02.03.3014: Boredom, Babies, and Weddings
Summary: Members of the Cindravale family gather together to discuss several topics and catch up with one another.
Date: Nov 17 2013
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Penthouse Gardens
High up in the Fortress of Phylon, the lift opens to a garden atrium. The residential sections of the tower devoted to the Cindravale family and their guests rise up all around the patch of water and greenery, but here in the center is an oasis of nature. Sunlight is brought down from above by a cunning array of mirrors, and an electrostatic shield protects the garden from inclement weather. Arched doorways open up to corridors on all sides, leading back to private rooms and penthouses. The garden itself is centered around a fishpond with a sunken area at the middle where the waters are held back by transparent composites. A table and chairs allow people to sit and meet while looking out over the pond from water level. Around the pond are a variety of flowering bushes, shrubs, and trees, creating a fragrant, green preserve in the center of the Fortress.
Feb 03 3014

Boredom. This is the word used to describe the days when Kassandra is being forced to take a vacation. The mouthy Valen is quiet at the moment, and alone, seated at one of the tables and staring out at the lake. Well, alright, 'seated' is a loose term for it: Kassandra is actually perched upside-down in a chair with her legs draped over its arms and the top of her head resting against the ground. She reaches down (up?) to pluck blades of grass and shred them into tiny, green curls with her fingernails. Yes, this is a blessed day of relaxation, indeed.

Words cannot describe the Solon's first thought as he comes across his dear cousin Kassandra positioned in such a fashion. Amusement wars with confusion as he opens his mouth to say something but quickly shuts it. Raising a hand, he readies himself to say something else and then lowers the hand and shakes his head. Stepping over so that he can look down at her, he gives her a bemused expression with one eyebrow quirked. "You know, I have tried to puzzle out what it is you are doing, cousin, but for the life of me, I just cannot figure it out. What -are- you doing?"

Rather than replying right away, Kassandra finishes demolishing the blade of grass in her fingers. A couple of pieces drop onto her face, and she sputters and blows air between her lips to get them away. "Waiting for all the blood to run to my head and make me black out," she replies nonchalantly, sucking in a breath before flexing her abdominals and rising up until her hands are within reach of the back of the chair. She grips it tightly, slides her legs free, and turns around to seat herself properly with her legs crossed at the knee. "How's it going, cous'?"

"You wanted to black out?" Solon asks, incredulously. "Why would you want to do that? Are you…" He pauses for a moment, dare he say it? "Are you bored? If so, you should have come to me for a spar, or something. I am sure that would have been more entertaining than counting blades of grass." An amused grin slides onto his face as he watches her sit up, his mind still trying to come to term with the idea of Kassie playing with grass. Taking a seat across from her, he gives her a little shrug. "I am doing well, no complaints. I was thinking of going for a ride or something."

"Well, I'm not tired, so sleep is out of the question, and nobody would knock me out when I asked them to, so I was left with little choice." Kassandra drapes her arms over those of the chair, drumming her fingertips against the hard surface and allowing her gaze to wander away from Solon and toward the lake. "And yes, bored. So fucking bored I'd rather be unconscious for the allotted forty eight-hour break. So a ride or 'something' would be a welcome reprieve from the mind-numbing tedium. And you're right, I should have asked you for a spar. Kicking your ass would have kept me happy for at least half the day."

The two are currently seated at a table in the garden and conversing quietly.

Coming in from the lift, it would seem that Sammel has been out for a walk, or something similar. Looking around for a few moments, before he sees his sister and cousin at their table in the garden now. There's a brief grin, as he moves over in their direction, a bit slowly.

Not long after Sammel leaves the lift, it opens once more. This time, it emits the newest Cindravale, in a dark naval uniform with her hair down in waves around her shoulders. She has two shopping bags hanging from hand, and her other is holding a tablet that she is studying intently. It takes Elodie a moment to realize the doors have opened, and she taps a page marker with her thumb and tucks the tablet away in her shoulder bag as she walks into the gardens. Noting her husband, she gives him a smile and lifts the bags in his direction. "Found everything," she tells him with a grin, lifting on her tip toes to kiss his cheek when she reaches him, then looking around she notices the other Cindravales nearby, and looks up to Sammel, her eyes asking if they should approach.

"Ah, Kassie, I see you are still keen on using your colorful language as always." Solon comments, chuckling. He also enjoyed her comment about 'kicking his ass', and is about to respond with something but spots Sammel and Elodie out of the corner of his eye. Turning to his cousin and his wife, he gives them a grin and then gestures to Kassie. "Sammel, you are just in time. Our dear Kassie is in need of some entertainment, shall we valiantly make ourselves available as sparring partners? Elodie, it is good to see you as well. Should we spar, we may have need of your medical skills." Grinning, he turns back to Kassie, and makes a little gesture that asks, 'how about it?'

Nikomachos comes out of the back corridors, from the family quarters and storage areas, with a bundle under one arm and a clothing bag slung over his other shoulder. Half-turning, he calls back over his shoulder, "You got that okay, Ellie?" And then his cousin's voice rises up to his ears, and he turns back toward the courtyard at large, a bright smile blossoming on his features, "Well look at that. Someone is home. Thought we were going to collect what we came for and make it back without running into anyone."

Ellinor is not far behind her husband. "I've got it," she reassures him, and it appears she does. She is carrying a rather classic rocking horse carved from cherry red wood. Its mane and tail are crafted from soft yarn and its eyes are gleaming black stones. Unlike most rocking horses, it has been carved to resemble a destrier with a muscled frame and head tucked to look as if it is preparing for a charge. She glances over toward Nikomachos at his observations, and she glances across the gardens toward the other Cindravales that are gathered. She smiles lightly at their sight. "Well, we tried, Niko," she says, teasingly.

Kassandra grins cheerfully at Solon, knowing that inwardly her cousin may be flinching just a bit at the foul language. "That's what I am, Solon: colorful." With a laugh, she half-turns in her seat as Solon lifts his hand in a wave, and she offers her brother a wide smile upon spotting him. "Sammy, you're just in time to spar with Solon! I would stay and help you entertain me, cousin, but I've scheduled a meeting with father and I don't want to be late." She rises from her seat and heads toward the lift, offering Nikomachos and Ellinor a parting wave. "Have fun assembling the nursery."

"Excellent," Sammel replies as he hears Elodie's words, giving her a hug as she kisses his cheek. Pausing a little as he hears Solon's words. "He means that he might have need for the medical skills," he adds to Elodie, before he looks to Solon again. "You want to risk that, cousin?" Spoken quite lightly, before he looks to Nikomachos and Ellinor as they arrive, offering them both a grin and a nod. "Oh, it's the valiant Knight Lieutenant," he remarks a bit lightly in his brother's direction. "And as if you could really manage to be stealthy," he adds, with a grin. As Kassandra starts to leave, he chuckles, "Ah, we know it's just the idea of Solon and I sparring that scared you."

Elodie's barely noticed the two Cindravales sitting at a table when the Cindravale turned Saveur and his wife make their entrance. At Sammel's mention of Niko's new rank, she gives a grin and nods. "Congratulations," she adds quietly, then chuckles at Sammel's parting shot to Kassandra.

"And here I thought you were board, Kassie?" Solon blinks at her in surprise, "If I had known you had a prior engagement…" He just shakes his head and offers a sigh. "Very well, if you must depart now, I insist that we schedule a sparring session for the near future. I hope your meeting goes well." He watches her leave for a moment before glancing over to Sammel and offering his cousin a shrug. "Perhaps both of us, in the end, would have need of Elodie's skills, cousin." Attention is now focused on the incoming Niko and Ellinor and he rises from his seat to greet them both. "What have we here?" Solon gestures to the rocking horse with a grin. "Getting ready to train a new Knight, are we? I do hope that when it comes to a real horse, the Vale will be your first destination as well. How are you both doing? Come join us, it is not every day that we are in the presence of a Knight Lieutenant."

Nikomachos laughs easily at Ellinor's teasing, "Next time, we'll just have someone bring the necessities to us." He raises the hand holding the clothing bag in response to Kassandra's wave, "You know he's just going to push you to make a run for Knight Lieutenant next, right Kassie? If we all make Knight Captain, they might be forced to give him his rank back." By the laughter behind his words, he's teasing his sister. Sammel and Elodie's greetings cause Niko to smile again, "Thank you, 'Die. You know me, Sammy, a peacock in a china shop. I'm quite able to be quiet, but I can't allow anyone else the spotlight, so I'm always easy to see." Which would probably be funnier if it weren't so true. Or perhaps it's the truth that makes the statement funny. He glances to Ellinor at the invitation, then looks back to Solon, nodding his head, "Of course, Sol. And if you're not careful, I'll have you on the ground giving me pushups." Not that he can do that. Moving over toward the group, he sets down the bundle and garment bag, hanging the latter over the back of one of the chairs.

"Catch you later, Kassie… send our regards to Alexandros," Ellinor says, the formality of that statement purposeful — she knows that the former Knight Commander appreciates it, and House Sauveur is not his favorite at the moment. She hoists up the horse a bit more, brightening at Sammel and Solon. "I wouldn't deny House Rovehn a chance to saddle another Sauvuer up with a proper destrier," Ellie says warmly to the pair of Valen. Then she glances over toward her husband, and nods gently at the invitation. "We have time… Mother won't be demanding why we didn't look through her baby clothing stores first for at least another couple hours."

If he were within reach, Kassie would chuck Sammel under the chin. As it is, however, she will have to settle for sticking out her tongue in a rather childish manner. "I just don't want to maim either of you accidentally. Don't know my own strength sometimes, you know?" She offers a lazy salute to Nikomachos and Ellinor before the lift doors slide shut and whisk her away.

Sammel grins at Solon. "We'll see," he remarks, before he nods at Niko. "That's true…" he offers, before he's unable to hold back a grin at Kassandra's reaction to his words, shaking his head a bit lightly.

Elodie grins at Kassie's response to Sammel, lifting her free hand in a final wave to her. Looking up to Sammel, she raises an eyebrow to see if they will be joining the rest at the table. "I don't want you to have to do extra push ups," she tells him quietly, joking. "Dinner can wait for a bit if you like. I was looking over the recipe, it looks pretty easy." Said with the confidence of someone who knows very little about cooking. EIther way, the Saveurs do have her attention and a grin when they speak.

"Push-ups?" Solon asks Niko with a laugh, shaking his head. "Congratulations, anyway, though I do hope you achieve Knight Captain sooner rather than later. It is always good to see family members do well." Shifting slightly in his seat, he glances over to Elodie. "Dinner is it? You know, we could have something brought out here for all of us, if no one was in any rush to go?" He glances between the four of them to see if anyone has any objections to this idea.

Nikomachos beckons for the horse from Ellinor, to set it down alongside the chair holding the other children's stuff, "Rovehn may supply the destrier, but don't worry, Cindravale will supply the teaching. Or at least half of the initial teaching." His lips split into a grin as he looks over to his wife once more, "I'll let Ellie handle the swordsmanship lessons. But we don't want to get ahead of ourselves. We may push the child toward the knighthood, but if he or she has other ideas, we certainly won't insist." His hand settles down at the small of Ellinor's back, and he shakes his head at Solon's expressed hope, "Knight Above, Sol. Don't say that. I would feel terribly awkward holding the same rank as Father and knowing that he's my better in every way when it comes to strategy and planning. I'll see what I can do for Haven where I am, thank you very much."

Ellinor finally gives up the rocking horse at Nikomachos's encouragement. She is mindful of it, as if making sure that her husband handles it with care. Then she regards the other Valen — and Orellean — present. She grins a bit at being allowed to teach her child something martial. "You are too gracious," she says, voice dry. "Lets hope they are more like me when it comes to being a student… I was a fast learner." Then she drops into silence as they talk about Alexandros, a bit of discomfort settling around her.

There's a nod as Sammel hears Elodie's words about the dinner. "Sounds good," he replies to her, before he adds, "I'm looking forward to that meal, though." Nodding a little as he hears Solon's words as well. "Well, that's a possibility too, of course. With such great company, it would probably be a good dinner too." A brief pause, as he looks between Ellinor and Niko, offering them another grin. "If you need the child to learn a bit when it comes to use of other polearms than a lance, you know you can ask me, right?" he offers to them. Leading Elodie the rest of the way over to the table now.

Elodie gives a shrug to show she doesn't have a preference for their meal or one ordered by Solon. "It's fine with me," she offers to Solon, then gives a chuckle. "I have a feeling that might be the one place that Niko would put his foot down, Sammel," she teases quietly.

Nodding to Niko, Solon's eyes catches something in Ellinor's manner that causes him to decide to shift the subject to something else. "So, I have been thinking." He pauses a moment, collecting his thoughts for how he wants to express what he needs to say, also allowing a perfect moment to go by for someone to say something snarky. Finally, Solon continues, "I have been thinking about who I am going to ask to be the best man at my wedding. Granted, that will not be for a while, but… I have been reminded once or twice that the planning for these things needs to be started well in advance." After saying this, Solon glances between the others for some sort of confirmation, given that all four of them have had weddings to deal with in the not-so-distant past.

Nikomachos laughs easily at Ellinor's words, "Then he or she will be in good stead, with two quick learners as parents." There's a beat pause, and then he flashes his trademark crooked grin, "Except on the dance floor. That will, undoubtedly, be an unmitigated disaster." This from the man who stumbled during the first dance at his wedding. He nods at Elodie's response to Sammel's offer, "No child of mine is going to be a foot soldier… I'm sorry Sammy, that's just not going to happen." The words are said with a laugh, however, and he glances over to Ellinor, "Really though, we aren't going to force anything upon the child except the most basic of self-defense lessons." Solon's shift of topics causes him to nod, settling the hand not at Ellinor's sacrum on the back of one of the chairs, "Yes, I read something about planning ahead being key to a successful wedding. You needn't worry, Sol, I know you'll want Kassie as your best man so that she can give a 'colorful' toast." Now he's just teasing his cousin — and his sister by proxy.

"I don't think that's a bad idea," Ellinor says quite honestly at the idea of Kassandra as Solon's best man. "She might even be able to ensure that nothing goes wrong, because she wants to make that colorful toast." The Sauveur arches up her brows a bit. She then softens a touch for Solon. "I'm sure that the Lady Eirene will make a lovely bride and you will be a lovely groom, and that is truly all that will matter, Solon. I promise." She then releases a slow exhale before she smiles to her husband a bit wearily. "We should really be getting back soon," she says. The Princess will be expecting them.

"Hey, reconsider that the next time I save your life out there?" Sammel remarks with a laugh in return to Niko, before he grins at Solon, "And Kassie as your best man would probably make the whole day very unforgettable, that's true." A brief pause, before he adds, "But I', sure that it would be an unforgettable day no matter what. Weddings have a tendency to be that."

Elodie smothers a little bit of laugh at Sammel and Niko's bantering over the use of a polearm, but she doesn't add any more fuel to the fire that she started. "It's true," she chimes in. "It will be a lovely day, and the two of you will be a lovely bride and groom, and that's what you'll remember." She slides an arm around Sammel to look up at him, then gives a smile to Ellinor. "Good luck with your baby, I'm sure you will have a beautiful child."

"Well, now that I have all these glowing recommendations for Kassie, I cannot help but have to ask her." Solon throws his hands up in mock surrender. Sammel was right, Kassie's toast would likely be unforgettable, and something that many would probably cringe to hear. He can see it now… oh, he probably shouldn't go down that train of thought. Instead, he will smile at Ellinor, "Thank you, but must you both be off so soon?" Turning to Elodie he offers her a smile, and nods. "Yes, you are right, I suppose I should not worry over it too much."

Nikomachos nods his own agreement with the suggestions that the wedding will be a lovely affair, shaking his head at Solon's teasing, "You are well loved by all of your family and fellow knights, Sol. I think that I can safely speak for all of us in saying that whomever you ask would be honored to stand beside you on your wedding day." He nods slowly at Ellinor, then again at Solon's question, chuckling softly and reaching down to collect the bundle and bag again, "Her Highness my mother-in-law will need to pronounce the worthiness or lack there-of of my childhood toys and clothes for the child." He glances sidelong at his wife, and his smile spreads across his face, "Although I think if the horse is proclaimed to be not fit, Ellie might start throwing punches. She fell in love with it as quickly as I did." Mischief glitters in his gray eyes, "Of course, I was two at the time…"

"I will not throw punches," Ellinor says, almost reproachfully. Then she reaches to grab up the rocking horse once more. "I will just tell her where to stick it." Then she smiles broadly with a touch of pride at the corner of her mouth. Then she offers more familiar nods to those present. "Solon, we will be back… I promise… Ollie is expected to go into labor in just a couple months and then it will be showing off our new bouncing baby." She smiles knowingly before she nudges her husband. "And to make sure her grandmother doesn't influence her too early."

"I hope you'll let the child's uncles spoil him or her a bit, though," Sammel offers, a bit lightly, before he smiles a little. "Of course, you will have to come back here more often than that. So we don't only meet each other at the battlefield, after all." A brief pause, as he looks around, before he adds, "But if people are heading off, we should go for that dinner we originally had planned?" That is offered to Elodie, smiling to her now.

"I don't see how anyone can not like that horse," Elodie says earnestly to Ellie and Niko. "He's beautiful. If she does object, I know the name of a good neurospecialist." Looking up again to Sammel she nods. "Douley is probably starting to look for us, too. It was wonderful to see you, Sir Ellie and Sir Niko. You should stop by more often. Maybe come have dinner with us, sometime."

Solon leans back in his seat and steeples his fingers, smiling at the four of them. "It would appear that I am to be left to my own devices. Niko, Ellinor, it was good to see you both. I eagerly anticipate the next time we three can ride against the Hostiles." His gaze shifts to encompass both Sammel and Elodie. "Sammel, Elodie, I hope you both enjoy your meal, and perhaps we can spar sometime in the near future." Rising to his own feet, he states, "I think I will go see if Mother is not too busy, there are some things I should discuss with her. I hope you all have a pleasant evening."

Nikomachos shakes his head at Ellinor's promise, "We'll be back before then. I've been trying to fight under the auspices of most every Paramount and first-tier vassal, but I do mean to get back to the Vale whenever I can." He waves off Sammel, "Yes, yes… everyone will get a chance to spoil Alexandra or Simon, and I'll certainly try to get us both out for dinner some time. Good evening to everyone, and stay safe." And then he waves his hand with the garment bag and turns to lead the way back across the pavilion toward the lift.

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