Lady Brianny Saimhann (née Leonnida)
Natalie Portman
Natalie Portman as Brianny Saimhann (née Leonnida)
Full Name: Brianny Saimhann (née Leonnida)
Byname: -
Age: 19
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: Khournas
House: Saimhann
Title/Profession: Lady
Position: -
Spouse: Lord Sir Kazimir Saimhann Height: 5'2"
Father: Lord Sir Peter Leonnida Weight: Slight
Mother: - Hair Color: Brown
Siblings: Lady Sir Aisling Leonnida, Unnamed First Son (desceased), Lord Sir Godric Leonnida, Lord Sir Garus Leonnida, Lady Dorinne Leonnida (deceased), Lady Sir Quinn Leonnida Eye Color: Brown
Children: -


Born the youngest daughter in a long line of Leonnida siblings, Lady Brianny Leonnida seemed to have embraced her standing within the family despite the long climb towards the heir position and all the obstacles it came with that was laid out before her. At the moment of her birth, it was also very clear that she possessed Awakened powers. Like with most things in her life, even the oddity of being an Awakened did not put much of a damper on the spirits of the Leonnida's bright little flower. In fact, Brianny was always known to have a kind and sweet disposition even as her family members are being murdered off all around her.

As a child growing up, she lived a rather carefree life even with the maddening knowledge that one of her siblings may try to exterminate her to ensure their place in the Leonnida hierarchy. This did very little to stop her from enjoying her childhood. As a young girl, she played dress up in her siblings' clothing, spent hours by the lakeside having a picnic with her dolls and danced in the breeze as she playfully picked flowers from the gardens. Not much seemed to have changed even as she grew older, except rather than wearing the dresses of her sisters (or even shirts and tunics of her brothers), Brianny has countless gowns of her own. Instead of playing with dolls, she throws garden parties for her peers by the lakeside. And she now dances in fancy ballrooms wearing a fancy ballgown… on top of her continued love to twirl about in her own private dance of whimsy out in the gardens. No, the brutality of life as a Leonnida seemed to do very little to shatter the girl's high spirits.

Like with all of her older siblings, Brianny was raised to, perhaps, becoming the next Leonnida heir. She took training in administration and etiquette, both of which she excelled fairly well in as well as the normal noble fare like literature and dancing. While she was always such a delicate little flower who was never sent off the way several of her brothers and sisters were to squire and then become knighted, this does not mean that Brianny did not take up lessons to better protect herself in combat situations in the case that one of her siblings did rise up against her. Her bright and sunny demeanor in no way diminished the knowledge that her own life is at stake daily. As with most Awakened, she was sent to a mentor to help her understand and take better control of her gods born abilities and she knows full well that this Awakened training will some day prove useful if ever her precious life was threatened.

Through most of her youth, Brianny wasn't particularly close to any one sibling. Though it could be said that she was equally close to all of them. She was always considered to be a thoughtful young woman who would bring gifts and flowers whenever she felt that any of her siblings needed a lift in spirit. There was many a time where she would buy presents for family and friends on a mere whim, because something in a shop reminded her of them. Then at one point in her mid-teens, she became exceptionally close with her eldest of brothers who had only recently taken a notice of her presence. Brianny wasn't certain on whether he was using her as some sort of pawn or merely keeping tabs on her activity or if he truly did enjoy her company. None of it seemed to matter much to the girl and she simply basked in her brother's adoration.

That is until the night her second eldest brother, Godric, killed him. Brianny remembered when she first stepped foot into her murdered brother's bedroom, taking note of the blood and gore that was splattered on all of the walls. It was a gruesome, yet fantastic sight. Something which the young woman will never forget. With her closest sibling now dead, Brianny had to wonder if Godric would do to her what was done to their older brother. Of course, she now treads carefully when in Godric's presence, but for the most part, even this grisly event seems to have little effect on the young Leonnida.

Unfortunately, for Brianny, her family were not the only ones she had to look out for. House Leonnida has had an ongoing feud with House Saimhann which erupted in several skirmishes throughout the past year. During a recent skirmish, Leonnida suffered a major defeat by the hands of House Saimhann and perhaps as a peace offering to finally end this once and for all, Brianny is quietly married to Lord Kazimir Saimhann, a younger brother to the Saimhann Head of House.



Graceful and petite, this young woman stands just shy of 5'3" with a slender figure. Chocolate brown curls frame a youthful face while light brown eyes spark with what could be a hint of mischief or something even more mysterious. Her skin is fair and her features delicate. She is rarely seen without a gentle smile on her pink lips. Though most of the length of her hair is worn down and tied loosely behind her by several pretty ribbons, the tresses at the side of her head are drawn up into a pair of braided buns which rest just at her ears. A gold netting ensures that the braided buns are kept perfectly in place as they are attached to a yellow-green colored band which crosses over her forehead. Tiny pink and purple blossoms are embroidered into the band.

Today, she wears an ensemble that reflects her Reversion sense of style in a more whimsical manner. A long flowing gown made of a fine golden silk hangs gently over her lithe form, the hems of her skirts hover just above the ground as she walks. Shiny little silver stars are embroidered throughout the entirety of this gown, even going as far as traveling the lengths of her arms where the gentle billowy sleeves draw in tightly at her thin wrists. Over the gown, itself, she wears a corset made of dark gold that cinches gently to her chest, decorated in an intricate laid out pattern of tiny purple and pink flowers. A pair of thin straps extend from the corset to rest upon bared slender shoulders. Both the fabric of the corset and the floral decor are made of a shiny material. As a touch of modest femininity, a gauzy shawl made of a thin shimmery fabric in a yellow-green hue is worn just off the shoulders as well. It is worn buttoned at the very center of her chest and blossoms out to cover over her sleeved arms while cascading down the length of her back. Just like with her corset, the shawl is embroidered with various tiny little blossoms which matches the design of the band she wears upon her head.


  • Animal Friend: Perhaps due to her sweet disposition and lyrical voice, Brianny tends to both attract and befriend animals of all sorts rather easily.
  • A Song on Her Lips: Brianny loves to sing, especially when she believes she is alone. So during strolls out in the forest or even if she's simply doing chores or out picking flowers, a whimsical song is never very far from her lips.
  • Leonnida Lady: With House Leonnida's full embrace of the Reversion, Brianny was raised to be a Lady among Ladies. She is always impeccably dressed in Reversion-style fashions and follows the rules of etiquette to a tee
  • Dissonant Serenity: With all of the chaos, death and deception which surrounds her life on a daily basis, Brianny can usually be seen as the eerie calm within the storm. Perhaps, she can come off as a little too calm, especially in scenes of violence and brutality. At these moments, that sweet, comforting smile of hers may make those around her a little uneasy.
  • Sweet Oleander: Very much like the poisonous flower, Brianny's beauty and innocence can sometimes be disarming to many who meet her. Though an ever-present sweet smile is rarely far from her lips, hers is a deceptive charm that hides something far more sinister.

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Kazimir Lord Sir Kazimir Saimhann : Husband
Jarek Young Lord Jarek Saimhann : Heir to Saimhann

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