07.16.3013: Born free
Summary: While Elodie is keeping her promise to Kaedin on caring for Roan, Michael comes for a visit to play with the bear cub.
Date: 15 July, 2013
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Underwater Aquarium: Shelter, Niveus
The underwater aquarium, known as the Northern Lights, is the most popular attraction on Niveus. An entrance in the lowest level of Shelter leads the way down through hard-packed ice, which in some places has been chipped away to reveal the skeletons of whales and other creatures long extinct on the moon. Large staircases carved of ice and elaborate lifts of bronze and glass lead the way down under the ice.

The aquariums themselves are mainly formed of twisting labyrinths of tunnels deep under the water. pathways lead through the tunnels, and benches provide space for those who wish to sit and watch for hours on end. In the center of the aquarium is a large open space covered by an enormous dome. This space is filled with a garden made of carved ice flowers and trees, and filled with yet more benches and a few tables. Two restaurants (one specializing in local cuisine and one serving classic dishes from all over Haven) as well as an upscale hotel can also be found here, attached to the aquarium, for those wishing to stay long periods of time.

(Along a tunnel away from the main aquarium, through a door that warns for employees only is a set of rooms set aside for rehabilitation purposes.)

16 July, 3013

The brown cloak is hanging next to the door outside, along with a satchel bearing the mark of the House of Iah. Inside, the little cub is gamboling about, apparently having enjoyed the morning feed and is now intent on playing some sort of 'catch me if you can' with the dark haired woman in a blue dress. Although she's smiling, there is a seriousness to her posture, as she settles her hands on her hips, one of them holding a heavy duty brush. "Yes, I know I am not Mama Sir Kaedin," she's in the midst of telling the white, bouncing fluff, "but Mama Sir Kaedin has said that you get brushed every day after your morning meal… so you /will/ get brushed, because Big Mama must be obeyed."

Michael walks into the building, and spies the cub first. He chuckles, and calls out to her. "Roan, Roan darling come here… I want to pet your adorably soft fur!" He moves closer to the woman, that he'd noticed but was too busy with the ice bear he was hoping to ask permission to own… depending on the expense and if he can also get a horse from Lorelei's family.

Michael gets ignored, entirely. Then he sighs and moves to lean agaist the wall and watch the woman.

Elodie glances over to the new person who's entered, and gives him a nod as she vaguely recognizes him. She returns her attention to the bear and in a couple moments she is drawing the brush through the fluff, getting out any bedding that tangled in the bear's fur overnight. "Good day," she says, addressing the man over the bear, keeping her voice in smooth, animal handling tone, although her expression shows confusion as to why he's in a restricted area. "Is there any way I can assist you?"

"I came to see, and perhaps spend some playtime, with Roan. I picked out her name… but Lord Kaedin carried her back after he found her." Michael watches the woman, not fully remembering who she is, but can place where he knows he from. "My name is Michael Athyros, milady."

Elodie nods as she continues to brush the bear. "Roan is a good name. I'm Lady Elodie Iah, welcome to our rehabilitation center." She tugs out the accumulated fur and continues. "So you're checking on Roan to see how she's doing?" with a grin she looks back down. "As you can see, she's doing quite well. Perhaps a little too well, but we'll see when Sir Kaedin returns from his campaign."

Michael smiles and looks at Roan, "Roan was the name of my former knight, and the first woman I loved. I felt like she fit the name perfectly." he then looks up at Elodie again. "I see, he did mention something about a campaign last I saw him." he pauses, "May I?" he asks, motioning to Roan as if to hold her.

Elodie tips her head to the side, and her eyes gleam with sympathy at the mention of the woman he loved. She looks down to the bear, and nods. "I'm almost finished here, and then you can see if she'll let you touch her." She gives a half grin. "I can't make her want to be pet by someone else, though, so, you're on your own."

Michael nods and will wait until she's finished. Then he will see about trying to play with the cub. Thoughts float through his mind, as he watches the ice bear, thoughts of Roan… of the ride to the hospital… of everything in a flash. A single tear slips free, but he idly wipes it away. "Understandable, we'll see if she responds to me. I do hope she does."

Elodie gives him a wistful smile, noting the tear but not remarking on it. "You never can tell with wild animals," she tells him gently. "Even though she's a baby, and she's responding without aggression to our handling, she is still a wild animal. Don't let it worry you too much if she doesn't respond, it may actually be for the best. The fewer human relations she has, the easier it will be to reintroduce her to her natural habitat."

Michael nods slowly, "I see… then you suggest she be returned to the wild?" he asks, slightly saddened by the prospect but also understanding of the reasons behind it, though he needs to hear them just so he can agree to them.

Elodie nods as she backs away from the animal once she's finished caring for it. "It's the best for animals born wild, they have the wild instinct. Unless she's been injured in such a way that she would be at a disadvantage in the wild, it's best to treat her with the minimum of human contact, doing only what the mother animal would do… for example, helping her feed and learn to catch her own food, mothers groom and teach to groom, etc." She shakes her head once. "Especially animals from our planet. Their bodies have eons of adaptation to cold weather that even here is too warm for them. We'll have to start taking her for playtime in the outside pens soon."

Michael nods to Elodie, and sighs softly. "Of course… that makes the most sense. I suppose she'll be happier out there too, and then she could meet a mate some years from now, continue on the Roan line." He smiles at that thought. He kneels down to Roan's height and calls softly to her. She only waddles over after a moment of hesitation and sniffs him. He doesn't yet reach to pet her, letting her get used to his scent before he bombards her fur with it.

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