05.09.3014: Brave Silly Little Cat
Summary: Elodie has a nightmare, Sammel (and Douley) comforts her.
Date: 03 and 04 January 2014
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Elodie Sammel 

Elodie and Sammel's Penthouse, Phylon
The rooms belonging to Elodie and Sammel
May 9, 3014

It's raining tonight, falling steadily outside the kitchen windows. Elodie is making tea, which she often does before sleeping when he's away at the front lines. Holding the cup in both hands she watches out the window for a time, then she pads quietly through the apartment to the front door. Slipping around her ankles Douley leads the way to the gardens. For some reason, the lady feels more uneasy tonight as she paces the walkways. Turning back to the rooms she shares with her husband, she gives a sigh of relief when she sees the silhouette of one of the house guards on duty.

The house guard turns, and the polite nod she was began is arrested. The other half of the face is cybernetic with the eye glowing red. The tea cup shatters as it drops to her feet and she begins running. The sound of the Hostiles servos come closer as he gains ground on her.

He's far more soundly sleeping at the times when he's not at the front lines, and so Sammel is currently well within his own dream world at the moment. There's a smile on his face, so it can't be that bad, whatever happens in there. Turning around a bit without really knowing it, the hand that was on the other side of his body moves over in the direction of Elodie's side of the bed now.

She tries to pick up speed, but her breath is already coming hard. Out of nowhere there's a sudden howl from the red feline leaping to defense of his human. "Douley, no!" she screams, teaching in vain to grab the cat before it gets to the Hostile. She turns as she hears the surprised new to see the Hostile catch the pet. Her eyes widen in horror at the cruel smile that curves the enemy's features while one hand traps the front legs and the other grabs the back legs. "Noooo!" she screams, "Gods no! Don't!" she closes her eyes as she stumbles backwards, unable to watch the end of her beloved pet.

Still finishing the process of turning around in his sleep, Sammel is blissfully unaware of any Hostiles pulling beloved pets apart, or anything similar to that. The hand and arm that didn't move over to his wife's side of the bed is stretching out in the opposite direction now.

Elodie scrambles backwards, Douley's last yelp ringing in her ears. her hands find something soft, and she turns over, opening her eyes to stare into the dead ones of the guard that had been at the end if the hall. Screwming, she scrambles over him and tries to push to her feet. Instead, she stumbles and plunges into darkness.

"Mmmmmh…" Sammel says, as he feels someone climbing over him. Wait, that's not natural, is it? Slowly opening his eyes, he looks around, pausing for a few moments now. "Elodie?" he asks, softly, looking first at her side of the bed, then down on the floor.

She's curled up on the floor, shaking and sweating, waiting for the death blow to fall.

Sammel gets out of bed now, moving to place a hand on Elodie's shoulder as he tries to gently shake her awake. "Come on, my love. Time to wake up." Seating himself next to her, trying to wake her up now. "Listen to me. Time to wake up."

At the first touch she screams aloud this time, sure it's the end. Awareness surfaces, and she recognizes her husband's voice, frantically scrambling into his arms clings to him, sobbing. "Douley," she finally gasps out. "where's Douley "

"It will be okay, deep breaths," Sammel says, wrapping his arms around her. "It was only a bad dream, nothing more. I'm here…" A pause as he hears the mention of Douley, looking around for a few moments. "Douley…" he calls out a bit softly. "Come here, buddy…"

Taking deep breaths is easier said than done, but Elodie tries. when the little red feline peeks around the foot of the bed, she gives a sobbed choke of relief. reaching out a hand she encourages Douley to come closer and sniff her, to be pet.

Sammel is unable to hold back a brief smile as Douley shows himself, although he doesn't let go of Elodie now. "It will be okay, Elodie. I promise. Douley's here, and I'm here. Nothing will hurt you."

The cat seems to understand that something is up, but even though he doesn't know what's up, he crawls into Elodie's lap. She a ruffs his fur while the other hand still clings to Sammel. She nods at his words, sniffling. "I know. I know… it was just… so awful." she gulps in air, slowly quieting.

"What was it?" Sammel asks, a bit quietly, before he adds, "I'm sorry I didn't wake up earlier, to wake you." A brief pause, before he adds, "If you want to talk about it, I'm here for you, as always."

"Rain. It's always the rain," Elodie says slowly. "I should know by now. If it's raining in my dream… I need to wake up." She turns and pulls herself closer to Sammel. "The Hostile was chasing me through Phylon. It was here. And… and Douley tried to protect me. Silly little cat…" the tears well up in her eyes and she looks down, shifting so that her back is against the knight's solid chest, leaning into for comfort, and she can cuddle the feline tightly in her arms.

Sammel nods a little bit as he hears that. "It was here?" A brief pause, before he hears the part about Douley, looking to the cat, and moving one of his arms slightly so he can pet the feline as well now. "Brave silly little cat," he offers, before he adds, "Where was… You know… Where was I?"

"You were at the front," she replies, after a moment, loosening her hold on Douley enough that Sammel can praise him, too… for something he doesn't even know he did. "It was just me and Douley, here at home. I made some tea, because I couldn't sleep, and we walked in the gardens like I do sometimes."

Sammel nods as he hears that, petting Douley with one hand, while keeping the other arm comfortingly around his wife. "I'm very sure it will not happen, a Hostile managing to get in here…"

Elodie shakes her head. "Oh, I know that. But… that's the point of these dreams, it seems. I'm always someplace where I feel safe. Someplace where a Hostile should never, ever be able to get in."

"Any idea about why?" Sammel asks as he considers that. "If it wasn't for the fact that they need me at the front that much of the time, I'd stay here with you every night."

Shaking her head, Elodie lets Douley leave her lap and jump up on the bed where he curls up to wait for them to go back where they belong. "I don't know. I just… I didn't mean to imply these dreams have a meaning to pay attention to, but that… they always seem to be telling me that I can't ever be safe. Anywhere." She turns against him again, drawing her legs up beside them so that she's sitting sideways in his lap. She raises a hand to Sammel's cheek and nods. "I know," she says quietly. "I wish you could stay home, too." Lifting her chin, she tilts upwards to kiss her protector.

Sammel nods a little, as his gaze follows Douley up to the bed, before he turns back to Elodie, nodding once more. "Hopefully those dreams will pass. There's not many safer places than here, after all," he says, before he leans into the kiss as he's kissed, wrapping his arms fully around her again now.

As the kiss is returned, Elodie wraps an arm around Sammel's neck, pulling herself closer to him, and deciding that, for right now, kissing her husband is the best thing she can do right now.

And there's nothing Sammel seems to think better to do at the moment than holding her close and kissing her. As she pulls herself closer to him, his arms around her tighten similarly.

There's nothing to soothe away fears like the man you love kissing you long and tenderly. The tears on Elodie's cheeks dry to little salty tracks, and she absently brushes at one that ran down under her chin. She lets her hands roam over his shoulders, then her fingers slide under the collar of his pajamas. She pulls away enough to lean her forehead against his. "Maybe we should go back to bed?" she suggests, although her tone isn't suggesting sleep, but rather something that will most likely annoy Douley into finding another perch.

Sammel's own hands move a little around her shoulders now, and as she pulls that little distance away, he nods at her suggestion. "That is probably a good idea, yes." Spoken softly, he moves his arms to try lifting her while trying to get up from that spot on the floor now.

Elodie is easily lifted, turning and lifting her legs into his arm to make it easier. One of the advantages of marrying a petite woman, she's not that heavy to carry, especially when she wants to be.

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