Bringing A Cloud To The Mountain
Summary: Bringing a Cloud to the Mountain
Date: 28/August/2013
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Peake Percival 

28 August, 3013 — The Netherkeep, Khar-Mordune

To: Percival.Larent@Nubilus
From: Trentin.Peake@KharMordune
Subject: Possible Betrothal Match

Lord Larent,

I know that you are as busy with the business of war as we are here in Khar-Mordune, so I will be brief. It has come to my attention that my daughter, Lady Sir Viannea Peake, and your son, Lord Lieutenant Antaeus Larent, have struck up a friendship, perhaps even an attraction, with one another despite the events surrounding them. I would like to propose a marriage between our Houses in the persons of my daughter and your son. It is one that I am given to know would give them both pleasure, and it would also provide an additional tie between your House and The Spine. If you will agree to the match, I would welcome Lord Antaeus to Khar-Mordune and to the Peake family with open arms.

Trentin Peake

8 September, 3013 — Titan's Wake, Space

To: Trentin.Peake@KharMordune
From: Percival.Larent@Nubilus
Subject: Re: Possible Betrothal Match

Lord Peake,

I am quite pleased by the thought of a union between our houses, but in the same spirit of brevity I must note that I consider the prospect of my son joining your family impossible at present. Lord Antaeus serves House Larent in a number of important ways, and as a naval officer I feel it prudent that he remain close to affairs among the Lashes and on the Ring. Furthermore as you well know, one of my daughters is betrothed to the heir of your own Paramount, and thus will be departing for the Spine herself in short order. While I am committed to this bond, it seems sensible that a second union between would reciprocate the terms of the first and send a child of the Spine here to our own home amidst the clouds.

Should the union otherwise still hold interest to you, I am happy to discuss other terms.

Kind regards,
Lord Captain Percival Larent

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