this, file it for later. Downing his ale in a silent oath to the future, he turns back to Taly, huge excited smile. "Exuberant and efficient, who knew?" He'll mock shrug and look at her, his eyes alight and happy. "Though there's something to be said for forwardness…" He'll say quieter with a quick wink.

"I imagine someone knew, though the fact that I've been privy to find out makes me more happy than you'll know, Bey." Talynne's warmth was obvious in her words just after she patted her lips with a cloth to make sure she wasn't covered in whatever she'd been stuffing her face with. She offered him a more personal smile for a moment, then turned her attention back to the table. "I hope Lord Sir Advent will bring you with him to the Vale to meet the possibles for his adjunct mount to Artex. Since she's just about healed and ready to go, but won't be able to fight anymore, there is going to be quite the selection process, and we want to make sure it goes smoothly.

Chiron glances back at Lorelei. His glance is hard to read, as there are a few different emotions conveyed. Confusion and frustration being the two dominant ones, however. He takes a sip of his Ale and eats some, also ignoring the other squire for the moment. "So what's got you in such a good mood, Sparrow?" He says, smiling.

Michael finishes his meal, and then his second ale. He looks to Rivea, "I've been sparring simdummies and Thalo for ages. It'd be nice to win against a living person for a change. Machines are annoyingly simple." He looks again to Lorelei, the at Talynne and Balius, before finally resting his gaze on Chiron. "Sorry… just, light hearted mentions of Roan still cause me pain and anger… well, any mention of her causes that."

Using her own napkin before replying to Talynne, Rivea settles her napkin on her lap, her regard is given to Talynne saying "If M'Lord chooses to take along, to be of any sort of assistance (or even to merely observe), I will be there, of course. I know he missed her greatly, spoke of her often and was greatly admiring of your care of her. I myself have never seen her." Taking a sip of her ale, savoring the taste for a moment, "It would be a great help to me as well, getting some knowledge, even if only by observing." She casts a glance sideways to Michael for a moment, then with a glance over to Talynne smiles winsomely, while one elbow digs into Michael's side. "Ok, Porkchop, whatever you say."

Lorelei hides her eye roll at Bey and Taly by taking a long sip of her ale. she'll will frown slightly at Taly's non response to her but sigh. Nothing to be done about it. To Chiron, "I've just got a lot done today. Chores, some errands. I may even be able to write tonight." Looking around the table again s Michael mentions his old knight, Loree's not sure what started the conversation , but knows this isn't a good one.

Balius is quite enjoying his morning now, even if a bit of nerves hide behind the restlessness. "Whatcha writing about, Sis?" He gives a hearty swig of his ale before listening further to the conversation, slowly coming to the conclusion that Squires are as geeky as the Academ students he's run into. And his dolt of a brother fit right in…which was good. He's staring into some grooves of the tree, partially leaning towards Taly, and humming a tune quietly.

Talynne offered Rivea a wide smile, then a nod. "I hope he has you along, you'll be in for a treat and getting to know the process of how to choose a Destrier will be important later, when you're knighted. That is, if you choose to ride one." She turned her attention to Lorelei and offered a response, as if she'd been thinking about it for a moment. "I'm doing well, Lorelei, and really am glad you've been doing well. You look particularly stunning today." The sincerity was there in her tone. "I also wish you luck in your writing endeavors this evening, if you're able to include them in your schedule." With that, she finished off the food on her plate and couldn't help the grin when Balius leaned in a bit and started humming, his attention on the trees. "You ready then?" She asked him after swallowing and washing down the last of her food with her ale.

"I didn't know Roan, or that you even had a first knight. I'm sorry that you lost a loved one, that is something I wish on nobody. Have you talked to someone about it?" Chiron returning to a more neutral tone. "That's all it takes to make you happy?" He says, teasing his sister. "If I had known that my childhood would have been so much easier…"

Lorelei smiles, that I've got a secret smile, "I think I'll be writing about sea drakes." Loree blinks at the compliment, looking down at her dress, "I…thank you? I haven't been able to wear dresses for a bit. Hubert's not a fan." she'll smile again and nod, "Oh…I didn't need too much time. It's all up here right now." She'll tap the side of her head. Giving her older brother a small glare, she'll shove at his arm lightly, "Oh hush, you!"

Cutting in loudly, Bey will be laughing as he says "You once knew the key to her happiness…chocolate, and look what you did to that!" He's quite possibly the only one laughing, anticipating the ire of Loree and Chiron on referencing the great taboo of the Chocolate War. Slowly regaining composure, he'll seem to consider Taly's statement. "I believe I am." He'll nod decisively and look to her, but it is quite apparent that he might start dragging her running to the forrest any second

With a nod towards Talynne, "I will look forward to it, with hope". Turning back to Michael, Rivea simply raises an eyebrow then goes back to taking the last bites of food on her plate, followed by the last of her ale. Absently, she listens to the happy bantering of the siblings, chuckling softly. Perhaps no siblings in her past but cousins and other people filled those roles; close, yet not the same as a brother or sister would have been.

The taphouse's mid morning rush has been replaced by their lunch hours slow. Most tables have freed up, the waitresses and busboys are milling about cleaning to make it seem like they are busy. The group sitting at the booth, jammed together slightly, is given curious glances. Such a mixture, sitting there seeming to flow through a variety of emotions and topic. A waitress approaches, "Hello there, is there anything I can bring for you?" she asks politely, the look giving away that she's trying to judge the situation between those seated. Michael shakes his head to the waitress, "Nothing for me thanks, please charge two daily specials and three ales to Athyros." Michael looks to Rivea, "Said I was buyin' yours. When you're ready, perhaps a walk in the marketplace? Get you out and about and used to the world." he smiles, glancing to Chiron, "I've talked plenty about it, just her mention causes me to want to slaughter something in the most primal and savage way imaginable. Don't worry though, I've been dealing with it for six years." his attention back to Rivea.

Chiron looks up to Balius and Talynne getting up to leave he smiles and says, "You two have fun." He motions for Balius to come to him though, and will whisper something in his ear if he comes. Regardless he will afterwards turn back to the table and say to Michael. "I can understand how you might feel, loosing someone is always terrible. Just don't let it consume you, six years is a long time to beat yourself up about something that wasn't your fault." He stops suddenly as he is shoved by his sister. He looks back to her and grins. "You have to admit, you could be a terror when you weren't happy."

Having not really got the ability to stop the exuberant Balius from pulling her away, Talynne gave the rest of the table a wave, and an apologetic smile, as she was pulled free of the booth. "Goodbye! It was a pleasure to meet you all…" And then she was laughing softly and following Bey without a hesitation.

Rivea half-bows in her seated position towards Michael, grinning at him. "Yes, yes, you did, didn't you?" She snorts softly at him though, "I get out in the world, my friend, I'm just usually too busy to take the time to really take a look at it." and as others start to leave, she offers her farewells to those departing. "It has been a pleasure Talynne, Balius." watching them leave.

Lorelei Playfully glares at Bey for mentioning the unmentionable. She'll blink though, seems everyone is leaving! Good think she only got an Ale! Wrinkling her nose at Chiron, "I was perfectly fine. Look who i had to deal with! She will narrow her eyes at the two brothers as the whisper happens, but won't intrude…for now. "bye." She'll wave softly, returning to her drink.

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