06.16.3013: Bruised Apples
Summary: A worried Taryn runs into Lorelei and Michael by a fruit vendor.
Date: 16 June 2013
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Grand Esplanade - Landing, Imperius
Although the Grand Esplanade is centered on a double lane for ground vehicles and carriages, the majority of the broad street is held for pedestrian use. Smooth pavement extends out around planters that keep vehicle traffic away from people on foot, exposing a broad expanse to the feet of passers by.

The Esplanade leads past scores of little hole-in-the-wall shops and kiosks selling everything from daggers to scarves to jewelry. Light posts are interspersed with the planters, casting a warm glow over the Esplanade at night, while electrostatic shields blur the skies but keep off any rain from above, leaving the Esplanade crowded day or night, rain or shine.

Towering over the Esplanade to the west is the shimmering steel spire of the Citadel, while the Gardens of Erkwin and the Landing Stadium lie to the east. Directly north is the magnificent Palace Towers, seat of House Sauveur.

June 16th, 3013

Lorelei's had a frustrating few days.Knights and Squires-in-training and now her friend being oh so cryptic! It's not acceptable! She's gone looking for Taryn, first looking near where she thinks he said he was staying, but wasn't gong to ask around. She has her satchel over her should and is now looking by the off chance the 6 will put him where they first met. Sometimess they have a sense of humor about such things.

Taryn isn't actually at an inn or anywhere else at the moment, except standing in front of a fruit stand. He is looking rather intently at a couple of apples and at the handful of dollars in his hand. He sighs and hands the merchant the money and puts the couple pieces of fruit into his messenger bag. Like the other day, the young groom is wearing a sword on his hip, though he looks a little more natural about it today.

Lorelei spots Taryn and a small smile appears. She'll walk up next to him, head tilted slightly, "I must be rubbing off on you." When he turns she'll give him a friendly, but worried smile. She'll look to pick an apple out of her own. She's dressed in a more Arborenish looking dress, greens. Her hair is down, no braid today.

"What?" Taryn looks at Lorelei, then the fruit, "Oh… nah… nothing like roasted pork and apples… " He says it completely deadpan, at least for about fifteen seconds, before a smile touches his lips. "I never said that I didn't eat fruit and vegetables… just that I don't not eat meat."

Lorelei rolls her eyes slightly at Taryn, but is smiling. She'll pick out an apple, and then after a moment, a second one. Reaching into her satchel she'll pay for the fruit. In a soft voice, "I've been worried about you." She'll not look at him, instead busy herself with putting away the fruit. Her writing book can be seen in the opened bag, along with a small bag of some kind of candied nuts and a water bottle.

Taryn looks at her, "Seriously though… pork chops cooked down with slices of apples… " He pauses, "Come to think of it, ham with pineapple and cherries too… " The hint of laughter fades from his voice, as he shakes his head slightly. "I'm not surprised.. I was pretty gloomy the other night, huh?" He shrugs, "Don't worry about me, Lorelei… I'm too pretty for anything bad to happen to me."

Lorelei looks up, wrinkling her nose. She'll softly respond with a "Yuck!" but she's got a small smile as she says so. Quirking an eyebrow, "Yes, you were. And now I'm all worried. So, talk." She'll ignore his attempt to goof this away, instead she'll look up at him with her head tilted slightly. She may not be aware that that makes her eyes look even bigger. But maybe she does, she's young, but is a woman.

Taryn glances over at her, then lets out a soft sigh. "You know that I had a dream that really worried me… Well, I kind of took your advice about being more open with what I am… and talked to someone about the dream… that then had me talk to someone else… who then had me talk to someone else… and the next thing I know.. I'm in the middle of plans being made to go on some secret hunting expedition… " He puts his hand on the sword and draws the blade back only about an inch for emphasis before letting it slide back in place, "Hence this… " He frowns slightly, "And when I say secret means that I really can't tell you more…"

Lorelei flinches as he draws the sword, her eyes going down to her hands, "Oh…I'm sorry…I thought it would help, not.." She'll frown as well, "I didn't mean to get you into any trouble." Her fingers go to the strap on her satchel, giving her something to fidget with. She should really just stop talking, to anyone.

Taryn chuckles softly, "Oh, you didn't… and in fact, you probably helped more than you know… I just have this feeling that something bad is going to happen… " He looks at Lorelei, "And that something isn't your fault… maybe mine… maybe not… but this whole prophesy thing really sucks."

Lorelei will take a step closer, not wanting to say anything too loudly, "Well….what can we do?" She'll look back up at him, tucking a lock of hair behind an ear. She'll then frown slightly, like she just realized what he said, "A hunting expedition?" That doesn't sound…right.

Taryn is standing near a fruit vendor. He is wearing the same clothes as before, except now he has a messenger bag over one shoulder. Lorelei is standing next to him. He shakes his head, "Nothing really… except maybe say a prayer to the Six… to the Knight to guard… and the Sage to guide…"

Lorelei's dressed in a Arboren green dress, and is looking up at Taryn worriedly. She looks like she's not ok with just accepting what he's saying, "That can't be it." and apparently she isn't. "Can we at least make sure you have armor or…or something?" ok, she has no idea, but still!

Having just arrived from the Ways station, Michael is covered head to toe in his light armor. He isn't all that imposing a figure based on bulk, but he is rather impressive to look at. The dusky deep purple plating taking on a rich hue in the daylight, his gilded accents glinting faintly. He walks down the Esplanade in a confident stride, sword tapping lightly against his right thigh. He passes two familiar people, and stops to look at them. His voice is echoed through his helmet's comm system, slightly metallic and losing all tone "Miss Lorelei, Mister Taryn! It is good to see you both again. How are you this fine day?"

Taryn's brow scrunches up slightly, as he seems almost perplexed by his next statement, "Actually, I don't need armor… I have been loaned a suit of combat armor… along with the sword." The young Valen looks up, cocking his head, as he tries to figure out who is talking to him. "Um… good day, Sir?"

Taryn's admission of needing to wear armor isn't helping Loree's worries, but she let it go to look at the armored individual in front of them. she thinks she knows who it is, but will wait till either the helmet is off or he give a name. Instead she'll smile smile brightly, head tilted, "Good day,sir."

Shifting his helmetted head from one to the other, it takes a moment for Michael to realize they can't see his face. He then lifts his hands to his helmet and removes it after a moment of small clicks. With the face plate and most of the head covering removed, he smile greets first Lorelei, then Taryn. "What did I say about the title?" he teases lightly, "Again, how are you two?"

A faint smile crosses his lip, as Taryn sees who it is. "Well, that Sir is not appropriate, but Young Master would be, seeing that you addressed us both with formality." He looks as tired, if not more as he did before. With a slight shrug, Taryn says, "Oh, as well as one might be." He leaves off the unspoken 'Oh, as well as one might be when he's expecting to go off on some damned fool mission thought up by a young royal who probably has no idea what she is doing and is going to get everyone killed.' But that's neither here nor there, or now nor then…

Lorelei laughs softly, glad to know she guessed right(and that she doesn't know anyone else with armor like that and didn't realize!) , "Hello Michael, how are you?" She'll turn to be abel to face both men, "I'm well." Looking over to Taryn her smile drops though, she's clearly not happy with whatever he's talking about.

Michael smiles softly at Taryn, "The systems in my helm caught the tail of that, why do you need armor?" he shows a slight concern for Taryn. He then turns his smile to Lorelei, "I am doing well, came back to get the rest of my things for my move."

Taryn frowns just slightly. Blasted nosey, eavesdropping armor. He lets out a slight nervous chuckle. "Well with times as they are… who doesn't need armor?" He doesn't figure that will be a sufficient answer, but he's hoping.

Lorelei smiles up at Michael, "You found your knight then?" Looking to Taryn, she'll quickly decide to help him out. Turning back to Michael, "If that's the case, do they even //make // armor in my size?" She knows it's a ridiculous concept, her in armor. But hopefully silly enough to distract.

Michael notes the nervousness from the both of them, obviously this is a touchy subject and as Michael knows full well, such subjects mean trouble. He places a hand on Taryn's shoulder and gives him a solid knowing look. "You don't have to tell me everything if you were sworn not to, but please don't try to lie to me, at least not that horribly." his reassuring smile shifts to Lorelei, "They do actually, though you in armor would cause me to only want to sweep you into my arms and off your feet." his light smile could be taken as sincere or teasing, his eyes belie sincere.

Taryn lowers his gaze for a second and shakes his head. "It wasn't a lie, just as diversionary tactic… no falsehood was given, and I don't lie good at all, when I do try." He pauses, before answer the question, "Who is your knight and to what house are you sworn to?" He goes to answer, but Michael beats him to it.

Lorelei grimaces, that failed. Her eyes go wide at Michael, and she'll blush. She'll let the two talk for a moment, hands going to the strap on her bag again.

Michael studies Taryn for a moment, "I understand." he doesn't respond right away, but not in hesitation, "I am squire to the Young Lady Sir Johana Ibrahm, and my current affiliations are with House Sauveur, my mother has served in a company of soldiers barracked at the Citadel for many many years, and Sir Corbin was a sworn knight of that house."

Ibrahm. Vassal of Khournas. A slight frown turns the corners of his lips down as he thinks. "I'm sorry, Michael… I wish that I could say more, but I'm not sure that I can. Just that it has something to do with the dream of an Awakened." Once again, not a lie. This time actually quite truthful.

Lorelei blinks, looking between the two. She'll try to give them a small smile, supportive. Beyond that, she'll just watch. House talk is weird for her.

Michael nods to Taryn, "Then I will inquire no further. We are friends, and that means you are able to rely on me if you need me. I am also trust worthy enough to be a confidant if you need one. That said, I will not pry nor pressure." he notes the information about the Awakened, and if he guesses anything he doesn't say. He turns his attention to Lorelei now, "So then… I suppose your inquiry into armor wasn't a mention that you're about vixen into a suit of metal plates." he smiles, eyes belie a vision passing them briefly.

Taryn looks at Michael. There is no deception in his eyes or his voice, "If it was just about me, I wouldn't have a problem telling you everything… but there are others involved… and because of them… I am not sure if I can. I hope you understand…" He sighs slightly, "Cause I'm not really sure I do, myself."

Lorelei closes her eyes, really. She's just going to take a vow of silence. it may be better for everyone. Her cheeks turn bright pink, "I'm…no. No armor. I'd just fall down."

Michael turns back to Taryn, and nods his understanding. "You were entrusted with information that may not be yours to give. You are beginning to tell me too much though Taryn, so allow the subject to change." he looks to Lorelei, "You look just stunning in the dress you're wearing now, so perhaps armor isn't really you after all."

Taryn gives Michael a nod. He mouths a silent 'thank you'. He shakes his head, "I have to agree with Michael.. I'd hate to see you in armor."

Lorelei looks up, "I think I'd do better just falling down and let the enemy trip over me." she'll smile at both, "I don't thinkI'll do much damage to the Hostiles with my poems , so I'll just stay out of the fifth altogether."

Michael chuckles softly at Lorelei, "Your replendant smile, graceful charm, and magical words would most likely be all we needed to win. However, I have my doubts that Hostiles can appreciate true beauty and yours may affect them like a blaster, sadly."

Taryn grins impishly, "And blush should be setting in… five, four, three, two, one…" And his gaze turns to Lorelei. Either she'll blush, or she'll hit him, or more likely she'll blush, then hit him. He looks over at Michael, "So I take it you'll be leaving Landing for the Crescent then?"

Lorelei does blush."I doubt that I would be abel to swing anything to that extent." She does turn a brighter pink as Taryn points out her blush. "Oh shut up." She'll move to smack his shoulder, but it's got no real power behind it.

Michael smiles softly at Lorelei, not giving Taryn his attention knowing it's a ploy for Lorelei's. "That was a sampling of my poetry Lorelei, as a sort of… show of good will." he smiles at her, a warm gentle smile, "There is more, but that would possibly cause your rosey complextion to rival the color of the house I currently serve as squire. However, as Taryn might agree with, you give yourself far too little credit. Any woman who is able to smile as you do, has the talent to smooth rough edges, calm stormy thoughts, and brighten darknesses."

Taryn grins as he smacked. He looks at her and mouths a word - brute. He nods in agreement with Michael. "Not to mention a laugh that dispells sorry, eyes that steals the soul, and a smile that would command any soldier to return home from the line despite what opposition might stand in the way."

Lorelei 's eyes go from one to the other, she looks as if she may turn permanently pink. She'll just shake her head , "No..I'm not anything special…" she'll wrinkle her nose at Taryn, lifting her hand again, as if to smack him again. "Oh!Stop it! You're awful!"

Michael chuckles softly to Taryn's words, and looks to Lorelei. "Do my compliments, poetic words, and clearly obvious interest in you cause you discomfort?" he asks this shyly, knowing he's being a bit open, and also seeming a tad uncomfortable at asking infront of someone, especially Taryn it seems.

Taryn heys! "How come, Michael says something, and you blush… I say something, and you just hit me." Quite subtly, Taryn makes a slight move to distance himself from Lorelei and Michael. There is no denying that there seems to be some affection for Lorelei from the blond Valen, but it is almost more brotherly or likened to a childhood friend, despite the fact that the two have not known each other all that long.

Lorelei looks down, "I do not think that your attention is justified, and there for it is un needed."She'll swallow nervously. She'll look up to Taryn, "Because at least Michael isn't trying to embarrass me."

Michael smiles at Lorelei gently. "You are intriguing to me, so I have the interest in wanting to know more about you. I have also never found a kindred poet before…" he pauses glancing at Taryn slightly, as if he noticed the move but left its mention alone. Looking back to Lorelei, "If I truely discomfort, or uninterest, you… then you need only say, and our friendship will be as you wish it be. I would not push myself into your life, I am not selfish."

Taryn frowns slightly at her talking down about herself, but this is for Michael to argue, at least at this point. He looks at her with mock-injury. "It does not mean that I do not believe what I say to be true. Have you ever known me to speak untruth? " He grins slightly, "The blushing is just a fun side effect." The young Valen stablehand is standing near a fruit vendor, talking with Lorelei and Michael. He is wearing a long sleeved dark blue tunic, belted about the waist. Another new factor to his appearance is a sword hanging from said belt.

Down the walk from the palace towers comes a maiden and a couple of companions. One a knight, the other a stylishly dressed woman who nevertheless walks with an attitude of deference to the lady, suggesting her rank is somewhat lower. The Sauveur colors of the knight suggest she is of their house, though coming from the palace, she could be of any parammount or lesser.

Lorelei looks slightly unsure what to do, "I…it is not that you..I mean, it's not you." she'll frown lightly at her own tripping over words, "I have someone who is…courting me…" She sounds unsure of her own words. Is he courting her? She'll glance to Taryn , then back to Michael,"I don't know what my situation is, actually." Her cheeks are now full blow flushed. HEr eyes flutter down, "It is very kind of you though to take interest." She'll look to Taryn, unsure of what he's saying either. He teases her so much, it's hard to tell. Loree's dressed in a clear Arboren green dress, her hair hanging loose.

Michael nods slightly, a sense of gentle compassion seems to eminate from his eyes. "You seem to mistake me, though yes perhaps in time my intentions could switch to a more romantic side, but for now I simply wish to get to know you." he pauses, his smile reverberating that gentle demeanor, "I hope you are able to figure out your situation, and though we hardly know one another, I am all ears if you need someone to talk to." then he notes something and continues again, "Also, you really need to stop talking down about yourself. You have a genuine beauty, and I don't only mean of the flesh. Your inner light is multispectral and radiant. You should look into a mirror and be proud to see yourself." He is in a light combat suit, helmet removed, the plating the colors of House Sauveur and a long sword hanging on his right.

Taryn lets out a soft sigh. "Why dance around with words? Lorelei would you like to get to know Michael here further? Perhaps moving towards a wooing kind of situation, as his rather obvious flirtation would suggest that he would likewise be so inclined, not to mention the fact that he has so much as said that… several times?" He cocks his head slightly, "And if you are still so uncertain about this old guy… older guy then it's obvious not an idea that has really taken root in your heart and is probably not to be." He looks at both of them, "So go ahead, look agast, indignent, or whatever… call me uncouth or rude.. or hit me… something… Michael seems like a nice guy… who likes spending time with you… If I were you, I'd enjoy spending time with him… so why dance around it so?" Then he sees the ice queen and her entourage and he lets out a soft, but this time mildly exasperated sigh. The muscles in his jaws tense slightly as his grey green eyes settle on Soleil. Though the truly observant might notice that he loses a touch of his normally steady bravado the closer she gets.

It seems Soleil and her companions will pass and Taryn will be spared— alas, it is her knight who calls her attention to the young man. She shifts her path a little and approaches, tapping the gloves she clutches in one hand against the other hand. "Well! My bare-chested deviant has found a shirt after all," she says, faintly amused. Only faintly. "It's a very good thing— though the bare chest was a stylistic step up from the dirty tunic, You might have ended kidnapped into one of the more exotic brothels had you not fixed the situation."

Lorelei doesn't look up to Michael, but will nod, when Taryn starts helping she does look mortified and aghast, but mostly she looks hurt that he would bring up those personal things she told him. She will place both hands on the strap of her bag, almost like she's trying to make herself smaller than she already is. When Soleil approaches, it takes her a moment to put two and two together. her hands tighten on her strap some, and she'll keep her head down.

Michael watches Lorelei's reaction to both his words and Taryn's. His own reaction seems overshadowed by the care in his smile. When he does speak, his voice is soft and reassuring, "There seems to be something in Taryn's words that you didn't wish for me to hear, either ever or just yet. You will choose as you wish to, and do as you wish to, but I am still very much interested in spending time with you and getting to know to you. If that means I have to ask Sir Johana to write formal requests to Lady Eilara then I'll ask, if you'd accept the offer of my friendship. If it goes beyond that, or becomes something else later on down the line, only time will tell." he looks up at the words spoken about Taryn and his angular jaw sets. Gone is that warmth, that care, that comfort. He turns to whomever it was that spoke, and then comes face to face with the knight- sort of.

There was a look of exhaustion in his eyes before Soleil spoke, but that seems to only magnify itself as Taryn looks to the Sauveur. "M'lady, have you just run out of puppies to kick around the palace, so you just had to come out and seek me to torture instead?" He shakes his head, "Then, go ahead… take you best shot… say your worst and get it over with. I get it. The Lady Disdain finds naught but contempt for me. I thought you had washed your hands of me already… or is there something else of mine you wish to strip away?"

"That's where you show just how confused you are," Soleil says, allowing the barest hint of exasperation to show through. "I didn't have any contempt for you. I saw something worthy. I just thought the tunic marred that and would mar it in the eyes of anyone who had not the discernment to see beyond clothing. Which, I add, is most of Landing. Many people think clothes make the man. That and the fact Saveur stable hands, much less grooms, can't go around in clothing like that. It reflects badly on us. But you had contempt for the ideals of Landing and for the status of the Saveur household, as apparently clinging to an old tunic was more important than anything else. I /might/ add, if your mother had made it for you, you could have folded it and put it away and kept it nice and neat forever."
The woman at Soleil's side waits for the lady to finish before saying, "My lady, I apologize, you said to let you know if there was a message from…him. And there is." She Seems to be holding a hand to a very discrete earpiece, whereby she must have received this message while Soleil was speaking to Taryn.

Lorelei 's cheeks stay pink at the idea of getting her Lady involved. She'd never hear the end of it fro Eilara! Loree's jaw tighten's slightly as Taryn speaks, although it 's hard to tell if it's from his word choice or not. She'll venture to bring her eye up to give Soleila quick look, frowning as she speaks of Taryn's tunic.

Michael regards the knight for a moment, then glances just past her to the woman who's speaking at Taryn in such a way. He notes the attendant's quick and slightly hushed message to the first woman, and his court training kicks into high gear. His eyes dart from the noble to Taryn and back, then offers politely, "Perhaps Mister Taryn's lack of training in etiquette is to blame. Sadly, I have noticed that he was never trained properly, and still lacks the finesse with his words one needs to appropriately interact with nobility." and he glances at Taryn slightly as if to warn him to stay silent and go with it. He attention returning to the noble woman, "Mister Taryn seems to be a decent groom, and though admittedly he doesn't watch what he's saying, perhaps the prime examples of the Sauveur family will sink into his thick skull and he'll learn."

Taryn looks at Soleil for a second, "M'lady, as I told you the other night… I was not aware that I was part of the Sauveur staff. I thought that was contengent upon my riding your horse. Had I known that, I might have made a greater effort to not offend your household. … Or I might not have taken you up on your offer in the first place… For a moment, a foolish moment at that, I thought that you might have been the reason that I had come to Landing… " His eyes narrow slightly, "And beggin' your pardon, but not all of us have the luxury of owning things just for the sake of having them… the tunic had been made to be worn… to just put it away and forget about it, would be doing it and its memory a greater disservice than having… it burned just for the amusement of those who don't understand what it was that they were laughing at… " He shakes his head, "But with any luck… my time in Landing will be done soon… and you won't have to be reminded of your wasted attempt on me." There is something in his eyes that suggest he thinks that might be more final than him just going away.

"And I don't kick puppies, I tend to bring them home," Soleil is saying when her maidservant speaks. Soelil nods and puts a hand to her own ear— nothing can be seen but apparently she has something in there to activate. "Fu—damn…" She says, saving herself at the last moment. She pulls out some sort of tiny computer and taps out a hasty reply as she answer Michael. "I would have hoped so, and I offered him a job, but he rejected it. Evidently the Sauveurs are not good enough for him. I am sure he will find something more suited to the status in life with which he is most comfortable." She snaps the little device closed and hands it back to her servant. "Young man," she says, turning to Taryn again and speaking as if she's not several years younger, "You have more respect for a tunic than you do for me. Bravo." She rolls her eyes and turns away. It seems she suddenly has something very serious on her mind. "Good day,"

Lorelei winces slightly at Michael's attempt to help the situation. There's nothing for her to do, but take a small half step closer to Taryn, a very small show of support. She'll be mad at him once the Noble is gone.

Michael bows his head to the noble, and then to the knight, showing he knows what he's doing. "A good day to you My lady." his attention then wheels about to Taryn with a slight frown and also a look of concern, his eyes are crying out to Taryn to tell him what's going on.

"Love, not respect," Taryn corrects. "And respect is something that is earned, not just bestowed by your last name." He says much softer, "And either way, you were wrong." His eyes flicker to the back of Soleil's head as the woman walks away, his voice not meant just for him this time, "Take care, m'lady… I am afraid that difficult times lie ahead for all of your family… I pray that I am wrong about that…..But there is a storm cloud on the horizon and the rain drops are already beginning to fall." He sighs and shakes his head.

Soleil leaves, heading towards the The Ways of Landing.

Lorelei holds her tongue, and gives Taryn a moment to collect himself. She will look to Michael and give him a small nervous smile.

Michael regains his caring warmth as he smiles reassuringly back to them both. His attention falls to Taryn though, "You… you're that Awakened you spoke of…" he voice is kept quiet, and he glances around to see if anyone is listening. "You don't need confirm or deny, you don't need to expect much from me, or nothing from me. You remain the same person to me you were when I walked in today."

Taryn doesn't really say anything to Michael. There is a slight nod, but to what exactly it acknowledges remains to be seen. He looks at Lorelei. "Go head and yell at me. I know you want to…" He offers a slight grin to her, though it is only half-hearted, "And I guess I might even deserve it." There just isn't that much fight in him at the moment.

Lorelei turns sad eyes towards Taryn, now that Soleil's gone, that instinct to protect is wavering. "You would deserve it." Instead of yelling though, she'll turn to Michael, "It was nice seeing you again, Michael. I hope you are able to move everything you need today." And unless stopped, she'll start to walk away.

"Lorelei, wait up." Taryn calls out after her. "A young woman really should not be out by herself, especially one who holds a position and place with someone like your Lady, and a gentleman should never forego the opportunity to do so… and since I am quiete obviously no gentled man, I am sure that Michael would not forsake such a noble practice. And it will give you a chance to, if nothing else, rant about how I am such a careless cur." He shrugs slightly, "Besides, there are still a few arrangements that need to be made for me… um.. trip." He smiles to Michael, "It was good seeing you again… I hope that we will get the opportunity to actually get to talk one day." He sighs softly and heads on off into the crowd, leaving the two to either go off together or not.

Michael frowns softly at Taryn's dismissal of himself, "There is no need to yell at you Taryn, I may not know the full story but it matters little. That woman wasn't having it, and clearly you are too good for her since at least you recognize the difference between respect and grovel." he turns to Lorelei, "If you'd care for company home, I'll escort you there… granted you'll have to lead since this squire isn't well traveled." he offers a smile to her before looking again back to Taryn, "You recognize the act, that makes you gentled enough to offer it. I hope you realize that my words about you were an attempt to rescue you from that woman. Nobles like her, once they've made up their mind about you, don't listen to your words because they assume it is all just blahblahblah I'm better than you for my dignity blahblahblah." with that, and as he watches Taryn leave, he offers his arm to Lorelei. "It would only be an escourt if we stuck true to the full form of it." and smiles at her again.

Taryn turns as he starts to walk away. He offers a slight smile, it's weak but ernest. "I know you were just trying to help… and normally I would have probably have argued with her more.. just doesn't really seem like there's much of a point right now."

Lorelei's about as angry as she's ever been. Turning to look at Taryn she'll make a indignant nose in the back of her throat. "How dare you! I can walk by myself!" As if position meant anything to anyone besides Eilara! As he starts walking away, she'll huff, actually stomping a foot down(probably not helping her case that she doesn't need an escort). She doesn't outright answer Michael, but turns to look at him with his offer. Her eyes have actually darkened some, in her anger.

Michael doesn't withdraw from Lorelei's display of ire. He shows in his eyes that he understands, "Lorelei… may I walk with you to where ever it is you're going?" he's altered from an offer to gentle request. Clearly he knows she's angry with Taryn, and might even feel the same emotion only he isn't showing it if he does. "We don't have to speak the entire trip, but even in silence I would still like to spend time with you." now his attempt to make sure she's safe is thinly vieled with that gossamer of cover ups, the 'I'm into you, can I just be next to you.' routine.

There is a slight apologetic look in his eyes as he looks to Lorelei. Taryn shakes his head slightly, "You're mad and flustered… and I just don't want anything to happen to you." His grey green eyes, which right now are more grey than green, flickers over to Michael, then back to the angered young woman. "Don't take it out on Michael… he didn't do anything." He sighs softly, "Take care of yourself, Lorelei… " He says it like there is almost a sense finality to it, before turning to head off.

If Lorelei had any skill in aiming, the apple in her bag would be meeting the back of Taryn's head. Her hands tighten on the strap of her satchel and she'll bring her gaze over to Michael. Cheeks flushed, bur it's not really the cute flustered she normally gets. "I don't need an escort!" She's still clearly mixing his and Taryn's reasons together still.

Michael nods to Lorelei, "Then I won't be your escort, I will be the man you're showing the Spine because he's never been there before. I'll also be the man you're entertaining because he'd like to get to know you." his smile is gentle, incredibly gentle, as though that is all he is. Gentle, caring, and kind. His voice is soft, and if she looks into his eyes at all, she'll see he's being sincere with all he says and all he shows.

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