Lord Brigham Peake
Andrew Lee Potts
Andrew Lee Potts as Brigham Peake
Full Name: Brigham Peake
Byname: None
Age: 20
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: Arboren
House: Peake
Title/Profession: Lord
Position: None
Spouse: None Height: 5'6"
Father: Lord Trentin Peake Weight: 150 lbs
Mother: Got one. Hair Color: Dark Brown
Siblings: Aidan and Viannea Peake Eye Color: Dark Brown
Children: None


When Brigham was born his parents already had nearly a handful of children, among them a daughter who liked swords more then skirts and an Awakened son whose talents needed cultivating. Keeping with the Peake children's tradition of nonconformity, it was quickly made clear that Brigham was not like other children. He walked, spoke, and read far before he should have, and began a self driven love of mathematics in primary school.

Where his other siblings were gifted physically, Brigham was a genius, and as with his siblings before him his parents nurtured this gift, hiring the greatest tutors, sending him to the best Academies, the grandest Universities where he always excelled.

Unable to stay out of trouble , and apparently caring little for the consequences of his actions, he's been often 'disciplined' at the Academ though his gifted status has kept him from expulsion. Only the forge, only in the creation of his many inventions does the young man seem to slow down, to breath, to be contained. In the pursuit of making new things he loses himself much to the relief of those around him. But it's always a temporary reprieve, because the most feared words in Khar-Mordune come from Brigham's mouth… "I'm so bored!!"



Smallish, only a few inches over five feet, lithe and wiry, this young man possesses a slim build that should be graceful but is remarkably not. Hi boyish angular face is resplendent with mischief made all the more prominent by an impish grin. His dark hair is unkempt to the point of looking more like an explosion then a style, stray locks sticking straight out from beneath the brim of his hat and curling up around it's edges as if refusing to remain contained by it.

He wears a pair of dark trousers that fall loose over riding boots as opposed to being tucked into them. His shirt is nearly an assault upon the eyes, brightly colored geometric patterns of some soft slightly shiny material, it would be headache inducing if the comparatively mundane tanned leather coat he wears didn't hide most of the shirt from view. A hat that seems slightly to big and yet perfectly suited to him rests atop his head, matching the tanned leather color of the coat, making the entire get up work despite it breaking nearly every law of common fashion decency.


ADHD - Brigham is the very epitome of hyperactive. He doesn't sit still for long, he doesn't seem to be able to. His mind works several times faster then most peoples and it's not uncommon for him to start a conversation and change subjects drastically in the middle of it and expect everyone else to follow his wild trains of thought.

Zero Fucks Given - Brigham Peake does not care. Simply put there are few people who can reach Brigham on a level that would make him slow down and think about his actions. His family chief among them, and possibly one or two 'friends'. Outside of this extremely small group of people… Brigham Peake Does Not Care About You. Science is his mistress, his god, his love and his obsession. He will test anything and everything without real thought about the ramifications of his actions and he'll do it BECAUSE. SCIENCE. Handle him with care.

Brainiac - Brigham is a prodigy. He began calculus permutations before he was old enough to ride a full sized horse and had invented his first patented improvement upon mining equipment before his voice changed. He is Gifted and more then a little nuts.

Musical Inspiration

Bach's Cello Suite No. 1 - Prelude
Beethoven, Symphony 9, 2nd movement

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