08.11.3013: Brothers
Summary: Tristan tries to encourage Keanen to be a better guy.
Date: 11 Aug. 2013
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Tristan Keanen 

Western Aerie
Rising up above the canopy of Arborenin is a sprawling platform known as the Western Aerie. The circular expanse is actually a vertical slice from one of the oldest of the elder trees, salvaged long ago during the city's original construction. It is ringed hundreds of times, tightening in toward the center of the platform where the rings are very close together. Up here, exposed to the elements without the protection of the broad leaves, the skies are expansive and sprawling, where the sun or moon can shine brightly, or where the rain or snows can freely gather. A barrier guards the edge of the platform, allowing people to safely overlook over the forests of Arborenin. In the distance, to the west, the grand Spinous Mountains rise out of the green, bold and steady.

There is not a lot left to the aerie. There are benches here and there, some clustered together to allow for group conversations, while others stand almost alone and thoughtful. The primary structure on the aerie is the Arborenin Observatory. It is a large, domed structure made of dozens of reflective, triangle panels. During the day, unless there's a sun observation session, the door over the telescope. At night though, the exterior of the observatory suggests great activity within.


The Aerie is quiet in the early morning, the bright sun casting orange and pink hues across the blue sky as it slowly creeps upward over the trees. Keanen had slipped out of the house early today, making his way here. Dressed in ratty pants and a tattered shirt, Keanen looks like a commoner. A poor one, at that. He has a tripod set up, and atop it is his rather fancy, expensive camera, aimed out at the rising sun. He's making various adjustments to the equipment, getting it set just as he wants it. He pauses, squinting his eyes at the horizon for a moment, and then pulls out a hypospray from his satchel on the ground. He kneels, and begins loading a dose of AMP into it.

Wandering around without really paying too much attention to where he's going, Tristan's made his way up to the Aerie as well. There's a brief pause as he spots Keanen, and what he's doing, before he heads over in that direction now. "Why did you start using that stuff?" he asks, a bit quietly. Not trying to sound accusing or anything, but he is curious, at least.

Keanen quickly drops the AMP and hypospray back in to the satchel, standing up to turn to look at his brother. "Hrmm? What?" He smirks, shrugging a little, "What stuff? The tech?" He gestures at the camera, "I dun now. Back when it became pretty clear if one of us all didn't learn to use electronics we'd all be fucked?" He grins, proudly.

"No, not the tech." Tristan replies, before he adds, "But I must admit you're good at that." A brief pause, before he shrugs a little. "How are you today, little brother?" he asks, moving the rest of the way over, and offering a quiet smile.

Keanen shrugs, "Super awesome fantastic and shit," he answers, turning and moving to the other side of the camera, making another adjustment. "Trying to get a picture of this sunrise before the Hostiles fuck our whole forest up." He smiles at Tristan, "Why?"

"Just curious, really," Tristan replies, after a few moments of pause. "After all, I didn't think there'd be many others up here at this hour." A brief pause, and he steps back a little, letting Keanen handle the camera without his interference now.

Keanen nods, and he sighs, moving to the railing and leaning casually. "You want somethin'." He folds his arms over his chest, and he smiles, amused. "What is it?"

Tristan blinks as he hears that. "Want something?" A brief pause, before he adds, "I don't know. For you to realize your full potential, perhaps?" Another pause, before he shrugs a little. "I really have no idea what I want, these days."

Keanen chuckles, and he shakes his head, looking upward a moment. "My full potential." He looks back at Tristan, his brow raising a little. "That's rich." He looks off into the trees. "None of you talk to me unless you want something." He shrugs again, and repeats quietly, amused, "…my full potential… heh…"

"Sorry," Tristan replies, before he shrugs a little bit. "Didn't really know what to say." Another brief pause, as he glances around once more, letting out a bit of a sigh. "So, how have you been lately, then?" Keeping his eyes on the woods out there at the moment.

Keanen looks at his brother, "You really wanna know?" He rolls his eyes, "I been like shit. But, you know, I haven't been shot at yet, so… That's an upshot, right?"

Tristan turns to study Keanen now as he hears that answer. "Any particular reason?" he asks, after a few moments of pause, before he nods a little bit. "Getting shot at isn't fun. Especially not when you fail to dodge the shots." A brief pause, before he adds, "And is there anything I can do to help?"

Keanen sighs again. "Not unless you can convince Dec to not marry Air." He turns his back to his brother then, looking out at the forest the other direction. "I've been thinking about going out with the troupes. Embed myself with them. Do a documentary of what's up on the front lines."

Tristan blinks as he hears that, "Oh? What's wrong with the two of them marrying each other?" A brief pause, before he adds, "But if I try that, they'll just make me a prime target for marrying someone, I fear…"

Keanen turns, glaring at Tristan, "Because I love her!" He scowls, "Fuck." Then he shakes his head, walking around to his camera and tinkering with it. Then he snaps a few pictures, looking at the little viewer, and then making another adjustment.

Tristan blinks as he hears that, pausing for a few moments now. Just watching his brother at the moment, he looks absolutely unsure of what to say. "I…" he begins, trailing off again, and shaking his head a little. "I'm sorry…" he finally offers, with a bit of a sigh.

Keanen shakes his head, still messing with the camera. "Don't be. She doesn't feel the same way, so… Fuck it." Shrugging, he adds, "Reckon it doesn't matter none anyway."

"Ah," Tristan replies, before he adds, "There are times I envy you and Declan, you know." It's spoken rather quietly, as he glances around again now.

This gets his attention, and Keanen stops, looking over at Tristan. "Yeah, right. What would you EVER freakin' be envious of me over?"

Tristan shrugs, "Well, unlike me you manage to speak with other people, those you don't know too well, without freaking out, right?" A brief pause as he looks out at the woods once more, letting out a bit of a sigh.

Keanen shakes his head, "Yeah, I do fine with other people. But family? Even acting like an ass, most of you just ignore me. Hell, scorin' chicks is easy. You want hard? Try to get the attention of an Arboren nobile." He waves him off, "You have nothing to be envious of, Sir."

There's a sigh as Tristan hears that, before he steps over to put a hand on Keanen's shoulder now. Taking a few quiet deep breaths, before he adds, "I'm sorry we've done that. I know it doesn't mean we don't care, but I guess, at least for me, that I've never been good at letting you know that…"

Keanen rolls his eyes, "I don't need you're approval. I ain't twelve anymore." He looks at his brother, and then shrugs, "I mean, I get it. I'm the fuck up, ya know? Like, every fam has one. Better me than Dec, right?" He smirks a little, "Prolly why she likes him and not me."

"I'm just trying to tell you I'm concerned about you, Keanen," Tristan replies, a bit quietly. "And besides, you're not the only fuck up in the family." A brief pause, before he adds, "But yes, better us than Declan, I believe."

Keanen stares at his brother then, for a long moment. "Okay, dude, you are NOT a fuck up." Then he smirks, and chuckles a little, moving to begin disassembling the camera. Focusing on the equipment, he asks, "Why are you worried about me? I'm awesome, man."

"Then why are you one if I'm not?" Tristan replies, with a bit of a sigh, before he offers a brief smile. "Did you use those drugs again?" he asks, a bit more quietly now.

Keanen takes the camera off the tripod, kneeling by the satchel and beginning to put the camera away. "You're like, this awesome, disciplined knight and shit, man. I mean, hell, I don't even have two arms anymore." He pauses, and looks up at Tristan. "I don't… I don't know what you're talking about."

Tristan sighs a bit as he hears that, "As far as knights go, I'm far from awesome, really. I try to improve a little, but I'm far from being one of the really good ones." A brief pause, before he adds, "And there are far more important things to you than the number of arms, brother." A brief pause as he hears that last part, and he studies his younger brother carefully now, but doesn't say anything about that at the moment.

"No. There's not, Trist." Keanen shakes his head a little, and he slumps down onto his butt, still looking up at Tristan. "You've got the look. You're totally gonna lecture me, aren't you?"

"Lecture you?" Tristan asks, shaking his head a little bit. "Have you ever known me to lecture anyone?" A brief pause, and a sigh, "Besides, would it work?" A brief pause now, before he adds, "Just be careful. None of us want to lose you…" Another brief pause, before he adds, "Even though we may not be that good at communicating the fact."

Keanen smiles, "Dude. DUDE. I'm 18. I'm indestructible." He wiggles his cybernetic fingers, "The greatest threat to me is rust." He laughs, "Anyway, maybe a lecture would be good for me. Improve my convictions and shit. I dunnow. Just, no worries. I got it under control."

Tristan is unable to hold back a bit of laughter as he hears the part of the rust. "Make sure you dry yourself well after taking a bath, then." A brief pause, as he nods, "Maybe a lecture would. I'll see who I can get to give you one, then?" Spoken a bit lightly, before he looks serious again at the last part. "Do you? Are you entirely sure of that?"

Keanen furrows his brow just a little, "Yeah." He slowly stands, "Hey," and then he flashes that dimple-laden, charming smile of his that lands him in so many beds. "It's me. I'm fine."

Taking a deep breath, Tristan then moves forward to hug his brother. At the same time, quietly saying, "Promise that you'll make sure it stays that way…" After a few moments, he lets go and steps back again now.

Keanen stiffens just a little as he's hugged. It's not that he's disinterested in getting it, but more like, he's uncomfortable with it, as if it's unfamiliar. He tilts his head a little as he's released. "Um… yeah… sure." He lingers a moment there, a little unsure what to do.

And similarily, Tristan looks a bit unsure of what to do as well now. Looking about to say something, he goes quiet again, before he finally nods a little, "Good…" he offers, quietly.

Keanen nods, "Yeah. Good." He purses his lips, then folds up the tripod. "Hey. Maybe you could get me hooked up with the guys on the front lines you'll be going out with against the Hostiles? I could film you and your guys as you blast your way through those fuckers?"

"I can suggest it, at least?" Tristan offers after a few moments of pause now, with a quiet smile. "I'm not sure how they'd react, but I'd suggest it, if you want?"

Keanen nods, "That'd be awesome. Especially if you're heading to the front lines. The scarier the better. I want to show the people what it's like out there." He lifts his satchel and the tripod, preparing to go. "Lemme know, man. Awesome." He smiles once more, "Take it easy, Trist." He winks, and then begins to head off.

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