10.25.3013: BTG is in The House
Summary: Black Tooth Grin concert.
Date: 26 September 2013
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The Warehouse Volkan, The Crescent
The two and a half-story interior of this factory is open from slab floor to metal-sheathed roof cathedral ceiling. A stage stands opposite the entrance, ready to host either live music or a DJ, and the space between door and stage is empty of any impediment to creating a writhing sea of humanity from the stage to halfway down the length of the warehouse. At that point, chest-high tables with stools around them begin, gathered in little clusters. On busy nights, a knot of people collect in front of the bar along one side of the giant room.

The music is loud, aggressive, and distinctly Khourni, matching the aesthetic. Machinery has been mounted on the walls, some parts still working, pulsing to the beat of the music. Light flash and play across the machinery and ceiling, occasionally spotlighting or silhouetting the catwalks that still encircle the open area three meters off the ground. Those catwalks are reserved for people of importance or particularly comely men or women that the bouncers at the stairs believe might attract appropriate gazes with their dancing.

25 October, 3013

The night of the concert, the first one in a long time for Black Tooth Grin, fans are getting in, wearing band acssessories, while what constitutes for security, a few beefed up looking strong men checking VIP tags and tickets, man the door. Inside, a local Dj is playing a few heavy beats while the Roadies set up the stage, and there is a full service bar in place, and the whole warehouse looks like an old industrial factory. On one of the catwalks is Zavier, along with the three other membors of his Band, and they are talking all hush hush like, probably about the playlist.

Rook is here with her brother, Lincoln, in tow. She's wearing all black from head to toe, including lipstick, eyeliner, and a wash in her hair. It's been spiked out wildly in the front and on top, and braided down her back. Silver metal accents are a spikey, studded counterpoint to the fishnet, nylon, and torn leather of her garments. She looks like a walking nightmare for the most part.

Lincoln looks a bit more tame against his sister. he's dress considerably more casual,but all in black as well. Loose fitting tunic with tight pants and his silver and leather jewelry. He'll sigh, hands jammed into his pockets. He likes Black Tooth Grin, he's just been in a foul mood lately. "Wanna drink, Ithaca?"

With a VIP badge around her neck, Klaudea has her usual three friends with her, with a last minute addition to their group who looks unfamiliar to anyone who's met the Klaudea quartet. The five walk in, and Georgina's been very sure that they would not be 'tacky' enough to wear band paraphenalia. She's even persuaded her squire friend to pull her hair back in a sleek ponytail and wear some smoky eyed makeup and darker lipstick. Somehow, it still can't seem to make her look 'sexy', even the more figure hugging outfit chosen by her friend that shows off her toned body still manages to make her look edgy cute. Especially when you take in the wide-eyed and joyful smile that she gives her friends as they chat. Looking over the entire place, her amazed gaze looks up, and then she pokes Zenda, before looking back up and giving a wave to Zavier. Putting her hands to her mouth, she calls up "Thank you!" to him, although he probably can't hear her… just read her lips if he looks down to see her.

Canis is moving towards the club having heard about the event and deciding a night out might be fun, though seems hesitant at first to enter. He's decided it's a dress down sort of evening simple shirt and pants, and is comfortable on that front at least. He enters the club looking about as he moves through the hall and leads into the main portion of the club he pauses off to the side to be out of the way while deciding to get a drink first or not he at least heads that direction.

The band, all four of them, look down at Klaudea and her friends, and Zavier lowers his aviator sunglasses to shoot Klaudea a wink and that charismatic smile that outside of his performances, is a rarity. The DJ is about done with his set ,and the stage goes Dark, as the four band members who were watching 'on high' seem to vanish. At center stage the cowboy wearing hat skull insignia is seen, and its trademarked black tooth as it grins at the ground and in a chorus like voice prompts the crowed with. "They can't hear you kiddies, make some noise!" And the crowed DOES make noise, cheering, whooping, yelling, screaming, jumping up and down as the band, in the shadow of the stage, snicker and get into position…

"Rook here," Ithaca murmurs to her brother. She doesn't go by her real name in public. "Yes. Beer, please." She flashes him the briefest of smiles, but for her that's huge. She doesn't hoot and holler like the rest of the crowd, but that's not a huge surprise.

Lincoln just sighs, "Right…Rook." He's not really talked much all night. He'll make his way over to the bar to get the two drinks. He'll nod to the people in from tot him in line, but doesn't make any effort to talk.

Klaudea may be oblivious, but Georgina almost punches the squire in the shoulder after the band disappears. "What?" she asks.

The blonde only shakes her head. "Come on, let's get some drinks. Shots for all?" she asks the other three, which brings a chorus of agreement from the others. With some laughing as Klaudea and Georgina take point squeezing through the the bar, Klaudea shakes her head, the ponytail flopping. "It's not like that, Georgie. You know you're the one the guys like, I'm the… cute tomboy. He's probably happy I brought someone hot with me…" she pauses at the call for noise, and jumps with her friends, giving a cheer. Then she settles back down to dive for an opening she sees to the bar, leveraging herself up on her elbows to lean forward for the bartender's attention, and to look around curiously at who else is at the bar, her smile is just not going to quit at this point.

The Skull, known as Grinscrew when the band's fanbase chose that name for it… the band themselves weretn going to name him, vanishes, and the whole place goes dark. Then the stage lights start to brighten as the band brings in a rising sound, before comming in with full force in your face loud music, the song is Martyr in me from their first album, not as industrial as some, but with enough energy to keep the bands promise of high octane music.

I did my time and I want out
So effusive - fade - it doesn't cut
The soul is not so vibrant
The reckoning, the sickening
Packaging subversion
Pseudo sacrosanct perversion
Go drill your deserts, go dig your graves
Then fill your mouth with all the money you will save
Sinking in, getting smaller again
I'm done! It has begun! I'm not the only one!

And the reign will kill us all…
Throw ourselves against the wall
But no one else can see
The preservation of the martyr in me

The jangling of the buckles and chains on Rook's outfit are drowned out by the crowd. She bounces on her toes a little, not liking the time between songs. The music keeps her from disliking the number of people crushed around her. Without it, she feels a little overwhelmed. Once the first set begins, she mellows out again and she begins to dance in place, waiting for her brother to return.

The young man accepts his drink paying and tipping, Canis decides to sit lightly at the bar for the moment. It's just as he turns to look about if he knows anyone here though immediately nobody pops out at him. The group is approaching he nods towards the bartender and motions there way hoping to help out perhaps. He sits back and sips his drink as the music starts he is listening though deciding to turn towards the group "Good evening." he greets or tries to speak over the crowd and music

Lincoln gets the over priced beers, his internal bartender cringing at the quality. He'll turn, nearly running into Klaudea and her gaggle. "Whoa! hey…sorry." The beers are held high into the air, no alcohol abuse here! He'll gig an apologetic smile, "didn't know thy were starting so soon…"He'll take a deep breath, and smile, "I need to…get this to ..Rook. I'll catch ya in a bit?"

The young man's wave is appreciated, and Klaudea lifts one hand to give him a wave before leaning forward to shout her order to the bartender. Georgiana sees Lincoln first, and for the second time that night, Klaudea gets an elbow. This time in her ribs which makes her jump and try to squirm away, right in the path of Lincoln, who is able to dodge and save the beers. "What?" she asks, then she sees the dark haired man, and she smiles. "Oh! Hey, Lincoln. Yeah! No problem…" but then the bartender is handing over the shots, which she passes back while the beers are being placed on the bar. The five call out some sort of toast with huge smiles that seems to be an old inside joke before they down the shots and then take the beers to head out and find a space to dance to the music from the stage.

Zavier explodes into a solo after the second verse and chourus, leaping onto the dance floor, since his guitar is wireless, and he begins to hop around with people as he plays his solo, getting quite a lpoud reaction from the fans, passing by people he knows, fans and friends alike, giving them just a small second to be 'his' focus before he is back on stage to finish off the song wit hthe rest of the band, the whole crowed now shouting the ending of the song: 'THE LIMITS OF THE DEEEAAADDDD!"

Rook glances over and spots her brother stopped by the crowd. She makes her way over to him instead, and grabs her beer from him. "Thanks." She looks at the others for a moment, dark eyes taking in the pretty things like one might study butterflies. Alien, and not like the observer at all. "Hi." She bounces in place to the music.

Lincoln gives Rook a small glare as she grabs the beer from him. Then He'll smile, "Rook, this is Klaudea, Georgina, Zenda , Aleksey and …" he doesn't know the new guys name. "This is my sister, Rook." At first, they look nothing alike, but then there's something in the dark eyes that's very much alike.

Canis takes another drink setting it back down on the bar he nods acknowledging the assist for the bartender's attention though he's perhaps two quiet a the moment with his greeting. It might be easier now that the song ends before the next starts he stands back up turning to the group. "I'm Canis. It's good to meet you." he says realizing he'd not introduced himself properly to anyone really.

Holding up her beer and joining her friends in a cheer as Zavier passes by, the newcomer to the group, a girl with dark hair and green eyes, leaning a little closer to the rock star, trying to get his attention, but not reaching out to touch him. The beer in Klaudea's cup is disappearing fairly quickly, and she glances around to where she saw Lincoln last when Rook comes into view. She pauses in her dancing and gives the girl a nod, and then the introductions are happening. "Oh, your sister? Hi," Klaudea greets. The others pause long enough to acknowledge Rook, and the dark-haired girl offers the name of Tabitha. There isn't much time between introductions, and a smile for Lincoln before the five are turning back to the stage to join the crowd in "THE LIMITS OF THE DEEEAAADDDD!" After that, in the almost silence that might follow, Klaudea turns again. "Nice to meet you, Rook. I didn't know you had a sister…" she directs to Lincoln.

The song ends, and Zavier plays a quick rift. "You guys are too much!" he says, and then they start chanting, the whole crowed, and given the city they are in, it doesent surpise the band once bit.


Zavier grins. "Out of all the songs, yall wanna hear that?" he asks and they cheer. He turns and gives a nod to the band, the keyboardsit going into an intro, followed by the drummer, and then the whole band throws in, and Zavier starts to sing, after, of course, he takes what looks like a sword and as he points it around the warehouse, lights flicker. As he sings, he doesnt point to those just by the stage, but twoards the back, and the sides as well, giving the illusion, via energy, that the whole place is becomming a much smaller, more intimate setting. He brings in his fans as part of the show, as much as the band themselves are, prompting them to sing along, pointing at differant parts of the crowed. "~Will you until death does sever… be upright to her forever?~"


Rook takes a deep swig of her beer, nodding awkwardly to each person she's introduced to. "Didn't know either," she calls to Klaudea. "Recent."

"Didn't know?" Klaudea repeats, and then she lifts her head, looking between the two before she nods. "Well, sounds like a nice surprise. Finding family, I mean." No wonder it's so easy for Lincoln to tease her. Canis's introduction is acknowledge with a nod, but before she can reply, the chant starts, making it too loud to reply. She turns with her friends who are already chanting, raising her arm to pump it along with the rhythm, drinking her beer instead of calling out. She sings along at times, nodding to Lincoln and Rook as well as the other four grouped around her. "What do you think of 'Grinscrew'?" she asks Rook when the song comes to a close. "I couldn't think of anything, so it's better than I could have come up with."
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Zavier gets hyper as the song continues, and he gets the crowd int oit, by the ennd,m he doesnt even have to sing anymore, the whole place is shouting, or chanting, the lyrics to the song. As the song ends, he offers everyone a smile, before the lights dim. "Okay now that we are all nice and close, who wants to hear a new song… I wrote this for someone I met… call it inspiration, but you guys can use it too if you want." He says as the music starts, slower paced music, but the band does play that as well, it has a nice groove to it, somthing to mellow out the crowd with.

Words like violence
Break the silence
Come crashing in
Into my little world
Painful to me
Pierce right through me
Can't you understand
Oh my little girl

All I ever wanted
All I ever needed
Is here in my arms
Words are very unnecessary
They can only do harm


"Sounds like," Rook ponders, "A mixed drink. Or bad sex." She snorts and that might be what passes for her laugh.

The young man reaches back for his drink taking another sip from it. He is able to follow the conversation even as the song starts again. Canis looks back to the stage a moment as the next song starts though he taps his finger lightly against his glass he turns back to the group near him after a moment. "They seem to have quite a following." he says as the crowd at large seems to enjoy the music. He will enjoy the song as it's on for the moment.

Klaudea laughs. "Well, if it isn't a drink already, I'm sure it will be soon," she replies.
"Quite a following, man, where have you been?" Aleksey shouts good naturedly to Canis. "They've been around for years. Zavier Masters started out on his own. I hear he's different off stage," at this he glances over to Klaudea, who makes a face at him, then sticks out her tongue.
"Oh, a new song!" Tabitha squeaks, and they settle down to listen, Zenda drifting in front of Aleksey as he wraps his arms around her, resting his chin on her shoulder as they look to the stage. Halfway through the song, Georgina eyes her friend, and it takes a couple minutes before Klaudea realizes what's going through her mind.
"Oh, for the sake of the Six," Klaudea mutters to her friend, downing the last of her beer. "I told you, we just ran into each other in the warehouse district."
"And you saved him from being mugged…" Georgina prompts, which gets a look and a wave of her hand.
"You know the number of girls that throw themselves at his feet all the time? They're loads better looking and smarter than I am."
"And they all have backstage passes?" Georgina's eyebrows raise.

Lincoln nods along, his eyes going from the conversation to the performance on the stage. He seems to get lost slightly in the song, dancing in place,his beer already drank.
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Rook pulls out a pack of cigarettes from a pocket and taps one out. Her eyes gloss over pure white as she lights it off the pad of one finger, the others holding her beer, and tucks the pack away again. "You know them?" she asks Klaudea, gesturing at the band with the cigarette.

Zavier smiles as the song comes ot an end, and so doues the musical portion of the concert, though, there is always hanging out with the fans, pictures and such. "Thankyou all!" he says as he places his guitar down for the roadies to come and get, as he and the rest of the band leap from the stange and fan out like a pack of wolves, seeking prefered groups of fans, whick leads the pint sized front man right next to Klaudea. "Did you like the song I wrote for you?" he asys her, a winning smile on his features, and he does give a nod to Lincoln, and Canis, and offers a wave to Rook, with a smile as well. "Love the color, it's my favorite." he says to the all black gothic looking chick.

Canis smiles and chuckles as he is spoken to. "I suppose I need to get out more perhaps." he says in response to the shock of his newness to the band. He does seem to be enjoying it all the same as he goes between the band and the group around before finishing off his drink. He cheers and claps along the others as the song ends he watches as the head of the band approaches returning the nods in greeting "Great show. Good Turnout." he offers.

Klaudea shakes her head to Rook. "No, not really," Georgina receives a sidelong glare. "I ran into Zavier in the warehouse quarter, and mentioned getting coffee or something, but nothing since then," she replies.
"Hey, you guys want another round?" Tabitha asks, and then heads to the bar as the concert winds up to get the next round. She takes a minute, fumbling to try and figure out how to carry all five back while the others talk.
Aleksey gives a thumbs up to Canis, still canoodling with Zenda next to the group. "You should man, download their tunes. Great for working out."
And, after she's just finished explaining that she doesn't /really/ know the band, there's Zavier, asking about the song. "I loved it! It was great!" Klaudea enthuses before it really hits her what he said. "It was for /me/?" her voice scales up on the last word and her eyes open in surprise. Somehow, she manages to ignore the blond next to her with the crossed arms and the 'I told you so' expression. "I, wow…" and there's the Klaudea blush again.

"Not a color," Rook notes to Zavier. "Absence of light." Not far from her personality. She takes a deep drag from her cigarette and chases it with a sip of beer.

Lincoln gives a nod and smile back to Zavier, "Crackerjack set, man." He'll consider stealing a cig from Rook, but she's already put them away. Letting his eyes follow Tabatha, he'll frown, watching the girl fumble. He'll excusing himself and walk over to help her. bending over, he'll whisper something low to her, flashing her a grin.

Zavier nods. "I stand corrected." he says to Rook, and is actualy genuine about it, not much could sour his mood at this point, great concert, happy fanns, and he even gets to spend time with Klaudea. "Yes I wrote that song for you, I'd write another one too." he says with a warm smile. he shoots Linc a thumbs up. The drink in the man's hand is clearly not a hard one, probably just a soda, as Zavier is straight edge and under the impression that you dont need booze smokes or drugs to have fun.

Lincoln leans over to Tabitha, "You know in my type of work, I can pick up roofie movement across a room. Who's drink you trying to spike?" The smile up close isn't his friendly bar keep one, it's his bouncer one. "better yet, how about I let old Zavier know what you're up to?"

Canis is silent as he listens about taking in the conversation though not sure quite what to say for the moment he turns and sets his empty glass back on the bar before turning back around. The young man also looks about the club taking in the rest of the crowd as well.

No one has actually seen Klaudea quite this red before, and she flashes a look to Tabitha at the bar, she wants a drink, now.
Grinning like the cat who swallowed the canary to see her friend surprised, Georgina steps forward. "Hey, I'm Georgina, and this is Zenda and Aleksey. Since the cat seems to have Klaudea's tongue. And, it was a great song."
"Great song," Klaudea echoes, but she doesn't seem to quite get it. "You don't have to write another one for me, I like that one very much."
Over at the bar, Tabitha's back is to the rest as she talks with Lincoln.

Rook seems to sense her brother's desire for one of her smokes, and she pulls one out for him, handing it over to Lincoln. She shrugs at Zavier. "Good music." He looks between him and Klaudea. "Girlfriend?"

Tabitha gives a startled look, and then her eyes narrow, "I don't know what your line of work is, and I certainly don't know why you'd think I'd roofie my cousin or any of her friends, since her friend got us in here tonight."

Zavier blinks at Rook, after, of course, nodding to Klaudea's friends. "Well, she is if she wants to be." he says with a smile, yes, apparently they all say he could have any woman in the system, but he doesnt want -any- woman, he apparently wants the one who saved his life.

Lincoln gladly takes the cig from Rook before turning back to Tabitha, leaning in again, but instead of saying anything to her, he'll take hold of a certain drink, and place it back into the barkeeps tray area, loud enough for the barkeep to hear, "Hey, we gotta a dirty drink here. Not your fault, I dropped ash into it. I'll pay for another." His cigarette is definitely notlit yet, but he'll grin over to Tabatha with that same smile, "Why don't you hand those drinks out, I'll bring this one over." He'll not take his eyes off of her as she walks the drinks over to the group. Eyes still on her he'll say something softly to the barkeep.
His voice is quite, but strong, "She dumped something into the drink. You may want to alert security. even if it's just to keep an eye on her."

The night looks like it's just beginning but Canis checks the time with a small sigh as he realizes he still has things that need to be done. "Afraid I should get back to Honor's Keep. It was good to meet everyone." he says giving a nod to the group giving a small wave he will miss the goings on further alas.

"What? Oh, n-" Klaudea responds to Rook on the one word question, but she breaks off hearing Zavier's answer. "What?" she squeaks. Out of all the girls in Haven who would love to hear that, the one that does looks like she's just been knocked on the side of the head with Sir Thalo's hammer, and not wearing a helmet. "Me? But - we barely met… I mean, once…" she's floundering, and getting no help from her three friends who are just smirking at her.
After a couple words to Lincoln, (For a minute, Tabitha looks like she could spit nails. Then she gives a nasty smile. "Fine, have it your way. He deserves better than her.") Tabitha picks up the four drinks left on the bar, carrying them over. She hands them out to Georgiana, Zenda and Aleksey, then takes a sip from the last one as she nods towards Linc. "You're boyfriend over there is bringing yours," she tells Klaudea off hand. "So, what are we talking about? Amazing concert, Zavier. You should write more new songs, I'm sure every woman here fell in love with that last one."

Rook looks around the warehouse, though anyone paying attention would realize she doesn't really meet people's eyes. If she does, it's a birdlike, fleeting moment. She snorts a little at Tabitha's comment about falling in love.

Zavier blinks at Klaudea. "Oh.. he is your… OH I didnt know…" he says with wide eyes, like he just made a mess of everything. Zavier looks at Tabitha and tilts his head. "Thanks… I try my best." he says before looking at Klaudea apologetically.

The barkeep narrows his eyes and will start to make a second drink, but will casually lean over and dip something into the drink that Linc says he dropped his non existent ash into. It immediately starts turning an off color, and the man's jaw clenches. He'll make note of who Tabatha is and will hand Linc the fresh drink. Linc starts making his way back with the last drink, as the barkeep starts alerting security.

"What? No-" Klaudea responds to Zavier, looking back and forth. "I'm, I don't have a boyfriend, I just…" as her friend starts to flail, Georgina's expression shifts, her eyes narrowing at Tabitha before shifting to Zenda. The latter sighs, and shakes her head.
"Really, Tabitha…" Zenda says. "You can't resist stirring things up, can you? I'm sorry," the young woman finally disengages from Aleksey. "I think it's time for us to go, come on, Tabby."
Tabitha looks at everyone, sipping on her beer. "What?" at the looks she sighs. "Well, it looks like my cousin's suffering from a little bit of stick in the mud syndrome. It was a pleasure to meet you, Zavier. Here," she digs into her purse and pulls out her card. "If you ever want to get coffee or grab a bite to eat, I know the /best/ places in Obsidia. Give me a call." The three leave, with Klaudea still reeling as she tries to figure out what's going on here.

Rook watches Tabitha and company depart and she arches a brow. She looks back to Klaudea. "Bad taste in friends," she points out. She's waiting patiently for Lincoln to get back. Now that the show is over, she's ready to say her goodbyes and go back to her hidey hole in the bowels of the Ring.

Zavier takes the card, and once tabitha is gone, he in turn hands it to Linc. "She is not a nice person." He says with a frown, and thus, why he never accepts a drink he doesn't pour himself. He then looks at Klaudea and clears his throat. Looking twoards Rook he offers a smile. "It was nice meeting you, and your brother." he says with a smile before his attention turns back to Klaudea. "This place is kinda stuffy, wanna go backstage? we can talk better back there." he says, offering her a hand so he can lead her away.

Lincoln hands the drink to Klaudea, and then raises an eyebrow at Zav, not accepting the card, "Why the hell would I want that?" He'll turn back to Klaudea, "You're cousin's a bitch. Watch your back." His shoulders are tense, "Yeah, It was a good show, thanks Zavier. Have fun, Klaudea." Turning to Rook, "Wanna go grab some food?"

"Not my cousin…" Klaudea's managed to get into a rut, it seems, of having to deny relationships, and the response is almost automatic.
"No, she's not Klaudea's cousin. She's Zenda's cousin, and we should have known better. She showed up as we were getting ready to leave, and we couldn't really tell her she can't come to a public concert with us. She seems to think she's the Six's gift to men. You okay, hon?" she asks Klaudea.
Klaudea nods once to answer the question, then looks to Zavier. "I would like to sit down, thanks. Can my friends come, too?" she glances around Lincoln and Ithaca, too, then blinks. "You're leaving? Guess I'll see you later then." She seems to be regrouping and refocusing, now.

Rook gives her brother a brisk nod at the mention of food. She starts walking off then remembers her lessons from Jane. She steps back, leaning into view, and adds, "Bye." Then she heads off again.

Zavier blinks. "There are seats back there, and some cold sodas that I got myself." he says with a nod, safest sodas in haven they are, seals still on them and everything. "Of course your friends can come too… I'm pretty sure my bassist is still looking for people to talk to… loves to talk." he says with a warm smile, as the club is starting to clear out as people are leaving.

Lincoln just nods to Klaudea, "Well, yeah. I don't think the offer was really for everyone. Besides, promised the sis food." He'll smile, it's his bartender smile. "I'll talk to you later. We'll do pizza to something." He'll nod to the others and then start to follow Rook, shaking his head slightly at her back track goodbye.

Georgiana watches Lincoln for a long moment, her expression softening somewhat as she considers him. She gives a wave to Rook and returns the goodbye, then she turns to Klaudea. "Okay, if you're sure you're all right. I think I'm going to go see how Zenda and Aleksey are doing. I'll see you tomorrow, okay?" She gives her friend a hug, then smiles to Zavier. "Nice meeting you. I don't think I need to tell you to behave, right?" Then she's taking her leave.
Klaudea frowns for a moment, she knows something's not quite right with Lincoln, but he's already leaving with his sister, so she waves to the both of them, her 'bye' echoing Georgiana's. Then she gives the blond a hug good bye before turning to take the hand offered to her by the rock star. "Yeah, I think I've had enough beer for one night," she says, trying a smile as her voice lifts, attempting to humor her way through the situation.

Zavier smiles. "Well you drank more the nme so that makes you the champion." he says, not ever holding it against anyone, at least as far as booze and sokes go, drugs are another thing, but he feels that klaudea is much to smart for any of that mess. He heads her back stage, the keyboardist and drummer are passed out on some equipment, and the bassist has two giirls with him and they are giggleing. Zavier walks further and over to a small love seat, offering Klau an unopend soda. "Anyway, ow that distractions are gone.. and I dont blame you for any of that mixed drink mess out there, but.. you never answered my question, and I know I'm abit pushy, but I hate waiting… not a patient person…"

Settling down on the love seat that she's lead to, Klaudea reaches up for the soda with a grateful smile. Cracking it open, she takes a long swig, and leans her head back with a little sigh. She pulls up her right leg and settles her ankle under her left knee. "I'm sorry, with all the confusion out there, I missed the question." The soda is cradled in her hands as the rest on her left thigh.

Zavier smiles and sets his own soda down. "Klaudea, will you be my girlfriennd, now, before you go on about we don’t know each other, I mean, I want to get to know you… that's why I'm asking you." he says as he fights the urge to look away, or blush, or stammmer, trying to keep what little adrenaline from the concert he has left there, so that he can have the courage to ask her.

Klaudea, even with the makeup on, still somehow manages to look more like the cute, friendly girl next door. She looks at Zavier and she listens to him, then she takes a drink from her soda, and then holds out her hand to take his. "I'd like to get to know you, too, Zavier. I would, honestly. But, I think we should maybe do it as friends first? I mean, we can maybe go out on a date, or watch a movie or something, without being girlfriend and boyfriend, first, right?" she looks at him and gives his hand a squeeze.

Zavier nods. "Yeah… but.. I don't want to lose a chance with you." he says with a frown, looking at her. She is around big burly knights who probably have more medals across their chests then he has musical awards. "I wish you could see what I see when I look at you."

"I don't understand, how are you losing your chance with me if I want to meet with you and hang out with you?" Klaudea asks. "It's not like there's anyone in the barracks that's going to take me out anywhere. I'd alredy be out with one of them if I wanted one of them. And, believe it or not, I don't hit guys with shovels because they're trying to steal from musicians every day."

Zavier blushes abit. "I'm just… well, reguardless of what I can do, I'm not really the type to ask people out, mostly because before I was famos.. I wasnt looked at twice, or people didnt see me because I was so short." He says with a shrug. "But I would like to hang out with you, because I think you are an awesome person, and your smile is pretty too."

Klaudea smiles and brings her hand back to wrap around her soda. "I know what you mean. People still don't look at me twice. It's my friends, like Georgiana, that are pretty and get the attention. I'm just the cute tomboy that likes to run around and play with swords."

Zavier smiles and gives a nod. "That will one day be a wonderful knigjht, maybe even a knight captain." he says with a smile before taking a sip of soda. "Well, other men can pay them attention… I want give you attention." he says.

Klaudea chuckles. "Well, I'm not sure about Knight Captain. It's a lot of responsibility, and it's not as much fun when you have all that stress. But thank you, I appreciate that," she tells him, giving him another smile before she takes another swig of her soda. Her eyes turn to him, opening a little wider at his intention. "Thank you," she finally says. "You don't know… it's nice not to feel like your friends' shadow. You get so used to it, though, that you don't even think about it anymore.

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