07.04.3013: Breaking the Code and Other Things
Summary: Densoric speaks to Ariana about a project he's been working on. Talayla, Kaedin, Johana and Barton show up for further discussion as they take a tour of Summit.
Date: 04 July 2013
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Grand Atrium — Sky Palace, Summit
The Grand Atrium is accessed through one of the six evenly spaced entrances, guiding visitors through hallways that cut through the rest of the palace without interruption before opening up to the expansive and beautiful sprawl of an interior greenhouse and foyer. The ceilings soar high above, completely crafted of composite panels that allow the sun to shine in, and directed by a system of mirrors to fully illuminate the atrium below. The floors are fashioned from high-shine marble that compliment the stone pillars that stretch from floor to ceiling around the exterior circumference of the room. Traditional stairways are evenly spaced around the exterior of the atrium and lead up to lifts that grant access into the upper levels of the palace.
04 July 3013

Returning to the Sky Palace after another day of research. Dressed in his more typical mildly-formal attire Densoric can be seen headed for his quarters.

From her spot by one of the windows, Ariana idly watches the happenings in the garden. Even in her relaxed and idle state, she retains perfect posture as her gaze flitters between whatever is going on in the distance, people watching, and the information that is sent to her through her tablet. Upon noting her cousin's entrance, she merely graces him with an acknowledging nod.

Turning his blue eyes to the motion of a nod Densoric returns with a polite nod of his own and alters course to his cousin. Once closer he asks, "Could I ask a favor Lady Ariana? Your assistance so far has yielded results, though the complication now is much more… Problematic."

Perhaps not expecting to be approached so soon, Ariana lowers her datapad to regard her cousin with a curious look, "Oh? This request has something to do with your research then? Has anyone whom I've listed been a substantial help, thus far?"

Densoric nods and says, "Lord Brigham and I were able to find out what seemed familiar to me. At least i believe it is what seemed familiar. I've been trying to translate the Hostile's programming code, unfortunately there was only a few snippets I could extract from what was left of the Hostiles that were dismantled after the rumored attack on the Ring. With how fragmented it is, its possible it may never be translated, however Lord Brigham noticed strong similarities in the syntax to coding used by Havenites prior to the First System War. Could you put out your eyes and wears and see if you can find anyone that might be very knowledgeable in those early codes, or any with archives that might have examples of that coding?"

Ariana's attention is piqued enough and she is quick to nod once. "So this is the message which Young Lord Solon told me about months ago when I last spoke with him." Her attention now returning to the gardens and its visitors, she ponders aloud, "Someone who is proficient in ancient coding. That seems like something to be found at the Academ, but of course, I will inquire about it for you."

Densoric tilts his head a bit and says, "Curious, I wasn't aware anyone was following my research projects. Unless you mean a different message. But this is only part of the problem, even if such coding can be found it'd be useless with the few snippets I was able to extract, I'll also need to try and gain access to Hostile systems that are intact, but I believe your father might have more pull in that regard. Nothing negative intended towards your own resources of course my Lady Cousin."

Ariana's brow arches now, "It very well may be a different code. After the initial capture and securing of the Hostile in the Arborenin woods and their pod, it was mentioned to Young Lord Solon by Princess Janelle, that there was some sort of coded message that was found. It is why he showed up at the Ring the day that I ran into him. Still, I shall visit Landing and see what more I can find out."

Densoic nods respectfully and says, "Any effort is appreciated. Though the coding I retrieved was from directly connecting computers to the cybernetics and running diagnostics, copying what I could which sadly was little."

Talayla is visiting! She introduces herself to the guards, then politely lets herself be lead in. "Are they here?" she asks. Then she waves to the two as she's lead in.

Ariana's brow furrows even further now, before she asks, "What did Lord Brigham say regarding this? Does he know anyone whom he learned with or was taught by that may be knowledgeable in this matter? Otherwise, it's scouring through ancient texts."

Densoric simply asks, "Have you met Lord Brigham?" in a calm tone, but also one that might have a touch of exasperation as well. He then looks over as Talayla Orelle is announced and nods politely saying, "My Lady, what brings you to the Sky Palace?" in a warm, friendly, and welcoming tone as he walks over as though to provide a more fitting welcome for the daughter of the Paramount.

Talayla is quiet. She smiles politely. "Salutations. I figured I would stop by and say hello. How are you two?" She asks quietly. A pause, and her expression dims. "I am going to guess… Hostile chat." She sighs. "I still - can't believe…"

Ariana's smile brightens when Brigham's name is mentioned, before she asks, "Of course, I have. How else would I have known that he was some technopile? He was incredibly excited the day that I ran into him on the Ring, when one of our other citizen techs was pushing along some cart of broken electronics and generators. Quite the coloful fellow." At Talayla's arrival, she smiles and dips her head low, "Good day, Lady Talayla."

Densoric says, "Forgive me, but after a few weeks with him on a regular basis, it strains a bit. But then that could just be my more uptight nature speaking." At least he's aware of how much of a stick in the mud he is. He then nods to Talayla and says, "After a fashion, more the limited results of my research." He then turns a bit serious and asks, "Are you okay My Lady?" perhaps in response to her sigh and last few words.

Talayla is quiet. She seems amused and smiles. "Hello there, Lady Ariana. How are you?" She asks quietly. "Um. Hopefully I did not intrude. I wanted to see how you were and see if you had heard the same rumor about talking Hostiles as I did," She offers. "I thought I saw one speak to Sir Erik… and Lord Nitrim mentioned one spoke to him." She considers. "I'm getting better. And doing well." She seems happy enough otherwise.

"Hostiles talk now?" Ariana asks inquisitively, but then she waves a dismissive free hand, "Well, I suppose that shouldn't be odd. I mean, they would need to communicate with one another. But the idea that they speak our language?" Her eyes then shift to regard Densoric with a view as they were just speaking of some sort of Hostile data. Returning to Talayla, she asks, "What did they sound like? Were their voices as digitized as I would imagine? And… I'm surprised that your family allowed you to get so close to them in combat."

Densoric nods to Talayla and says, "I doubt you could ever been seen as intruding My Lady Orelle. And I've heard the rumor but not witnessed it myself, but then I'm not a combatant and the only access I've had is to their cybernetics for my research. But that hasn't been the most fruitful." smiling softly. to her later words and adding, "It is good you are recovering, I hope you did not find my visits during my breaks from research too intrusive." as he offers a bit of an apologetic bow just in case, though she never really told him to leave either. He then looks to Ariana and says, "I believe I heard one claim they spoke our language, but that is all. Though if what Lord Brigham and I discovered proves true, then it suggests there could be a common ancestry somewhere. It is an interesting issue of debate."

Talayla pauses. "Lord Nitrim said one communicated with him to the effect that the Six were obsolete and replaced." She nods. "I only kinda heard it from far away," She explains. "Take zips? Take this? Then he threw a baby at Sir Erik, so I don't know," She admits. "Could be. wouldn't shock me too much… pay attention to people and learn their language is a great way to spy," She frowns. She smiles and shakes her head. "No worries. And thank you. I um, sorta went on my own volition," She admits. "My brother kind of was worried."

"I hope that whatever medication you were on helped to ease your pain during the remainder of the bonfire, Lady Talayla." Ariana speaks in a friendly tone to the Orelle, but she has to inquire now, "Threw a… baby? What was that about? A hostage?" A look of understanding comes over her features when told that one of Talayla's brothers woud be concerned. "What exactly happened to the Hostiles on the plains? Did they escape?"

Densoric nods to Talayla and says, "I wouldn't agree with leaving without permission, but we have one with skill in medicine here if you have a relapse, and I suppose if the altitude of our home doesn't bother you, then I welcome you on behalf of House Larent for as long as you are staying." shifting from concerned to accepting and ending for a formal tone by the end.

Talayla is quiet. "Huh? Oh I'm okay," She shakes her head. Talayla is standing near the others, talking. The place is open, and she is speaking to Densoric and Ariana. She seems surprised. She looks to Ariana and nods. "It did, I didn't throw up on anyone," She seems pleased. "I got to roast marshmallows with Lord Sir Barton, saw Lord Keanen startle people because he wasn't wearing pants…" She trails off. She clearly enjoy bobbling about. "Yeah, one of 'em was holding a baby. I was too far to see super clearly but it chucked it at Sir Erik. I hope they don't start chucking babies at people," She tilts her head. Oh Talayla. "I think we got most of them. It was hard to say."

Walking along the grounds of the Sky Palace, mostly because there is somone he is worried about. Kaedin walks along casualy, though, even at a casual pace, the man looks like he could snap and handle a threat with ease, moving like a viper, all be it, a protective one. While he is looking, a Display that covers his eye shows a vid from his cousin Cid. Not looking two agreeable at the choice of words the other noble chose, he closes the vid with a wave of his hand, spotting Tala and moving twoards her. "Tala, your slipping, it only took me an hour to find you." he says as he approches, giving the other nobles a polite nod in greeting.

Ariana just has to smile at things that Talayla says, though when the young Orelle brings up Keanen, while there may be a hint of acknowledgement to that scene that can be seen flashed within her eyes, she does not allow her smile to fade, "Oh really? I'm surprised that I missed that. I mean, it seems like something that would be difficult to miss.." No matter how hard one tried to! Just as Kaedin approaches the group, the Larent maiden seems to receive the same missive that was sent out to the Orelle and their Vassals as a whole. She offers no real reaction to the message and simply shuts the messenger program off. When new arrivals show up, she is gracious enough to dip her head into a polite bow and their entrance, "Welcome to the Sky Palace," She basically anounces, so used to playing tour guide and hostess. She would continue on, but it seems that Kaedin is here on a mission, so she does not interrupt the man as he seeks Talayla out.

A busy day in the clouds! Having never been here, Johana had grasped at any excuse she could to come look around and with two of them standing just in the distance, the Ibrahm approaches the gathered group offering a polite nod of her head to the group as a whole. "Good day." An easy smile curves her lips though her gaze settles more on Talayla for the moment, a curious light in the depths of her blue eyes.

Talayla blinks, startled and smiles. She waves to Kaedin. "I'm not hiding," She tilts her head. "How are you?" She doesn't seem ruffled by the nickname. She seems surprised by her cousin, but nods. And clouds! Clouds are awesome. She smiles to Johana, waving in turn. "Salutations," She pauses at the gaze her way. "How are you as well?" She's polite, greeting first.

Densoric is dressed in his typical mildly formal attire and nods to Talayla's words, but then looks to Kaedin as he enters the scene and speaks to Talayla and offers a olite nod, but remains silent for the time being. Though those paying enough attention might notice signs in his body language that he is a bit worn and/or weary, though its anyone's guess why. He then nods politely as Johana shows up as well.

"I know you weren't hiding, I just don;t usualy find you as quickly." he says as his gaze shives to look over the other nobles, Densoric looks like he could use a bed, or a beer, maybe both, and Ariana is perfect as always, and his appraising gaze shows that. Johana gets a polite nod as well, offering her an Introduction. "Lord Sir Kaedin Isreal Orelle, pleasure to meet you Milady." He says, though anyone who knows of him, even a little bit, would probibly know him as Killer Instinct, mostly because on the Field, that was the name he was dubbed as.

Remembering Johana from what would seem like many moons ago (Oh ho, Oculus joke), Ariana graces the Ibrahm heir with a polite lowering of her head in greeting as well. "My Lady of Ibrahm, what brings you to Nubilus today?" She can understand an Orelle relative being here, but it's nice getting visitors from outside of the reaches of the Ring and Oculus itself. To Kaedin, she does note, "I'm glad that our Lady Talayla has a vigilant observer and friend who will go out of his way to look after her. With everything that I've been hearing of these recent attacks, it's difficult to tell when or where they will strike at next." Then more formally, "But, nevertheless, how have you been, My Lord Kaedin? It has been a while since we last spoke."

Once Talayla returns the greeting, Johana relaxes slightly, though remains polite. "I am doing wonderful, thank you, My Lady." Though she looks to be holding back from saying more as she returns the nod to Densoric, along with a quirk of her lips. "A pleasure seeing you again, though I believe we have unfinished business." Amusement darts into her expression just before she looks to Kaedin to return the introduction. "Young Lady Sir Johana Ibrahm, a pleasure as well, Sir." Ah, the question. "My Lady, it is good to see you again. I had only come seeking a few people for entirely different reasons and then found myself admiring the view. I must say the contradictions in my own home and yours are incredible. Both breathtaking in their own way."

Talayla seems quietly concerned, peering to Johana. She smiles. She looks to Densoric and then to the others. "I see," She smiles to Kaedin. "Well, it's good to see you," She offers. Talayla is quiet as the others speak. She looks to Johana and smiles. "I'm glad to hear that. I was worried a bit," Especially since she's pretty sure Johana got hurt at some point in the mass melee. She falls quiet again. At the reasons for seeing people, she looks thoughtful.

Densoric nods once again to Johana and says, "That we do My Lady, my apologies for the delay but I've been busy with Lord Brigham and my research projects. I would offer to continue now, but as I have no pads for sparring I fear I must delay matters further." As she spaks of the 'landscape' of Nubilus, Densoric can't help but add with a bit of pride, "I admit i am biased in the matter, but there are few places as beautiful as the 'cloud ocean' of Nubilus. Especially when seen from a glider."

Kaedin nods to Johana. "The pleasure is mine Sir Johana." Yet his attention turns back to Ariana. "It has been quite some time, we should remedy that, at Milady's conviniance." He says, looking back at Tala with a smile. "As for you, how have you been holding up?" He says, a look of geniune concern for his cousin. he does strech his neck abit, and he doesn;t seam to stand still for more then a few seconds at a time, not the kind of person who likes idleing around.

"To be honest, My Lady Johana, it's been quite a while since I've been able to admire the beauty of Obsida, myself. Perhaps some time soon." Ariana states, then goes on to say, "We've all been so busy with these Hostile attacks and the triages and medbays are filled up so quickly. Thankfully, we are afforded some time to ourselves to live life and reflect on our futures. Very much like today, in fact." Turning to both visitors, she suggests, "Before you leave here, I'm hoping that you are able to see all of the beauty and sights that Summit has to offer."

"Oh no need for apologies, and there is indeed no need to rush things along, I only wanted to come see what it was like here for one, and as I said, the beauty is almost unsurpassed." Johana laughs softly, adding that 'almost' in there with no small measure of pride. "I wonder have you ever seen the falls in Obsidia, such a contrary climate to this one." At the mention of the spar, she is quick to reassure. "Certainly I would not want to whisk you away from your previous plans, there is time. Just thought I would offer for you to come by the Gym sometime and we could finish." Though she does look at Talayla and the warmth in her eyes remains, though still, she does not get to the subject of why she had been seeking the Lady out. Back to Ariana when she mentions Obsidia, the Ibrahm cannot help but nod in agreement. "When I have the free time I am going to plan a festival around the falls. Show off our little corner of the Crescent a little. Though I do now what you mean, the attacks are so often now, and I am out on patrols more often than not." Inclining her head, she agrees once more. "Thank you for the invitation, I'd really like that."

Talayla doesn't seem ruffled. It's a four or five way conversation and only so many neurons purposed for conversation. She smiles, though, listening. An amused look crosses her face and she looks to Densoric. "You … really sparred Young Lady Sir Johana?" Her eyebrows lift. "Huh." She might be surprised he's not orbiting Obsidia or something. She seems happy that folks are chatting. She looks to Johana, tilting her head. She seems curious. "That sounds lovely, the falls. And Lady Ariana's tours are fabulous," She agrees. She looks to Kaedin and smiles politely. "I am well. I'm very happy Squire Michael's tablet had speech to text," She remarks. "And Mister Jor was helping me clean up my brewing area. Lord Sir Barton likes darker brews… I was thinking of good flavors," She taps her chin with a fingertip and smiles to Johana. "Though, I do realize I have been remiss in not visiting more."

Densoric nods to Johana and says, "I'll see what I can manage." He then nods to talayla and says, "I did, but as neither of us are very skilled in unarmed combat it seemed the most fair choice." He then adds to Talayla, "Though I would like to speak with you on an unrelated matter, though there is no great need or such on the matter." He then nods to each and says, "Forgive my rudeness, but I have been up for some time and my mind is a bit over-worked from my research. I was in truth on my way to retire for the evening. If you all will excuse me, I have a bed seeking to be my companion for the night." offering a soft smile.

Kaedin nods to Tala and smiles. "Jor… Jor… you mean that man who was released from prison?" he says, no hint of judgement on his face. "I've been meaning to meet him." he says, whatever the knight is thinking he keeps to himself. "I havent tried any of your brew lately, and Sir Barton has good taste." he says, liking the darker brews as well, though, after he says his peace, and gives a nod to Densoric, he stands ther,e hands crossed over his chest, mostly so they don;t look figity, though, the tattoos and battle scars can be seen.

With her cousin departing, Ariana looks after him as he goes, but her focus does remain on the conversations at hand. "That would be lovely, My Lady." She voices her own agreement to Johana's mention of planning a festival. I will certainly make time to visit your lovely home." Though curiously, there is mention of a former criminal and attentively, the Larent maiden's eyes flicker in Kaedin's direction, then looking back to Talayla as this discuss this Jor. She makes no real comments regarding this and merely listens for now. Eventually, she does state, "If anyone does with for a little tour of Summit, I'm more than happy to give one. Though, having passed through our gardens on the way here, that is already one area to check off my list, though our gardens are vast."

And there was the opening she had needed! Johana centers her attention back on Talayla and offers a dazzling smile. "My lady, I have spoken to my brother recently as well. Usually I am able to read him fairly well. It seems he has been keeping his cards close to his chest of late. On that note, I would love getting to know you better." As the Lady soeas to Densoric and the others, her expression doesn't change as Talayla speaks of her squire, carefully keeping it in the same polite interest, bidding Densoric a farewell as he makes his exit, offering a nod to Ariana before she also tunes into the mention of Jor, having briefly met the man before.

Soon enough the mentioned lord does show his face. Barton comes wandering into the area and walks tall, making him rather easy to spot. When he sees those present he does lift a hand to wave to them. "Hello." He calls over to them. Moving closer and having a smile on his lips. Curiously studying them. "What are you all up to here?" He asks before giving his sister a hug and a smooch to her cheek. Grinning wide.

Well, he's more a squire who would be the #1 writer to Ask Talayla. Or something! Talayla waves to Densoric as he goes. "Farewell." She looks to Kaedin, and nods. "He needed a job and the barrels are a bit tough to move around," She shrugs. "He seems okay but I think my messy work area almost set his hair on fire," She looks a bit apologetic and amused all at once. The Talayla Lair probably could stand some organization, though. She pauses and smiles. "I see." She nods to Kaedin. "And dark brews do seem to be popular," Ponder. She looks to Lady Ariana. "She is really good at giving tours," She agrees. She seems surprised and smiles back to Johana, "Oh? Y-yeah, I was quiet about it, too," She admits quietly. "But I am truly happy." She nods. "I would be honored to have you visit more often and to visit and um, get to know one another." She's clumsy - the mark of many years of hermitude, but there is a friendliness and willingness to accept the offer. Then, here comes Barton! "Salutations!" She greets Barton. "Visiting, mostly. How about you?"

Kaedin nods to Tala. "It's a good thing, you offering him abit of work." Thoug hhe leaves his other thoughts on the matter out of it. he does smile to Ariana. "I havent actualy had a walk around, though, it would be my pleasure to be given a tour." he says, looking to Johana as she speaks to Tala before he tonices the knight in question, not having hear much of the man, he blinks as he has to actualy look 'up' to the knight to greet him. "Greetings Sir barton." he says, giving the man a mearusing look, though not inpolite, apparently, his assesment of the man is favorable.

Now something else piques the young Larent's curiosity and when Johana mentions her own brother in regards to Talayla, Ariana's cool blue eyes focus on the Orelle as well. That is until, the person in question, makes his arrival and just as she had done with the other guests, the willowy blonde dips her head low in greeting to the large man. In fact, there are two large men present here. Which isn't something too odd for Nubilus, as they tend to grow somewhat tall nobles in these parts, but nothing like how tall and powerful Kaedin and Barton look. "Lord Barton, welcome to the Sky Palace." She repeats her greeting of earlier. "If everyone wishes, I was just about to give a tour, but please do enjoy the beautiful views of our cloudy skyline which can be seen throughout Summit in general." It also looks as if she's ready to at least lure the group back into the family's expansive gardens.

"I'm glad you're happy. I look forward to it then, My Lady." Her smile is genuine too and warm. "My brother seems happier than I've seen him before and that means a lot to me." As soon as Barton arrives and joins, Johana gives her much larger twin brother a hug. "Dear Brother, your ears must have been burning?" Soft laughter follows her own observation, but she does not elaborate. "A tour would be lovely, thank you, My Lady."

Barton smiles to Talayla, "Lady Talayla." He offers and then to Kaedin with a nod as well, "Sir." He offers, assuming the title. Then his gaze do shift towards Ariana, bowing his head to her in return. "Thank you, my lady." He offers to her with a sweet smile. Nodding a bit about a tour, "Well a tour does sound quite nice. If I am allowed to join you all." He says and grins. Then that grin turns to a smirk as he looks to his sister, "Oh? It doesn't feel like it." He teases in a smartass sort of way. Enjoying teasing is his most likely.

Talayla seems relieved and happy. She looks to Ariana, turning a little red. She nods and smiles. "That would be fun." A look to Johana, her own smile warm. "I am happy to hear that," She nods. "And that's wonderful. I'm really happy too, though-" She looks amused. "Don't worry! It's all positive reviews." She beams at Barton, to be reassuring. She looks to Kaedin and nods. "Yeah," She offers quietly. "I think you'd like him. When he's - not cleaning up the lair of mine," She considers. She seems amused now.

Kaedin smiles. "Well, I pretty much like everyone, so long as they arent a fool, but give me a good spar or know how to hunt, and I'll be happy." he says, more out doors type. Looking to Barton, he forgos the usual nod and offers the man a hand. "Lord Sir Kaedin Orelle." He says, that part about a good spar was deffinately aimed at Barton.

Ariana's gaze looks once more between Talayla and Barton now and while she continues in her silence in regards to the pair, there is, perhaps, an almost knowing look that can be seen sparkling within her blue eyes. Still, once her datapad is put away, she claps her delicate hands together, "Very well, then. Please follow me as I show you our elaborate gardens once more." Drifting forward, she threatens to lead the group, so that they must comply and follow! But she does so in a most graceful and proper manner.

"Admittedly, the Lady is right, it was all positive. However could it not be, Barton? There is nothing negative about you. I believe you inherited all of the goodness and I got the mischief." A teasing smile tugs on the elder Ibrahms lips and she gently nudges her brother. Just then there is a beep and after checking her message, Johana gives them all a regretful frown. "Forgive me, My Lady Ariana. I will have to take the tour another time. It was a pleasure seeing you all again, and meeting you, Sir Kaedin. I hope to see you again soon, Lady Talayla and of course you, little brother." As always her lips tilt up as she calls him little. "Be well, all of you." And as rapidly as the redhead had arrived, she is out again.

Courtyard Gardens — Summit, Nubilus
The Sky Palace's Courtyard Gardens are a vast, artistic display that circle the entire exterior of the palace. Nearly sixty feet in width, the open-air gardens are lined with a central walkway of polished white marble that leads off into tributaries that bring visitors before the many showcased pieces of art. Making good use of the atmosphere, the gardens are also accented with the soft ringing of wind-chimes and the slow spinning of double-helix wind turbines high above the walkways that provide power and motion to the devices that keep the gardens running. Tall banners depicting the crest of House Larent flap in the sky in streamers of white and blue, each blowing softly in the soft winds of Nubilus. Each section, spaced apart like a grid, is expertly spaced with benches for sitting and railings to keep visitors off of the more sensitive flora and fauna. Lastly, at the Courtyard Garden's northern quarter is a large, grass covered park with a small man-made lake for visitors to enjoy. Some of the flora of the gardens have been artificially crafted — bioluminescent lilies, carnivorous roses, and the like are just some of the chimeric species.

At the major cardinal directions, grand stairways lead up to equally grand doors that lead into the Palace. This only continues to elevate the palace above the rest of Summit, making it the central edifice of the cloud-encompassed city.


Barton nods to Ariana as she moves to lead the way, falling in to follow. Smiling over to Talayla with a nod in return. As for people moving things in her lair, he grins, "Me or mister Aeldan?" He asks curiously. Looking over to Kaedin as well. Offering his own hand to the man, "Lord Sir Barton Ibrahm." He offers, tilting his head, "And if you are looking for a spar I am happy to help anytime." Listening to his sister he smirks. "Perhaps so. While I was the one easily distracted." He says with a chuckle. Nodding as she moves to leave. "Be well." He calls after her while following the others along out.

"You both seem kind so far," Talayla offers to Johana. "And no worries," She waves to Johana. She grins at the light teasing. "Be well and stay safe." She nods. "I look forward to meeting again. And it's true." Barton is all positive. She looks to Ariana, nodding a little. Ariana is perceptive! She will follow Ariana along. "I promised to visit your sister sometime," She remarks to Barton. "I am curious about the baths," She admits. A look to Kaedin. "I'd have to watch that one," She considers.

Kaedin smiles at Barton. "Wonderful, I'll look forward to it." he says, always ready for a challlenge, to learn where he needs work. He moves to Follow Lady Ariana, looking to Tala. "You want to see your champion beat up on your poor cousin?" he says with a slight smirk, clearly joking. "i shall have to find a fair lady to cheer for me as well then." he says as he walks, almost happy to be moving once more, his long strides abit slow, so that he doesn't pass the ladies, as he walks, almost making him look like he is moving in slow motion.

Waltzing along and taking the lead of this little tour through her home, Ariana pauses here and there to highlight some of the garden's most prominent flowers. Of course, she doesn't linger for very long as there is much to see and do on this particular tourist mecca of a moon. "And this is the Lilium martagon," Her hand waves to a pretty lily flower with with a dark pink hue and covered in spots, like some wild cat. "This particular variety is one which we developed so that it would have larger petals, to better emphasize the spots on its surface. The strong contrast in coloring was intentionally done as well." Obviously, she doesn't expect most of her guests to take a liking to flowers as much as she does, so she moves on quickly enough to the next section of the gardens. As she leads, like any good hostess, she allows her guests to chatter amongst themselves as she listens in to their conversation! "It's a good thing that I'm a healer. If there is to be any beating up on anyone, at the very least, you'll have someone who can quickly bandage and administer aid when you knights want to show off to one another." This is said with the most pleasant of smiles.

Barton grins as he listens to Kaedin, "I am sure you'll find one soon enough." He assures him before looking over Talayla. Grinning a bit as he listens to her. "Ah, that sounds fun. I am sure the two of you will get a long." He offers with a smile. All while moving and listening to Ariana. Nodding once in awhile as he hear something interesting. Chuckling to her last, "That is quite good then. We won't have to worry about not getting wounds treated."

Talayla listens. She eyes Kaedin. "Oh no! You were the one who initiated the challenge," She teases back and smiles. "And I am sure you will. This world is full of lovely ladies," She nods sagely. "I am sure you will have fun practicing, too. I should work on my perfumery and archery once more," She considers. She looks to Ariana and glances over the flowers. "Neat," She peers over it. She looks duly impressed. But Tal likes flowers! She seems amused and smiles. "Yeah," She nods. "I am glad you both stopped by," She offers to Barton. "I meant to and got distracted." Whoops.

Kaedin chuckles. "Well Tala, if you need hunting tips, just don;t use any of the foot traps, those can mess up a leg somthing horrible." he says and he then listens to Ariana explain the flowers and such. When she talks about being a healer, he gets a grin on his face. "if she is the healer, I might not mind getting pummled." he says, yes, Kaedin Isreal Orelle just made somewhat of a pass, he never makes a pass.

Ariana is RIGHT THERE when Kaedin makes his comment and though she arches a most curious brow, she does grace the tall Orelle with a pleasant enough smile, "I am certain that there are many who would not mind obliging you on your wishes, My Lord." Returning to the tour again, she does add in, "But do let me know of when and where this spar will take place. We have decent enough facilities here, of course, as we train our own infantry." Now that they linger just at the border of the man-made lake, she has to ask the group as a whole, "I was curious, though, what has everyone bee up to? I assume most of you were either fighting the Hostile on Niveus or even the Plains of Ares?"

Barton wanders along, grinning a bit as he listens to the conversations. Chuckling a bit to Talayla, "It is quite fine." He says and smiles before looking to Ariana, "Something like that. Keeping busy and helping out when able to." Kaedin does get a grin as well about not minding getting pummeled, if the conditions are right, "Well then. I will make sure to do so then." Winking at that.

Talayla blushes and smiles at that. She seems happy, then. An amused look as Kaedin comments as Ariana is right there. She puts a hand over her mouth to hide the smile. "It's true. Foot traps are rather not my thing," She considers. She manages not to giggle at least. "I ended up fighting on the plains," She recalls quietly. "We had to ride horses, so I brought Whoops along. His eyes are kind of wide," And he might have a slight wall eye… "But he did well." She offers.

Kaedin give a deep chuckle as he looks to Barton. "Let's hope it's soon, then." he says with a smile, looking to Ariana he smiles back at her, he doesnt wink at he,r or anything as crass as that. "I've been seeing to the defense of the ring, and the training of our soldiers, though I plan on going to the pit to have a peek into the problems with D-4." he says, hoping there are hostiles there so he can crush them, or at least, gauge his mettle against them. He looks to his cousin and tilts his head. "What weapon did you have?" He asks, and if she says Sir barton, the Orelle knight will probibly hit the ground laughing.

Taking in the tranquil beauty of the wide lake, Ariana now leads the group onward, her gaze looking out into the distance at the cloudy skies that surround them. She seems content at all that is said, though when Kaedin brings up D-4, her piercing gaze looks to him directly, "That was definitely some ominous news and I am both curious and a little wary of what we will find in those mines. Nevertheless, I will assist in what I can on the medical front, but mines themselves seem dangerous enough. I mean, don't they usually have drones doing that work?"

Barton is falling a bit quiet. Listening and moving along with them. Not really saying much. Just smiling brightly.

Talayla is happy to walk around Barton, quiet and peaceful. She hms and nods at Ariana. "I've heard odd things. I thought drones did a good deal of that work," She admits. She looks to Kaedin, smiling and a little amused by their conversation. "I think I'd do better if I had a Lord Sir Barton, but I used my spells mainly. I loaned my bow to someone and she snapped it in two. It was really disappointing. My birthday is this weekend if you all wished to stop by. It'll be small - I suspect prices of almost everything will be up, if not already. But… cake." She grins.

Kaedin blinks and gives a nod as everyone talks, that is, until he gets a vid call. Pressing the ear peice. "Kaedin here… on my way." He says as he turns the ear peice off. "Somthing has come up, it was a pleasure to meet you Suir barton, don't forget about the spar, Lady Ariana, it was lovely, we should do this more often, Tala, don't get into trouble." he says, giving his cousin a hug, and giving the other two nobles a nod before he makes for the ways.

Ariana begins to make the journey out of the gardens, towards the entrance to the concourse. "Oh, your birthday? Thank you for the reminder. I'm sure that it will be a lovely affair, and hopefully no nasty Hostiles will try to ruin the day for you." Drifting slightly back now, so that she is just a tiny step ahead of the remainder of the group, she looks at Talayla with a side-eyed glance, it's as if, perhaps, she wants to bring something up. If Talayla does catch her look, Ariana's gaze when then drift pointedly in Barton's direction, before making eye contact with Talayla again. This time, her look is more of a 'Well? What is this about!' without her even stating. It's obvious that she knows something, but she isn't going to come out and say it.

…? Talayla does catch Ariana's furtive glances. She ohs! … then a nod. She offers quietly, "I don't think it will upset Lord Sir Barton to admit that um…" She blushes. "W-well…" She sticks the tips of her fingertips together. "I wrote a letter to my dad asking for him to talk to his mom and -" She's fumbling pretty hard. She takes a deep breath. "Being that you are one of my closest friends since forever, I think I can say this honestly. Try not to put it in the news, but I hope to be betrothed soon. Our parents are due to talk."

Barton looks over as Talayla speaks. Smiling and nodding, letting her explain to Ariana. While he does offer his farewell to Kaedin as well. Then it is back on the ladies, "Hopefully so."

The Concourse — Summit, Nubilus
Ringing around the magnificent Sky Palace is what is simply known as the Concourse. Unlike most other entertainment districts that seem a touch grungy when the sun is shining, the Concourse is emmaculate and fashionable day or night. Its curved thoroughfares are flanked by elegantly constructed casinos and resorts, interrupted only by the occasional garden. Streetside cafes are exceptionally popular, wrought iron fences providing some barrier between the outdoor seating at the street traffic that is a combination foot, horse, and crawler-car.

At the center of the Concourse is the sublime, domed Sky Palace that houses the Noble Family of Larent. There are several gated entrances to the interior courtyards of the palace, and each is well defended by a pair of uniformed Cloud Guard.


"Put it in the news? Now why would I do that? This is certainly something far more formal and say… not like the stories surrounding our friend, Lord Nitrim Khournas?" Ariana says with a light laugh as she leads the group through the gates leading outside of the Sky Palace. There are various shops and sundries around, but the Larent maiden decides that it may be a good idea to get some drinks, so she brings the lovebirds to one of the fanciest little outdoor cafes in Summit. There's a variety of warm and hot beverages, as well as a few alcoholic sorts, but the establishment is definitely classy. "Please, order whatever you both want. My treat." That said, she does offer, "And congratulations, that is wonderful news! It has been a while since I've witnessed a lavish wedding ceremony, so I am excited for the both of you."

… lavish … wedding … ceremony. Talayla smiles and nods to Barton. She turns a bit red. "Hmm. Well. You're right on both accounts. I suspect if they put up all of the pending weddings… the news would run nothing else," She grins a little. "And thank you." She will get something warm or cool, it seems. She prefers a light, sweet drink while walking around. "I appreciate it. This looks lovely." She's still a little blushy. "I - am glad. And it would be an honor to have you there. Though, I don't know - how lavish our houses prefer?" She peers up to Barton. "That seems kind of intimidating, though."

Barton nods as he moves along, "Thank you, my lady." As for her congratulations, he beams and bows, "Ah, thank you again. It is quite good news." He says before looking to Talayla. Grinning a bit at her words. Getting something cold and full of flavour. Perhaps just a slight blush of his own. Chuckling and shrugging about lavish. "I think they need to finish discussing the match itself first. Then we will know."

Ariana also decides on a cold, sweet treat as well and once the drinks are all paid for, rather than just settle down in one of the cafe's seats, the Larent continues to give them a tour of the concourse, itself. "Once the betrothal is made official, I would assume that it will be all over the news stations as well as tabloids. Just as the betrothal of Lord Sir Nikomachos and Lady Sir Ellinor was announced. It truly is so exciting and to think, one of /my/ friends is finally getting married." She then looks to Barton, "And I'm certain that you will take good care of My Lady Talayla."

Talayla will walk along behind Ariana. She blushes and nods. She looks to Barton and bows as well. "Aye, I'm very happy." She smiles. "But yeah, no sense counting chickens before I have them hatched," She considers. Granted, short of something like one of her siblings turning up naked on the Ibrahm steps… She listens and smiles. "I am glad for them. They seem to suit one another very well. I saw Lord Sir Nikomachos at the Plains. He - charged right in. It was very brave, but it looked like it hurt a lot too," She remarks. Though, she turns red again. "I'll make sure to work hard, though."

Barton smiles and nods as he listens. "I am sure it will show up. But not yet for a bit." He says with a smile. As for her last words, he nods. Giving Talayla's cheek a peck. "Of course I will do so." Nodding as he listens to Talayla's talk of Nikomachos.

"I expect all of the heirs for various Houses to be married as well." Ariana brings up, her gaze now lingering on Barton for a moment, before she asks, "I am curious as if there were any talks regarding your Lady Sister, but if it's something more tightlipped, well, I will not pry. My own family are looking for a suitable match for Veryna as well." A pause, "Though I am surprised that so many have waited /this/ long to locate a potential betrothal for their heirs."

Talayla is quiet for a moment. She tilts her head. She nods. "That's true. I can understand it's tough to find a good match. It must be really tough being an heir," She considers. She smiles at Barton and nods. She blushes at the cheek kiss and will carefully return it, mindful of modesty. "Well, that is how the Cindravale folk are. It's not bad, just different," She smiles again. She is quiet at talk of other betrothals. "Well… I think I would have a hard time picking, but yeah. It does seem to be happening faster now."

Barton nods a bit, "I have heard some rumors. But rumors are not to be trusted. I think waiting a bit will be well, and soon enough we will know." He offers to Ariana before looking to Talayla. Nodding a bit to her as well. Smiling sweetly. "I agree with you both. It will most likely start showing up more and more."

Taking a sip of her cold and milky sweet drink, Ariana considers something quietly as she listens to the pair speak. Turning to back to Barton and Talayla, she does mention, "I'm surprised that you are actually allowed to choose one another. I mean, not surprised that you would pick each other for a match, but… I'm letting my Lord Father handle my own betrothal and I believe that something is in the works as we speak."

Talayla listens, She nods at Barton. "Yeah, people sometimes say stuff just because." She shrugs and smiles. "We will find out. I'm going to work extra hard on a few good brews, I think," She considers. "Well. We are lucky that we chose. I think it saves my dad some time," She points out. "And it does help our Houses." Smile. "And oh? Well, let us know. I will have to get you a good present," She replies.

Barton smiles and nods to Ariana, "Well. I am sure that a match was in the works. But focus most likely on my sister. I would think that I beat the clock, so to speak." He suggests and grins. Then nodding to Talayla as well, about being lucky. "Indeed it did seem like a match they might have considered anyhow."

"I am a bit surprised really." Ariana starts off, taking another sip of her drink, "What with my Lady Sister being heir and unmarried… that there is actual arrangements for myself." She may or may not know more than she is letting on, but still, her attention is once more focused on the Ibrahm and Orelle. "Oh! So does this mean that Sir Barton will be marrying into the Orelle…?"

Talayla is quiet, listening. She grins. "We like to think of it as being efficient and sparing our parents the effort," She beams. She looks to Ariana and shrugs. "Bear in mind, that there are /two/ parties in a match. Perhaps you caught their eye." She remarks. "And someone with your kindness and manners and um, lots of things that I won't say because that's weird and creepy but they ARE positive qualities is hard ot find," She remarks. "So. You never know." She shrugs. Then a pause. "Uh. That's - actually a good question," She peers up to Barton. "I mind not, whatever may happen. I will always have my friends and the ways."

Barton nods as he listens to them both. Though about who joins which house, he shrugs. "I think so. Although until my sister has an heir of her own I am the heir after her. So I think it will be a bit in the balance until then." He suggests with another shrug.

"How interesting." Ariana says, content with the responses given her thus far. And to some of which Talayla says, the young woman's chin just lifts as if basking in her own beauty… because she totally expected that is what the Orelle meant! "You are so kind and generous with your words, like always, My Lady. But for now, I should retire. I have an early shift tomorrow… though if you both wish to stay the night at the Sky Palace, I'll have guest rooms arranged for you. Enjoy, Summit and don't worry about returning home wearily." With that, she speaks into her comm, making preparations and such, "Lady Talayla, you know how to get into contact with our steward? If you do take me up on my offer, just send them a message to let them know that you will be staying the night. Everything should be settled either way."

Talayla nods. "It gets a bit confusing," Talayla admits. "But in truth, I am happy wherever I go," She offers. "I sincerely doubt my family would be so cruel as to leave one House without a head," She considers. She looks to Ariana and smiles. She grins at the basking. "Thank you, you are kind. But it's true. And be well. Stay safe. And I appreciate it. That will be fun," She remarks. "My room's kind of a mess since we started to clean my lair," She admits. "Sleep well." She waves.

Barton nods and smiles as he seem to agree with Talayla. "Thank you, lady Ariana. IT is quite nice of you. And thanks for all today." He offers with a bow. Looking to Talayla, grinning about her mess of a room. Then it is back to Ariana, "Indeed, sleep well."

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