Boy Talk
Summary: Klaudea unloads her boy troubles on her friend Georgiana and touches briefly on her more dangerous past times.
Date: 27 September, 2013
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Day after BTG concert in Georgiana's room.

Klaudea looks like she’s hungover. She wishes she was hungover. It would be a much better excuse to feel like this.
In reality, it’s the combination of a late night concert coupled with a regular day of training that has Klaudea sprawled out face first on her friend’s bed. She’s just had a shower, so her hair is hanging down her back and over one shoulder, still damp and half tangled.

“I don’t get it. I thought we were pretty good friends? Or maybe, at least becoming friends.” She sighs, and buries her forehead on her crossed forearms, giving a little scream of frustration.

With a smile, Georgiana sits on the bed next to her, running her hand gently through Klaudea’s hair, untangling it. “Sweetie, he /likes/ you. He wants to be more than friends. And it didn’t help that one of the hottest musicians in Haven writes a song for you and basically asks you to be his girlfriend almost right in front of him.”

Klaudea lifts her head again, and rests her chin on her hands. “I know. And what is up with /that/? I mean, Zavier seems like a nice guy, but.. we hardly talked. He just seemed all uncomfortable and stuff, and he never took me up on my offer to get coffee, and then shows up with a love song in a concert?” Her brows come together as she considers. “I thought it was girls that were supposed to get crushes at the drop of a hat. Doesn’t anybody take the time to get to know each other anymore before they start wanting to go out?”

Georgiana laughs, and then leans over her friend to hug her. “Oh, Klaudea. You are priceless. You have no idea how appealing you are, and it drives the guys who like you nuts, because they can’t believe you don’t know.” She sighs, and becomes a little more serious. “Unfortunately, sometimes they take it to mean that you’re playing with them. They think you know what you’re doing, and you’re leading them on.”

Klaudea shifts up to sit next to Georgiana on the bed, wincing as she swings her legs around. “But I’m not… I just don’t want to go out with /anyone/ right now. I’m a squire. I’m not Michael Studly Athyros who can do everything just perfectly. Becoming a knight is the most important thing in the world to me, not getting a husband or… I’ve got so much to do, and I have to be careful where I go and what I do.” She pauses, blowing out a breath. “I mean, what if someone tells Sir Thalo that I’m going to the Nirvana and they decide to embellish and tell him I’m paying Lincoln for his services? I don’t know Sir Thalo that well, yet. What if he dumped me for that sort of behavior? No Ibrahm knight is going to take on the squire that The Wall found unworthy of his training, no matter what the reason.” She sighs, rubbing absently at her side. “Why do guys freak over the word ‘friends’? He’s giving me that… professional nice attitude, now. Like I’m just another girl walking into the bar to order a drink.”

“Does it still hurt?” Georgina’s eyebrows lower in concern as she notes the girl rubbing at her side, then goes over to pick up a drying and curling wand from her dresser.

“No, it’s just sore. Lincoln did a good job,” Klaudea says quietly. “And Zavier…” she groans. “I mean, he just knows that I can take care of myself and get rid of some bullies. He doesn’t /know/ anything about me. I mean, what if I had accepted his offer to be his girlfriend, Sir Thalo sees pictures of me in papers running around with a rock star in my spare time, thinks I’m getting a rep as a some sort of… party groupy girl, and bam. I’m without a knight again.” She sighs as Georgiana starts drying and curling her hair. “Not to mention the fact, he’ll probably find out after a couple of dates just how boring I am. Then I can be the tabloids’ latest ‘two second girlfriend’.” Her lips pull down at the corners, which on her looks more comical than actually dejected.

Georgiana thanks her stars she has a reason to be behind Klaudea so her friend can’t see her smile. “You’re /not/ boring,” she tells Klaudea for the thousandth time. “You’re refreshing, you say what you mean and you mean what you say, and you like people until they give you reason to do otherwise. You’re honest about how you feel. I can’t even do that. I can act like it, but you… you really do.”

Klaudea sighs. “I’m not honest about everything,” she says quietly. “Lincoln thinks I’m some kind of addict or something. I wanted to tell him, but… I just couldn’t. I’ve been keeping the secret so long. Why did your brother have to go and be a doctor for the Navy?” she turns to look up and give her friend a playful pout. “Now I can’t go to him, and it’s been getting more dangerous now that Lord Nitrim and Lady Reena are helping. Before, I just had a little extra bread and a bottle medicine here and there. Now, we have a whole clinic and larger quantities of medicine and rumors are spreading that we have lots of money and we’re not sharing. Bertram doesn’t /want/ access, because he doesn’t want to be forced into opening the store rooms.”

“What about this Karcher the guy in black told you about?” Georgina asks, looking down and grinning at the pout, but her face grows serious with worry. “Maybe you should stop going down to Smog Alley if it’s getting too dangerous.”

“Karcher is a decent man, but that could give me away.” Klaudea starts to shake her head, but stops when the hair curled around the wand pulls. “I just have to be more careful. Lord Nitrim has access, so he can also help. No one’s going to attack him. Even without knowing who he is, he just gives the kind of aura of someone you don’t want to mess with. You can hear a pin drop when he walks by, people hide so quickly.”

Georgina’s mouth turns into a smirk at the last claim, and she continues to curl her friend’s hair, leading the conversation among less stressful subjects, finally getting her to cheer up before she has to go back to her barracks for the night.

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