10.26.3013: Brotherly Love
Summary: Lionel and Isaac have deja vu, and take the time to catch up.
Date: 28 September 2013
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Lionel Isaac 

Isaac's Apartment, The Pale Horse Caravan
This one bedroom apartment is rather cluttered, but not in a way that would suggest that it's dirty. It's the home that gives off the impression that it's owner is something of a blue-collar worker. Wherever one looks, there's a piece of machinery or electronics that's in some state of assembly or cleaning. This is most obvious in the living room, the coffee table holding various bits and pieces of oddly shaped hydraulic or engineering equipment that seem to double as conversation pieces, better that they tend to change from week to week.

It's a standard home for a single person on the caravan. Couch and coffee table facing a vidplayer. The shelves on some tables show family portraits. There's also a large and home-built rat pen that have usually have two pair of eye blinking out from it. An acoustic guitar sits in it's stand in the corner of the room. Instead of posters on the walls, there are engineering schematics and blueprints of various buildings and ships. There's a bookshelf that lines one of the wall, loaded with technical manuals, historical fiction, non-fiction, and old schoolbooks, electronic tablet and paper forms both.

The living room blends into a small kitchenette, then a hallway which then splits off into a bathroom with a stand-in shower and bedroom which occupies a full-sized bed.

October 26, 3013

There's an old proverb that says something about history repeating itself. Sometimes, that repetition is nothing more than a subtle similarity, but sometimes, it is as blunt and blatant as a broken nose. Blood dribbles heavily from around the rag held against Lionel's nose as two helpful Outriders haul his sorry ass to Isaac's front door. The Knight's knuckles are equally bloody, and it looks as if he is going to be sporting a black eye soon enough. It has been a while since Isaac has been delviered his brother in such a state. The Outrider on Lionel's right buzzes Isaac's door while the one on his left shakes her head with a smirk. That spurs a bloodstained smile onto Lionel's lips. "Aw, come on, Maggie… you were cheering me on earlier," the Mane says in a thick, nasally voice.

Maggie smirks. "It was fine until you started throwing punches," the older woman says airily.

Lionel smirks. "That Leonnidan started it," he grunts in reply.

There are always people that are bothering Isaac whenever he's in the middle of something. Right now it's a 3-D puzzel of a Caravan that's half built on his coffee table. Kincaid, his black and white hooded rat sits on his shoulder, sniffing at one of the peices in his hands. "You have any idea where that goes?" His voice has always been soft, quiet, as if he's afraid of raising it above speaking level. "No? Me neither." Then the buzzer rings, causing his shoulders to droop. "It's always something, isn't it?" Standing up, Kincaid rides along, running along from one shoulder to the next, until he hits the button to make his hatch slide open.

The look on his face when he sees the three makes him sigh, offering them a passive, but expectant look, as if he's done this many times. "Hello, Maggie. Were charges pressed this time?"

"He's always so happy to see me," Lionel boasts pleasantly as the door slides open to reveal his brother. He beams, even while he continues to hold the rag against his nose. "I-saaaaac," he says in his nasally voice, grinning broadly to his brother. "And Kincaid!" He starts to stagger forward, though Maggie and her wordless companion keep the Knight upright.

Maggie smiles gently toward Isaac, shaking her head a bit. "Not yet," she says, her bright eyes glimmering with amusement. "I'm certain that once the Leonnidan gains consciousness, he won't even remember what happened." She gently guides Lionel inside, moving to drop the Knight into the closest chair. Maggie turns back toward Isaac, offering another smile — this time a bit softer. "He's all yours." And the pair of men-at-arms prepare to leave once more.

"Yes. I'm always thrilled to have to be the one to fix up my brother. Shame I can't fix his mouth." Isaac deadpans softly. Moving aside, he lets them drop him into a chair. "Hasn't he always been?" he remarks to Maggie before waving a goodbye, shutting the door after they leave. A headshake, then he moves to the ratcage, placing Kincaid inside with her sister, Fiona. "So," he starts, giving each a treat before he shuts the cage door. "what was it this time? Someone insulted mom? Or you said something about theirs? Or were you again accused of sleeping with someone's sister?" he asks, moving out of the room. The light in the bathroom comes on before he return, carrying what looks to be a well-used first-aid kit. Pulling up a stool infront of Lionel's chair, he cracks it open. "I though it wasn't my job to look after you once you got your title, Lin."

Lionel waves in a kind of goofy teenage boy manner after Maggie, his gaze lingering heavily on her retreating backside before he blinks his blues up at his brother. He cautiously removes the bloodied rag from his nose, revealing what is at least a mild broken shnoz. "Jeremy is in Arborenin," he explains as he flexes his nose, wincing a bit. Then he looks down into the rag, examining the quantity of blood loss. He squints up at Isaac. "There is a chance that I mentioned his mother closely resembles a fat hippocampus, and if she was the model for the Volen coat of arms," he explains. Then he shrugs a bit. "He obviously lacks a sense of humor." He smirks at his brother then before he relaxes into his chair once more.

"Obviously." Isaac drawls, taking out a spray and ejecting a cold, stinging material that'll start the clotting process faster. "Let that dry." he comments, setting a bandage out to wrap it after it does. "Keep this up, and you're going to marr that pretty face of yours to the point where I can't fix, Lin." Leaning forward, he places fingers on each hand onto each side of his nose. "Breath out, you know how this is going to feel." Then, he jerks quick and hard, putting the nose back into it's original place. Though the crunchy sound of grinding cartilage never, ever sounds pleasant. "Your husband needs to keep a closer eye on you, apparently. Actually, might be best he doesn't know, don't need him going back to tell mom that your mouth hasn't found a mute button yet." A small grin is managed then. "But you just love to egg on those Leonnidas. Sooner or later, one of them is going to drag you into a duel. If that's not actually your entire intention, little brother."

"You have that tone, 'Ac," Lionel points out to his brother with a bit of a bloodied grin. He is about to continue his commentary before he is cut off with a sharp noise that is something like a grunt and sharp inhale all rolled into one. Then he flexes his nose a few more times, working his jaw a bit before he flashes Isaac another broad grin. "We could blame the drink if you want," he says dryly. Then he rolls his shoulders a bit before he starts to shake out his knuckles once more. "Though… probably keeping this from Mom and Jere is a smart idea… they'll give me the same talk you're about to give me, and gosh, if you don't do it the best." He smiles in that relaxed, leonine kind of way.

"I've been told I always have that tone, Lin." Isaac returns softly, now going about to wrap his knuckles. Though perhaps he took some kind of perverse joy in getting his to shut up by shoving his nose back into a proper position. "You can make up any excuse you like and I'll support. Besides, isn't that how this always goes anyways? Flex your fingers, make sure it's not too tight." Looking him over, he's done what he can, so he starts to put his things away. "I do it the best, because I'm usually the one that does it. But I'm starting to think that all those speeches haven't really sank in. Well, maybe a little. Better my words than Leroy's belt, y'know?" He rolls a shoulder unconciously at that. And let's not mention the at least one visable scar on his forearm that's in a curious D shape that looks remarkedly like a belt buckle. "Anyhow, at least I know you're not going to be picking fights with a fractured knuckle. Make sure you get that set by tomorrow, alright? Other than picking fights with gullible Leonnida's, how're things?"

Lionel slumps back into his chair once his brother is done wrapping his knuckles. He smirks. "It was a fluke," he argues mildly. "I haven't been having a good day." Which is probably accurate considering Lie hasn't had a good day since he got back from the loss of House Amran. He tilts his head back a bit as he daubs away a bit of blood leaking from his nose once more. He then shrugs his shoulders a bit at the question. "Been okay," he says unconvincingly. Then he breathes out a heavy exhale. "Jere's been spending a lot of time in The Spine." He pauses. "They keep thanking me for my service at the Waygate… thanking me for my willingness to sacrifice…"

"Seems like it." Isaac replies, handing over a tissue box while he gets up. While he moves to the fridge, Mulder, Isaac's tubby, golden-eyed, and blue-gray furred cat hops up into Lione's lap, seeing that it's now open. "You don't sound okay, Lin." The door is opened, two beers are produced, then it's closed again, coming back around to hand one over to his brother, finally taking a seat at the couch. "You haven't been with him?" he asks. "You two are usually inseperable." As he listens more, he nods, then drinking. "Look, I, uh, figured it was always best that I never brought that up. I can't really imagine what that was like. If there's anything you want to talk about." Isaac has always had a soft, quiet voice, but this time he gets a bit more gentle. Dad spoke much the same.

Lionel flinches just a moment as the cat bounces up into his lap. He pauses a moment to allow the feline to get comfortable before he starts to pet at that blue-gray fur. He is rewarded with a purr as his scritches Mulder's ears. He shrugs his shoulders a bit at Isaac's question, trying to act all casual. "Not in the last week," he replies. "He's dedicated to protecting his home and all that." That 'h'-word hangs bitterly on his lips, as it has been a point of debate between the two since this damn System War began. He breathes out a deep sigh. He is quiet for a long moment. "I felt like a coward," he admits after a moment. "I told everyone that what we did wasn't cowardly. I told Kassie that we did what we came there to do. We shut the Ways. We shut the Ways and then we turned our back on whoever was left to be cut down by Hostiles while we fled into the woods."

"So I take it you two are still arguing over where you're going to live together?" Isaac asks. "Give that kind of thing time, Lin. Haven wasn't built in a day." He can't really talk, Lionel having a lot more success with relationships than his older brother ever did. The explanation is offered a sigh at first. "Not everyone can be saved, Lionel. We knew that. Everyone knew that. If you didn't, a lot more people would be dead. It's…terrible, yeah, I'm not arguing you that. But it's either losing a couple hundred with it closed or the number we could've lost if we hadn't. The Devil you know versus the one you don't. I know…that's not going to make it any easier, but you can't let that kind of thing haunt you. I'm sorry, if I could've been with you there, I would've been." He had been assigned to guard the Caravan, not being allowed to go with. Besides, their mother would've had a bird if they both went.

Lionel looks almost uneasy as his brother offers sound advice, but he does grunt. "I'm impatient," he says in a rumble, looking down at Mulder as he continues to pet the cat in his lap. He then looks up slightly toward Isaac. There is a sober moment from the bloodied Knight, and then he sighs deeply. "Yeah… yeah," he says in modest agreement. "I know… that's what I said to Kassie…" He then ruffles up Mulder's fur around his head lightly. "I just feel like a fraud lately." He slides a gaze toward Isaac. "Don't tell anyone. I like being confident and bull-headish in my opinions."

"If you're impatient, you'll just annoy me." Isaac drinks from his beer. "And me, and I hate dealing with you when you're all mopey. It's so very unlike the Lin that I know. Remember, I'm the depressed, mopey, you're not allowed to take my thing aways from me." Reaching over, he lightly punches him in the shoulder in a brotherly kind of way. "You're not fraud. You're a brave man who did what needed to be done. Some things, as soldiers we don't like doing, but we have to do them, as much as we might hate it. Because if we don't, then more suffer. And if we can't save people, then what the hell are we doing? It may not of been a heroic thing, Lin, but it was a -brave- thing. And what you did may have lasting consequences in the future. Remember that."

"Annoy you?" Lionel asks, almost incredulous, but then he drops his shoulders. "I don't mope." Then he breathes out a slow exhale, brushing the rag against his nose to see if the bleeding has stopped. He balls up the rag as he thinks about his brother's words, and then nods a bit. "You're right… you're right…" He shifts a bit uneasily all the same. "You're annoying," he grimaces after a moment. Then he drops his hand back down to Mulder, bodily scratching at the feline's back and neck. "You know, before this whole Amran thing… Jeremy and I were thinking about kids… we haven't talked that much about it lately."

"You -almost- sound surprised." Isaac remarks, drinking from his bottle. "Getting you to say 'you're right' has always been a pain in the ass. No fight this time?" If he didn't look concerned before, he does now. "It'll be alright, Lin. Can't let that kind of thing break you. If it does, they win. An emotional death is just as good as a physical one. And you don't want to end up depressed like me." The next topic about his husband has him tapping a finger against the arm of the couch. "Kids? I didn't know you two wanted to be parents. I've never thought myself an uncle. Mom would be thrilled. So…" Then he pauses, looking closer at his brother. "Are you and Jeremy alright?"

Lionel smirks. "I'm not surprised… not… entirely…" The Mane shifts his shoulders almost uncomfortably. Then he casts his brother a mild smile before he breathes out a slow exhale. "Yeah… I definitely don't want to end up like you," he says, bushy brows arching expressively over his blue eyes. Then he shrugs his shoulders a bit as the conversation turns toward Jeremy. "It came up after I started looking after Bex's girl… you know… the redhead like a few blocks down from you. Her husband went missing, and she has this adorable little strawberry." He shrugs. "Jeremy likes kids… I don't dislike kids…" Then he considers the more important question. "Yeah… we are… just things… aren't clicking quite so great lately…" After Amran.

It was only a partial joke. Isaac's lifelong battle with depression is on a high note right now. But at least he's at the point where he can joke about it. Losing dad, then dealing with Leroy probably took a larger toll on him than he likes to talk about. But he tries to stay positive. All the different hobbies and pets help. "Bex…Rebbeca, right? I heard someone found her husband. Good on them. I don't…can't say I've really spoken to them, but I know of them." There's more listening. "You don't sound so sure, Lin. If things aren't, well I'm not going to say -bad-, but if they're in a rough spot, maybe you two should talk." Another pause. "Would you want me to be there?" he offers. That's Isaac, always trying to help, despite his depression.

"Rebecca Mordain," Lionel confirms with a nod. "Scout, same as her husband." He shrugs a bit. "They're good people. You'd like them." He offers his brother an amused smirk. "You know… friends…" He then rolls his aching shoulders a bit more before he releases a low sigh. He rubs his hand back through his short hair — a trend that directly defies the gorgeous mane of hair that earned him his byname. He looks up a bit. "We should talk," he agrees with a grunt. "But… let me try to talk to him on my own first…"

Now it's Isaac's turn to look uncomfortable. He has his hobbies, he has his pets, his dual jobs. He has his brother and mother. Friends is something of a harder concept for an introvert like him. It makes him shift in his chair, drinking more from his beer, and offering some unintelligble sound. "Right, good people. I'm sure they are." And like Lionel, he shares that same short hair. "Yes, you two should talk. Otherwise you're going to keep looking for reasons to avoid it." Yes, helping his brother with his problems is much preferrable than talking about his own. "But, alright. Just letting you know I'll be around if you just want someone else there incase anything gets heated."

Lionel dutifully lets the topic of his brother's social life drop… for now. He instead gives Mulder a little shove to dismount his lap so the Mane can stand. He stretches his arms over his head, drawing out his spine and shoulders. Then he releases a sigh, dropping heavily back into a relaxed poise. Despite the blood, he actually looks quite normal. "Doesn't mean you shouldn't come with me to Arborenin," he offers, almost helpfully.

"Yea, I know." Isaac utters lowly, accepting the point that he may need to get out a bit more often. "I'll think about it. But if it'll help you out with working things through with Jeremy, you know I'll be there. I haven't exactly been around much lately, and I really should make more of an effort." Watching him stand and Mulder get put back on the floor to prowl into the kitchen for his food bowl, he sets his beer down. "Heading out?"

"Patrol in the morning," Lie explains as he tucks the bloodied rag in his belt, apparently not intending to leave his brother to do his laundry too. He glances over toward Isaac, pausing a moment as if to weigh exactly how to respond to his brother's confession. He rolls his shoulders again. "Look… Isaac… I never minded your natural desire to be a hermit, but… you need some… people to talk to, hang out with. Mulder and the rats aren't gonna cut it." He offers his brother a wry smile. "Think about it seriously, okay?" He says hopefully.

Isaac nods, understanding. But his brother's lecture gets him to look around. At Mulder at the girls in their cage. Then around his home, taking note of the books, guitar, his puzzles, and other mental-related activities that keep his mind off the fact that he's such an introvert. I…" words fail him, resulting in a shrug. "I know." he finishes. "Talking to people…it's hard, Lin. I'm not sociable like you are. I never was." Too concerned with work. Concerned with keeping mom and Lin protected, more or less never really thinking about him. "Alright. I'll think about it." he concedes.

Lionel smiles as if he has succeeded in some great feat. He claps his brother solidly on his shoulder, offering a squeeze before he starts to step toward the door. "You know what they say… you seriously have to suck at something before you get good at it." He points at his brother with both hands. "You may suck at talking, but you're not going to get better until you start doing it more." He flashes a boyish smile toward Isaac. "Thanks for the patch-up work."

It's a something he's conceding that Isaac may end up regretting in the near future, the thought of which makes him pinch the bridge of his nose. "Oh, don't start on the platitudes now, Lin. You were doing so well for yourself." But his brother's smile is somewhat contagious. "Six…yes yes, don't mention it. Now get the hell out of here before I change my mind, damnit."

Lionel tosses up his hand in a farewell as he steps out his brother's door and into the neighborhood blocks. He shoves his hands into the pockets of his breeches, and he starts to whistle some casual, relaxed tune.

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